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I shipped my tablet out to your repair place back in June, July, Aug of 2018 not sure which month and the tablet was not even a year old, and I had an accident with it that the whole thing totally broke, I called the main number and he said that they will replace it or refunded it and that since it is not a year old at that time that they will give you another year for the garentee (spelled wrong ) sorry. As of today I never heard back from you people to see if they received it or to replace or refunded the money that I paid for. My name is Jacqueline Pollick. Email Jacqueline.pollick@chp.edu address 7017Mcclure ave Pittsburgh, Pa 15218 home phone 412 731 6926 no cell phone . I would like a fed back from you or you will hear from my lawyer for a small claims. I really don't wanted to get into this but it seems like I have no choice. The person I talked was rude and did not know what I was talking about. SO please can you check into this. A year it=s getting really stupid for you people to get better service.
I don;t not have attracking number. So there must be another way you can track this tablet. thanks for listening Jacqueline Pollick


I contacted the customer service via email about my tablet battery going out upon receiving an email back to fill out repair form i enter all necessary information including purchasing date and issue. At that time i was not notified i would have to pay for the repair so i send tablet in for repair so after not hearing an update on repair status or delivery date i contact the repair customer service from the time of me being on the phone they were very rude and continously interrupted me. So as of today i am notified that i will have to pay for repair and so it has not even been repaired or started upon yet so i suggest i no longer want the repair cause its so many tricks to it suddenly and that my tablet be shipped back the person over whom ever i spoke with gets on the phone and tells me well now im telling you that you have to pay or my tablet will be kept and says i just sent the email about paument forst off this was done so rudely and very unprofessional and then to top it off he hangs up on me


On 9 February 2019, I purchased a RCA tv/dvd player, (Model RTDVD1900-B SN: A1810264610001484. I installed the tv on the same day. Our television service here in Pass Christian, MS is Cable One, (you have to have their little Cable One box to watch cable television). The tv will not accept any of the codes available to fully activate the remote. I went to Cable One business office in Long Beach, MS and was told I could get a code that the tv would accept by calling RCA Customer Service. I called RCA Customer Service and was politely told "we don't have codes in this department, try codes.com. I called Cable One again and a service appointment was set up. Approximately one week after that phone call, a technician came to the house. The tech could not get the remote to accept any code either. When I have problems with things I have purchased, I like to make it known to whoever made the product - without pitching a fit or making an ass out of myself. I am extremely pleased this was an inexpensive tv/dvd player. The little set has a very nice picture, but it is a major inconvenience, and aggravating to have to use two remotes to watch tv when I know well that there is a code that will enable the one remote to be used. If there is a code that will enable this remote to work with the purchased unit - please send it to me!!! This will very likely be our last purchase of anything RCA. Thank you for reading my complaint!


Purchased a Cambio notebook/tablet & keyboard has stopped working within less than three months


I purchased this tv a week before Christmas, I was without a tv when I had to return it because there were red lines running down the tv and there were shadows in the brown colors that made the picture horrible so I returned it. I waited 3 weeks for the replacement and the color in this one is just as awful as the last one. The colors are horrible and no matter what I do it doesn’t get better. I do reviews for companies and I am going to go onto review sites and warn people not to get RCA tv because the color is really bad and customer service is terrible..I have Multiple sclerosis and can’t walk anymore so tv is really important to me and I can’t go another 3 weeks to get another horrible tv.
Tracy Tice
411 Cherry Street
Wrightsville PA 17368
Model # RNSMU5036-B
50” 4K Ultra RCA


i went to sleep with my rca plugged in to the wall and the next morning i woke up and my device is stuck in =>fastboot mode and wont charge


I was given a small inheritance and thought that it would be nice to have a brand new 60 in. big screen tv..I have known and trusted RCA my whole life..I am going on 64 and saw a nice 60 in big screen of RCA at Walmart ... I was so pleased to get something so nice at my age because I am on a fixed income and can no longer put large amounts of money on a TV.....I have been so happy with my TV until now, It's 2 years after my purchase and my tv no longer comes on....You always were known for high quality work...NOT ANYMORE !!!! I thought that maybe it was a fluke but today I am at my son's house and his comes on but only has sound and no picture and any voices that he does hear is in Spanish and we are not spanish...What the Hell is wrong with you...Why would you have such shoddy work on your products..I will never be able to afford another big screen TV in my life . It was only a iittle inheritance that allowed me to get this one.....YOU MUST BE SO PROUD !!! All you are is a rip off co. that I will never deal with again..... I will tell everyone I know about your low grade work and I PRAY thet you go out of business soon because you are WORTHLESS !!!


