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I recently had my roof replaced my roof started leaking, I got in contact with the owner I was told that they were not responsible for any repairs done. the contractor was from home advisor. they advertise standing behind the contractor they did not


Home advisor claims to refer people to homeowners that are good contractors i did work for peter evins from northstar restoration group in modesto and he will not and has not paid me it is qffecting negatively my financial and personal lifein everyway and is causing me huge probmems


I have tried using your website on 2 different ocasions. I received 3 people that were interested. One was sears made appt never showed up or called. Had second one come out and was to get back with me in 2-3 days been 3 weeks and 3 days never heard back with estimate. 3 made appt and sis not show up called 2 weeks later and I let them come out. He gave me an estimate and when I checked references all wer terrible a real con man. I understood that you checked out all of the people that you let be on you website. I will never use you again because this has happened to me 2 times and I will also tell anyone that asks not to use your website. I have on my own finally found a good General contractor that gave me names and phone numbers of people he has done work for for personal references

Joan Williams


Had Adam Sanchez as a handyman. He needs training in his job performance. Very disapointed.


Many of you would probably agree that Home Advisor is a reliable referral service. But no matter what undertaking you may have I was led by them to a RIP OFF concrete contactor. Yep, you read it right. Now, hopefully you will get it right. One that wanted $16,200.00 to concrete 1500 square feet for a walk and driveway project. This is one that are listed "A" rated by the BBB.
Yep folks UHL Stonework and Epoxy Floors LLC, 6608 Wateroak Willow Spring, NC 27542: (919) 495-0193 wanted $16,200.00! Now let's do the math here. Ready Mix concrete for 16 yards =$2,562.00 for 3500 psi. The average contractor high end would be $5,700.00 and this is one that has been a professional for 33 years. YOU READ IT RIGHT, 33 years plus.
The HOME ADVISOR most likely has established a reputation that has been cemented for prospective customers. Their recognition is a direct result of being the customers gatekeepers for referral services. We live in a nation that is full of lions, tigers, and bears that will say they come in the name of the LORD. However, they are thieves in a black suit advertising on the INTERNET.
Anyone reading this likely knows a person whom has been RIPPED OFF. Throughout virtually every referral service runs one word: TRUSTWORTHY. We read daily and see countless and countless stories of individuals who despite REPEATED WARNINGS LOSE their life savings to a crook dressed in a BLACK SUIT (they no longer come in sheep clothing) trained to drain you dry.
This issue raises an extraordinary interest that compels me to direct readers attention immediately. The absence of any articulated response suggests a HOLY RIP OFF for the COMPANY and a holding principle to not remedy the issue. Any silence only rubber-stamps the issue and deeply supports the UHL.
As with any COMPANY, quality services from professional employees are expected and vital. There is no valued and deeply cherished right than to be employed and provide that level of service. However, in some instances a COMPANY can abuse their PRIVILIAGES by over charges.

There is an acknowledged constitutional right to be recognized and make an argument. On the other hand, there is a general right that will clearly show a COMPANY GREED and RIP OFF PRICES.
The mere recognition of a written complaint does not mean that the statement governs interest. This issue is important not because of the complaint but because OUTRAGED PRICE!
I realize that NO COMPANY is error-free. However, it is expected that THEY WILL render a level of professionalism that reflects a business goal of reasonable prices.
There is a moral order of obligation that has been established by companies and that is to LISTEN CLOSLEY to prospective customers concerns. When there is a gap a customer significantly perceives it as being less valued and over charged. Therefore, it moves a customer to thank in an adverse matter.
The like hood to bridge their thinking gap depends upon the company motives for GREED $$$. It is probably fair to say that a customer situation should be a priority for consideration. On the other hand, it is fair to say that public trust is more than the whim of those who are in power.
There is no treasured expression than the U.S. Constitution of Free Speech. I welcome and look forward to your vocally response that represents the facts of this issue. HEAR YE, HEAR YE, this is URL responses to a $5700.00 concrete project:

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Richard Uhl <rockslayer2121@gmail.com>
To: ERWIN ONE <erwinone923@yahoo.com>
Sent: Friday, April 5, 2019, 11:42:07 AM MDT
Subject: Re: Driveway

So what. Most of my family are lawyers

Richard Uhl - Owner
Uhl Stonework & Epoxy Floors LLC.
Licensed, Bonded, Insured & OSHA Certified

On Fri, Apr 5, 2019, 1:06 PM ERWIN ONE <erwinone923@yahoo.com> wrote:

(Paralegal certificate attached)

On Friday, April 5, 2019, 08:48:48 AM MDT, ERWIN ONE <erwinone923@yahoo.com> wrote:

My original plan was at 1500 sq. ft. Accordingly, ready mix concrete for 18.5 yards sells at the price of $2562 and that is with delivery and NC tax. Is there something I have missed about your cost?

On Friday, April 5, 2019, 06:08:58 AM MDT, Richard Uhl <rockslayer2121@gmail.com> wrote:

Good morning ERWIN,

Do you have any questions or concerns about the quote?

Would you like to schedule an appointment with me to meet with you and discuss the project?
Richard Uhl - Owner
Uhl Stonework & Epoxy Floors LLC.
Licensed, Bonded, Insured & OSHA Certified

On Thu, Apr 4, 2019, 2:40 PM Richard Uhl <rockslayer2121@gmail.com> wrote:
So the concrete driveway and walkway at a 3,500 psi concrete with fiber to make the concrete a 4,000 psi concrete with poly . Lump sum $ 16,200 .

Richard Uhl - Owner
Uhl Stonework & Epoxy Floors LLC.
Licensed, Bonded, Insured & OSHA Certified

On Thu, Apr 4, 2019, 1:22 PM ERWIN ONE <erwinone923@yahoo.com> wrote:

Thanks for the reply. The project is a driveway and sideway with 1600 sq. ft. of psi 4000 concrete. My home is located at ……….... Thanks,

On Thursday, April 4, 2019, 05:26:47 AM MDT, Richard Uhl <rockslayer2121@gmail.com> wrote:

Yes, we can do that for you.

Richard Uhl - Owner
Uhl Stonework & Epoxy Floors LLC.
Licensed, Bonded, Insured & OSHA Certified

On Tue, Apr 2, 2019, 10:39 AM ERWIN ONE <erwinone923@yahoo.com> wrote:
I have a 1500 sq. ft. driveway that will need 16 yds. of 4000 psi concrete. I would like a quote to the project. The location are in …... Thanks


Through HomeAdvisor, on November 1, 2017 I contracted with SMF Construction and Maintenance, Inc., dba (doing business as) Foundation Repair of California (FR) for some foundation repair to my rental house. The contract was for $9,620, plus I needed to separately contract with an independent structural engineer for another $1,940 for a total cost to me of $11,560. Before contracting with a structural engineer, I had to pay F. R. of C. a $962.00 down payment. However, when I showed my attorney the proposed contracts from two separate engineers recommended by FR, both not in Sacramento, California, where the job was, he Strongly suggested that I not sign either of them because the contract wording would not protect me. On my own, I found a local independent structural engineer who inspected my rental house and he told me the proposed FR work was not necessary and that all that was necessary was some minor repairs, which I eventually had done for about $2,050 through a different contractor. Before starting the work, I cancelled the contract with FR and asked that they return my $962 down payment, since they had not done any work on my rental house. On 4/11/18, after several exchanges with Ray Anderson, FR's local representative, on a phone call Fred Gonzalez, their Sales Manager, told me they would be returning my $962 deposit, but from that date they have never contacted me again or paid back the $962. Since then I have filed a complaint against FR with the California Contractors State License Board. Please send a response to my email address so I know you've received this complaint to HomeAdvisor plus to let me know what actions you are taking against FR.

