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I have spoken with 4 people and 3 account supervisors - this company is a total scam. You try to cancel and they suddenly give you everything for free and even refunds. BUt then nothing works as it's supposed to. You call and can't get anyone that knows how to answer a question.the worst company in the world


I received a promotion for an Amazon Echo Dot through my Sirius radio account. I in error, ordered two Amazon Dots. When realizing this I cancelled my order. I tried to reorder just one Dot but my promotional code would not work, even though it was not redeemed. I called Amazon to see if they could honor the code they in turn stated I need to call Sirius for this matter. Amazon has sent me an email stating that my promotion code was not used and that I did not receive my Echo Dot (see attachment). I called Sirius and explained my case Ref # 190318-017670 to Brenda McDonald. She told me in order to get my promotion code (which was not redeemed) I need to change my one year offer that came with the promotion code to a six month plan and then I could get new code. My current promotion code is good until 4/4/2019 11:59 PM ET. This is ridiculous, I have been with Sirius Radio for over ten years, and have multiple radios. This is inferior customer service, and shows poor customer retention.
It would be beneficial for all parties involved to reissue my promotional code. I look forward to hearing back from you to amend this situation to insure optimal customer satisfaction.

Thank You,
Denise Swansen


WHY CAN'T I USE A VISA DEBIT GIFT CARD TO PURCHASE FROM SIRIS ? 1-855-802-7155 . I tried Feb.07-2019 & they won't accept it . Why? Whats wrong with a visa debit card. E-Bay took it and is sending the product Sirius would not sell to me.


0n 02-07-2019 I phone called SIRIUS 1-855-802-7155 to order a sxsd2 SIRIS XM portable speaker dock boom box. I explained what my order was & got only an approx... five minute sales pitch to purchase everything else I clearly did not want. After two or three no thank you's we finally got to my order. I gave my sixteen diget VISA card numbers and the expiration date and the three diget security code on the reverse side. She gave me my total cost of $52.99. Then she wanted me to give her my complete birth date. RED flags began to pop up as she told me I must give that info... if I wanted the transaction. I have a 30 year retirement from law enforcement and become again suspicious when non pertinent info... is mandatory to purchase an item. I finally gave in and submitted the birthdate. But wait !!! Now after all that I was then finally told that the sxsd2 item could not be sold to me because my VISA DEBIT GIFT CARD does not have my name on it. Then I was told that only the last four numbers of the card will come up on their billing search . The sales pitch ended about there . I went to e-bay got it for $98.99 delivery by 02-15-2019. SAME VISA CARD . Ron R.


I called today to cancel my service. I received an email notification a few day ago that reminded me that February 10th my service would end. One of the issues is every 6 months I phone and have to "haggle" with the customer service agent to get a reduced price. This time wasn't any different, I called and the customer service agent reduced my 6 month service to $30.00 plus applicable taxes and the MRF issues. The issue I had is he wanted me to sign today! I still have until February 10th before my other service would run out, why would I pay on top of an existing pre-paid service? He said I must call back just before my service ends on February 10th, this isn't good customer service.
I know my conversation was recorded..please have a listen.

Thank you,

Bob Fair
2 Harbour Heights lane
St. Catharines, Ont


New billing issue. You can tell there is a new owner. Each person I talk to is so rude. I was going to renew but think I will just cancel. Never deal with rude people!


I was charged $5.94 for over a year for a car that I transverred the service to a new car on. If Sirius does not cancel he old car and you don't notice it get ready to pay. Sirius should make all change calls available to customers to check.


You friggin call my phone number all the time I don't want your service and never will stop harassing me.


I only returned to the USA two weeks (after living outside the USA for six years). I bought a new jeep. It came with SXM built in. I was not told about SXM. Had I known about SXM, I would have told the dealer to not hand my name over to SXM. They did so without my permission.

I did not even notice SXM until I received the letter. I thought I might as well try it. It failed to work as expected. I had to call them to get a "refresh", then it worked. I looked for the alleged commercial free music, but did not find much.

I am a person who only drives on weekends, so the new jeep remained parked in an underground garage all week. Each Friday, when I pulled out of the garage, I expected SXM to come back up. It required a refresh again. The problem repeated itself every weekend. I gave up, after three weeks.

I got sick of it, and asked them to take it back only two months into the one year "free trial". I went on the SXM web site and deleted all my info.