At this point I don't want to date anything. I'm frustrated with your company in trying to get a tablet back that was sent to you for repair. We have been waiting for. It has been @2months ago. it is supposedly ready . We are trying to make payment on line it will not let us and we are getting the run around by customers service. They are very rude with no patience for those of us that are not as quick with today technologies. We want is to get our tablet back..

Sincerely, Mrs. Andy Talley

P.S. When a person wants to speak to someone in English then please get some one that can speak it and the person on the other end can understand them. Thank you


Called about my warranty. Tv picture is going off but tv and sound stays on, they refused to do anything for my tv because I did not have a bill of sale paper receipt... since I bought it online all I had was an email confirmation. When I called Walmart.com they told me that is considered my bill of sale. They cannot give me anything else. Rca refuses to help me with my tv


I purchased two dvd players, which stopped working after three uses...I contacted Venturer Electronics, as instructed and was told to send them back to be looked at, which I did. They were mailed back to me, and still were not working. I contacted customer service again, and was told to send them back ...I did not feel like I should incur shipping charges and the rep agreed to send me a prepaid shipping label...that was three weeks ago, and I still do not have the label... I have called repeatedly to inquire about the status of my label, and each time, the rep apologizes profusely, and it is determined that they had the wrong email address ( even though, each time I provide it, I have them repeat it back to them and they do correctly.,.somehow, it keeps getting written down incorrectly, which makes no sense to me). I have spoken to Robert, allegedly a supervisor, twice in the past week, and each time , he tells me he is escalating my case and requesting a label..I am not confident that this will happen...I bought these dvd players for my children to use in the car, and they have not been able to do so for months, due to the ineffective way this is being handled. I don't know why a customer has to go through these hoops to get either a replacement or a refund...we should be able to return the items to the store where they were purchased as we do for all other defective items. This experience has made me not want to buy any other RCA products in the future. My RA# is CS786502S that is the most recent one...The original cost for these items was $74.86, purchased at Walmart. I would appreciate anything you can do to resolve this issue..i am tired of getting the run around from Venturer Electronics. Thank for your time and consideration


I brought an RCA tablet for my daughter and it stopped working and it stopped working it took me almost three months to get in touch with someone once I did get in contact with someone, I sent my tablet off I and waited for months and was never contacted about the tablet so I called the 1-800 number and asked them what happen to my tablet I was told that it was a crack inside of the tablet crack inside the screen I told them that the tablet did not have a crack when I mailed it to them and if it is a crack inside it sound like a manufacturing problem they gave me an email to contact rcaav.com_support_webform I email this email address last year when I was told to by the first person about the crack and never receive a reply and I email it earlier this year and still did not hear back from anyone, It's been almost a year and I still have not receive my daughter tablet back I am very upset I paid with my hard earn money and to be told that they will not send me back the tablet that I paid for is ridiculous and crazy. I never Buy RCA and this is one of the reasons why I never buy products from this company this company is a rip-off and it's a fraud it makes cheap products that do not have quality to it. I would recommend to anyone never Buy RCA and for them to cheat my daughter's tablet for almost a year and refuse to bring it back refused to send it back is crazy. when I try to contact someone about it when I called the 1-800 number to technical support lady told me that I would have to email them I have email every time I call that one 800 number they give me an email address and every time I email I do not get a correspond this company is a fraud and it's ripping off thousands of consumers this company does not need to be in business and I recommend to everybody to never ever purchase a RCA product. I want my money back for the amount that I paid for my daughter's tablet my daughter has not even been able to use her tablet once and it's been almost a year that they have had my tablet and now they're refusing to send it back this is this company is a sham and a fraud and if you keep treating people like this you won't have a company I could have spent my money and brought another product I could have brought a Samsung I could have brought Apple iPod but I purchase RCA and I'm now I'm being ripped off and my daughter does not have a tablet.


