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Spirit Airlines, Inc. www.spirit.com is an American low-cost carrier. It is publicly traded on NASDAQ:SAVE. Destinations include US, Caribbean, Mexico and Latin American cities. Its fleet numbers 79 of the newest aircraft in the industry. There are 250 flights daily to 50 destinations. Revenues in 2014 were reported as US 1.93 billion.

If you have a problem with your Spirit flight or service, call 801-401-2222. You may also check here for Customer Support. If you would like to send postal correspondence to the CEO, Robert L. Fornaro address you letter with Spirit Airlines, Inc., 2800 Executive Way, Miramar, Florida 33025. The corporate phone number is 954-447-7965 and fax number is 954-447-8010.

Spirit Airlines started in 1980 as Charter One and its slogan is ‘Less Money, More Go’. Social presence may be found on Twitter and LinkedIn although cheap flights are kept cheap by not having to hire a ‘big social media team’.

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I booked an airline reservation, hotel and car rental. At the time of booking your agent told me to call to arrange for a seat on the plane. He did not tell me there would be a fee for a seat. Upon calling Spirit they told me the fee for a seat for my husband and I would be $68. I believe it is robbery to expect me to pay for my seat after paying for the airline ticket. I never would have approved flying with Spirit and Travelocity should have known that and informed me of it. How can you in good conscience neglect to tell me of this. Also, I have traveled with other airlines and have paid$25 for a check in bag. With Spirit the fee is $50 for a checked bag. The bottom line is I am to pay &268 for my husband and I to have a seat and a checked bag.


Spirit canceled my flight when I was at the airport and told me another one was not going out of that Philadelphia airport for another 2 days, un-acceptable. I had to be in Ft. Lauderdale that night. They did not care at all. They could care less about their customers. I don't think they had a plane available for us. I said I need another flight tonight. I had to book through AA. No planes were delayed. Since they could not accommodate me, I would like the money I lost to rebook due to them. I had never experience such poor customer service in my life. Then when you call you get the run around and no one can help you. You get Idiots on the phone, and when you ask to talk to someone higher up they won't let you. You never get a call back if you leave a message. I guess they feel like if they ignore you then you will go away, WRONG. I need someone to get in touch with me to resolve this matter.


Told me my checked in bags would be at north Carolina airport in baggage claim not Detroit, this then made me miss my flight. Spirit Air is a horrible place to fly. The service was the worst.


Trying to amend a booking as my wife is in hospital and will be there for 2 months and i simply wish to speak to a customer service rep. I called (form London UK) and each time waited over 15min for the phone to get cut off. I tweeted and got a generic reply. I emailed as the generic reply asked and still no reply. Simply poor service after spending over 2000 on flights.


I was booking a flight for a friend of my brother. I searched through Google for the cheapest flight. I found Spirit Airlines to be the cheapest by about $200 from the competitors. I began to book the flight and it asked me if I wanted to join their $9 Fare Club and I could save more money. The cost for a membership was $59.99 and it would save me $93 for a total savings of $33. I figured I could save the money and cancel before it auto renewed in a year. As it turns out, you can't purchase tickets for another person through this program. So, I went to the customer service page and attempted to get a refund, as it had only been less than 15 minutes since joining. After not finding any help online, I attempted to find help on Twitter and still didn't get a response. So, I tried to call the customer service line and after stumbling and bumbling through the hurdles and obstacles they set up for you, I contacted a human.

They said that I couldn't get a refund and asked if I read the fine print, I asked to speak to a manager. I speak to another person and they say the same thing and I say the same thing. The guy gets back on and says that a mangers isn't able to come to the phone and he wants a call back number for me as well as a good time to call me. He then tells me that I may not hear back tonight or the next day. I asked for his name and ID number (Robert #29690) and for the manager that he talked to. He refused to give me that managers name and said that his manager may not call me back, it might be someone else in the office. Still haven't heard back from anyone at Spirit Airlines but my advice to my friends, family, and anyone who will listen is, "Stay Far Away From These Con Artists!".


I was traveling with my team to Myrtle Beach and Spirit Airlines was the only airline with a direct flight. Money wasn't really a concern, but the cost seemed to be lower, which I didn't mind. However, this was my biggest regret. There are hidden fees everywhere. $15 to choose a seat, $40 for a carry on or checked bag, and $10 to print out my boarding pass at the terminal. What a rip off. At the gate, some people needed to pay $100 for their carry on or they would have to leave their bags at the airport. It ended up adding to more than a regular airline ticket. On the way there, our flight was delayed by 2.5 hours. A girl was sick and needed to get off the plane, which required for us to get clearance to go back to the gate. This took up to 2 hours. Then we found out the plane needed more fuel. It was an absolute nightmare. Throughout all of this, the flight attendants were nowhere to be found. They refused to give any information on what was happening. The plane was dirty. The seats were narrow, uncomfortable, and did not recline. There was no foot room or space to put my carry on bag. The plane did not have full sized tray tables and the bathrooms desperately needed to be cleaned. I have never experienced so much turbulence on a plane in all of my traveling experiences. They also lost our luggage along with 20 other people on our flight. It was a flight from hell.


The flight from Chicago to Peoria was canceled due to weather and no flight was available for the next 03days. I was told by to take bus to reach my destination and they will refund my ticket. I bought ticket and next day called customer service for refund. After seven days i called back I was informed the file was close in error they will reopen it and they have no date when i can get refund. It has been almost three months and still no refund. I am not sure how they manage customer expectation. I have seen bad customer service but nothing like this. I reach out to fac book i find customer complain worse than me. Let see if this form works.


Spirit air is cheap yes, and readily available of course. But that doesn't stop the fact that it's one of the most unreliable airlines I have ever been a part of. I can't tell you how many times I have been on a flight that has been delayed or cancelled at the last minute, leaving me stranded in some random city. I'm starting to question whether the savings is worth it.


I just booked a flight with Spirit Airlines. It was last minute so I needed to choose the best available schedule with the best price. Spirit seemed to match both. I booked my flight as usual although this was my first Spirit flight. Once I booked and payed for the flight, I wanted a seat assignment. Who wants to fly middle seat...ever? Not me so this was my top priority. I could not believe what I found. Spirit Airlines charges me a minimum of $15 for a preselected seat assignment. Exit row costs more as if that is First Class. Next they asked me if I planned on bringing a bag. Checked or Carry-on didn't matter. That will be another $40. By the time I finish with any additional fees I could have just taken American Airlines or United. I have learned my lesson. Read the fine print before you book on Spirit!

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