I have looked for a replacement radio without SXM. You might call it an obsession. I cannot seem to find one. I would greatly appreciate my VIN removed from their database. Should SXM be reading this, my VIN is 1C4RJEAG2JC1971##.


I had a 6 month service for $30.00 and when it expired you automatically renewed it at a higher rate. I paid for a one time only and did not give a credit card so I couldn't be forced into another plan. The bill is now $170.41 for 6 months on a radio in a boat in storage for the winter. this account needs to be zeroed out and I will be done with Sirius radio forever because of the shady billing. I have prepared a complaint to the States Attorney office and will proceed if you don't zero out my account.


ive been with sirius since 2006 a few months later i bought a second starmate 2 for work. 3 yrs ago the work radio died but no biggy didnt need a second radio. then april of 2018 my first starmate 2 died then bought a used starmate 2. then the signal kept cutting out. tried new antenna same thing. then bought a newer starmate 2. in the fall same story. and my car has on board sirius and that signal keeps cutting out too. so i know its sirius problem with there satellites. so fix the problem. sirius charges way to much for service. they dont fix their problem. i will be shutting their service off


The first comment is customer service is very poor. They hire these people from the Philippines which is cheaper labor. They are very rude and nasty. Second complaint is when you tell them did you want to make it a payment arrangement in two weeks they are represented will try to tell you to borrow money from her friend. I have been with XM for seven years now and I really believe this company has gone down hill tremendously. It’s all about the profit not about the customer.


The SPA station plays non-spa music, like vocals and guitar more that the real SPA music, that you would get a message and listen to. They have plenty of stations to put that stuff.

Changing genres and charging new high rates will cause us to drop the service.
SPA music is the reason most people signed up.

Their customer service is unreachable, and the worst, customer abuse possible.
Hope a competitor comes along soon.


You company gets no stars! My problem started a month again and to today was the worst. t 8:21 am I called today I was told my radio should be working but it was not, the girl said she would send a signal plus an email. My radio did not work. I called again at 12:16pm spoke to someone else , she told me I lied I did not talk to anyone this morning and she was not turning my radio on because I owed $201. today! I told her I had a special and they were send an I voice she said, no I owe the money an she is not turning my radio on!. Left work still not service. Paid the $32 dollars sat on hold for 45 minutes and the gentleman told me I must may and I told him I did, no payment was received. Went to the gym called again sat on hold for 23 minutes ans the hung up. Called again at 7:21 for 34 minutes asked for your complaint department and the hung th phone up on me! All the nonsense in a 12 hour period. Now I am so mad, I still have no radio, I have a promotion and I still owe $201.00. , and no radio. I don't care! Keep the $32 dollars because all this drama is not worth it!


please stop with the DJ nonsense, useless babble that no one cares about, just play the music you DON'T need them at all.
if you want to hear that babble make a station just for that --- somebody's birthday where they ate , who cares!
Look at all the money you spend on something that's not wanted.


I'm not sure who I need to speak to but after speaking to three Sirius XM customer service account reps. 2 Listener Care reps last night about an unauthorized charge to me I would like for this email to go to someone who can actually say anything but "I'm sorry for the inconvenience!"

The issue: I purchased a new F 150 from the dealership I work at as the Finance Manager. I received in the mail the "early bird" offer to continue my service for 6 additional months for $29.94. As I spoke to account rep during this process it showed in my sign up email I would be charged $61.44. I told him that was incorrect and he agreed! He told me I would only be charged the $29.94 amount of the offer for 6 months. However, I was charged the $61.44 and it was withdrawn from my account without my authorization. This is a serious issue regarding inaccurate and may even be illegal (my attorney will determine this) actions on behalf of Sirius XM Corporation.

I eventually after the continuous "scripts" from the account reps decided to end my subscription all together. Very frustrated and angry from the lack of customer care your company or some individuals claim to care about when it comes to listening to people like myself. Let me say that everyone was nice but never attempted to truly listen to my concern about an entity withdrawing unauthorized money from a customer's account without their knowledge or allowance.

So I cancelled the service. I was told it would take 3-5 business days for me to receive the money credited back to my account. I agreed (hesitantly) only because it didn't take 3-5 days for you to withdraw the full amount from my account. Then I received the authorization for the refund in the amount of $61.43 not $61.44. This seems inconsequential to you perhaps but to me it is a matter of integrity. Sirius XM management's lack of integrity and doing things like this says a lot about you as a company. Now I'm sure you are sorry for the inconvenience but if you were a company that really believed in listening to your customers then you would simply do the right thing.

