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LG Appliances is responsible for refrigators, washers, dryers, and more. The brand spun home electronics out of it's consumer electronics division, and now sells worldwide. The LG brand sits at a reasonable price point and is known for combining technology with appliances. Common problems usually relate to issues with poor quality, customer returns, and manufacturing defects.

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Our LG refrigerator failed after only 3 years of service. Both the compressor and a circuit board are out according to the repairman. It has taken over a week to get the spare parts. I am very disappointed in this product and do not plan to buy any additional LG appliances. The refrigerator was purchased through Lowe's and I plan to also lodge a complaint with them.


Actually I would give a rating of "0" stars. I purchased a refrigerator from LOWES in November of 2015. The refrigerator was stored at the Lowes location for 4 months, and then stored by myself for another 8 months until the new house was completed and ready for appliance installation. I purchased the entire LG appliance suite,Stove, DW,MW and Refrigerator. The Refridgerator quit cooling on or about June 1st. Called on June 5th. to schedule a repair Appt. First appt. scheduled for June 19th. A&E factory service cancelled the appointment due to apparently the parts not being available by the 19th. Had to wonder how they could even order parts without diagnosing the problem first???? Rescheduled me for June 26th. "2" compressors and a dryer valve assembly arrived the week prior to my scheduled appt. Cancelled going to my Brother in Law's funeral to wait for my scheduled appt. on the 26th. because I had many relatives coming in from out of town for the Fourth of July weekend and could not host them without a working refrigerator. The 26th. came and not only did not anybody show up between 8 AM and Noon, but no one showed up at all that day. Not even a phone call. Spent more hours on the phone to the Phillipines and finally was scheduled AGAIN for July 3rd. The service technician came and installed one of the 2 new compressors and Dryer valve assembly, recharged the system, told me to place a dish of water in the freezer to act as an indicator of when the Fridge/freezer was ready for storage of food and freezer goods again. The next morning, July 4th. ,the refrigerator/freezer was actually WARMER than outside room temperature!!!!! Called A&E Factory service AGAIN! and spent hours more on the phone to schedule yet another appointment on July 10th. By this time my family reunion had been basically ruined. Had to shuttle everybody down to the local restaurant for breakfasts and dinners. I was then informed that the "parts" for my scheduled appt. on the 10th. might not be here in time for THAT appointment! Cancelled my plans again and RE-SCHEDULED the appointment for July 17th. While I was away on July 10th. I received a voicemail from a technician stating he was at my house but nobody was home !!! Are you kidding me!! That appointment was cancelled by A&E factory service due to the likelihood that the "parts" would not be available! When I returned home this morning guess what was waiting on the porch for me, that's right, another NEW compressor and dryer valve assembly! That is 3 compressors and 2 dryer valve assemblies which have been mailed to me over the last 5, yes 5 weeks and the $4200 refrigerator is STILL not working!!!!!!!! Spent 3 more hours on the phone this morning speaking with A&E factory service in the Phillipines . Same result!!! I was told AGAIN this morning a A&E technician would be here on the 17th. I tried many times to get a number to speak directly to an A&E technician, as I believe perhaps this issue can possibly get resolved by talking DIRECTLY to the people actually sent out to repair this think. I was told more than once that contacting the service technician directly or having them contact me was not possible. Apparently being stuck in the phone loop in the Phillipines with no resolution yet in sight is how LG provides "customer dis-service". I was also told this morning that if my refrigerator is deemed "un-repairable" I would be financially responsible for any replacement costs du to the fact the fridge is out of it's 1 year warranty period. Again....."ARE YOU KIDDING ME????. The Fridge has only been plugged in for less than 2 years and may be deemed "un-repairable"? I have been on this planet for 65 vyears and have not only been a consumer, but also a home builder for 25 years, and by far and away LG has displayed the WORST customer service I have ever experienced by far! My next step this morning is to contact the Washington State Attorney Generals Office , Consumer Affairs Division to file a formal complaint with the State of Washington, both against A&E Factory Service and LG. The Better Business Bureau is also on my list of things to do. I am informing EVERYBODY I know to NEVER purchase ANYTHING with an LG logo on it, Not cell phones, appliances, home electronics, NOTHING!! Incidentally, I was warned by my neighbors son who is in the appliance repair business, to never buy LG before I purchased my kitchen suite due to the fact that he himself has had nothing but trouble with LG's parts ordering and customer service. I against his advice bought LG anyway due to the fact that at the time, LG was the only manufacturer that offered the entire suite in "Black Stainless", the look I wanted for my new home. I have received many compliments on the appearance of the appliances, but apparently the attractive appearance is only window dressing on obviously inferior workings that hide beneath!


