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I wouild like to say that , when I purchase my phones with T-Mobile the manger gave me price that would be our monthly payment , I ask him several times would it be this every month , he said yes , but time when on it came up to be about 38.00 dollars more. also before I purchase the phones my wife stop in and look at phones, he took all her info . but when it got down to cost she told him that she had to talk to me , the next two days I went to store to look , I purchase the phones but also he went and did a contract on her with out her consense . cause she got bill month later , all this is being going on for year to get this straight out this man is not at store , anymore . the people in service just don’t understand this , I finally got a person on 1-15-13 , to help me , and tell me to email service contract . the store were I purchase the phones all they doing is asking to send then boxes of contracts until they find my, this is not right . I want service and I want my contract to be voided . this is been to long and we paying to much , cause we just can’t drop it , it go toward my credit .


I would like you to review my contract, because in december 2012 I had talked to a rep that helped me with my bill because it was too much. Since i had this problem she suggested a plan that made everything unlimited so that all 4 phones on my bill would not go over minutes. She also added that i would get january free, I asked the rep to speak to my wife before deciding on the dealand she told her the same thing. My wife asked since our contract was going to be over in march if it would effect it because we planned on changing our phones and she said it wouldnt so we agreed on the contract. When i had called back another time because I was still having issues with my bill being too big the rep told me that two more years had been added on because of the contract I recently did so it would be over til 2014. It is not right that the rep lied so that I can change my contract, I would like to get full credit to get new phones. she could have told me the truth so at that time I couldve changed the phones.


My name is Shannon Beard ACCOUNT NUMBER: 587738796 Phone number (803)221-6010. Email address: sgbeard@peoplepc.com
I finally decided to add the internet to several of my phones and per the employee there would not be any extra charges for going over the coverage. It would just slow down because it was the unlimited package. I then replied during our phone conversation to make sure that I underestood that when the max limit was reached it would just slow down but no extra charges for over usage.. He guaranteed me that was correct. When receiving my next bill it was over $1800.00 because he did not set the plan up correctly as discussed during our phone conversation. I called when I received the bill and spoke with Emma and was told I would have to change from the Suncom plan to T-mobile to keep from paying the amount due. I explained to her that I was already having trouble with two of my phone lines not being paid from other people and that their contract was ending 12/25/12 and was there anything I could do to keep them from changing to the new plan. She told me that she would only be able to do one line which was suppose to be (803)221-2649. All my lines where change now having a 2 yr contract on each. I feel that if the original person would have done their job correctly setting up the internet I would not be in this situation. I have been a customer for 8-9 years and I feel that I have been taken advantage of and should not have had to change my plan because of someone not doing their job correctly and as I was told how it worked. If there is anyway please review the information or phone call on the date I added internet and when I spoke to Emma and had to change plans.. I do not agree with the contract this should have all been handled differently. This should never be at the expense of a customer it should be followed through with the employee that made or makes the errors. This has gotten me to where I do not trust anything when it comes to my phone coverage plans . Please look into this and see what can be done. Thank You in advance for your help. Shannon Beard


I have an identification card and I began a service with T-Mobile in 2008. Up until this year, everything has exceeded my standards. I have three lines on my account and I would like to cancel one line. T-Mobile is asking me a payment in order to cancel my line. Number One: I am using a prepaid line and the company put me in a contract. I have an I.D. but I do not have a social security number. Why did they put me in a contract, especially when I never signed any paper work accepting or acknowledging that I was or would be in a contract with them? I still am currently using three lines on my account, but I do need to cancel one line. Can you please offer me help, if not, I would like to terminate my service completely with T-Mobile. If I have ever signed any paperwork accepting a contract between myself and T-Mobile, please send me copies of those. I need a reply as soon as possible, within seven days preferably.
Thank You,
Krunal Patel


The contract with t-mobile was extended to October and I did not hear the sales rep say that the contract would be extended. I have called and ask to hear the phone conversation because that was brought to my attention that the contract was extended. They say in the notes they told me and that is not true. I was the contract back to February and I will pay the outstanding bill. I informed the people in November that I was no longer going to be able to pay for the phone after February. Members of my family have had t-mobile in the past and they were always a good company. I want to hear the phone conversation stating that the extention would be to October. I would like the contract back to February please. But again, I want to hear the phone conversation to hear the sales rep tell me that the contract would be extended to October because I would not have extended the contract. I want to know if the sales rep just put in the notes that I was aware of the extention or not. I want to hear that phone call. I want my contract back to February because I have always paid my bill until all of this happened.


I am an adult and my boyfriend got us phones from Tmobile under the friends n family plan after i found out he had me marked as under the age of 17 i called tmobile and explained to them that i was in fact not a minor and was being tracked and located costomer service rep. said she would fix that and she wasnt aware i was an adult she said she was sorry again and again saying the problem would be fixed now i have found out not only has the problem not been fixed it has gotten extremely worse now my cell phone numbers, texts, voicemails, email, and all accounts trusted through my tmobile plan have been willingly given through tmobile to violate my civil and constitutional rights as an adult.


I have tmobile serviceand on Nov 14, 2012 my phone service was cancelled stating that my someone reported the phone stolen which i didnt do..and this was the day before my birthday— image no phone on your birthday and the only thing they could tell me that dont worry we already sent you another phone..but the point is i am without a phone for my birthday and they charge me for sending another phone when all in all i never reported my phone lost so i cancelled my service then get a bill for $642 charging me cancellation fee which they are the one too turn my phone off that was so called stolen and charge me for another phone


seven months ago i was approach by the salesperson to get a family contract , which it would benefit us because my husband travel to different countries. previously he is in monthly free paid from t mobile. which is a good idea $100. per month for three phone verses one for $50.00 per .my husband only comes home every 7months. of the year.according to t mobile my husband can use the phone where ever he goes but we find out the phone cannot be use for the of 7month because it was unlock. according to the salesperson the phone was unlocked. i have paid monthly $100.00 permonth without my husband using the phone. ill be great appreciate not to be in the contract with t mobile anymore. because the breach their contract with me. i have spoke to rebecca from t mobile about this situation.


On November 28 2012, I renewed my contract with T-mobile by phone. The person who I talked to is Noralee D. I told her that AT&T was trying to give me a good deal with free cell phones with a 2-year contract and I asked her that if T-mobile were to give me the same deal I would stay with them with a new 2-year contract. She said that she would give me the same deal and that it would be in the new contract, so I signed it, and now they are trying to charge me the phones. Everything is recorded in my contract that I did by phone that day, my number account is 674406369. Thank you for your time.


I called both myt.mobile account and went to a T-Mobile store to try to get satisfaction over a problem with the sound coming from the receiver as being totally unintelligible, hence unusable. They didn’t even look at the phone and just said that maybe the speaker wasn’t any good and they would sell me a new phone with an upgrade. I did not want this as I had planned to cancel my service with them as soon as the contract was up. My online screen showed that the end of my contract would be fullfilled on January 24th of this year. I had determined that when it was up, I would seek a different company. I found a good offer/plan elsewhere and told them that I wanted to begin service with them on the 25th of this month. I contacted myt.mobile.com to tell them to cancel my service and was told that my contract would not be up until Septemer–9 months away and that I would be expected to honor the 9 months of fees. The rep did not listen or care what I was trying to communicate to him and treated me in a condescending manner, whereupon I received this address to voice my complaint. I am a disabled senior and am dependent upon the cell phone, as I do not have a landline. I was left with the situation of paying $48.00 a month for a phone that was unusable.

Account #: 787488888 Phone #: 520 891-0187


when i did the contract on dec. 26 2012 . I call back on the 27 of dec. to cancel it . The person I talk to told me i call in time to cancel the contract that when the phone come in just return them back to them not open. I did that , Now they tell me i can’t cancel my contract. I talk with four people before that time noone told me that . they told me that when i return the phone back , I would be able to cancel my contract. I wont my contract to end in jan. please let me out of thia contract. I can’t used my phone when i go home to see my mother. I need my phone at all time. when i go into building my phone is dead . I need a phone that would work for me now. I used my phone now more than i did before so i don’t need for it to go dead on me for just going out of town to see my mother.


On November 9, 2012, I came into T-Mobile store 8717 in Louisville, KY. I came in for an upgrade to a newer phone. I chose the Galaxy SII. Prior to me purchasing this phone I had a blackberry than was on a single plan. I wanted the same plan when I bought the new phone. The sales person that I was dealing with had no idea how to upgrade my phone and get my current plan to work with my new phone. She did not tell me that she was giving me a family plan. I did not receive a bill for the new changes until January which showed a $95.00 increase in my bill. I went online to check out my plan and noticed another line was added. I called T-Mobile to have this plan cancelled but was told that I had to go back into the store to get the account fixed. Today, January 7th, I went into the store where I purchased the phone and they were no help. All they did was pull the contract that I signed that was not explained to me. The print is so small on this contract I can barely read it. I do have a photo copy that I would be more than happy to provide anyone reviewing this complaint. I want my plan returned back to the original plan I had before all this was messed up. I will not be paying the difference up to the $209.00 bill and if this situation is not fixed, I will be leaving T-Mobile after many, many years of being a customer. There are other cell phone services out there that want to keep their customers and will go above and beyond to fix their mistakes. The sales person that I had in your store was incompetent and didn’t ask for any help from any other sales person. She called into T-Mobile 4 different times because she didn’t know how to set up my plan. T-Mobile also has on file an address that I had back in 2005. Doesn’t seem like T-Mobile has their act together too much. I would like to have my account reviewed and given a call at 502-210-9744 or email micky8970@hotmail.com of your decision. Thank you.


