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I bought a JVC bluetooth headset model HA-FX67BT-B 2 months ago‥after a month use the party I am calling cant hear anything from me but I can hear them…this was replaced with a new unit after I brought it to the electronic shop I purchased it .Unfortunately the replacement unit suddenly died after a month use…no power at all even if I leave it charged for a whole day 。The above units were not even exposed to rain ‥heat or dusty conditions


#jvc What good is a smart TV if its dumb. many programs dont run and not matter what I do I cant screen share from my phone to it. stay away. very bad product. It won't even do showmax. Buyer beware. Really bad product, even showmax does not run


Bought a JVC car stereo. 2 weeks later video board went out. Sent to repair center. Was told part would not be available for 3 months. Called JVC numerous times to have stereo replaced. It has been over 2 months now and still no stereo. Customer service is crap. Because of their customer support I will never purchase another JVC product.


Purchased JVC 55"FHD DLED TV LT-55N540Z on the 2/06/2015 from Dick Smith Whangarei NZ. It has now developed a fault. Half the screen fades to dark. Contacted Dick Smith ( in receivership ) they told us to contact JVZ 0800111727. They said sounds like screen fault not fixable. Go back to Dick Smith. Went back to Dick Smith and they will not replace as in receivership. We think we are entitled to full refund as per consumer guarantees act. Waiting for a response from the corporate office.


For my daily workouts and joggings, I needed a good headset. I purchased JVC HA-S400 Carbon Nanotubes Headphones . Oh its simply amazing. It is less than $30, are relatively comfortable, fold up and fold flat, The ear pads are reasonably soft and comfortable. I love them and the clarity of music is simply good. I have had no issues so far with it.

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