My LG Refrigerator has not been keeping my food cold for a couple of months. I bought it in September 2017. It's not even 2 years old. Basic warranty is or should be 2 years.
I called on June 5, 2019 and went through the technical stages, things I had also tried on my own prior to calling mostly. Those attempts haven't worked. The "agent" was short and condescending with me and did not resolve my problem. I needed a repairman! She had me holding my phone above my head for the remote diagnosis, without my speaker on, which was frustrating for both of us, as I couldn't hear her instructions. When I asked to write them down, she said, "you want me to repeat everything?" I said, just where we left off. She started from the beginning and I said, "just the step about the refrigerator button" she said "mam, don't interrupt" and proceeded to waste my time going over her same script, acting annoyed. When a magnet test seemed to find the problem, she had me lower the temperature ( which I had tried numerous times before without a resolution) and said to call back in 24 hrs. When I protested that I had tried it already and know it won't work, she said she'd give me the numbers of services as my warranty was over.

I am filling a complaint with the FTC, Consumer Protection agency and the Better business bureau.
This refrigerator cost over $2000 and should last longer than 21 months! The consumer should not have to do the technical work or deal with rude "agents". My food is wasted and I'm supposed to pay for repairs and wait. This is a RIP OFF! I've got a household full of LG products! No more money from me! I will never purchase LG products again.


April 9, 2019 called for service. Refrigerator making noise and not cooling correctly. April 11 technician arrived talked with LG technician on the phone ordered parts approximately April 23 came back out and installed parts. Call back next day to tell him still was not cooling they returned April 25. They called and went through process with LG technician on the phone and ordered another part. Returned approximately May 2 where is part right part number was ordered wrong part was there. They had to re-order a part. Approximately the 20th part received still the wrong part. Today is May 30 they are again ordering the part. I really would like the refrigerator just being able to return for reimbursement at Lowe’s where I would purchase a Nother different type of refrigerator. Just refrigerator was bought new from Lowe’s Christmas 2018. How long do I have to go without an refrigerator. I can understand occasionally having a poor product. But I have been shuffled in around so much and LG I rate the customer service coming from this company the poorest I have ever had in my life. I am 65 years old and I have Owned my own farm,my own tavern business and I have done many jobs on the side you out my life . By far this is theWorst company for customer service I have ever dealt with.


Our 2 year old refrigerator went out a week ago and have been unable to get a competent repair person to fix it. The first technician said we had an infestation which was actually dust and dog kibble. The second technician never showed up! I have spent hours on hold. Tried to speak to a supervisor and again hours on hold.


ridiculously bad customer service. Three broken ice makers, no one answers phone. Missed appointments, Hung up the phone on my wife.


purchased 3door 31 cubic foot refrridgerator 3yrs ago and the unit does not get cold compressor runs but makes gurgling sound ,paid 3500. for unit and only got 3yrs of use-your help would be welcomed


I bought a wall ac last march. it only worked 4 months. the repair person car e declared it dead. said to call company. I did 2 times last fall. I have yet to get my refund.904 406 4265.


I give lg one star....
I have had multiple problems with all of there products and never will buy another lg product again......not good quality stuff at all.


I purchased a LG side by side refrigerator in March, 2015. There were issues from the beginning - a loud noise coming from the refrigerator. We had service technicians out several times and finally this problem was solved. Therefore I purchased an extended warranty through LG Premium Care as I wasn't comfortable that there would not be additional issues with this refrigerator.