I would like you to review my account as I am being charged a fee for ending my contract. I don’t feel I should have to pay the fee or any charges after the date of Dec. 7th 2012. The reason I am disputing this fee is because I moved about 4 months ago and I had no reception in my new home. I had to walk down the street about 3 blocks before my phone would work. My phone also didn’t seem to have reception inside buildings, such as walmart and grocery stores in the area. I called 2 months ago and explained this to one of your customer service agents. He told me that I would be able to get out of my contract with no fees as this was an inconvience to me and there was nothing that could be done to increase my reception in this area. I went to St. Cloud and spoke with a Verizon wireless person about reception in my area and was reassured that my reception would be much better if I switched over. So I switched to verizon and now I can sit in my living room and talk to my family and friends without having to walk three blocks down the road. I can also make and recieve calls in my work building at walmart and in my car with no hassel. I have always been a good customer to you and would have stayed with your services had they not inconvienced me. I am asking to cancel my contract with no fees, I don’t feel this is too much to ask, especially since one of your representatives told me it wouldn’t be.

Thank you for your consideration on this matter and will be looking forward to having this issue resolved promptly.

Tara Jo Nash


i am cancelling 2 of my 4 lines when called to cancel they told me of 200 cancellation fee never renewed contract had service for 8 years these two lines are my daughters which lives in hazlet phones do not work in location she curently lives she called numorous times was told she would get call backs to come up with a solution never was contacted never got new phone they told her if she wanted service were she lives she would have to buy a wirless router and get new phone and even then they could not guarentee service becouse of were she lives she was paying for a service she could not use pationtly very unhappy with customer sevice at this point im actually considering cancelling my other two lines if this matter doesnt get resolved i have no problems with my other two lines becouse i live in red bank but she lives in hazlet please take in to consideration how long i have had service with you guys and if her new provider doesnt work out she may even consider reconecting with you in later future thank you amilcar rivera acc#554705823 for numbers 7328958100 7327639101


bought a t.mobile samsung galex.2 phone from frenie a.at t-mobile store at mall in el centro and was suppose to get a 150.00$,rebate plus175.00 dollers that they owed me for and over charge i paid to them so he told me to call this number he gave me so i walk out the store and called for rebate and was told that the store i got phone had to call and give the info they needed to send me my rebate so i went inside well on the phone still and told frenie that they are saying he needs to call and give info. was giving him my phone he said no dont worry about it i will call in a few minutes and set it up for you i ask what about the 175.00 you owe me he said come back in2 days and i will give it to you ok.well then my wife ask me fined out how much it would cost to add her prepaid phone from costco on my account with no contract he said oh yeah no problem no contract and your own number would be10.00 a month so i said ok do it well he did but he put her on a contract even though we said no contract told us it was done we asked for my paper work for both phones and he said when you come back for money we owe you i will give you paper work for both because i will need it when i call for your rebate in awhile so i said ok that was on october 30 2011 went back two days later and was told that the main office would not let him give or put that much at one time on credit for my account so he would put 50.00 dollers a month till i got it all well he gave me 130 or 140 credit then he stop paying me the rest so i would call and ask about my rebate and rest of my credit owed to me he said he had called for rebate of 150.00 and the credit would be put on my account next month well he never did and then he would not answer my calls went down to store they told me he was not in yet so i asked for manager who i saw when i walked in store and told them what was going on he said hold on let me get him so he comes back and says oh he is not here i said i saw him when i walked in was told yeah but he left out the back door he will be back later so i left my number name and asked if he would call me they said ok well never got a call nor was able to talk to him when i would call to talk to frenie or him could not get ahold of both now its jan.7 2013 still cant get my rebate nor my credit owed and and found out he put my wifes phone on a contract he never gave me any paper work or receipt for my phone and i am paying almost 200.00 for both phone that was only supposed to be like 78.00 plus 20.00 for my phone till i paid it off and called main office lots of times and was told i had to get ahold of you and let you no about contract we never signed for or ok’d plus my rebate and unpaid credit being that i could not talk to manager or person that sold me phone and help me at store will you please help me i im very upset and i have put it in our news paper but if you do not reply back to me or help me with my problem i will have to take the next step and contact a tv show so i can go and tell my problem i am having with t-mobile and will have my lawyer with me on show and i have all times dates emails text and confersation i have had with all your staff show it all for public to see and put a discremination andworng full contract exsedra. law suite on t-mobile and store i bought phone.this is the second time writing your office and have got no respond nor have tried to speak to main office manager but will not take my calls so was advise by my lawyer to resend my complaint to you agian to see if i would get response back or problem would get taken care of before we went to the next step i told you we wuold do thank you and hope to hear from you soon .my name is raymond neri cell#760-960-2569or760-351-0020 leave message my address is 1134,welcome street in brawley,ca.92227 my email israyabarca50@yahoo.com or ivfisherman@yahoo.com


My name is Franklin Morton and I was deceive about phone rates to renew a two year contract.
Last month I had went into a T-Mobile store and Quoted a rate of $45 a month this was suppose to be for as follows.
500 minutes, text messaging , for $39.99 and keep my home line for an additional $5.00 a month.
So I renewed the contract for two years.
I later learn T-Mobile Customer Service that the offer was not true.
The charges was as follows $39.99 moble line service,$15.99 text messaging and $9.95 for home line service.
This come to a total of $65.93 Plus Tax this is not the contract that I agreed to renew. One of the things that get me the
most is the store manager misleading customers to renew contract.


My bill shows a $200 termination Fee on it for phone # 253.632.3729 and I was told when i called to get me a new phone on 11.24.12 that all 3 lines are done with contract (2 years over) so I ask them what would happen if I got rid of this line and upgraded mine 253.334.3367 . They said no fee will be added.

Well they added $200 fee to my surprise when I opened the bill yesterday.

Question: why would someone want to add a large fee if they knew about it. This should of been upgraded without doing anything to my other 2 lines….


I have been a T-Mobile user for years. I have put up with their service ( or lack of ) for a long time. Over the last two years it has gotten worse. I live in north central Indiana in a city named Kokomo population approx. 50,000. I do get service here. But, my dad lives in Tipton 18 miles southeast of here. NO SERVICE. My grand children live 7 miles west in the town of Russiaville. NO SERVICE. My wifes daughter lives 10 miles east in the town of Greentown. NO SERVICE. My brother lives in Elwood which is 35 miles east . NO SERVICE.
I have called several times. I get the run around. Always told we will send a tech out and check the towers. I call back and tell them its no better. Then they say according to our maps there is service in that area. LISTEN there is NO SERVICE in those areas.
If that isn’t bad enough. Tonight , the wife and I look at our phones GUESS WHAT? NO SERVICE EMERG. NUMBERS ONLY.
I have done my part. Paid my bill. T- Mobile has not done theirs.
I would like out of my contracts.

I am so tired of getting jacked around. I am paying for a service. I am not getting the service I was told I would get.


I have been a loyal customer for over 7 years, but due to financial difficulties I had switched services that offerred me the same services at way better rates. I kept my current phone number and T Mobile services were discontinued on Oct. 31, 2012, but T Mobile kept billing me till November 23, 2012. The only explanation I had gotten was that I was still obligated to pay to the end of the billing period, which doesn’t make sense if I had no service during this time. I understand and and willing to pay for the 6 days that I still had services from T Mobile till the ending of October, but having being billed for services not rendered is not fair. I cannot believe I am treated this way after all my years as a loyal customer. I’d like to know what are my rights and if I can hold T Mobile liable for their daily harassment of trying to collect on services not rendered?


I live in Bayville NY and i have always had spotty service in my local area. Since hurricane Sandy the service has been terrible. Since the storm we must use a detour to get in and out of town, it takes about 30 minutes extra and it will be like this for about one year. We come home late over dark country roads and we lose service!!!! My wife is disabled and i am afraid that she may have car trouble sonetime and not have phone service,I have been dealing with people for three days now and they say it could take a week or more to find out whats wrong, we are senior citizens so this more a safety issue than an inconvience. at first i just wanted it fixed but after all the run around now i just want out!!!!! we are on a fixed income so i can not afford to pay a penaltyfor something that is not my fault Please contact me with help My cell number is 516 528 7669


My contract was up July of 2012. I changed carrier in the beginning of December of 2012. I received a closing bill of $317.08, I was expecting the $117.08 but not the $200.00, I called in and was stated to me that when i came in to buy another phone for line 720-401-0898 due to the phone got lost on a trip, the contract for this line was changed to another date. I am disputing this for several reasons.
1. I was not informed.
2. Did not sign an updated contract., nor would I. I’m sure I signed for the new phone of course.
3. 720-401-0899 is the main line not 720-401-0898.

The reason we changed carrier was because of the flexuating bills and we do not want to be on contracts anymore.
I thankyou for checking into this matter.

Rosemarie L. Sanchez


On December 3rd, 2012 I spoke to Rep. Amber regarding the end of my old cell contract ending on December with a final payment of $49.84. After negotiations, it was agreed that my new cell plan would start on November 27th, 2012 with a monthly charge of $29.99 minus a $10.00 discount (per month) as recognition for being a loyal customer. It was understood, by both T-mobil Rep. Amber and myself, that my new cell contract would come down from the old grand total of $49.84 to the new grand total of approximately $23.71 (after discount) per month for a total contract time of 24 months. Today I received the first bill statement showing a grand total of $38.21 which doesn’t reflect neither the grand total amount I had agreed to pay back on 12/03 nor does it show the monthly $10.00 loyal customer discount. In conclusion, I did not agree to enter in another T-mobil contract for any other grand total monthly amount that exeeded the agreed amount of approximately $23.71 per month for a total of 24 months term. Today, January 3rd, 2013, I spoke to Rep. Alisa who would tell me that T-mobile isn’r able to honor my contract agreement grand total amount because my current monthly charge is of $29.99 and thus making it not eligible for a monthly $10.00 loyal customer discount resulting in a new grand total of approximately $23.71 per month for a 24 month duration. The new contract grand total doesn’t match the agreed monthly grand total discussed back on December 3rd, 2012 when I spoke to Rep.Amber and the new contract grand total was reached!! Today I got the first cell statement showing a total current charge of $38.21 instead of the agreed monthly total charge of approximately $2371.