Very Disappointed,

Carlos Patterson


I have no complaints with JACKSON BLASTING.They did a great job on driveway and back of the house.They priced the job very well,...I had a call that reviled that I gave them a bad review,thats not so,they did a great PLEASE CHANGE REVIEW. THANK YOU Rich coury


Hired Joe at insulation JB. They came out and did the job but I still have a animal in my attic. He will not come out anymore. He says I have a ghost
in my furniture. The job was completed 11/6/18. I have burned out light bulbs from the stuff he put in my attic . Everytime I put a new one in it burns
out. I gave him $750 for light covers and $3,986 to clean my attic He blew Cellulose in. I use Home Advisor all the time and I'm very mad.
He gave me 8 years warranty but will not come to finish the job. I'm in a pickle. How do I get him to finish. He said I'm hearing things. No animal. I bed to different.
Paula Weinstein, 7137760360


For the first time I used Home Advisor and had the worst experience, I was looking for Pool service and I was contacted by Hill top pool service owner Kevin conversation through text went well scheduled an appointment for a Friday, Kevin text me to confirm appointment at 1:00pm,I replied ( perfect Thanks) he never showed up after taking time off from work. This is unacceptable business practice that should NOT be allowed on HOME ADVISOR.


We hired for the bees problem the guy was very rude, disrespect, never return call to communicate with us completely ignorant all interested in take the money, still having bees problem, still bees falling through the bedroom windows, I found his business does only Termites not for bees. (Border Land Pest service)his Name Nick Lambert, Tucson. He worked for 45 min. gave him $200. check and he supposed to come check back 3 weeks never came, never called, we called him as usual no answer never returned call for my message. keep called finally answered, he can't come, he said he will refund my money back, my son test him and he text him back he will refund 200. back We have not heard from him, tell whom I can talk Home Advisor to help this problem. We still having bees problem, made mistake hiring him no one ever done like this. you contact me 520-505-7521 or email me thanuiyer@hotmail.com thanks. Mrs. Iyer


Good morning, My name Marie M Erie I am Real estate investor I have been working with Home Adviser .for more than 5 years I contacted Home Adviser on December 2019 about a fence that I needed to install @ 2280- Fowler St 33901 in Back of a Commercial building I was referred by 3 pros unfortunately I got a quote from All American Fence & Gate LLC located @ 13180 N Cleveland Ave suite 312 North Fort Myers Fl 33903 Tel # 239-244-2395. email: aafenceandgate@gmail.com. Shane Miller owner
On January 24, 2019 I gave him a check for $ 1712,50 for a deposit on a Fence that should be finish in 3 weeks On February 21, 2019 Mr Shane Miller who took the check from me' called me on the phone asking to text him an address to get a refund of my money and that refund should be $175,00 short for the permit I ask him to mailed me the permit he said if I need the permit You have to go and get it yourself I texted him my address since this day I never received my refund I have called Mr Miller this afternoon Monday march 4, 2019, he told me he had mailed the check to Fowler Street why would he do that? if he had ask me for my address I have no mailing address at that address after a month of holding of my money. This company is a scam or what? Please Help
Marie M Erie Vitesse Automotive Group Tel # (954) 326-6327 ..email; mafmerie@gmail.com my mailing address was on the check that I gave him. he didn't see it but he has my money Thank you.


William handyman come gave me quote, but when I was ready and reached out to him to do work HE NEVER RESPONDED TO DO THE WORK NOW I AM LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO DO THE WORK HE WAS TO DO!!