On November 17, 2018 the freezer was not cold - the ice cream was soft. I called for service under the protection plan on Monday, November 19 (Thanksgiving week) and was told a technician wouldn't be able to come until Tuesday, November 27, 2018. A technician came and determined that the compressor was bad, and he would submit an order for a replacement. In the meantime, we had to order and pay for a rental refrigerator. I was on the phone numerous times with representatives from LG Premium Care requesting when the replacement compressor would be installed. It wasn't until Friday, December 21 that the part was available for installation. Since we were going out of town, we rescheduled the installation for Monday, January 7, 2019, and finally on January 8, the refrigerator was repaired.

In light of this, I would NEVER purchase another LG appliance. A well manufactured refrigerator should never have a compressor failure.


I purchased a new refrigerator, range, microwave oven and dishwasher about 2 years ago in the black stainless and ALL have the coating peeling off. This can not be the norm for your appliances. I've been a fan of your products for many years and this will be my last purchase if this can't be resolved. The refrigerator started first and I was willing to live with it but then all the others started the same peeling. Now I have a newly remodeled kitchen with crappy looking new appliances. That's not good advertisement for your products.


My LG range was bought in July, 2018, LRG3061ST, easy clean oven. I noticed spots in the oven after cooking and thought something spilled. I tried to clean it per the LG instructions using the easy clean feature, to no avail. The more I used the oven, the more spots appeared (white flat) that would not come up in spite of anything I used to clean it with (saving harsh chemicals), I checked regularly after each use to assure that the spots did not generate from anything I was I called for service and received a visit from one of your technicians. He said that it was not something that he could fix, as it was seen in LG products. He suggested I use the oven cleaner products, even though it might take some of the coating applied at the time of manufacture. I hesitate to do this, as it might destroy whatever finish is on the oven and my "Easy Clean" might never work!


I have had a refrigerator on order since August with Best Buy and your people keep screwing around with their PO’s @ you accept them then cancel them then when their product team tries to get a response from your people the inquiry in neglected.
The refrigerator I ordered is replacing the same model that failed after 3 years of operation. I realize this is a special order because it is white but I can’t imagine that I’m the only person in this world that does not want stainless.
You claim your products are superior however, I’m afraid to continue to purchase LG products dur to your unresponsiveness to your vendors and total lack of respect to your customers.

Ruthine Van Overbeke
Maplewood, Minnesota


called 0000 number November 23, refrigerator quite working. Said would send a repair person Monday, RNN181123001955 Person showed up but wasn't a sealed system repairman so had to call in again. During this time found my paperwork and discovered I had a warrenty (501843-00) and had to call a different number to get repair. 1 hr 7 minutes on hold talked to a person. No communication from last repair number. Now November 29th before it can be repaired. 22 people here on the 23, 8 stayed until the 26th, no refrigerator, 400 pounds spoiled food, another 100 today, buying ice for cooler, and thinking your service warranty is of absolute no value to me. I propose you buy me a different refrigerator of my choosing, NOT Lg today. I am so angry it is unreal to my I have been treated this way, and your company phone number A doesn't talk to B. Was offered reimbursement for food, but that was phone number 0000, not the warranty dept., nor was the warranty dept even wanting to know what has transpired nor other w/o's.
Bottom line, no refrigerator for 7 days at least, 2 hrs 12 minutes on hold or listening to crap music. Put yourself in my shoes, what is your anger level? Dare you to call me at 615-390-7215


I purchased L.G Appliances September 2017 beginning July 2018 the Microwave broke down, that's when my nightmare with your warranty department placed in the Phillipines began.I spoke with numerous customer service clerks on numerous occations, no manager ever available to speak with of course, I was given 2 RNN 180712092650 and 180719051647 and 2 Case CNN1807286335705, finally technicians came out to fix microwave the 27th of July just to break down again the same day
L.G life is good logo until you have to utilize the warranty Inga turner, very irritated customer