Mine is not so much a complaint as it is a request. I have been with T-Mobile for 8 years…. I recently on Nov. 4, 2012 lost my wife of 20 years… I have 3 lines on my phone service that are not in use. When my wife past she left me with bills so high that I can not afford to pay for these other 3 lines.. I am requesting that tmobile please disconnect these 3 lines at no charge to help me get back on my feet. My account number is 403429136… My phone number is 1-856-236-0690 this is the line that i want to keep. The lines I would like cancelled at no charge are 1-856-294-7050….1-856-542-8774 and 1-856-803-4657… If you look at the usage on these 3 phones you will see that they are not being used. Please consider mt request.


A couple months ago, I went to T-Mobile and requested that one of the phones on my plan be reduced to minimal usage. The T-Mobile representative did so, but what they also did is NOT okay with me. They had apparently reupped my contract WITHOUT my knowledge. I only recently discovered this when I went to upgrade my phone. Because of the T-Mobile representative’s mistake, when I went to upgrade my phone, they told me I had to pay FULL PRICE for my new phone!! When I asked if I could just cancel my service, I was told that I had to pay over $400 to cancel because they had already renewed my contract with them.

I do not understand how someone could renew my contract without my consent! I fully intend to dispute all charges! And I am going to cancel any further service through T-M0bile.


On Friday December the 7th 2012 I called to sign a 2 years contract for a hot spot and the lady I spoke with told me first I’gona have a free phone I don’t receive it, second she said I gona have 20 days to try it and the 20 days started the day I received the device I don’t receive I waited 1 week and I called back to ask them about the device they told the UPS guy left front the door I don’t see it and they said the UPS guy don’t suppose to leave it front the door I have to sign a paper to make sure I received it and they told me they investigated for that and they send me a new one and I received December the 21th 2012 I called them back and asked when the 20 days started because I just it received they told me the 21th the day I received before the contract I asked how mega bites I have They told me unlimited it’s not true because I can’t open any video I want to watch the news from my country I can’t I want to cancel it and they ask me $200 for cancellation fee and it’s not 20 days yet I’m not paying nothing & I’m ready to cancel all my services.


On December 1st my mother Esther Zedon notified T-Mobile that she had just moved from Florida to New Jersey. She called them to change the address. A representive asked her if she would like to renew the contract, she told them she would renew. When she got off the phone and told me r T- Mobile asked her to renew the contract, I REMINDER HER, she had just lost her home and job. This is why she moved to NJ, she had to move in with me because she lost her home and job. I had her call T-Mobile back immediately, to tell them she would still keep the service, but not RENEW THE CONTRACT, as she doesn’t know if she would have the money to pay for future service because she does not have a job. She did reach a represntative immediately after the first call, and told them she would keep service but doesn’t want to be locked into a contract. A week later she receives a bill charging her $2.69 to renew the contract. I called T- Mobile and explained all that is written above; The representative I spoke with said they did receive the call 10 minutes after the first call, letting them know she did not and could not be locked into a contract becuase she doesn’t have a job. However, the representative told me it was too late because they already renewed 10 minutes earlier. New Jersey State Law give a person 3 full days to change their mind on a contract. My mother called on the same day 10 minutes later. She does not have a job and no home, she is living with me. Please send notification that you have received this email and you acknowledge she will have service but not locked into a contract.

Esther Zedon,

Lisa Petrie – daughter


I recently went on a trip to Ecuador, before my trip I called T mobile for instructions on how to turn off my phone , so as not to receive any calls. I was instructed by an employee (jose) to put in #763# and that would turn off my phone. After my trip I came home and was socked with a bill for 95.84. I called Tmobile and talked to a person by the name of Grahm and his Manager Steffi, after explaining that I was wrongly instructed prior to my trip on how to shut down my phone , all they did was reduce my charge by 66.66. Its not the money that bothers me here it’s the fact that I was giving instructions that were wrong and I have to pay for Jose’s mistake. I have been with t mobile for quite a while now, this is the first time that I have had a real negative issue with you. Your customer service is in question here, I am not lying on this. If you look at the bill it’s obvious I never intended to use my phone (no outgoing calls). ,Iwas in ecuador for three weeks ,I am anticipating another bill because of the same error.These bills should be erased, it was Jose error not mine, if they are not I will terminate our relationship. Thank You, Steven Alonte


Your customer relations suck. After going online and seeing the number as to how to get a live person, I was elated to see I had only to go through 2 prompts. I finally thought to myself..”Yea…a real person!” However, after dialing the number, there was no prompt that allowed me to say “English.” There was only 1 that asked me if I wanted Spanish, which I didn’t, so I was silent. It was there that began the run-around….the prompt asking for my number, which was irrelevant since I had a ? that needed answering. After being frustrated a few more minutes and going through redundant propmpts, I finally got a real person! When she left the line for whatever reason I’m not sure, I was cut off and had to start all over again with your less-than-smooth procedure to get another live person. I finally reached someone with a heavy east Indian accent, I believe, and she spoke so swiftly that it was impossible for me to understand her (and I used to be a foreign language teacher and have travelled quite extensively). To her credit she slowed way down and after explaining the problem, she told me she was going to connect me to someone who could help. I had told her that I had a prepaid phone, but she connected me to the dept that was not connected (and probably not knowledgable) concerning prepaid phones. So the man in the wrong dept was very apologetic and said he would connect me with the prepaid dept. (By the way, the connection with this person was not good and I had to strain to hear what he was saying). I finally reached someone in the prepaid dept again with a foreign accent, and he directed me to go online and did direct me to the site where I could then SPEAK ONLINE WITH SOMEONE WHO WAS SUPPOSEDLY GOING TO HELP ME!!!!!
I quit….maybe this is what they wanted all along so they wouldn’t have to deal with me at all….or perhaps they didn’t have an answer to my question! Here was the situation and the question I originally was trying to get answered …

I attempted to sign up for My T-Mobile online. After asking for and entering the cell phone number, I hit the send password button, assuming I would receive an E mail telling me what that password would be, since it was an Email that they sent that I was responding to. After hitting that button, a note came up that they would be sending the password via text message. (We can’t get service in our area from T mobile or just about any other service provider and knew that when we bought it, so that isn’t the issue). All I wanted was for them to send the password by E mail, and eventually saw as I scrolled down on the page (after the button was hit) that there were blanks for entering an E mail address. However after I hit the button, the computer would not allow me to put in any info regarding that. That was when I tried to call Customer Service and what lead me to go through the circuitous unending maze that ended up with me writing this letter. What a mess! I can only hope we get decent service from our cell phone in places where it will work better than this experience that I had today. I actually feel sorry for those people who tried to help me today because you apparently have procedures/policies in place that are totally screwed up and NOT USER FRIENDLY and they must bear the brunt of the customers’ frustrations!!! I don’t believe much will be done to tell you the truth, and I truly have to laugh when I hear people say that we need to take away gov’t restrictions and give the free market reign since private enterprise and not gov’t are the problem solvers. If that’s the case, God help us!

Constance Tealey

PS Don’t bother sending me an apologetic E mail that is simply lip service and won’t end up giving any satisfaction if it is not sincere (and I doubt in any case it will be)


I have a Tmobile phone. I am unable to use my phone when I am with in 10 miles of my home. That means more than half of the time my phone will not work. It reads only emergency calls. I have tried changing sims cards. I asked for a booster for home. I have tried everything possible to keep my service. If you will read on my account there is no service available where I live. I am asking to be let out of my contract so I may find a service provider in my area. Thank you I await your reply. mY ACCOUNT NUMBER IS 841372818


I started with T-Mobile over two years ago on the advise of a neighbor. We bought our phones at time of opening the service and within I believe one month, the first phone was bad. I bought a couple of more phones like the one I had ntil they “upgraded” along with a NEW two year agreement. I have gotten three more phone with one I had to pay $200.00 more for and then sent another one back with the customer service rep telling me to drop the old one in the UPS box. We did drop the phone in the box like we were told and a couple of weeks later was told that it never made it to T-Mobile so we had to pay for that one too. My son has been in the hospital three time in another state and when I tried to use my phone there it was out again. I received another new phone today with this being the second one within a month and was told that if this one doesn’t work they will send me a new one. I tried to take pictures of my grand baby’s Christmas but it broke again. I have no pics of her Christmas and to kick it even more, when I tried to take the pictures, it broke this phone too. I was told that it will cost me $200.00 more to cancel my plan. I hate T-Mobile.


Account Number: 446 933 717
Both Cell Phone Numbers are: (917)328-3396 and (718)581-4262

My contract was renewed without my knowledge when I went to purchase a new cell phone for my wife’s birthday (May 2012). I was told that the ‘My Touch’ that I was purchasing for my wife had a great deal if I would buy two. Since I had a G1 and needed an upgrade myself, I took the the deal and filled out a rebate form to get money back. I guess it was after filling out the application and the rebate form was when my contract got renewed. I thought it was going to be a simple switch but after finding out about the $50 no contract deal, I found out that I had just been put under contract and the only way for me to get out of it is to pay $200 cancellation fee for each line. Can you help me with this issue so that I don’t have to pay $200 cancellation fee for each line. I also never got my rebate money after sending the rebate application just a couple of hours after purchasing the ‘MyTouch’ phones. I am not angry, I am just confused as to why this happened. I had no prior problems with T-mobile until this and still I feel it just might be a misunderstanding. Please help.