Their process is broken and the bottom line is Sirius XM as a company has mislead me and I will not tolerate this treatment.


I purchased my 2014 Maxima at Pearson of Ocala in Florida on 4-15-16 and a few days later I noticed there was no AM stations, shortly after we returned to Connecticut. A few weeks later I went to Executive Nissan in North Haven, Ct. They had it for a full day and told me it was caused by the tinting on my windows, so I checked around and no tinting dealers ever heard of such a thing. Now my Sirius XM has expired and now my FM stations are fading and sometimes cut out together. I hope that this note will help to get my radio repaired because this is my 4th Maxima that I have owned.


My husband and I purchased a Ford Mustang at Cedar City Motor Company in Utah on March 5, 2016. We are very happy with the car except for one major problem. The salesman told us it had access to SiriusXM Radio. In fact, in with the owners manual there was a pamphlet stating welcome to the World of SiriusXM and instructions to connect. When we got home we attempted to connect to Sirius unsuccessfully. We called Sirius and they informed us that our car does not have a Sirius radio. We then purchased an after market receiver from Sirius and had it installed in the car. It has to be attached to one of the air vents and sticks out looking very cheap and sloppy. in addition, our Ford radio is so basic that it does not have an auxiliary input jack so they had to run the Sirius through our FM radio.

Last week I drove to Nevada and found out that as soon as I get out of range of the local FM station I lose reception. I then have to try to connect to various local stations as I travel. It totally defeats the whole purpose of Satellite Radio which should give reception as one travels. If we had been aware that this radio was so basic we would not have bought this car. I feel that this car was misrepresented because you included a pamphlet which led us to believe we had a better radio. What can you do to replace this cheap radio in our new car???


I have a 2015 Rogue with Navigation/Sirius/USB. Whenever I am trying to use the USB input the radio either freezes or shuts off completely. I took it to the dealer and they said they were waiting for a software update from Nissan. I was told at the time they were waiting over 2 months for this update and it has been over a month since I took the car in. Right now I have the left side panel of the dashboard off in case I have to "reboot" the radio. This is my second Rogue and up until now I had been happy with Nissan. Not so much now. Little things like this make me think Nissan doesn't care. I like to use the USB input for my music and now I can't. I am very unhappy about. I am also going to assume that nothing will be done.


No life time Sirius XM, no buy no bull stop sending me letters unless you have life time Sirius XM. I don't want to hear from you. Thank you my radio ID number is clear so do not bother me anymore with your scams. When I call customer service and want to cancel I hope you let me.


They charged me a $15.00 fee because my service stopped working. Then agreed I shouldn't have been charged but we're only going to credit me the $15 not the taxes on top of that I was charged, they then said they fixed the issue. I then had to get my radio replaced under warranty and they tried to charge me again for "switching" radios, again they "reversed" the charges...I now have been charged $32.02 for n


Horrible Customer Service.. The guy who answered my call was very rude with me. Telling me i needed to quit talking so he could explain there policy (which had nothing to do with what i called for) and Basically implied that i was a liar that cancels my subscription to get discounts and take money away from the company by doing that. And when i told him i was on auto renew for he told me they don't do that with discounted rates. Which was not what i was told when i Renewed my subscription. Just saying my kids have more manners then Sirius Xm customer service reps do


I was given a sirius radio for my birthday 2 years ago. Since that time I have returned the radio twice because it has quit working. Guess I should have just asked for a refund but I did enjoy having the portable radio to take on walks. The last time I returned one of the radio was January 11, 2011. It cost over $200.00 and now it has quit again. I took it back to the Bryant, Arkansas Best buy store and asked if I could just exchange it again. The Best buy Store Manager and the employee were very rude and told me I should have taken out insurance on the radio.

I did not remember even being offered insurance they said oh yes we always offer insurance. Now we have spent $200 on a radio which now does not work, Best Buy will not exchange it or anything and Now I know why Best buy may be going out of business that is no way to treat a customer. I will not buy anything from Best Buy and I feel I should at least be given partial store credit or a new radio or something. 


I paid for a 5 year subscription that was to begin after the 3 month trial expired on my newly purchased Jeep Grand Cherokee. I have been contacted several times recently about renewing my subscription, which technically hasn't begun. On 9/17/2011 (yesterday) I was contacted once again, this time by phone, about renewing my subscription. I explained my situation and was routed to another representative who flat out hung up on me. When I called back, I spoke to a supervisor who assured me that everything was worked out. Tonight, while out with my wife and another couple, I noticed that my service had been disconnected and, of course, the listener service center is closed.