I bought a brand new fridge from Conns appliance 4 months ago. The freezer went out and so did the fridge part. Called Conns and they said they would send a repairman out on Tuesday, this happened on Friday. They told me I could call LG also because I have a warranty with LG. I called LG and they said they could come out on Monday. Lg came out on Monday. Repairman said he had never seen a fridge go bad like this one. He took the compressor out and threw it in my trashcan. He called his people and took video of it. Never told us he was ordering parts or anything. Said he would be back the next day. He never called never showed up....nothing. LG customer service never called to let me know anything. I called LG that afternoon to see if it was going to be fixed. They set up ANOTHER time for Thursday from 8-5. Meantime I have NO fridge. No one ever called or showed up on Thursday either. Been a week now and no one is doing anything about it. I called LG back on Thursday and told me after waiting for them to figure out what was going on...Then they told me they had to order parts which wouldn't be in til Monday or Tuesday. The repairman here said IF he had to order parts he could have them overnighted. The customer service guy knew nothing about parts being overnighted. So I was lied to by someone . Today it is Friday July 6 and still no fridge fixed. Been a week now. I am paying over 2000.00 dollars for this fridge.
Conns is now wanting their monthly payment for the fridge. I told them I am not paying for something that isn't working and I cant use. I ask them if they could at least credit my payment for the time I have been without a fridge. They told me no...that they would turn me into the credit bureau. I cant believe this is how good paying customers get treated. I also I have a food loss from the fridge quitting. No one seems to want to do anything about any of this.


I have had a horrible experience with LG and will never buy another LG product. About 8 months ago I bought as beautiful electric range with the purple/blue oven that self cleans at a low temperature. The stove is still working great but I noticed that the enamel in the oven is just flaking off and where the racks are the enamel failed and popped off.

I called LG since the oven is still under warranty and was told that this defect is cosmetic and that I would have to pay for parts and labor to have it repaired. Enamel serves a function in an oven, it protects the metal from oxidizing and protects the oven from heat and food that would be absorbed without enamel. I explained to the agent that this is a functional defect and not cosmetic and got nowhere with LG. They just don't care about their customers at all. I am a manager for a call center and could not believe the response I received on this issue and the attitude of the agent. I was fuming after this experience and wrote an e-mail to corporate explaining what happened and explained that if I do not receive a reply within a reasonable amount of time I will escalate or take action in another manner.

I never did get a response so I spoke with the manager of Home Depot and showed them pictures and explained the bad experience that I had. This the manager picked up the phone and called LG and Explained the issue and added that the popping porcelain is also a health issue and being a convection oven is getting blown around. She got the same crap from them that I did. Other employees came over to see what was going on as this manager was fuming and stating that they have never ever seen a situation like this before.

The manager then said that "we will take care of you and get you a new stove" and again stated that this was ridiculous. The manager was still angry over the situation and told me that she is making some calls to pull other managers together Monday for a conference call to LG Dealer support and said that she is going the climb the corporate ladder on this one.

I see a ton of lawsuits against LG and a huge number of complaints, it seems that they do not care or respond to their customers and end up in a lawsuit. I was contemplating on a lawsuit but came up with a better idea. I am going to work closely with Home Depot management and get data on whatever they need and work to have Depot drop all LG product lines. I think I have Home Depot's attention on this and just have to follow the process. I have always had positive experiences with Home Depot and I don't want to see any more of their customers go through this experience and lack of accountability on LG's part. If everything is successful and LG products are pulled from Home Depot this will be a huge revenue loss for LG which is well deserved. This will hold them accountable for their actions and is far easier than a lawsuit and there is a ton of data on poor customer service and product support.


Home Depot in Plymouth, MN would not price match LG washer and dryer that both Sears and Best Buy had for $799. Emailed company and then they wouldn't honor their 10% price match guarantee. Will never be setting foot inside another Home Depot.


The LG fridge bought in September started having a really bad smell a month later. Baking soda and cleaning did not get rid of the smell so most likely the problem was from the fridge itself. Calling Best Buy they told us to call LG, and a technician they said would come in October never showed up.

After going in person to Best Buy store in November, they said they would look into it and call a technician and call us back but never did. Then went back a few weeks later and a different salesperson said there were no notes on our fridge problem, and that they would talk to the other salesperson and help us get a technician in to see the fridge. They still have not called us back, and when I try calling the Best Buy number on the salesperson card no one has picked up the phone. We bought the Best Buy insurance on the fridge but this problem has been on going and not fixed for over 2 months. The smell is like rotting vegetables and is very strong, causing headaches throughout the house.