I have been to the store where i bought the phone-they sales guy talked me into a AT & T phone-not knowing Tmobile doesn’t support this phone I went in the store uesterday-they checked the phone and said they can’t explain why it wont send test–sale man called his boss-and was told to tell me there is nothing they can do-since they only have a 30 day warranty-and i have had phone 2 1/2 months-said it does have factory warranty for 1 year-but they would have to send the phone back for repair-and i would loose all my contact in the phone and would not have phone until it was repaired. I have been a loyal customer of tmoible for over 6 years. this is terrible and i will blog and tell everyone i know to not use tmoible ever. If this is how customers are treated that have been loyal to this company then there is a problem. i REQUEST a call or some type of solution to this problem ASAP. In other words the people in the location just laughed and said sorry that is how it is. i WOULD LIKE THIS POSTED EVERYWHERE SO OTHERS CAN SEE HOW i HAVE BEEN TREATED. i WONT STOP HERE-i will go to the corp office ASAP


I am very tired & very, very pissed off with T-mobile , no contract, pre-paid service; which never provided me properly with activate service. No call severl wks ago to make sure phone was off; since I never received phone calls or was never able to send call out!!! The phone never worked; so I’m done with it; but I am not!!! I repeat I’m not or never will someone service for not delivering me service!!!!! I’m am tired of receiving these Bogus-ass statement ssaying I owe them!!! No T-mobile owes me an apology & fucking with me & my life….I have been thur alot in this past year(2012)!!! And right now; you really don’t want fuck with me!!!


When I swithched over from my daughters plan to my own back in september 2012 I was never told I was going to be linked to a 2 year contract. I told the sales person I wanted a month to month plan. Come to find out ( december 2012) my bill is almost 100.00 a month for one line and I really dont think I should be paying that much for one line not to mention I have a 2 year contract I wasnt informed about. It also would help if the saleperson could speak good english , maybe I wouldnt be in this situation now. If I was informed of this 2 year contract back in September I would have cancelled my line all together. Know its either pay the cancelation fee of $200 make a complaint to t-mobil and see if they reverse the contract to a month to month because of there mistake or deal with what I have which is not fair. I dont know how you expcet to do business like this. My line was alot cheaper wit my daughter. On the other hand now t-mobil is still charging my daughter for the broad band that I had switch over to my line back in September 2012. We have tried calling several times about this and have complined but once again we have a sales person that doesnt speak english or doesnt understand and will not let us talk to a manager so my daughter stop paying her bill and now it will go into callection , once again t-mobil is responsible.


I had just written to you the contract review dept. 2 weeks ago in reference to the sales person who lied to me about being able to purchase phone without being committed to a contract, I,ve been with t- mobile for quite sometime and even without a contract i was consistent in paying my bill, now i like to continue doing business with you, providing you disregard this manipulative way of getting me into a contract, teo things can happen, i can hire an attorney to fight the battle, i can in form the fcc, are i have no problem not paying you and letting you cut me off and t- mobile not receive any monies from me I,m not worried about you reporting me to the credit bureau and i will get on line with all the other people who complaining and start a boycott just like the lady did with bank of america going up on fees, so please lets keep things in good standing. thanking you in advance mr calvin lamely 973 342 4269.


I am filing a complaint on my Son’s behalf. He has received a bill for service that was not used. The phone had not been in use and he is receiving a bill for service. He has been incarcerated for over 2 months and can not call T-Mobile to get this resolved. I called and asked them to give me a reason why they keep sending a bill when he has no contract. The “Customer Care” associates say they can’t help.
I understand the privacy of an account, but this bill is false. no service was provided during the time they are billing for.
I will never use T-Mobile and I will tell everyone I assocaite with that the “Customer Care” is awfull!


to start with i was sold used phones at a kiosk in the mall under the impression they were new. after 4 months the phones buttons wouldn’t work and i tried to claim on the one year warranty that comes on new phones but couldn’t because it was expired before i bought the phone. i then out of pocket bought three prepaid phones and put in sim cards from our old broken phones and made those work until. We could upgrade to 2 blackberries and one flip phone we claimed on the one year warranty for the blackberries and again we payed out of pocket to replace broken phones. we then did this at least three times before we are stuck in a two year contract after 5 years now we want out and need to get now working phones at a set price and sold contract that doesn’t renew itself. Im sure that this must break some kind of law at least. we have been taking advantage of and cant afford 600 dollars to cancel and be done with this. we are paying monthly a different rate for three non working phones and cant get out of it.


We went to t.mobile last week to take off two phone that havent been used for two years of this day & that we didnt want on our lines the guy tricked us into getting a family plan which we didnt want we only wanted the two phones we use.The other ones he said we had to pay until january 2013 even though we werent using them.And i told him to show me the two phones and he lied to me on the computer.And the reason i didnt the other two phones is because my daughters moved away from California and its just me and my grandaughter and i only get a check from SSI and I still have other bils to pay and if they dont fix the problem i am going to change to another company. I am a honest person so why cant t.mobile be for there customers.


On December on or about the 17th of these year 2012, T-mobile had text me regarding my minutes that they were over the limit and they had suggested that I increase to a higher plan because of the overage cost on my account. I went to my account on my phone to agree for more minutes to be added to my account, I did not see where it said that my contract for T-mobile would be extended for two more years I didnt know until Friday December 21st when I call to see when my contract was up thats when they told me that it was extended. This was done without my knowledge and if you have to put the plan back where it was and I want my contract cancelled. There has been discrepancy on my account with employee’s of T-mobile my daughter’s phone does not work too accuracy my phone does not work to it’s full capacity when I called last week they told me I needed an antenna but sadly they said that I had the wrong plan. I live in Sedona, Az. There has been so much running around with my account that it doesn’t make sense to me anymore. I want this contract terminated.
Thank You


So I had a G2X and dropped and the screen cracked. I had insurance and all but told I could buy and repair my phone on my own or pay $130 for them to fix it. I was going to just end my contract then but a friend had an old T-mobile phone and said add me on and we will do 1/2 bill and you can have the new phone.

I agree and call to make sure there was no problems with that and the man said no problem just use the sim in the G2X in the new phone and the sim in the new phone in his old one. Fast forward 3 days later the phone comes. I get a HTC Amaze, open it to find the plug to the wall is bad. The phone is fine and the cable charged it through my PC but I need a wall plug so I call the next day 1st to be told they don’t issue chargers.

I said I got the phone less than 24 hrs ago and you are saying a broken part is not replaced which they say no then inform me they have the wrong phone in their system… In the conversation we said the phone over 20x at least so they tell me they will transfer me to another department since it is a new phone. 15 mins later I get a new idiot… Your phone is not in our system yet so you have to wait.

I tell him the other person said it was so they tell me they can’t give me a new charger because my warranty has expired. I tell him expired on a phone I’ve had for less than 24 hours. He then says I will have to transfer you to the online sales dept. 10 mins later (and a very pissed off me) here I am at this guy who says the same crap the other ones do…expired warranty and they don’t issue replacements.

Finally I said screw it I want to just cancel my service. I would gladly pay early termination than to put up with the most unprofessional idiots I have EVER dealt with. Another transfer…I try to cancel service to be told they wont do it until the phone is returned to them and the guy basically said I was stupid (until I called T-mobile the shittiest bunch of idiots I have ever talked to) Kinda added surprised they know how to even turn on the PC they use to screw ppl over with but someone probably turns it on for them…

In closing DO NOT GET T-MOBILE AS A CARRIER!!!! You will regret it. My friend had trouble that is why he had a phone and he is laughing atm saying see told you they are idiots.


I am really upset behind the purchase(1/28/12) of this 4g hotspot !!! I went to a t-mobile booth at Cary Towncenter in Cary N.C. The salesperson was Dustin Adams and his supervisor was Brandon Mclamb. My 1st complaint is that I went to pay my t-mobile bill(125.40). I gave Dustin 140.00 to put on my bill and that amount wasn’t applied. The 125.40 was !! So where is the rest of my money ??!!

My second complaint is that they asked me if I had internet service. I told them I did with an outside company and they told me about the 4g hotspot that I can pay for when I pay my cell phone bill. I got the hotspot home and it didn’t work. Dustin called me and said the sims card he put in it was from his reserve and he’d send me another card in mail in 2 days. 2 days turned into 3weeks.

NEVER GOT CARD!! I eventually went fayetteville and they gave me a sims card. I got home tried it and IT WAS HORRIBLE !! It took the web page about 10-15mins to boot up, the entire page didn’t show and I kept losing a signal! I called t-mobile customer service 3/22/12 and spoke to mike and mark and they told me where I live I don’t have a good signal. I have 1 tower a mile from me and another 1 about 4 miles from me.

Neither 1 of them is close enough to give me a good signal.I asked could i send back the hotspot and they told me no I would get charged a $200 early termination fee !! IT DOESN”T WORK IN MY AREA!! so why should I be charged ? Mark said they should have checked my area 1st. Now I’m being charged $57.98/mnth for something that I cannot use !! I would really like to get out of this hotspot and get my $15 credited from the amount not being applied to my phone bill.

Oh by the way I went back to Cary to complain to Dustin/Brandon and was told that the booth is NO LONGER THERE. HHHMMM was told there were many complaints about them !! I am seriously thinking about leaving t-mobile all together because right now I am a VERY dissatisfied customer !!


Thanks for this opportunity to aire a complaint. I’ve written two letters two T-Mobile’s main office, no results. The nasty service customers receive when dealing with csrs must be a reflection of the upper echelon. They simply don’t give a damn about consumers, and probably resent the need to deal with us.

I’ve written two letters about my experience with no results. My first letter was mailed Jan 27, 2013. My complaint must be limited to an experience at a Scottsdale, AZ T Mobile shop which is located on McDowell St. near Hayden.

My complaint had to do with rotten service at the above mentioned TMobile outlet. One csr was teaching a customer a language, but at the same time she–the csr–claimed she did not know the language and needed to interrupt another busy csr who had a vague idea, but claimed that he, also, wasn’t sure of how the language was to be used..