I am a contractor/small business owner that was misled into signing up for Homeadvisor "lead services" in order for them to gain access to my bank account and charge their fees. I have an email from Jake Brandon Bauer from a Kansas phone number. Per his email before I signed up = email to Allen 12/6/18 "Again, you take these <leads> when you want them. You are not obligated to take a certain number of leads." However, whatever number of leads come through, you are stuck being billed for with no chance of getting a refund. They will only give credits in way of additional, different bogus lead. Jake's statement is a misleading statement. Whatever number of leads they send to you - you pay for 100% - no refunds. If I would have been told this up front, I would not have followed through or agreed with the terms of this service. Also, when their system is paused (our account manually paused on 12/18), leads still slip through system their cracks, and if lead goes passed 24 hours (example: on a weekend) without contact from us - we are denied a refund on that lead charge as well - regardless of the fact that our system/account was manually paused for a reason. If we have requested the account to be paused while we are trying to figure out why their service wasn't working for us, they unpaused our account themselves (1/8/19 and Saturday, 1/12/19), without our knowledge, therefore more leads came through over the weekend, of which they charge us for regardless of how unethical this system is. They have a REFUSE TO REFUND POLICY not clearly explained before signing up for their services, they refuse to return phone calls when they tell you they will call you back, they give you the run around, passing customers around to multiple people in an attempt that we will give up, and just let them keep taking money from our account. Amy Hiatt started reaching out to HomeAdvisor starting 12/18/18 and continued through 1/14/2019 and got no where with the company. She spoke with "Jake" Brandon, Leo Strand (1/4/19, Friday - he said it was 5 minutes until closing but to forward him the email, and he promised to call Amy back Monday, 1/7/19 = never happened) and Rene Lombardi - each option benefiting HomeAdvisor, no fair compromise for the customer. NO REFUNDS, regardless of if we are dissatisfied with the program and lead quality, regardless if the system does not work as it was explained it would work before HomeAdvisor took my money for membership fee. NO REFUNDS, they prefer to credit/replace multiple bogus leads with more additional bogus leads, versus doing the right thing, canceling and refunding their customers money. They believe they are above the law and can mislead customers into their services and then continue to take customers money for bogus leads of which you DO NOT HAVE AN OPTION TO TAKE once they have been sent to you. From what it seems, they are in many countries per their website, I cannot be the only customer having an problem with the services and business practices this company is (not) providing - while they continue to charge my credit card. Whatever number of leads comes through, good leads or bogus leads, you are stuck with paying for every single lead that came through. NO REFUNDS, they will only replace more bogus leads with additional bogus leads. Once the leads come through, you are stuck with the number of leads that came through, which is not in line what Jake told me before I signed up and took my money for membership fee, and first round of bogus leads.


its you guys home advisor for taking my money then terminating my account for a DWI back in 2012 when I gave you all my information up front in the first of year. Now you change the rules in the middle of the game total bull shit. Now its a mess to change everything around thanks to you you had no problem taking my money all year and you got great reviews from my company and then you shit on me thanks. Well you don't think of all the contractors trying to make a living. I wont forget


I had seemless white Alluminumm Gutters put on front back of my house back in early spring, April I believe. Home Advisor recommended Clarence Gibbs, General Contractor. Paid $1400 for The Gutters and 3 downspouts. Everything was good til rain started. Then the water just pours from underneath front gutter down on the front porch steps, which was main reason we wanted gutters. Very unsatisfactory work. I have contacted Mr Clarence Gibbs twice since then and continues to put me off saying they will get to it. Well it didn’t take long for them to come put them up, so why is it taking months to get them here to fix the front one now?
Mr Gibbs: # 252-202-5991.
P.O. Box 2387
Manteo, NC 27954
This is the info I have on Gibbs Construction

Thank you, Shelia Allen
Very Disappointed! $1400. Lot of money for gutters that don’t work!!! # 252-209-1426


Bad or non-existent leads. Told them I didn't want Mhelpdesk but they charged me for it after the month. Stopped them from processing CC after I told salesman to end my account and stop sending bad referrals. After a day salesman returns text and received more leads I had to pay for, but says I have to call in to office to terminate. Waited on hold for an hour. Finally got them to cancel service but they were still charging me. Also called and worked out a deal that I would leave any charges prior to Feb 27 2018 and let them keep my yearly fee if we called it even. They agreed and next thing they send a letter that I owe them then they put it in collections and then wanted to work out a new deal without a guarantee that it would be removed from collections. Not getting fooled a second time. Now I have to report to AG and to my lawyer