I have spoken to representatives on three different occasions, not including today's conversation with them, and I've been assured each time that my situation is worked out. Currently, I have no service, but they've had my $750 payment since July 1st!! My five year subscription is to begin on 10/08/2011. Why is my satellite service turned off??? I'm still in my trial period and, additionally, I've paid for a five year subscription. No matter how you look at it, I should have service right now!!

I have been having issues with Sirius radio. I have been getting the run around for almost 2 months now. I had canceled my subscription 2 years ago, but I was charged $ 191.72, and another $ 184.24 after the cancellation. I spoke with many different people at Sirius and was advised I would be getting a refund for the full amount of $ 375.96. I have made numerous calls, spoke to supervisors and even given confirmation numbers, but still nothing. I have been on hold numerous times for more than an hour at a time. After being told on 3 separate occasions that my refund had been submitted but then rejected, I have become very angry and upset.

Today, again I was on hold for 2 hours, and was told that I was only getting a refund of $ 25.54, What the heck is the problem here. They got their money from my account without authorization, and when I try to get my money back I get the run around. What is a consumer supposed to do when are getting taken advantage of ? I have jumped through enough hoops already, can I sue them or file a theft report on them ? I surely don't want to do that because I loved the service when I had it, but what choice are they leaving me ?

This company is too big to care. I was horrified when I began searching for complaints about Sirius; there are thousands! Something needs to be done about the way Sirius handles their business and how they treat their customers.


Sirius radio customer service is the worst I have ever delt with, they are rude, unknowing of there business, unknowing of other department activities, and relentless. I was getting phone calls at 5 & 6am from customer service, to the point I dropped Sirius radio, this was not the only reason, just the tip of the iceberg. Thinking that if I was no longer a customer they would stop with the calls and leave me alone, on the contrary the calls picked up, it has come to the point that I've had to contact my phone service provider and block numbers calling in from Sirius, this has slowed them down but yet I still have calls from them just from other numbers.

Get this I am on there DO NOT CALL LIST, works so well too. How about there merger with XM, a merger in the books but not for there customers, they still charge you as if they were seperate company's, total BS in all there customers eyes. Know wonder there stock is in the crapper, if I was a board member I would be kicking some ass to change, but it seems no one at Sirius give a shit from the top to the bottom, this company is running into the ground. The company is in such disarray, one hand has no idea what the other is doing. It's to bad there customer service is so bad, and they are the only satellite service provider, think I would go somewhere else for service in a heart beat if available.

I would rather be without radio then to have to deal with Sirius in any way, so sad they suck !!!


I paid for a 5 year subscription that was to begin after the 3 month trial expired on my newly purchased Jeep Grand Cherokee. I have been contacted several times recently about renewing my subscription, which technically hasn't begun. On 9/17/2011 (yesterday) I was contacted once again, this time by phone, about renewing my subscription. I explained my situation and was routed to another representative who flat out hung up on me. When I called back, I spoke to a supervisor who assured me that everything was worked out.

Tonight, while out with my wife and another couple, I noticed that my service had been disconnected and, of course, the listener service center is closed. I have spoken to representatives on three different occasions, not including today's conversation with them, and I've been assured each time that my situation is worked out. Currently, I have no service, but they've had my $750 payment since July 1st!!

My five year subscription is to begin on 10/08/2011. Why is my satellite service turned off??? I'm still in my trial period and, additionally, I've paid for a five year subscription. No matter how you look at it, I should have service right now!! This company is too big to care. I was horrified when I began searching for complaints about Sirius; there are thousands! Something needs to be done about the way Sirius handles their business and how they treat their customers.


Customer service for Sirius in the Philippines got pissed because I wanted to speak to someone in the USA turned service off, now Sirius can’t figure out how to turn service back on. Except one *** that said it would be working in 5 minutes if I paid $200.00. Got turned off in November and was promised it would be back on by Dec 19, it’s now Dec 26th and still don’t work. Between my wife and myself we have spent over 6 1/2 hours on the phone talking to Sirius representatives in the Philippines, Canada, Israel, India & the United States . My ref# 121205-082194 see if they take the time to contact me. They have a good product, just the wrong people that won’t resolve problems!