This farce went on for upwards of 45 minutes, and even the woman asking for help got irritated and–at the request of her companion–the customer begged to leave the store. As all of this was going on, other customers waited in line. Eventually, the csr who knew something about languages finished and began serving customers, and at this point the one allegedly teaching a language began wandering around the shop.


To Whom It May Concern at T-Mobile complaints and customer service: On November 27th, 2010 we made the grave error of entering into a contractual agreement with your company for the purchase of four phones and two broadband devices. One of the phones was to be used in Florida, one at a Christian mission in a rural area in Kansas and the other two in the Kansas City area. We went to great length to insure that each phone would work in the area where intended. We were advised by your sales associate that the phone to be used at the mission in rural Kansas would be roaming the majority of the time but that would not be a problem.

We were further advised that the broadband device to be used at the mission would work in that area as well. Subsequently one year later you in your convoluted sense of fairness and loose interpretation of what constitutes a contractual agreement notified us that the phone in the rural area was being canceled due to excessive roaming despite what we were initially told by your sales associate. The broadband device never did work at the mission.

We early on terminated the devise at the mission and paid your termination fee while then learning in the process that T-Mobile was a company completely devoid of any sense or idea of what constitutes business ethics. Thence we had no device at the mission and had to go looking for another phone to be used at the mission. We contacted your people and asked to modify our family plan to a plan with less minutes because we were then short one phone and had a decreased need for minutes. We were told by your representative that we would have to extend our plan two years to change the plan. In realty any extension of service with your company is not even a consideration.

The other broadband device never has worked. The intended use was in the Kansas City area. I paid the monthly fee for the device and made repeated attempts with your service representatives to make the device work. All of my attempts were to no avail. Your people tried on numerous occasions to make the device work going so far as to send out a new sim card. That did not work either. They finally gave up with no further answers. I then finally got with someone in your employee who after hearing the saga agreed to waive the early termination fee on a device that never did work. At my next billing and once again despite what I was told the charge for the early termination fee was included.

Once again I called in and after working my way through your maze of phone blocking tactics found another one of your representatives who told me she did find a record of the agreement to wave the fee and that the fee would be taken off the bill. Guess what? Next bill the fee is still there and you in the process shut off our phones. I called in again, worked my way through the maze, get another one of you representatives and was told that no record exists of any agreement to wave the fee.

This may come as a complete surprise to you but people base decisions upon what they are told when they enter into contractual agreements with companies be they written or verbal. A fiduciary relationship is assumed and decisions are based upon that relationship from a position of assumed trust and good faith. You have broken two contractual agreements both verbal but none the less binding.

At this point I will expect you to honor the verbal agreement made by one of your employees to wave the fee on the aforementioned device. I would then ask to be released from my association with your company on all devices in question with no recourse or further obligation of any kind. T-Mobile omits a stench that I can no longer tolerate.

DJ Longhofer


Went to local store in Glendale, Arizona and as I approached the counter the male csr kicked the female csr in the but as she was walking to the back room. This female csr fell to the ground and when she got up she was obviously embarrased and looked around the store to see if anyone saw what happened. I immediately left the store and called a manager who asked if I called the police. “Really”!!!! How about you the manager investigate the situation and put a stop to unprofessionalism, employee abuse, females being harassed by male employees. This is despicable behavior. The Tmobile manager could care less what happened. He wanted me the customer to fix this situation. Unbelievable.

Tmobile is too expensive and despite the above situation their customer service was already deplorable. Very unsatisfied customer. I tell everyone not to get Tmobile and I always mention this incident. I am shocked that this kind of shit still goes on in the workplace. A place like this should have things in place so as to not harm their employees or csr reps while customers are in plain view, it just reflects so poorly for the business and it’s customers!


I went to a t-mobile store for help with my phone bill, hopefully a contract review i couldnt get on t-mobile.com. the sales rep said i can help. i do not use a lot of minutes so i decided to get shared minutes with my grandchild who would not be using a lot of minutes either.

I thought i was getting a great deal. until i saw my bill being almost fifty dollars over budget. the rep stated to me one thousand shared minutes. however it is not shared anything.it is five hundred minutes each. i do not mind paying my bill but be honest to your valued customers i made several phone calls regarding this matter none of which t-mobile can help. i was hung up on by a loyalty so-called rep, so i tried again a contract review on t-mobile.com.

i am a very disappointed customer.please be very careful with these reps they say one quote but when contract is done it means something different I purchased two phones from you and bought two twenty-five dollar cards, one for each phone. My phone was activated but my fathers was not.

They couldn’t get my fathers number to work. He wanted to keep his old number as it was the only one he ever had. In the process of all this his number was lost and his phone was never activated. Now I’ve gotten a bill from you for my fathers phone and he has never used the phone at all and his old phone number has been lost. Please straighten this mess out.


I have joined t mobile 3 days ago and until today I can’t use the phone but I am charged for the service. The problem that they are heaving is an error message in their system that they are getting in preventing them to port my Verizon phone number that I have used for business for years. Now I’m paying for two services and risking to loose my number. Is there a state regulated law that could help me? T mobile customer service people just want to get me off the phone saying it is done but I still don’t have my number ported so I’m paying two bills for services that I don’t need. Loosing my number would cost me a fortune.


my name is lam vu. i have been with tmobile a long time. they mess up my contract so i went without contract for over a year. on monday oct 17 2011, i call in wanted to let them know i want to end my service with them on oct 28 2011 because that is my last day of the monthly service. i talk to cherish ,id #54328 . she told me she going to give me the great deal with the monthly contract and the phone . we were chosing the phone and she advise me that if i want to we can go ahead sign the contract over the phone and i can decide on the phone if i wanted to. i went to the auto system to sign the contract and she said to call me back at 10 pm central time on tuesday oct 18 2011.

we agree on that but she didn’t call me back. i waited untill friday oct 21 2011.and call customer service they talk to me but they don’t give me the same deal that cherish gave me . i told them to let me talk to cherish but they say they can’t but they will sent her email letting her know that she need to call me back within 72 hours from friday. today is 25 october i call them asking to speak to cherish but again i got someone else. they don’t honor the deal that support to me at the time that i sign the contract. i told them that if the reason that make me sign the contract is because cherish gave me the great deal.

now the deal wasn’t honor and i wanted to terminate my service because they been wasting my time and energy. they said i had to paid the early tremination fee because i want to cancel early. i keep tell them that if it wasn’t the deal she gave to me that day i wouldn’t sign the contract. why should i need the company that alway messing up like that. i don’t know who going to read this but i will talk to my lawyer and deal with this.


T-Mobile has given a third party collection agency information regarding me having a $2,000.00 cell phone bill. I have never in my life had a T-Mobile account. I submitted a letter to the company (MCM) and contacted T-Mobile Fraud Department. I was then REDIRECTED back to MCM, which doesn’t make any sense. MCM is representing T-Mobile with information given to them. It was last told to me that my last address they have on file is in Texas, which is a state I have never lived in my entire life. This company is pathetic and after reading all the consumer complaints I can’t believe they are still getting customers and not investigated by a governing body.


I was looking forward to being a T-mobile customer until I realized how awful their company was. I ordered a cell phone and an $80 a month flex pay plan. After not being able to receive the phone I canceled the plan within the buyers remorse period. As their contract states a refund is issued for customer that fall under buyers remorse. I was hoping to receive my full $80 refund considering I never received the phone and was never able to even use the service…. Unfortunately I got a $4.00 check in the mail. I talked to probably 7 people who sounded like they were from India and was basically told by all of them I got screwed out of my money.

Their “system” only allows for a $4 refund. T-Mobile should check into how unfair their system is considering money is being stolen from their own customers.


I cancelled my T Mobile service two days into my billing cycle after being with them for nearly 10 years. I was informed by a CSR that my final bill would be prorated but once I received it in the mail, it was not. I contacted customer service to try and fix the bill and they refused. They were rude and told me that T Mobile does not prorate bills. I asked to speak to management and she gave me the same story even though the previous CSR told me that it would. I contacted several local TMobile stores, one of which I purchased my service from and they all told me that TMobile should have prorated my bill.

I called customer service back and I was informed that the stores don’t know what they are talking about because they don’t handle billing. Aren’t the stores representative of TMobile? Aren’t they owned or authorized by Tmobile? Why wouldn’t know what’s going on with TMobile? I am being charged for a service that was not even activated. I have been lied and cheated and I am upset about it.


I was on automatic payment plan w metro pcs. I tried to increase service by calling and they did not believe it was me so I had to physically go into a store. I was able to increase the plan and allegedly the extra $10 missed the billing date of automatic payment so they shut off my phone service due to their own billing error. I called and tried to remedy the situation but all they would do is waive a lousy $3.00 sevice fee for paying online even though they had cut off my phone service due to no fault of my own.

I asked to speak to a supervisor and was put on hold for 24 minutes. so apparently there was no supervisor available to address any customer problems in all that time. I wasted $125.00 on a phone because I will not use their service. I texted them and mailed in a letter. no response to either. No customer service. They screw up and then refuse to fix it. Unbelievable. Worst customer service experience of my life. Do NOT use metro pcs. all they want to do is sell the phones and service but will not help you if they screw up. You may as well not exist. I hope they go out of business.


I had called Tmobile approx 3 weeks before i canceled acct to see what the charges were to terminate my acct & was informed by rep $100 (it would be partial credited because i was a customer for …)..When I Received bill they charged $200… I also asked why i was charged a full month of service when the acct canceled. 1st rep informed me she was going to put thru a credit for the monthly charges to only the 3 days that were used. 2nd rep told me no credits would be going thru because they charge you for a full month if you take your phone # to another carrier.I requested to speak w/ a manager Not one of these incorrectly labeled “CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES” could get that task done.