Provoking 10in tablet purchased
April 11,2018 product does not come on,no power even after being charged. I am very disappointed in this product. Now I'm supposed to ship it back at cost to me which is not fair seeing that the products has been in my possession for only three(3) months. I feel as if I wasted my MONEY and TIME. NO STARS from me.


I purchased a 48 " float screen tv with in 6 months I returned it because the picture went the tv was a year old when I bought it the second one did the same after 7 months I paid good money for this tv calling your coustomer services I was not treated fairly I was told flat out one year warranty and without extended warranty to bad about my luck really your company sells tv a year old and this second tv last a year and you tell devoted customer to f bad I'm sure this is not the last thing I wanted to hear I'm so angry that I will spread the word about CRA products and services. Thank-you


I bought a RCA sound bar model #RTS735E about a year ago. This is the worst piece of electronic I have ever had, in the time that I've had it I have been able to use it maybe a half dozen times. I've changed the battery in the remote, I've bought new cables on it, I don't know if it's the remote or the sound bar it's self. When I try to turn it on sometimes it comes on sometimes it doesn't. The $90.00 dollars I spent on this is the worst money I've ever spent. I'm on disability I can't to waste my money on your products again, no more RCA for me.


I bought a RCA 10 Viking Pro for my daughter only 6 months ago and the battery will no longer hold a charge. I found out its not a simple fix, its requires multiple tools and soldering. For the short time I have had this tablet I should not already be having issues with battery life. I will not be buying another nor would I recommend anyone else too because lets just face it, its too much work to do to change the battery. Unsatisfied customer!


My 75 year old Mother purchased an RCA tv in May 2015, August 2016 the tv picture stop working. My mother purchased this tv at a Walmart in Ottawa, ON. She took the tv back to Walmart with the receipt and they would not help her in anyway. She then contacted the company that was in her instruction manual that came with the tv. RCA company did not do anything, said it would be a $150.00 to look and see what was wrong with it. Come on a tv should last longer then 1 year. My mother is now without a tv and lives on a fixed income. In order to purchase this tv in the first place she had to save for awhile.

I am wondering if any of the RCA tv's have been recalled? Like I said previous a tv should should last a lot longer then 15 months. No she did my get the extended warranty, it took her awhile to save for the tv, didn't have enough for the warranty. This is very heart breaking for me, to see my mother in this way. Is there any place in Ottawa ON that the RCA company deals with that will look at the tv at no charge and let us know how much to fix the problem.


I spent over $1700 on 2- 42" & 1- 32" RCA flat screen lcd TV's. 15 days after the warranty ran out 1 of the 42" 's sound went out. 30 days later the sound went out on the other 42". 6 months later the sound went out on the 32". I will NEVER buy anything RCA again.


I saw 55" RCA tv advertised in Big Red weekend flyer 2016/6/8 for $499. Ad said numbers were limited. I went to largest store in Canada at South Common Edmonton for 7:00 am. I was first in door and greeter said they never got their shipment and listed numbers of tv's at other stores.

I went to Windermere in Edmonton that opens at 8:00, where reportedly there were 5 such tv's. I was early and first in door again. Salesman and customer service said they only had one tv and it was sold. How the hell does the only tv in a store get sold before the first customer comes in the door?? They will sell me a much smaller tv at the regular price if that will help. One big scam. This, with the last 5 customer service scams and rip offs for warranty they never honored, I will turn everyone and anyone that asks to any other retailer so they do not get ripped off. They have sold the last thing they ever will to this guy.


I purchased an RCA tablet received on April 13 2016. It has not worked properly from day 1. I have sent numerous e mails to RCA since Walmart will not refund my money, and all I get back is we did not find your complaint, we can't find this, blah blah blah. I contacted RCA on May 9 2015, before the tablet was even one month since purchase. And I am stuck with a tablet I can not use because it shuts itself off numerous times a minute. And touch a key you never know where you might end up. The product and service are both worthless.


