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Toll free phone number: 314-553-2000

Emerson Electric manufactures and develops processes, controls systems, valves and analytical instruments. They are publicly traded on the NYSE:EMR and recorded sales of over US24 billion in 2014. That same year they reported employees of 115,000 located in over 150 countries. Their US exports are US 14 billion or 50% of company’s sales. Emerson has 220 manufacturing locations with 150 in the United States.

If you need to discuss a problem with Emerson, you need only call the corporate office at 314-553-2000.   The CEO, David Farr may be reached by postal mail at Emerson Electric, 8000 West Florissant Ave., P.O. Box 4100, St. Louis, MO 63136.

Founded in 1890 by John Wesley Emerson the first products were electric motors and fans. Their trademark slogan is: Consider It Solved. Emerson promotes their I LOVE STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) to students of all ages. Their social presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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    • MO 63136
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Emerson complaints are way up lately, why? Because the products have gotten cheap while the corporate office has turned a blind eye to their customer service. I have an Emerson clock radio that went out after 6 weeks, that's unreal! So, I've been online looking at reviews and the Emerson products always have low customer satisfaction.


I bought an Emerson 46" TV on clearance at the VillaRica Store in Georgia...I ask if there was a remote control that comes with it and the associate said they just through all the remotes in a box in the back. I ask if he could go and get the one that came with the tv and he said no we don't do that. Then no one even helped me take the tv to my car and I asked a young man in the parking lot with his family if he could help me get it in my car.

The people at Walmart didn't even act like they wanted me to buy it because there were several associates wanting to buy the tv's on sale and didn't want to help me with the tv. They also told me they would sell me a universal remote. I just feel they should put all the parts and manuals either with the set taped to the backs or at least go and look to see if there was a remote that would work with the tv. These are the people that want $15 an hour and it was horrible customer service! I have never seen such unconcern for a customer in my life! My rating would be no stars in this store!


One of the best MBA schools I have come across. School has equipment related to the subject so that practical's can be performed. The college staff is really friendly and make the overall environment worth studying. They relate the subjects to practical life situations and create interest in us to take up projects, I would definelty look into opting my further studies out here.

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