I was told would be transferred to Manager as they put me back on hold for 22 minutes now hearing the recording another CSR REP would answer NOT MANAGER> Called again and spoke w/another rep, I was told manager would call back, its been 4 days now. NO REPLY!!! But then Tmobile called my house this morning I thought I was speaking w/the manager getting exhausted from explaining the situation for the 6th time. She informed me she was calling from Tmobile FINANCIAL DEPT + could offer no help at all w/the bullshit I have been falsley given>


I just spent 67 minutes my entire lunch hour and then some speaking to three different CSA in a foreign country with limited english and the understanding of english. First agent the ususal take out the battery remove the sim card. Ok still nothing then had me clear cache cookies and history. Still nothing so I am transferred to so called higher technology. Now common sense would tell you if this call is escalated the previous agent went threw the basics for trouble shooting. No here we go again but this one hung up on me. I was calling from a friends phone because I know the drill all to well.

They ask you to call from a phone other than your so they can trouble shoot. I called back and all I wanted to do was file a formal complaint. Again a non speaking english agent and you can tell they must have a script in front of them as they can’t deviate and they say the same thing over and over. I told the agent I didnt want her help I was on my own phone now I wanted to file a formal complaint and she continued to try and assist me with the problem I called for. Finally after the fourth time of telling her I didnt want to pursue the problem I will go to a store. All I wanted from her was to speak to someone of upper management to file a complaint.

She ask to put me on hold and said she be right back. This is another one of there tricks they do this so you will just hang up because they are like “moonies” they can’t comprehend and they continue to ask the same thing or say the same thing over and over …..so sorry I left Sprint.


To whom it may concern: I have been a T-Mobile customer for quite sometime now, yet your organization is quickly loosing the luster and my tolerance for your lack of customer satisfaction is at it’s end. My consideration for changing companies is become more than just a passing thought but a true concern. My current attitude towards T-Mobile is not based on just one incident but on a number of incidents that I personally feel should have never happened or been explained to my satisfaction beforehand.

Frankly, I am a business man of over 20 years, yet the treatment that I have received in the last 3 months has been more like doing business with the mob instead of with a business that cares for and appreciates their clients. I am not new to the mobile communication industry, my mobile device has been and will be a key part of my business for years to come. Now, the question is will it be with T-Mobile? That is the true question.

Issue #1
When I first migrated my telephone number from the account it was on, I was very upset with how it was handled. I called in to migrate the number and take responsibility for it. I provided all required information to the person that handled my call. Of course I was approved and the process continued, here is where the unprofessionalism took place. I asked the gentleman if I had a “period of time to change my mind”? At that time, he told me that I was locked into a 2 year agreement with T-Mobile. This was told to me after he had ported the number to the new account, not before the process was completed. I then asked him if I could cancel and consider my other options. He then informed me that I would be charged a cancellation fee for doing such. Seriously!!!????

My next question was, do I get anything out of this since I am locked in to a 2 year agreement that I did not agree too, like a new telephone or something? Again I was told “NO”. His reasoning behind this was “the person whom owned the account prior to me porting my number had made changes to their account and decided to stay with T-Mobile, so since they stayed with T-Mobile and extended their contract that effected me.” This is an unfair business act. Now that I have responsibility for my number, how can their actions effect me? If I don’t pay my bill you don’t cut off their service and vice versa. I did not have 2 years left on the contract I was on with you. I later learned that they did receive a new mobile device for continuing their contract. I was offered nothing. Not even a tissue.

So now, I have a 2 year agreement, without asking me if I wanted this, your customer service representative committed me to over $2400 over 2 years period without asking me if I wanted this or not. He committed me on an implication that I knew what the prior account owner had did on their contract and that I was okay with their actions and his. My feelings behind this action, T-Mobile is telling me to take what we allow or else. News Flash, there are toooooooo many other options out here to be treated like that by anyone that I am paying. I do not feel that you have the clients best interest in mind if this is your normal way of doing thing. I stay with T-Mobile, because your services does work in areas that some of your competition does not work in and my mobile communications are very necessary for me and what I do, I am an international entertainer.

How could this situation been better handled:
1. Ask me if I know the facts
2. Offer me something for my commitment
3. Suggest other options
4. Confirm the transaction and it’s terms before it is concluded

Issue #2
I recently went to German to entertain the troops. This was a longtime dream for me that finally came true. Well, as part of my preparation for this journey, I called T-Mobile (well in advance of my departure) and asked if there was an International Plan that I could add to my telephone so that I could use my device while I was overseas.

The representative told me that there was and I authorized them to add this to my plan so that I could receive calls, make calls and send and receive text messages. Guess what? My mobile device did not work in Germany or Holland. I was unable to communicate with anyone while I was there. Your representative failed to tell me how to change my telephone configuration to enable me to use my device. I missed 3 paying gigs because the people that were trying to contact me could not communicate with me in a timely fashion. This was over $2000 in potential income, because your “professional customer service representative” did not inform me properly on the changes that I needed to make to my device to ensure that it will work.

Now here is the kicker. I called today to see if the International Feature was still on my mobile device and I was informed that it was never added. Now ain’t that special?!? If I am dealing with a company that has my best interest in mind, why would I even think twice that this was not done as agreed? Why should I have to double check with you to ensure that your company is doing what I paid you for?

How could this situation been better handled?
1. Customer Service Representative made sure the order went through properly.
2. The Customer Service Representative could have informed me that I needed to make changes to my current device configuration to ensure that my unit would work properly.
3. A text message to very that the changes were made.

Issue #3

I called today to inquire about your current rate plan and I was informed in order to receive the reduced rate I would have to pay $200 to migrate to the lower plan. Are you serious? I think I have found Jimmy Hoffa….he is the president of T-Mobile. This is outrageous and unfair to a longtime client. Then your representative had the nerve to say to me “if you are not interested in talking about giving up your discount on telephones in the future, there is nothing to talk about”. Really, this is how you talk to clients now? This is how your company really feels. I understand getting people on and off the telephone as fast as possible, but this is ridiculous. But wait, there is more. You know what, I am not even going to go into it.

Bottom line is this. I appreciate T-Mobile, but I do not feel or believe that you appreciate your clients or realize that you are not the only game in town. At this time, I am considering leaving your company and going to Sprint. Yes, I realize that there is a $200 per line cancellation fee to leave, but it is almost worth it. I also realize that I would have to buy new mobile devices (which was something T-Mobile never offered me), but again, that maybe worth it as well. I hated Sprint, that is one reason I left them and came to T-Mobile, but your customer service is almost if not as bad as theirs was before they cleaned up their act.

I understand that I am one voice, but from my years as a customer service professional in the business world, I have learned this. “If one person is willing to say it, just how many do you think are thinking it?” Yeah, it has taken me a while to write this letter, because I am a busy man, but there comes a time when you have to stop what you are doing and address a situation. This is that time.

I pray that these words do not fall on deaf ears. At this time, I have not incorporated these events into my act, yet, I have strongly considered them. Actually, it is not a laughing matter, but I can make it one to thousands really quick. No, this is not a threat, I don’t do that, I am stating the obvious, we as comedians tend to take things that bother us to the stage and believe me this is getting under my skin.

What are my resolutions to these issues:
1. I believe T-Mobile should have taken my concerns more serious instead of fanning me off like a fly on buttermilk.
2. I believe that I should have been offered a discount off my services or free services for a period of time.
3. I believe that I should have been offered a new device or discounted device or my choice.
4. I believe that I should have received an apology from T-Mobile.
5. I believe that your policies and services should have been represented better and explained in detail before we completed any transactions.

I “Thank You” for taking the time to read my letter and considering my position.

A Very Unhappy Camper……


I am very angry and very upset at T mobile, I can’t believe how incompetent its employees are and how bad the service is. I just joined T mobile and signed up for 2 years. I switched from Verizon. I added 2 lines for my kids. One of them had her own account with T mobile. She is a student and I wanted to help her so I decided to add her with me so I can pay the bill. We received the 3 phones, I had explained to the sales person what I was going to do, switch from Verison and add 2 lines. No problem, we can do that. Anyway, we call the customer service and ask to transfer the old numbers. My son and I (both were with Verizon), did get our old numbers.

To switch My daughter’s number was a nightmare. After talking to so many people, including supervisors, and being switched over so many times, over a period of 4 days, that is calling every day, we were told that we need to cancel the old number so they transfer it, which we did, today we find out they gave the number to someone else. And, there is nothing they can do. It’s too late. Sorry … Needless to say how upset my daughter is. I can’t believe that in the 21st century, a big company like T mobile, can not switch a number. A company that wants to compete and claims they are the largest and the best network in the world.

In the world. Of course, they pinned the blame on me and my daughter. I don’t know why, we just made the request. What pisses me most is that they don’t recognize they made a mistake. When I told them they screwed up, they said ‘no we didn’t, you did !’. I wish them the worst.


Do not even think about buying a phone or service from them !!!!! – Unfriendly and incompetent. Back in the days when they tried to established themselves in the US they had good service. Now the company was sold and the service got ridiculous. My SIM Card is suddenly not working anymore and I am outside the US on a business trip. This is of course a big problem if you are depending on your phone. First they tried to charge me $ 22 for a new SIM card and on top they only ship to US destinations, all other shipping charges I shall pay. I ask why ? My argument is simply that I am using this phone internationally and they make money of me too.

Fact is, they make money of me paying for expensive overcharged international phone calls. So, why would they not ship a SIM card to an international location (Bahamas) if they make money of me using the phone internationally? Anyhow, the T-Mobile customer service and supervisor were ridiculous. My monthly bill is always over US $ 150+. I was a loyal customer for over 8 years, spent well over US $10.000 on their service and now this. I am not wasting my time if they don’t understand how to take care of a customer. (Just because they tried to save $ 25 on UPS’s additional shipping cost. That’s it !. – Never ever again – TMOBILE.


