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2 boxes of kleenex now. That smell very foul


this is strange, I purchased a 4 pack of kleenex with lotion numbers on package are 36000 50179 the boxes did not have a seal on them, can you help

purchased at Marcs y email is kap4851@ gmail.com 2664 Marland Dr Hinckley Ohio 44233


Just womdering if you recently changed product content for your tissues. I recall them being interchangeable with Puffs in terms of softness in the past. However, I recently purchased a multipack and found the tissues are not of the same quality softness as prior purchases. They seem more the consistency for use as a paper towel instead of a tissue.



As a long term user of Kleenex man size tissues and with a box regularly kept in each room of my house, I am annoyed to find that in my last purchase of 4 boxes it was impossible to remove a single tissue from each box resulting in sometimes 2,3,or 4 or more tissues coming out together and joined together. Some of the boxes have the following batch numbers 3434010192 and 343410193. This has resulted in a lot of waste tissue. I
How will you reimburse me for my wasted purchase ?
Trevor Baines


I bought six boxes (two pkgs of thee) and the boxes (all six of them) are only 3/4ths full. What is going on? I might as well buy another brand and pay a bit more to get a full box. No happy with you. This is not acceptable.


I have been a satisfied user of Kleenex for decades. However the last box I opened smelled rather strongly of toxic chemicals. The outside of the box is in perfect condition so it has been contaminated with something during the manufacturing process. What in the world happened?? Is this a temporary problem and you have remedied it? I'm concerned about future purchases. Thanks.


I recently purchased a packet of Kleenex trusted care, 160 2-ply tissues, which included about nine (9) boxes or more from Sams Club in Concord, CA. I am very disappointed because whenever I pull out a Kleenex, small particles of paper spill out. I now have these small particles on my dressing table, dressing room carpet and on my kitchen counter where I also have a box of Kleenex. It looks very messy and I resent having to clean this up all the time. I have not had this problem in the past. What are you doing differently with this product?

A faithful Kleenex Customer,
Carol A. King
1412 Stanley Dollar Drive Apt. 2A
Walnut Creek, CA 94595


With respect to your Re-Branding of mansized Tissues. Its pathetic that you have succumbed to the obvious politically tainted agenda that a proportion of the public seem to suffer from. The term mansized is referring that in the general state, a man is on average bigger than a woman. This is a FACT of gender taken across the world as a whole. It is utterly preposterous that you have pandered to the Leftie bottom feeders that seem to have an agenda where they feel the eradication of men in society is perfectly ok ? In a world where we "Men are subject to adverts portraying Bothersome Vagina's amongst many other woman-isms I feel you have let the human race down.....or can we not say that as it ends in "Man" ?
You have let the Hu race down. I will never buy you product again.


This is the third time I have bought a pack of Kleenex ultra soft extra large tissues and found an infestation in them. Who can I contact or where can I send the latest sample?


I was in my e-mail at the time that I received an e-mail from https://www.mysavings.com/free-samples/The-Insiders/111145/?utm_source=f....

I clicked on "Get Free Sample" and was taken through a series of questions, which I answered. Then, I was taken back to the first link (above) where it said "Report expired" - - so, I ask you, how do I get my "Free Kleenex Wet Wipes" or is is this offer just a hoax to gain information about/from me?


I always buy/ bought Kleenex tissue I started noticing that the tissue is difficult to get out of the box now.there use to be a perfect quarter fold for easy removal. So I end grabbing a clump of them out of frustration and I actually cut the box for easier removal I noticed one tissue is not enough. So I opened a tissue only to find it is half the size.HALF THE SIZE!!!
I would rather pay more for more but should not have to. It's when companies get chinsy that I stop using and find a better quality


Bought large multi-pack at Sam's, of the small square Kleenex box variety. They are "Anti-Viral with 3 layers and a moisture-activated layer".

I hate them. They leave a foul taste around the mouth and fibers behind as well. They aren't great at moisture absorption either.

I'm left with lots oof boxes that I guess I'll give away because I don't want to use them anymore. I have to look for another type of kleenex now... the regular kind!

E Sloan


Recently, I purchased 4 boxes of Kleenex Ultra Soft tissues (120 in each box). I am very disappointed with the product.
When I use them they smell terrible. I will NEVER buy this brand of tissues again. Hope you get this resolved.

Beverly Nielson


I've been using Kleenex for years and this is just absolutely unacceptable. Using this product I found tufts of some unknown material coming out of the tissues! It made a mess and got everywhere and was absolutely horrible. This is ridiculous and I expect better. I will be sure to make this blowup because this is the second time this has happened.


On Wednesday around 1.30pm, the Kleenex Cottonelle 24 pack was being advertised and sold for $11.00 (at Campbelltown Mall Woolworths) not as per catalog effective from Wednesday19/10/2016 for $9.00. I had to buy a different pack (ie. Kleenex Soft & Strong 24 pack for $9.00) , the self service register did not print a receipt either (which is not the first time) and I had to move on as there was a long line behind me.


Very upset about the Kleenex I bought the other day. They are not as soft as I remember at all. Maybe it's crazy to complain about something that is so cheap, but I am a loyal customer who has been buying Kleenex brand tissues since the 90's.

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