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Nutribullet, LLC is an American manufacturer and retailer of personal blenders that utilize cyclone action to extract nutrients. With sales over 10 million as of 2014, a British newspaper reported that in the days leading to Christmas 2015 a Nutribullet was purchased every 30 seconds. Multiple versions of the product, ranging from $80 to $180 in price, are also sold in Australia.

If you have a problem with your Nutribullet within the first 30 days you may return it for a full refund. You must go through this process to obtain a Return Authorization Number. For Customer Service by phone call 1-844-900-7760. Very few products are returned but you may obtain Customer Service here as well as Contact Us here. There is a  site that provides 24/7 recipes, support and tools you need to become a better, stronger and healthier you. You may address postal communication to the CEO, Colin Sapire at Homeland Housewares, P.O. Box 4575, Dept 99B, Porcomia, CA 91333. You may call him at 1-855-346-8874 9 am-8pm.

Lively social presence is found on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. It is reported that the Duchess of Cambridge aka Princess Kate uses a Nutribullet.

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My nutribullet came with 2 different tops that actually chop and blend things. My problem and complaint is that on both of them, the rubber rings that seal them, broke! Both of them. I haven't had this thing long at all but i find it preposterous that they would both break. Now when i try to use it, everything leaks everywhere. I hate this stupid thing now and wish I had never bought it. The least someone could do is send me some new rubber rings so they seal up so i can use it again.


I decided to have a bridal registry at Macy's because I have always loved the stores quality and customer service. There were a few items that I decided to return because either I had duplicate or someone bought me a similar item from another store. I got three cutting boards and when I returned the second cutting board they told me since it was a duplicate they would have to mail me a merchandise check. That isn't the inconvenience that really upset me. The topper to my horrible experience was when I returned a nutribullet and two pillows I asked the associate to refund it to my Macy's card.

She totally disregarded my request and refunded everything to the person who purchased the pillows. Not knowing this until two days later, when I went to make a purchase and my card was declined. I was so I embarrassed. Between calling credit, being on hold and going to the store to talk to a manager I have spent 5 hours trying to resolve this issue. The store said they couldn't do anything until tomorrow. I really hope this doesn't end in me having to tell my grandma I returned her gifts and someone else's and the return was applied to her card and not mine. Then I will have to ask her for my refund. Just doesn't seem right.


I have purchased directly or through friends over 100 nutribullet machines. They work for about a month at the most. Now the new one I had in reserve doesn't even work although it has never been used. Very poor quality product.


I am a professional nutritional counselor. I have had at least 100 clients and friends purchase your different models of nutribullet. After years of frustration with them not working half the time, I have come to the conclusion they are a very poor design and not worth the money. I am now researching other brands. While your concept is great, your product is not. It is too delicate. I have two of your nutribullets on my counter. I purchased a second one to have in case the first one quit working. So, when my regular quit working, i pulled out the new one. It doesn't work either. I believe in your concept. I no longer believe in your product. Sorry - if there were lower than a 1 star i would probably submit it. I have thoroughly cleaned the machine as you say to do - surely the new one never used couldn't be dirty. I believe this is the first time i have ever written a negative to a company. Sorry - I am done!


Prior to the expiration of my NutriBullet warranty, and less than a year after I bought it, my NutriBullet stopped working. The registration number is 02S209261405897. My warranty is still valid and I have emailed my complaint to NutriBullet customer service but there has been no response. I feel that it's more than fair that I deserve a working replacement. I love my machine and use it almost every morning to make healthy smoothies. Shame that it appears to be such a poor quality product. Looking forward to reading an official reply from the corporate office.


All I can say is it exploded everywhere this morning and I followed the directions. It is ruined and I just bought it this weekend.


Great product and can't expect more for the price. It is very cheaply made, that's one thing I wish I could changed. Loved it so much I bought some for my friends and family too. Great way to encourage you to drink more juice!


I love my NutriBullet and do not see what all the complaints are about this lately, my only problem with it is I've had to replace it once already due to the seal leaking. After only about 9 months use when I would turn it on it would start leaking juice and when I shut the motor off there was quite a bit of standing fluid in the bottom. I have replaced it but since then have found that it's already going bad again. I do not want to pay another $99 for a NutriBullet!

The other thing I have noticed is that if you use the NutriBullet the way the TV commercial shows you the seal wears out faster. Never plug in the NutriBullet and then put the cap on. Putting the cap on while the power is on will cause it to strip out and wear down even faster. Always put the top on and then plug it in. That has at least saved me a few months.

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