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I bought a brita water filter for the kitchen sink and the reataing nut and the sonic welds are not holding , and there leaking enough to the point the filter water and the tap water are mixing to gather . how do I get a new one to replace the bad one ??


Contacted Btita through email regarding there water purity levels Took a reading and was not happy. Never got a reply to email.
Disgusted after paying a lot of money for there jug and filters. The water was purer out of the Zerowater container. Got a 1 PDS reading on my zero
water container. Tap 18- Brita 14-My old Aqua Optima Oria Filter Jug with a out of date cartridge it was 6. I enclose copy of email.


I bought a 2 pack Brita Long Last filter and it does not work. I switched the filter to the second one, which works. These filters are not cheap, and I was sold a faulty filter, which is unacceptable. Is there any way I can be sent a new filter?

Thank you.


"I bought one of your 3.5 L Jugs at Woolworths in Bulimba, It was $32.99 when I got it home and set it up the top filter indicator did not work, at first I left it but then after two days I thought that for $33 it should work. I had already thrown my old one away. I took the top back to Woolies as I needed the jug for my children and they said they did not have another they will give me my money back. I said that is no good as I need a water filter for my Children, then they said go to another branch and I left. In my car on the way home I thought that THEY should call another branch to see if they had a replacement,and they did not have a replacement. I asked to see the manager and after a while he came out to say he would try to order me another. Not very happy from Bulimba. I do not think Woolworths take your product seriously.

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