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I purchased 2 American Standard toilets July 28, 2018 and installed August of 2018. For the last
six months or more I have a rusty colored stain coming from the hole in front of the bowl. It sometimes
stains the water in the bowl. The inlet water flow is excellent. This is very annoying and I would like your help.

Thanking you in advance,
Gilda Colannino

Toilet # 270AA001.021 CADET 3 POWERWASH IN BONE.


my unit is 3 years old,january 4 of last year my unit quit heating,service man said expansion was bad, charged me 850,00 to fix, now one year and one week to the day my heat has quit again,and now he said it was the other expansion valve and this time its 600.00 just wondering if this is something i need to save up for every year around january,if so think i need to cut my loses and purchase a different brand unit. very dissatisfied.


On or about June 1, 2016, we purchased a Standard AC unit for our 2nd story. We paid Mr. Huff over $6k for the unit. The unit had a warranty. Within 6 weeks of the initial installation, the AC unit flooded our upstairs causing substantial damage to our ceilings, crown molding, etc. Mr. Huff allegedly "corrected" the problem, but refused to remit payment for any property damage caused by the defective product. The week of September 18, 2017, once again the AC unit began to flood our 2nd story. Mr. Huff was contacted. He came to the property and "blew out the line" stating it was solely a plumbing problem. As of October 3, 2017, we still were experiencing water pooling in the attic and draining out of the ceiling. First, we had a plumber inspect the plumbing. No plumbing issues were discovered. Next, we had Southern Comfort come to look at the unit. The man only took pictures and documented via invoice the cost of repair for the AC unit to make it stop leaking. Then, Mr. Huff came by. He installed a P-drain/trap, stated he didn't understand why my AC kept flooding my house, said he had not experienced this before, and then left. As water was still pooling in my ceiling, I then contacted Gentry Air Conditioning, Inc. They made corrections and stopped the flooding. Yesterday, Mr. Huff had his "installer" come out and work on the AC unit again. Mr. Huff's installer acknowledged that he, personally, would find the flooding unacceptable and would be upset. Afterward, when we asked Mr. Huff if he would pay for the deductible for our insurance, he said he didn't know "who all had touched the unit and wasn't responsible for anything." He went further to state he would not pay for any property damage and hung up on my husband and I.


Purchased a walk in tub thru Ferguson in Charlotte, NC. Upon my request, the sales person contacted the American Standard representative to confirm what we were looking at would be what we we wanted and it all worked together. (Tub with heater). Your rep confirmed to Ferguson that all we were discussing would work. After confirmation we placed the order. Upon arrival, it was determined the tub and heater were not compatible.

Your rep advised that not only had they provided incorrect information but their internal shipping procurers did not do their job, the tub and heater should have never got shipped to go together. This has cost me the addition of a new on demand water heater at $5000.00. I asked Ferguson to work out something with American Standard since they provided bad information and then shipped incompatible products. Ferguson advised that your company refused to discuss anything to resolve this matter. I thought this was a quality company. I will be looking for reply.


Poor customer service on my most recent order. I will be requesting a refund soon.


I purchased an American Standard Boulevard Dual Flush toilet Model 2891200.0020 from Home Depot in October 2015. It was shipped on October 15. This toilet was purchased for a guest bathroom renovation. The toilet was installed on November 2. After installing the toilet the contractor noticed that the seat was broken. I immediately contacted Home Depot to inform them of the broken seat and requested a replacement. I contacted Home Depot again after I did not get any feedback and was told that they are awaiting feedback from American Standard - however they only sent the request to American Standard on the November 12 when I initially contacted Home Depot on the 2nd.

I called Home Depot on November 20, to find out the status and "was given the same story "we are awaiting feedback from American Standard". I requested to speak to a Manager, who acknowledged the awful customer service relating to this item and he said it was not his department that handled it but he would investigate and give me a call back. That was the 20th, to date he has not called back. I called Home Depot again on the 23rd and I no one can tell me when I will get a toilet seat. Today is the 25th, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and my newly renovated guest bathroom cannot be used, door shut - toilet has no cover. I am the phone with a helpful associate Ana, who is trying to get me some help. We are now on the phone for almost an hour while Ana is trying to find out what is going on. At last an employee at Home Depot knows what good customer service is.

This prior poor service from Home Depot is so ridiculous I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I have a incomplete renovated bathroom with a $614 toilet which no one can use. I cannot swear that I will never shop at Home Depot again because they have a store a stone a throw from my home and they tend to be helpful in the store if you get there early in the morning or late at night. I will NEVER buy an American Standard product again - for the two other bathrooms and powder room that I need to renovate.

It puzzled me why it is taking almost a month to get a replacement toilet seat on a $614 toilet or even to find out when I will get it. It is deeply disturbing how these companies offer such poor service.

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