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My complaints is that while I was using one of your products TAMPAX PEARL. The STRING CAME OFF leaving the rest of the TAMPON STUCK INSIDE of my vagina. I was SCARED!!!! Lucky I was able to DID NOT HAVE TO SEEK MEDICAL HELP. I WILL NOT EVER USE ANY OF YOUR PRODUCTS EVER AGAIN NOR WILL I SUPPORT IT.


Theses tampons are the worst ever. They leak after 1 hour. Every tampons has a huge hole in the middle so even the super plus last 1 hour. I already sent a complaint but they only sent me a coupon for a free product. I don't care about getting a free defective product. These tampons are expensive and they leak. Change it or stop selling it. I will never use them again and tell everyone not to. The kotex tampons can last me for 8 hours. Why on Earth did they put a HOLE in the middle of the tampons?


I bought a box of tampons from the dollar store, when I used the first one the tampon wouldn't come out. I then tried another and still wouldn't. 5 tampons later still nothing. so I go get another box, different store, they were the same, third store, same thing then on the 5th tampon it finally comes out but felt like it was falling out of me when I used it. So I went and paid for KOTEX- U. First one no problem... I always use Tampax products this is crazy I am very upset. Obviously, because I am filing this complaint!


Worst tampon ever!

This product was recommended by a friend, so I tried it. The cardboard applicator was awful! Hard to put in and painful. It might be extra absorbant but it hurt getting it out too. And the whole time it was in, I could feel it. I would walk and sit and was just uncomfortable with it in. Would not recommend this product and told my friend to switch too. 


I have been using your tampon's for years. Only this time I got a box that had empty wrappers it was my last two in the box, not a happy camper.

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