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I purchased an LG smartwatch Urbane in June of 2015 from Best Buy in Castleton Indiana, After just three months the watch malfunctioned. I send to be repaired under your warranty. It was returned stating that it was a software failure it was than updated. When I tried it; it was very slow to charge the initial problem was still present. I was asked to send it back. I requested a replacement of this watch with a new one, it was noted in the request. I also placed a note in the return package stating this as well. On this past Friday(Oct 16,2015) I received an e-mail stating once again that the smartwatch was being returned to me now there was a charging problem that the receptacle/USB was repaired.

In both cases my original issue still hasn't been addressed. The problem initially was that it would only stay charged for 6 to 8 hours, it wouldn't last a full day. I'm very disappointed. I was told that the only option was a repaired watch. At this time I would ask that you replacement this watch, or refund my money. I paid $317.26 after taxes. I would also offer a third option, you can replace it with your Urbane 2nd edition, I will pay the difference in cost. What is clear to me is that the smartwatch is defective, I would like to continue my relationship with LG that I have enjoy over the years. Please responded at your earliest time. Thanking you in advance for your help.

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