Last Spring (April 2017) I went through HomeAdvisor to get a recommendation for laying of new sod at my home for front and side yard. HomeAdvisor recommended 2 companies and I picked Affordable Landscaping, LLC, Lexington, KY- owned by Terry Hurt. Phone # (859) 402-4044. I had this sod laid mid April and had to have Mr. Hurt come back several times to redo many pieces of dying sod. For the initial installation Mr. Hurt brought out about 5-6 guys who acted as if they had never laid sod before and they came to lay the sod late in the afternoon so they were still laying sod at 7 pm in April and it was pretty much dark. I new as soon as the sod was being laid I was in a real mess!!!! The seams of most of the sod were not matched up along with the fact the truck he delivered my sod on had been sitting in the heat for 1 1/2 days with the sod on the truck.. I found this out from the sod farm Mr. Hurt bought the sod from for my yard. I voiced my concern many times to Mr. Hurt and he brought new sod on 3 different occasions......stating he would make this right. I worked all Spring and Summer of last year hoping I could fix this messed up project but to my dismay my yard still looks horrible. I have even placed weed & feed on my yard this Spring and I still have weeds allover my yard. Mr. Hurt took $ 2,840 of my money and this included the cost of laying "new" topsoil down which he did not do. I should have reported this to HomeAdvisor last Spring but I just didn't. I even called the place where Mr. Hurt bought the sod for my yard and the lady I spoke with said that once he laid the sod in my yard he called her everyday to inquire how to manage this yard he had laid sod in. I was told Mr. Hurt had never bought sod from this company before and it was obvious that Mr. Hurt had never laid sod before for if he had he wouldn't be asking all these questions to the sod farm company. I thought maybe if I gave my newly sodded yard some down time over the winter that maybe it would revive itself but obviously that it not the case. I just wanted to report Terry Hurt, Affordable Landscaping, LLC, Lexington, KY so HomeAdvisor would not refer this company for sod laying to anyone else. This guy doesn't have a clue. My grown children and I could have done the job much better and none of us know a thing about sod laying. Terrible job and this man took me for a ride.....$ 2,840 ride!!!! If this man/company still are on your list of reputable sod installers......please remove this man/company immediately. I sure wouldn't want anyone else to have to endure what I have had to. Thanks. Tammy Greer


We started getting harassed buy a Dustin Mickey back in December 2017 to join Home Advisor. He promised us all kinds of stuff that they build website they had so much work for him turning people away and he did not tell us about how we would have to pay for leads or any of the stuff. Then when March came or taxes came in all of my we had we went ahead and join because we believe in him and we've got nothing believe we've gotten have been bogus emergency room leads the snow is nothing there. In last Friday we were told that we could get our money back as long as it wouldn't been in 90 days and we called yesterday to go ahead and get our money back and they told us we couldn't that was not true and if you'd listen to your recordings the lady last Friday blue it was the 30th told us that we could get our money back this is all the money we have I need surgery is done and we were trying to get this business going to leave something to our children when we're gone these people had to come in and stolen our money nothing promised all this stuff and did nothing for us when I saw that you have a class action lawsuit going on and I plan on it's a scam hurting other people thank you. Oh awesome have emails of where Justin has sent me emails making these promises Dustin.


HomeAdvisor put in a shower. They failed to give me the sku and style numbers of bathroom tiles. The doorway was widened to 32 inches, but frame was left swinging in the air with no support. Because there is a one inch gap between wall and frame. Tile was installed in shower with a chip in it. Support does not respond to email or calls, has not repaired wall that was damaged installing new door. Contractor is a jerk, he also tried to get away with huge overcharges.


Has anyone had any complaints about Home Advisor? I knew Service Magic several years ago, they were an old school company.


I have used HomeAdvisor a lot many times. I put a request for what I need and they send me leads. They work really fast. Anyone that needs any type of repairs or service. Give Home Advisor a chance. You won't be disappointed. I have used their services many times and out of experience I am writing a review. Try them once and you will know how they work.

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