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Sent gas dryer that could not be vented on right side although best buy said it could. It is sitting in my laundry room and your delivery service is not delivering the electric one because no one at your store knows if it can be vented on the right side. So I, Me, Myself called LG corporate officeand they said yes it can. So why couldn't some one have checked that out by now. If that electric dryer is not in my laundry room by Tuesday, Nov 2, I will purchase it elsewhere and will demand the plumber's fee of $87.00 plus the $100.00 promised for all the hassle. The only one trying to help is Vicki at your delivery place in Chino. She could not get an answer to two emails or phone calls. What is going on at this store? Vicki called be at least 4 times today as she was trying to get some answers This is your Tustin store and I don't know why the poor customer service, but you should be aware.


We have a LG model wm2301h front loading washer and it's about 5-6 years old. Every 2-3 time we wash, we get black streaks on everything. Had a repair man last week look at the washer and he said there is a oil leak in the bearings and he suspected the motor had never been seated properly. We're finished with it and will be buying another washer - but not an LG.


Washer was giving me a "de code" and would not start. Appointment made for 5/11/2015 at 3:00 pm. The appt. was canceled by repairman because the part (door lock) needed to be ordered. Appointment rescheduled for Friday, 5/15/15. I took Friday off from work and repairman showed up at 10:45 am. Repairman determined that perhaps lock was not the problem. Repairman found two coins under tub plate and tub not balanced for which I paid, via check $200.00.

I washed two loads of clothes and the "de code" returned. I called 800 number again to report this, and they assigned a different repairman for Monday, 5/18/15. I take off another day and repairman comes at 2:30 pm with no tools or parts, and he wants to come tomorrow, 5/19//15 at 4:00 pm. He asked if he could have the part mailed to my house to which I said no, securing the part is not my responsibility.

This is rude and inconsiderate of my time. When I go to work I am prepared and don't ask others to be responsible for what I should deliver. My machine is not working, I have taken off two days from work and I find your responsiveness to me as a consumer rude. Time is money and my time is just as important to my employers.

I asked the people on phones for service repair for an email or phone number to contact you and was told that they were not allowed. I have put a stop on the check....no service no pay and if your people fix it I will use a credit card. My washer is 3 years old. Very disappointed and I don't think that I will purchase your products in the future.


I purchased new LG Washer & Dryer set Aug. 2010 after Consumer Reports rated set high. This was terribly wrong! Dryer DLE 2050W control board failed Sept 2011 (was replaced), and again Sept 2012 and replaced again. In Dec 2014 (just over 4 years old), dryer stopped heating. Contacted repairman who replaced heating element, thermostat, sensors, etc. and was unable to get operational even after contacting LG tech support. I am VERY VERY disappointed and may not purchase LG products again - unless you were to intervene and resolve. I spent over $400 and have nothing to show for it. Let me know ASAP as I have to replace soon!


I bought my LG Waveforce washer on 3/31/2012 from Sears Outlet. The electronic boards in the washer went out 3 times by end of September 2012 (6 months). It died a fourth time on 4/14/2013- 2 weeks out of warranty. I had planned on buying the extended warranty but hadn't had time to call about it yet. I contacted LG about buying an extended warranty but they wouldn't sell it to me because my washer was broke, and I asked them for a curteous extended warranty since I had so many problems with it. I immediately sent them all the documentation they needed and after being strung along for 2 weeks and finally escallating to a superviser, I was told they would not give me a curteous extended warranty because I bought it at a Sears Outlet?

I could understand if it were Craiglist, ebay, or some used 3rd party appliance store, but a Sears Outlet?? I own several large appliances and electronics by LG so I consider myself a loyal customer, and I only asked that they show me the same appreciation since my washer is obviously a lemon. At this point I've received nothing but horrible customer service and a devistating lack of appreciation for my business and as of right now I will never buy another LG product again. I'm hoping a positive response by LG will pursuade me otherwise.


I purchased a LG stove in 2010 and thank goodness I purchased the optional insurance. Within about a year, the stove top elements would not turn on and I had to turn off the power at my residence's fuse panel and back on again to get them working. Repairman came after about 8 weeks of waiting and replaced a component and things worked well until last week. Same thing again. Also, the oven will not heat up to 350 degrees unless I program it for 450 degrees and wait about 1/2 hour. I complained to LG about this and all they offered was another warranty I had to purchase. the stove continuously breaks down and all I get are excuses. Caution to anyone, never purchase an LG product.


I would like to inform you that I bought one side by side refrigerator from your agent in Iran (Goldiran Company) but before installation, I found that two polymeric parts of refrigerator were broken. I called the company and informed them about this matter and they told me that during installation, it will be fixed by the technician. But, the technician informed me that this matter is not related to him and didn’t fix the problem.

Until now, I called Goldiran Company several times but I haven’t received any answer about this matter. They informed me that the problem can be fixed but the charges are related to me. So, I decided to send this email to LG Company to complain about the agent in Iran (Goldiran Company) about their after sale services. I hope to receive a suitable reply from LG Company.


I purchased a LG FRONT LOADING washing machine vide order no BG 1032 dated 22.12.2012 by paying an amount of Rs 37,700/- from your authorized dealer. Unfortunately, the machine supplied (Sl no : 204PNYU61842 ), was defective as was found during installation by LG personnel. My complaint ref no. RNA 1212 250 65773. Repeated communication at various customer care & service interfaces didn’t yield any satisfactory result. CCO Mr/Ms A Roychoudhury did not respond when tried to contact at his/her mobile no (9051075111) & Mr. R. Dutta of service deptt (mob: 9836676476) was also informed in between.

I stay with my 2 kids & my mother in law, who is 70 years old and we are really in distress to wash off our laundry by ourselves in this winter season even after paying fully for a washing machine. I need a re supply preferably by Friday (04.01.2013). If that is not possible please give me further option of full money refund within a week, so that I can go for a fresh purchase. If re supplying needs more time because of lack of supply then you can give me a compatible machine for use till the re supply is not getting possible. However, that can not be continued beyond 17.01.2013.

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