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Oreck Corporation is a privately held company specializing in home and residential vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, floor machines and cleaning products. Purchased by a China business in 2012 there remain over 1500 employees in the US.

To reach Customer Service, call 800-989-3535. You will find Frequently Asked Questions here and Contact Us information here. Find a nearby store here. To write a letter to Director of US Operations, Chad Overath, addresss an envelop to him with Oreck Corporation Headquarters, 565 Marriott Drive Suite 300, Nashville, TN 37214, USA. Corporate office phone number is 615-316-5839.

All Oreck machine products are manufactured in China since the buyout. The newest line is the Elevate Collection which includes a “2in1” air purifier. Popular products include: Oreck Airvantage Plus HEPA Air Purifier; U2000R-1; The 12” Lightweight Oreck; Oreck BB900XL and the XL Air 8 Purifier. Social presence is found on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube

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Felt as though I've been lied to. The vaccum works wonders the first few months. But after awhile, the vaccuum starts clogging and loses suctions. With its complex design the clogs are not easy to clear so you will have to take it to an Orek dealer to have it fixed. That's when I found out that it is not covered under warranty and I have to pay for them to clean it. So, not only do I have to pay for an already pricey vaccuum but then I have to pay more to clean it. Which I have to get it clean to keep using it! This is an expensive cycle that I'm working with here. For the money I'm putting into this  vaccuum, I could've bought ten more that would be working and I can clean myself. Waste of money!


Steam cleaning is what I prefer as it removes dirt completely from the floor. So I chose Oreck Steam mops as they are very effective. Leaves no chemicals and wont stain any clothing. The vapor chamber enables it for easy cleaning. I only have one complaint, and that is that I have emailed several suggestions with Oreck customer service dept, and have never heard back. I love the vacuums though. The best part is that it is light weight. Easy to handle and move at every corner of the house. I am satisfied with its performance and would definitely suggest this to anyone who believes in doing their household work themselves.

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