The prepaid service sucks. It’s not the same coverage , towers , app market. It does not work like regular t-mobile services. There’s restrictions on the places u can and can not go as far as the internet. When u pay the same prices as monthly customers.With the worst service. The reason why i went with the service is because i use to have the service with my father. Now that I’m with age i decided to get service, but since i had no credit i got prepaid service.The guy gave me a paper with my number and said i was done. No refunds ! What? If i decided to turn my phone off . It takes five minutes to make any calls or text message . No service , not even 911! The worst Service u could have!

I should have went with cricket or metro pcs!Unlimited everything. who ever heard of a data plan that says unlimited but doesn’t really mean it .


We have been Tmobile customers for over 12 years since it was omni point than voice stream and finally Tmobile. We have 7 lines total with them therefore we had to split to two accounts two years ago. We have missed the payment on the old account, which resulted in lines disconnection. We have noticed immediately and made the payment. The following bill cycle they charged the account $20 each line for service restoration. When called to complaint one customer service agent did not care and said noting can be done. Called second time to cancel three lines on one of the account that I know that are out of contract but the customer service agent offered me a credit for the $60 charge but to extend the account to two (2) years contract.

When I refused they said ok we noted the account that you will disconnect three line thank you and have a nice day.


I recently ordered 3 new lines of service with a sales rep. order was process and shipped on the day of delivery order was recalled, call tmobile so they said go to a local store to verify myself and they should honor the agreement for the mytouch 4g which was free. Got to the store did as they asked but could not get the phones that were ordered, called the headquarters and they sent me back to the store to get the phones and again no phone, so i have 3 lines of service with no phones. I have called and called but no one wants to honor the agreement. I been with tmobile for over 6 years now. think its time to say good bye you are the weakest link.


I ordered t-mobile’s cell service with the understanding that in my state (GA) I have 21 days to decide before committing myself to a contract. It was almost immediately obvious upon receiving the phone that their service was not suitable for my needs (rural area). I called, got permission to return the phone, they acknowledged receipt of the phone a few days later, and then I got a bill for $77 (!), which I graciously and quite generously did pay. Now it’s the following month and these morons have sent me *another* bill, for nearly $100! For a phone I do not have, and already paid $77 for the privilege of using for three days.

Just try to contact T-mobile customer “service” when you don’t have a T-mobile phone — unless you have hours of free time to burn, you cannot. There is no email address. They do have a snail mail address. I am preparing a bill to present to them via
snail mail, the bill is for my services as a billing consultant. My rate is $15k per hour, and payment is due withing 5 days of services rendered. I can play this game too, bitches!


t-mobile rep told me i would get a tex if one of my phone would get near the 200 min. market well i did not get the tex i compliant about this for serveal months and was always told i would get it the nent time well i never did so they told me they would not adjust my bill no more . even though if i would have recive the tex i could have use another t mobile phone we have that had not been used we would have usr that one which hda 200 min. we could have used it looks like the want you to go over so they can charge you more money that cost me an extra $37.00


I got an Sony Eriksson Equinox after being with TMobile 7 years. They told me 3 x to buy the wrong memory card. It would not snap in so I took it to a cellurar company because the TMobile store is an hour drive on the freeway. They couldn’t make it stay in either. So they sent me another phone and it did not work on it either. Then they figure out it is the wrong card. I had bought it on Amazon because theirs is $50.00. Now I can’t get my money back and I have to buy theirs for $50.00. As soon as I began using the phone it had software problems.

I had it less than a month so they wanted me to take a reconditioned one and I refused. I get their bill and now I am signed up for GPS and something else that I nev er signed up for. I cut off their internet. 6 month went by and I called 611 their customer service number and would have to wait up to 2 hours on hold and talke to TMobile from some other country. I only use my cell phone. One day my battery went dead after 2 hours on hold and I used their internet phone to call 611 and got through in five minutes. It was the cell phone all along.

Now I get another equinox and it does the same thing only worse. Two phones can’t do this so they check their end, nothing wrong, and twenty calls later it might be the newer sim cards. Meanwhile while I am calling them they try to sell me things includind extending my contract. The sim card is not here yet. I can’t wait to see if this fixes it because we ran out of options and I refuse a different phone that would extend my contract and make me buy more music and another memory card. I hate them.


Yesterday i whent to a metro pcs store isaw a ad d which has apicture of three diferent android phones. It says . Get an android for $49 when you add aline to your family plan. I WHENT to the metro pcs store employee an i asked her if i could ad two lines that i liked the samsum galaxy indulge which is on the add. She scream are you crazy if we would have those phone at 49 dont you think we would have the store full of people buying them .she said you can buy only the one which is onthe middle not the other two. Iwas so emberase people that were in the metro pcs store just looked at me an ifeel.im so upset at her way of treating me an.

at the same time i feel this is a false ad because i even asked my whole family to read what is says an we al agree that for our understanding is very especific that if i add two more line i can get the phone i like which is in the add .or this ad is a false advertisement an imnot the one who is wrong can any body explain that add


Six months ago our cell accounts were debited by T Mobile without our knowledge, when we made an enquiry about several amounts going off MTN told us that T Mobile was the company but they could not do anything and that T Mobile would have to stop the debits. After several complaints to MTN they have done absolutely zilch and less about T Mobile randomly deciding to take money from us. Even after complaining to their Head Office they simply could not care, yes the amounts were small but continuous. MTN was assisting ***** and no one seemed to know what was going on let alone actually lift a finger to acknowledge or respond to many calls and messages.

We would like someone to actually give a **** about their customers.


For many years I was a customer of t-mobile until I relocated abroad in January of 2011. My t-mobile number was for many years. Several days before leaving, I called t-mobile to cancel my account and my bank draft order which I was told they did on January 21, 2011. On April 22, 2011, however t-mobile debited my bank account for $16.55 even though my account was cancelled and the phone never used since. I called t-mobile customer service the following week but the representative told me the charges were valid.

I spoke with her supervisor, a lady named Carla who investigated and found that indeed the charge should never have been made and that whe would have the charges reversed, take steps to assure my former account will not be again charged and make sure that the standing debit order is removed from their files. Further Carla assured me that she would contact me within 2 hours to confirm the above was done. I gave her both my phone numbers (home and cell) and my email address.

I have never been contacted by t-mobile, the charges have not been reversed and I fear that I will be charged again in the future.

Thank you,

David Halpern


i have tried to order new phones from tmobile online well it has been one week and double the original cost and i still do not have new phones and i am $300.00 dollars poorer and over drawn in the bank. i spent 3 hours on the phone with thier customer service department and the only answer i got was well we r so sorry for the inconveince but there is nothing we can do. they said i could reorder and i could get them by tuesday well wth if they can get them here then why not now? also tmobile can sure get the money as soon as you give them your number but it takes 7 to 10 days to put it back what r they pulling not be very profetional if you ask me. I AM DONE


When getting my phone with tmobile i informed them that all i needed was phone and text. I made this very clear to them. how ever i have been receiving bills for 60 and 70 dollars more than wht the bill should be. Everytime i speak with a rep i’m told different information. I’m very dis pleased with the service, every month i have to contact them about my bill, and they just keep you on hold and when i ask to speak with a tmobile manager or supervisor. The phone gets disconnected or hinged up on. I’m contacting the better bussines bureau and i’m going to contact everyone i could to get these charges reversed.


t mobile rep lied to me after assuring me i was gonna pay a surtain price and he lied to me and not to mention the representive on the phone was very rude and hung up on me. and also i had prepaid for years with a number i used for about four years since i lost my phone they told me i maybe could get back my number i miss my number i had it for years and they took it i hate t mobile!


Be aware of metro pcs stores return policy! They will make it impossible for you to renturn anything! and then try to tie you up to their horrible service. On March 30, 2011 shortly before the store time to close, at 7.58 PM, I purchased a new phone, its accessories, pre-paid a month of usage and switched my phone line from ATT to MetroPCS. Soon after I arrived home and tested the phone I realized that I made a mistake. As the store was already closed I had to wait till it would open on the next day.

In the morning of March 31, 2011, I went back to the store where I purchased the phone and explained to the same customer service person that sold me the phone that I am a realtor and my phone is my main tool of work. The phone that I purchased did not fit my necessities and I was also having problems with the service, not receiving text messages from Clients and getting my phone calls dropped.

She said that the service would soon improve and that I should keep the phone for a while and that I would eventually get used to it. I asked her to then exchange the phone for a blackberry, which was what I originally had with ATT and was ideal for my business. She refused to exchange the phones and said that she could not take a refund either and showed me her return policy, which was not disclosed to me before or during the purchase. On it says that you may return the phone within 7 days of original activation date and must contain less than 60 minutes of airtime usage on call timer. She said my phone had 60 minutes and 15 seconds of airtime.

Unfortunately I didn’t know about their return policy prior to the purchase. If I did, I would have never tried a new phone and service provider for my business knowing that I would be stuck to it. I asked to speak with a manager and she declined to give me his/her name or contact information. I called the 1888 8METRO8 number from the store hoping for a solution. They told me to go to their store Corporate. The closest one was 40 minutes away in Lake Worth.

Immediately after speaking with the customer service person I turned off my phone (afraid to add any more seconds of airtime and be denied a refund/return and with that lost several business calls). In fact, I was already missing business calls and texts even before knowing that I could not use the phone.

At the Lake Worth corporate store, after 1 hour in line waiting and without using the phone, the service person told me that they could not help me as I had purchased the phone from another store and that if I had purchased it from them, they would be glad to give me a refund.