Sent gas dryer that could not be vented on right side although best buy said it could. It is sitting in my laundry room and your delivery service is not delivering the electric one because no one at your store knows if it can be vented on the right side. So I, Me, Myself called LG corporate officeand they said yes it can. So why couldn't some one have checked that out by now. If that electric dryer is not in my laundry room by Tuesday, Nov 2, I will purchase it elsewhere and will demand the plumber's fee of $87.00 plus the $100.00 promised for all the hassle. The only one trying to help is Vicki at your delivery place in Chino. She could not get an answer to two emails or phone calls. What is going on at this store? Vicki called be at least 4 times today as she was trying to get some answers This is your Tustin store and I don't know why the poor customer service, but you should be aware.


I bought my LG Waveforce washer on 3/31/2012 from Sears Outlet. The electronic boards in the washer went out 3 times by end of September 2012 (6 months). It died a fourth time on 4/14/2013- 2 weeks out of warranty. I had planned on buying the extended warranty but hadn't had time to call about it yet. I contacted LG about buying an extended warranty but they wouldn't sell it to me because my washer was broke, and I asked them for a curteous extended warranty since I had so many problems with it. I immediately sent them all the documentation they needed and after being strung along for 2 weeks and finally escallating to a superviser, I was told they would not give me a curteous extended warranty because I bought it at a Sears Outlet?

I could understand if it were Craiglist, ebay, or some used 3rd party appliance store, but a Sears Outlet?? I own several large appliances and electronics by LG so I consider myself a loyal customer, and I only asked that they show me the same appreciation since my washer is obviously a lemon. At this point I've received nothing but horrible customer service and a devistating lack of appreciation for my business and as of right now I will never buy another LG product again. I'm hoping a positive response by LG will pursuade me otherwise.


I purchased a LG stove in 2010 and thank goodness I purchased the optional insurance. Within about a year, the stove top elements would not turn on and I had to turn off the power at my residence's fuse panel and back on again to get them working. Repairman came after about 8 weeks of waiting and replaced a component and things worked well until last week. Same thing again. Also, the oven will not heat up to 350 degrees unless I program it for 450 degrees and wait about 1/2 hour. I complained to LG about this and all they offered was another warranty I had to purchase. the stove continuously breaks down and all I get are excuses. Caution to anyone, never purchase an LG product.


I would like to inform you that I bought one side by side refrigerator from your agent in Iran (Goldiran Company) but before installation, I found that two polymeric parts of refrigerator were broken. I called the company and informed them about this matter and they told me that during installation, it will be fixed by the technician. But, the technician informed me that this matter is not related to him and didn’t fix the problem.

Until now, I called Goldiran Company several times but I haven’t received any answer about this matter. They informed me that the problem can be fixed but the charges are related to me. So, I decided to send this email to LG Company to complain about the agent in Iran (Goldiran Company) about their after sale services. I hope to receive a suitable reply from LG Company.


I purchased a LG FRONT LOADING washing machine vide order no BG 1032 dated 22.12.2012 by paying an amount of Rs 37,700/- from your authorized dealer. Unfortunately, the machine supplied (Sl no : 204PNYU61842 ), was defective as was found during installation by LG personnel. My complaint ref no. RNA 1212 250 65773. Repeated communication at various customer care & service interfaces didn’t yield any satisfactory result. CCO Mr/Ms A Roychoudhury did not respond when tried to contact at his/her mobile no (9051075111) & Mr. R. Dutta of service deptt (mob: 9836676476) was also informed in between.

I stay with my 2 kids & my mother in law, who is 70 years old and we are really in distress to wash off our laundry by ourselves in this winter season even after paying fully for a washing machine. I need a re supply preferably by Friday (04.01.2013). If that is not possible please give me further option of full money refund within a week, so that I can go for a fresh purchase. If re supplying needs more time because of lack of supply then you can give me a compatible machine for use till the re supply is not getting possible. However, that can not be continued beyond 17.01.2013.

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