Called Sirius to ensure my account was going to be paid in installments, not in one lump sum. Of course they said. Checked my account, $316.00 out. Obviously not what I agreed to. Called back several times, kept saying it will take up to ten business days to get me my money back. I get tired of this and decide to cancel my service. Well, they agree to give me one year free service and refund me all my money back to keep me a customer. A few days later I go to use my credit card and it was declined. I call the bank and learn that Sirius has a hold on my account for $810.00.

I call them and they tell me “somehow” I got changed to a lifetime contract, without my permission of course. And again it’s going to take up to 10 business days to get me my money back. This is criminal. I cannot get any one at Sirius to tell me the truth. I have spoken with at least 5 different people there including managers and supervisors and no one has yet to do what they have said they were going to. Filing a report with my bank and calling the police.


Sirius bills itself as all music radio with no advertising, no commercials. Has anyone listened lately? They advertise the station every 10 minutes. Example: “Fifties on 5″, Listen to Cousin S–th–d every Saturday night. NO!, thanks. Dispite purchasing all music, I get commentary on who got where as a singer. What I bought – 24/7 of NOTHING but music. If I want a show, I will go to local radio. What I got – Lots of “B” side music, lots of talk-over, lots of tease (Starting a song, but not finishing it), lots of call ins, lots of history, and lots of unwanted and unpurchased “Hi there listeners, Normanight here”, or Cousin Brucie. I could not stand them as they ruined ABC, followed by ruining CBS.

I am not resubscribing! Well, maybe, if I got a cash amount every time they talked or advertised. Otherwise it will be local radio.


I cancelled my subscription to Sirius Satellite Radio and returned the unit within 2 months of having it. I never hooked it up and sent the Unit back unused. I have had to call them 4 different times, have spoken to 4 different people, including a supervisor, and received 4 different answers. After much determination and headaches, I was able to get the money refunded for the service itself but had to be transferred to a different department in which I was hold for over 1 hour, talked with a supervisor and was told that they were not going to refund the price of the Unit as that amount is going towards shipping fees. I was told that in receiving or returning the Unit that there were NO shipping fees!

I am very frustrated and disgusted with this company!! Something needs to be done so that they are not able to take advantage of their customers this way!


I have been a Siruis customer for several years but due to their constantly rising costs have chosen to cancel. I tried to cancel only one radio and was given a quoted cost to keep the second radio active. When I received the bill it was significantly higher than quoted. I called to complain and was promised the problem would be rectified. I received several more bills, all different, and all incorrect. I finally chose to cancel altogether, paid my fees and was promised I was DONE. Now several months later I am being turned over to collections for fees I was never aware of and was promised would not happen. SIRIUS is a SIRIUS joke!!!


Got my umpteenth call from a telemarketing firm that Sirius contracts. The caller identified himself as calling from Sirius Radio, I asked him if he worked directly for Sirius, he said he did. I asked who wrote his paycheck, he said Sirius. I pressed further and he finally admitted that he worked for third party firm contracted by Sirius and that he was paid by the telemarketer. I stated that I had, previous occasions, asked the caller to take me off the call list, that I would NOT subscribe to Sirius services, that the number they were calling was on the National Do Not Call Registry. Finally I asked him for his name and i.d. number, he hung up.


Sirius may have decent music selection, but their customer service is beyond horrible. They have you on hold on average of 40 minutes with horrendous elevator music. When someone finally answered my call, I asked if they were short staffed. She said “No, a 40 to 60 minute wait time is acceptable to them”. Do not use Sirius satellite radio…


I have been a Sirius radio listener since its inception but I must say your auto renew policy is the worst policy I have ever had to deal with. I own my own software company and lease cars with Sirius radios. Each time it comes time to renew for another year I have the same argument with your staff with regards to the billing. They continued billing me and sent me to collections for something I in no way was responsible for even though I had cancelled by subscription. I fought that and won. Why does it take a customer getting angry and jumping through hoops of fire and rings of steel for you people to provide customer service? This is the most absurd thing I have ever dealt with with regards to payment for services.


Before our Sirius Satellite radio subscription had expired (at the end of 2010), we called customer service and negotiated a new package and rate for the forthcoming year. Their renewal rate was about $265 for another two years, but we negotiated a lower one-year package price of $100. I checked my Sirius billing account, and discovered that not only had they gone ahead and renewed the account for an un-authorized 2-years, they had also billed the credit card over $300. I have the sense that they try this scam on everyone–overcharging wildly on the off chance that many people will avoid the time hassel of a confrontation and just pay the inflated bill.

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