I then drove home to look for the owners of record of the store to try to locate them and speak with them. All numbers that I tried were either disconnected or did not work. I found their Corporate history and another store they owned also in Delray. Called the store asking for the manager several times and he never returned my call. I drove to the store, and they said the manager was not there and that they could not help me and that I would not be able to return the phone.

After all the driving around, frustration and lost businesses and working hours, I decided that I could no longer keep the phone off, as I had to answer my business calls. I kept trying to reach the store manager for another day without success and finally gave up. I went back to an Att store and changed my phone line back to them. ATT Service is more than double the price, but works and I deeply regret having tried to switch.

I then put all the Metro PCS merchandise back in its original boxes and priority mailed it to the store, attention to the owner of record, with insurance and signature delivery, along with copies of the receipt and with a note asking them to immediately refund the full amount of the purchase on my debit card used with the original purchase. Days after I received the signature receipt in the mail dated as received on April 04, 2011.

As they accepted the phone back, I hoped to receive my refund. I waited for days for it to post, but realized that even though they accepted the phone in the mail, they never refunded my money nor contacted me to have the issue resolved. They simply took the phone back and kept my money.

On April 08, 2011 I went to my bank and filed a dispute. However, my bank said that the merchant declined to credit my money back and that I would have to resolve the issue directly with the merchant or file a law suit. To file a law suit it is going to cost me at least another $ 190.00 plus all the time and aggravation.


Daughter going to China for 2 weeks so we called to have her T-Mobile cell unlocked as she is young, blonde, etc and could be a target if anything, Gd forbid, were to happen. Anyway we get this reponse (please note it is 2 days past the due date and around 100 USD – and we have never NOT paid a bill) The problem is, it takes up to 72 hours to unlock the sim and she is leaving Tuesday. Payments wont post for 24 hours so who knows what will happen? Below is the correspondence I have gotten with T-Mobile regarding this customer service problem. This is dangerous service for T-Mobile.

T-Mobile Sim Unlock Request
Sim Unlock Reference: 451****
IMEI: 3583*************

Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile. We have received your SIM Unlock Request. Unfortunately, we are unable to process your request at this time due to the past due status of your account. You can make a payment by logging into the T-Mobile Web Site www.t-mobile.com or through our automated system by dialing 611 from your handset or 1-800-937-8997 from a landline phone. Once the past due balance on your account has been paid, please contact us to have another SIM Unlock Request submitted.

Thank You,

Sim Unlock Department
T-Mobile USA, Inc.

I sent this:

Wow really Tmobile? So you will let a young girl out of highschool go on a trip to China without a phone to contact her parents or the USA if something goes wrong??? Are you kidding?? Just bc her parents have a small past due amount and we have been customers for what, 8-9 years or more?? This is why we are switching companies at the end of the summer, along with everyone else who hates your new merger. This is absolutely DANGEROUS to not allow an unlock on a phone for a young lady traveling alone to a communist country, AND TMOBILE if anything happens BLOOD will be on YOUR HANDS. I am forwarding this to all cell companies, pr companies, television, radio, mothers groups etc.

YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED. You are disgusting TMOBILE – Ever heard of Natalie Holloway??? Have fun thinking of all the death you could be causing.


I spent several hours on the phone with Tech Support after receiving a replacement BB 9700. The issues were unable to access email set up and four T-Mobile web browsers. That was the second time after I was told to put a new sim card in. The issued seemed to be resolved. Once I had time to sit and set the phone up, the browser isn’t responding as it normally does and the cursor freezes. I’m sorry to say that the last 3 days of having major software issues starting on Sunday with a white screen, and spending much needed time on my job as a Firefighter, I have spent it on the phone.

I was going to report the problems with this phone in the morning. I also inquired about getting away from BB and going to another T-Mobile phone. It was not until today that after 14 months with T-Mobile that I am not eligible for an upgrade. This being due to not being notified that I had to be on a $99.00 monthly plan. I had been on the $79.00 monthly plan and recently dropped it to 500 min and unlimited data etc, due to the phone having gen issues on a reg basis. I can not spend time constantly trouble shooting what was a new phone.

I’m disappointed after being with you since Sept of 2009, that I have basically been paying on BB’s that have had many software issues and replaced that the time with a two year contract is useless! I was never told until today that I had to be on a 99.00 plan and have decided to look into another company. A two year contract with Sprint regardless of the plan gives me the ability to upgrade due to the amt of time if I had been with them.

I’m sure no one cares, but your sales people and customer service from T-Mobile should notify you if you call about your plan that your not eligible for anything because you were only paying 79.00 a month and I was not notified until today that my state employee discount is not effective unless I have a 99.00 monthly plan. I now regret going to t- mobile knowing now that the year and six months with you was useless!!


I ordered a NOKIA 2330 Mobile phone  and the order is not yet shipped till today. When I talk with the T-Mobile customer service on phone, they keep saying that they had to close their warehouse due to severe cold and snow. I couldn’t find any news of such closure anywhere in US through Google. I am still not sure if I will get my phone – it is just a common model and should be readily available. I think T-mobile always has this issue for online orders. My advice to others is to always buy directly from a store if you are buying t-mobile.


ATT, Sprint, and Verizon are the big dogs in the cell phone world. You would be better off with one of them. T-Mobile is really second rate. I had T-Mobile for 2 years and they pretty much are a mom-and-pop cell phone provider. Their coverage, phones, and customer service are really second rate. However, that’s just my opinion!


I ordered additional minutes on my T-Mobile pre-paid phone using my Visa card. T-Mobile illegally took the payment out of my bank account. That is fraud. If I hadn’t had sufficient funds in the bank account, I could have been charged a fee for bank overdraft. After trying a couple of hours on the phone with T-Mobile and being transferred at least 6 times, I was basically told to stick it. In addition, T-Mobile offers an additional 10% of minutes for a $100 order. Additional minutes did not appear this time or the last time I ordered. Representative “explained” that the 10% was included in the 1000 minutes ordered. Again, fraud. Filing a legal complaint with the Colorado State Attorney General office and the Better Business Bureau.


I just called TMobile to change my EasyPay option to a different bank. I give them my cell # and last 4 of my SS# and David C says he can’t help me because I’m giving the wrong information. He says my phone number is right, and my name is connected to that phone number in the billing, yet he accuses me of giving the wrong social security number. How can I give a wrong SS#? It’s my SS# and I know what it is! If anyone is incorrect, TMobile is incorrect when they entered my number!

He refused to help me, instead he told me to go into a TMobile store. How inconvenient that is for me to travel 20 miles roundtrip to the nearest store just to do them a favor by giving them my new EasyPay information! Thing is, I’ve called Customer Service before and have had no issue being helped before when giving my phone number and last 4 digits of my SS# ??


I changed from Sprint to T Mobile simply because i needed to build my credit up in the US being from South Africa. I was on my son’s Sprint acc. & was advised by an authorized dealer, VENACOM, that this would be a good way to start to build my credit!! HOWEVER, from the day i signed on in October, 2010, its been nothing but a giant headache. I was promised 5 lines, then told no only 3. I was given a plan of $150 unltd msg & 3,000 mins. My bill is over $220 every month because even though i blocked 411 calls, they keep charging me when i dont even make them. On the ODD occasion my son will make the FREE-411, but was advised by T Mobile customer care that they “still charge!!!”

Between Venacom, T Mobile’s “authorized” dealer & TMobile i feel like this is a sham & a total rip off. I cant even get hold of “customer service”. Ive tried 4 times the past 9 days for up to an hour & 10 mins & STILL dont get hold of anyone because i have to end the call!!!

They charge me overage when there shouldnt be. They are charging me $20pm for messaging that is supposed to be built INTO my $150 plan. 800 nos are not free. T Mobile still charge for them. They charged for shipping when they said i would not need to pay since the “free” ph was useless & returned it after 1 week & they had the nerve to try to just slip it in there.

I am sitting right now whilst typing this to be attended to & we’re going onto 22 mins already, taking up my whole lunch hour & then have to end the call after waiting an HOUR!!!!


I have been with Tmobile for 4 years, and I had no problems because I never used customer service. Every time I called customer service, I had problems because Tmobile reps were really dumb and were not kind, but I just put it off because it was not too big of a deal. I’m right now being OVERCHARGED for a plan by 50 dollars for which I don’t even have access to, and the customer reps LIED to us and this is NOT just displeasant transaction. I’m very unhappy at the moment, and EVERY Tmobile rep I talk to lies and tries to put this off. They think they can just keep lying and pushing until we get tired. Really? Is this the business model you want to run Tmobile?


I have had a poor signal for weeks so I approached T-mobile. In the first week, customer services told me a transmitter was down and would be back up in 24 hours. When I spoke to the T-mobile engineer, he told me there were no transmitter problems in the area. I complained again and was contacted by T-mobile customer services. The young lady was very good and did try to help. What a load of nonsense!!! So I asked if I could terminate my contract as the ‘service is not fit for purpose’. Nope – because I do occasionally get a signal. IF T-Mobile can blame the weather, then they should offer a ‘summer only’ option. Excuses gone mad – crazy!!


I purchased t mobile’s family plan with 3 lines, one for my husband, one for myself and one for our 2 children for emergency. I set up to cancel with at&t service on Tuesday, and since i made an order late on Friday night, t mobile said i would receive the package on Tuesday. But the package arrived on Monday when nobody was home, so i had to make an after hours pick at ups. I could have been home waiting for package if i was told the package could arrive on Monday. Then i spent one hour on the phone setting up my account and activating service on all 3 phones. I really enjoyed their service for a day and a half. Then midday on Wednesday, out of nowhere, t mobile canceled my service. Sweet!


Although they seem to be taking over the wireless world, they fire people with no explanation. I know someone who worked there for nearly 3 years, and was let go. he went to work and was told to take the weekend off, and was suspended and was not told so. then he found out he was fired by someone else, not even his manager…. hmm doesnt seem right, does it?

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