Just bought a M6504 mp3 player. The user manual is so poor you cant find any information on what to do with the thing. Will not sync with media player. will not load easyrip. Tells me needs to be in msc mode. Can't figure out what that is. dragging and dropping files works but when player disconnected from computer only 2/3 show up on the device. Not listed in drive download section of your sight. You want money for an asked question in customer support. don't think i'll ever recommend or buy Rca product again. You should be ashamed!


On May 15, 2015 I ordered 2 RCA 7" Android 4.4 Tablets for my 11 year old grandsons (twins) for their birthday (Nov 15) from Walmart online. The confirmation #: 1084197847---model #:RCT6773W22. By the end of July 2015 Dustin's was no longer working and the power cord. I sent it back to Walmart to have it repaired. I received it back the end of October 2015. By December 2015, not only did Dustin's tablet stop working for the second time, Dion's had stopped working.

Over a period of seven months, both tablets have ceased to work, twice on one and once on the other. Walmart refused to take the units back for service and stated that they needed to be sent back to the manufacturer. For this reason, these two tablets will have to be sent to RCA for repair. Instead of going through this issue a third time, I think it would be prudent to upgrade the tablets to the newer version at your cost. This is an inconvenience to both myself and my grandsons as they have not been able to enjoy the use of these tablets for more than a couple of months at a time.


May of 2015 I purchased from online Walmart 2 RCA 7" Android 4.4 tablets at a total cost of $155.94. The Order Confirmation #: 1084197847 and the model # : RCT6773W22. These were used a Birthday presents for my two grandsons, 11 year old twins. They were given to them June 2015. By the end of July 2015 one of the tablets no longer worked and the power cord. The tablet was sent back to RCA for repair was returned September 2015. By December 2015 both tablets stop working.

Over the course of 7 months, both tablets have ceased to work. Walmart has refused to take them back or fix them. Instead of going through this issue a third time, I think it would be prudent to upgrade the tablets to the newer version at the same cost. This is an inconvenience to both myself and my grandsons as they have not been able to enjoy the use of these tablets for more than a couple of months at a time. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience. I certainly have tried calling RCA corporate office but they are nothing but problems. If someone would provide me the customer service number, I would gladly call that as well.


I have applied to several RCA positions in South Carolina. I've been passed over by individuals that are less knowledgeable. Some of these individuals don't even remain at these positions. I have all the credentials for this position. I think the selection Committee may overlooking the more qualified candidates!


On 10/28/14 I purchased a RCA 7" SMART TABLET WITH DTV model; DAA730R. price $199.99 plus $19.99 total $219.98. The tablet stopped working so on 8/28/15 I contacted rca as instructed I sent the tablet to them. They sent it back it still did not work so I sent it back they sent it back to me and said it was the wrong tablet.

They sent me an email with the picture of a tablet and I emailed them this is not my tablet mine is an rca with dtv. So I called them again I was told that the tablet could not be repaired that they send me a new one with a return label for me to send the one I have to them that was 9/1, the lady's name was Bridgett. I never recieved anything nor did I get a call so on 10/15/15 I spoke to daisy she said to give them 3 days they would take care of the matter.

The same on 10/26, Vincent, the same the same on 11/3/15. Joshua the same thing'11/14/15 carol the same thing,11/16/15 bobby he told me to email them. I did they sent me a tablet an rca only it is not the tablet I have. It sells at Walmart on black Friday for$ 38.00 so it is again starting on 11/20/15 a new round of calling and give us 2-3 days susan 12/2/15. Jessica the same thing,12/8/15 johnny the same thing. 12/16/15 shown the same I would like a tablet with dtv or my money back.


RCA has a good range of electronic products and we purchased the mobile TV tablet. I must say a very good one. Front and Rear Cameras, Wi-Fi for Internet Browsing, Email and Google Play. I have used it for almost 2 months now and it is working pretty well like any other tablets. It is a good value for money. At just $199 it is simply amazing and I have purchased 2 of it for both my kids. They use it for games, project works, browsing internet etc. It has been very useful.

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