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Ryan Airlines www.ryanair.com is a low-fare airlines headquartered in Dublin,  Ireland. Transporting over 103 million passengers last year there are 1600 daily flights with 185 destinations. The Ryan fleet consists of 300 new Boeing 737-800 aircraft in operation with 283 738 aircraft on order. There are over 9500 Ryan aviation professionals and revenues in 2015 were reported as over EUR 5.5 billion.

If you have a problem with your Ryan Air flight you will need to look for help here. The phone number listed is an international one 011-44-871-246-0002. To contact CEO, Michael O’Leary with postal correspondence, address you envelope with Ryan Head Office, Airside Business Park, Words Co, Dublin, Ireland.

In 1984 Danren Enterprises started a short flight between Waterford and London. The rest is history. With  20 percent of revenues coming from non-flight sources, Ryan Airlines advertises on overhead lockers. New policies were implemented in 2014 to improve customer satisfaction and attract families. Social presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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We were traveling back from Portugal on the 21st May 2019 (FR4051). My partner Mr John Andrew Stewart was with me, was sitting in 27C I was opposite in 27D. The stewardess was serving tea, coffee etc when she poured boiling water down his left arm. At first she just said sorry and moved on, Andrew called her back to get some iced water and a cloth or something for his arm. She did get him some ice, tissue and a cup said sorry. And carried on serving.
This remedy did not work and he then actually got up and said again can you please help me as this is not working. She asked him to follow her to the rear of the plane where she found a cold medical gauze for his arm.The stewardess did say that she did not realize that the flask was broken.
The remainder of the flight he couldn't move and couldn't rest. I personally think this problem may not of been as bad if she as reacted immediately and gave the appropriate medication immediately. I would have thought that your stewardess would be trained in first aid?
This is unacceptable behaviour and we want to lodge a complaint.
I have photos via my email address. I do hope to hear from you very soon. My name is Miss Chantal Moorhouse


I purchase a ticket through e-dreams I received the confirmation from both, however Ryanair I paid extra for my ticket with the option to reschedule my flight. However, Ryanair phones do not respond and there is no way to contact customer service. I have had 3 days trying to locate them to reschedule my flight, an nothing. E-dreams have a contact number but no one answers and it says it is not working.
I am not asking for my money back just to reschedule, and I paid additional u

I know it is a cheap flight but you should adhere to the advertised option and make sure that any company doing business in their name follow the same protocol as their company.

You cannot compete with Lufthansa if they don't provide better service.


Used Ryanair for 1 return flight and got stung by various sharp practice issues - apparently normal to Ryanair. Informed them I had no intention of ever flying with them again and requested they stop the bombardment of spam e mails. They promised a form which I had to access on email. I did so and this would not activate to"stop" these messages. (which I gather from other sources is yet another Ryanair ploy. They continue to bombard me with marketing offers. I have told them repeatedly that they could not pay me to fly with Ryanair ever again - but still I get their rubbish offers almost daily. I only give them 1 star because I can not choose "nil".
I think the trading standards office should frankly prosecute them.


My wife, a Filipino citizen with permanent residence in Romania, was barred from flying on Ryanair from Bucharest to Madrid recently.

The person operating the check-in had outdated document examples in her file, and presented us a type of document that was not issued in Romania since 2011.

Our damages are approx. $1,000, representing the cost of the airfare and non-refundable room for 6 days in Madrid, it was for our wedding anniversary, thank you.

Attached are the narrative together with Ryanair's response, Romania's Immigration response and a list of acceptable documents off your website.

Final remark - I don't expect to recover the money knowing what kind of bloodsucking leeches you are. Maybe you'll do the right thing for once, but I'm not holding my breath.

Mike Skokin


To whom it may concern,

On Tue. July 31.2018 my wife and I had a scheduled flight from Dublin - Stuttgart, we were sitting in the Departure Lounge and waiting for the flight to be called then all of a sudden the flight was cancelled. We had to get back the check in counter to get an alternate flight the next day and received a voucher for a nights stay at the Radisson Blu Hotel, but before that we had to collect our baggage from custom which was ordeal in it self.
We were told at the check in that we had to make alternate arrangements from our new destination which was now Munich instead of Stuttgart to get to our destination. Since I had booked a rental car for my stay in Germany. And the pick up destination was Stuttgart I had to call the Hertz the rental company to change the pick up location which took me more then a half an hour once we were at the hotel.

Since I made that change I was told there would be a surcharge of $97.18 which was charged to my Visa account from AUTO EUROPE WALPOLE, the other expense was the fuel (petrol) of Euro 45.01 for driving distance from Munich to my destination. I also lost a day of my car rental which I don't mind so much. I think with me changing the pick up location of my rental car and driving the distance to my destination it was cheaper than taking the train and other transportation to the Stuttgart Airport and pick up my car there.

I would appreciate if you could answer me A.S.A.P. and reimburse me for my additional expenses that occurred to me.

Eugen Wieland

P.S. you can send a check or money order to my address which is:

Eugen Wieland
378 Winston Blvd
Cambridge Ontario
Canada N3C 3C5


I have been traveling to Rome Ciampino quite a lot. I don't have a problem with Ryanair as such. But with the way my suitcases have been treated, I have to file my feedback here for others to read. I used Ryanair Prestwick to Rome October 2015 where my suitcase had been broken and unusable, but as it was the 1st time I didn't worry and just replaced it.

March this year i returned to Italy for Easter where the same thing happened, but on this occasion it was 2 suitcases. I am not in a position that when i go over to Italy I have to replace my cases. Can you please help as obviously it is the fault of the guys that deal with the luggage etc. Can you please let me know if i could maybe I could get my money back some how. Is there a baggage department phone number I can call to report lost or damaged luggage?


I have been fighting with Ryanair for years. We booked to go Prague in march for 4 adults. One off our party could not go so we got someone to replace him. Only to found out you want £110 to change the name, it did not cost that much for the ticket. We changed the name on the internet which only took us a minute. Ryanair corporate headquarters need to do something about these customer service complaints.


There is a reason why Ryanair is so affordable, and my friend tells the story best. He was at the airport early, and had a tight schedule for the day. But his flight was delayed repeatedly throughout the day, until he was forced to spend the night in the airport. In the end I have told him that saving money is not worth it. Maybe now he will listen to me.


Had an extremely pleasant trip flying to Europe with the help of Ryanair. I would definelty opt for this next time as well. I wasn't keeping that well during the journey and the crew out there took good care of me and seen to it that I was comfortable through out. They were pleasing and soft spoken.

Ryanair knows how to deal with their customers by giving a friendly approach and understanding what travelling means to a customer. The boarding process seemed very organized and information was timely given while we were travelling. Food was good and fresh. Crew members were active and on top of things. Ryanair is my choice of travel going forward and highly recommended as well.

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