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I bought tv in december it would never connect to internet. I started warranty process in January. We did every step they asked some twice, I had to send the tv back and they sent me a refurbished one, it still did not work. I returned that tv and was to be provided a refund as of 5/26 they have the tv and I have yet to receive a refund. I call called today 7/18 only to be told it needs to researched again and that it they are not sure where it is in process.


Amazon Prime App disappeared from TV. When trying to reinstall it say already installed, but does not show under apps. Reported problem to Hikvision, who know about the problem. They promised to get back to me. 10 Days later, still no response. Phoned again, was promised return call within the hour, never phoned back. VERY POOR AFTER SALES SERVICE.


Fridge stopped working, rang customer service that day 27.03.19. Reference number 101042826. Waited until the 09.04.19 for parts to arrive 13 days with no fridge. The service agent attended site for 2 minutes to say the fridge needs replacing. Why do I have to wait for 13 days to be told the fridge needs replacing??? I then rang customer service (1800447367) spoke to a lady named Vicky to hear that you are not going to replace the fridge but i get a store credit that i have to go and source another fridge to the value of the old. Im sorry but this isnt good enough. Firstly i had the 1st fridge delivered, secondly what if the same fidge is now more expensive than the original purchase? And thirdly after waiting 13 days without a fridge why should it be my responsibility to shop for a new fridge?. If the frigde i have is up for replacement than thats what i expect, hisense to organise and deliver a new fridge.



MY name is Dr Ehab, from Abu Dhabi

I bought Hisense TV 1 year and 2 months ago exactly. Model 55N3000UW 4K UHD Smart LED Television 55inch.

Yesterday it suddenly shutdown and not working any more.

The concerned local service center checked the TV and they told that the motherboard is damaged and need to be replaced and costs around 200 Dollars .

So, what to do now? it is only 2 months out of the manufacturer warranty .

I think 1 year 2 months is a very short time for such a big brand to shutdown and stop working.

please give your support to fix this issue



Purchased TV 3/23 problems with TV started in December. PCT customer Service said will send Tech . Finally sent tech 1/21 after 4 days problem returned .Emailed 2/2 and again 2/8 phone call again to ITI. tech returned 2/12 . Problem returns again left messages and email to customer service . Called and emailed back 2/18 now I have to send TV back to them. Explained I am 76 years old and they need to come and get it I can not pick up 55'' TV nor can I get it to FEDEX They refused said will send Box no more help from them I said I have contacted Walmart they can keep TV I want my money back. Called them again on 2/22. email from ITI box sent. Box arrives 3/8 returned box neighbor put TV in box for TV picked up 3/9. 3/11 called Walmart again they will take over when warrant over 3/24. Phone call to ITI they say got TV on 3/15 I don't believe them . They said someone will call in 2/3 days.
I do not trust your company and I want my money BACK.


I bought a cellphone from Ackermans in September 2018. after 2 months of using the phone, I realized that the battery had to charged everyday. atfirst o thought it was because I was [playing games on my phone, but when I stopped playing games for 2 days the problem persisted.i am so very disappointed as that is the reason why I had bought another phone , because I was having a problem with my previuos phone different model.I was working out state so I could not return the phone immediately. when I did get back to Durban and taken the phone back to Ackermans, they tell me that they have to send the phone in for repairs! why should the phone get sent in for repairs when clearly it is the battery that is the problem. I have never come across a stupid phone that is stil new and has a problem with the battery.PLEASE MAKE BETTER PHONES THAT LAST AT LEAST LONGER!REALLY RUBBISH MAKE! STICK TO MAKING TV`s!


dear HIsense in good faith I paid off a Hisense tv at Harvey Norman. Ararat vic.3/4 years ago. My complaint is that it tells me its not compatible with Chromecast and also Netflix has no sound. It seems that firmware does not update on this tv .If I am wrong accept my apology. Its recently that I have found out these problems and as I am a pensioner I am not at all happy.. Netflix is something I would ;like to have and watch on my tv as does my friends.They do not have Hisense.I think I would not buy another Hisense .
I have sent a complaint before but no answer maybe I pressed the wrong button .I do hope you can help me with this huge problem as I would dearly love to watch Netflix movies.My granddaughter tried Stan but similar problem

Mrs K wheelan


I paid this Hiswnse ttv off AT Harvey Norman Ararat am a pensioner and RECENTLY A fault has occurred .Harvey Norman reported to Hisense and a lady rang me and said it I was in need of a new remote which cost me $66 but it was not the remote .Now I have two .The manager came out and reset the tv and but keeps happening every few months.
I downloaded Netflix only to find out that Hisense is missing firmware which I cannot download I have been advised.
Then we tried cHROMECAST which the tv told me not compatible .I have paid for a smart tv that is not giving me
what other tv are giving..\All I want is to watch Netflix and the Hisense I have wont let me.Are you able to help please .ApprteciATION IF YOU CAN.

mRS k Whelan.THANK YOU.


Hisense USA
Attn: Data Processing
7310 McGinnis Ferry Rd
Suwanee, GA 30024.

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN (Hisense H734557)
This to let you know that I have complained severally on the Tv units stated below. It’s been one complaint or the other. It started months ago, a technician was sent to my house on like three different time before my first complaint was fixed by the technician. Until recently it came up with another problem and I complained to the customers service. FedEx label was sent to me on 11/27/18 and the Tv unit was dropped at the nearest FedEx office. It took forever before it was delivered, fixed and returned to me on 12/22/18 evening delivery. To my surprise the mentioned problem was not fixed before it was sent back to me.
TV Problem: When you switch to the apps like YouTube especially, it will just be loading continuously, and the screen will turn black and stay like that forever and will not respond to remote control.
I have to power reset it or restored the system back to factory reset. Pls I cannot continue with this type of situation.
I am a family man, imagine my family was left without Tv for like almost a month 11/12/18 – 12/22/18.
I have never enjoyed this Tv, it’s never to my satisfaction. I am tired of spending time with your customer service team, repeating and repeating myself, spending 45 minutes or more time on phone bouncing me front and back.
I will appreciate it if there can be a permanent lasting solution to this Tv above stated problem

Thank you
Hisense TV- MODEL 50HBC
SERIAL NO 50G17878HO1605


I have asked more than once for some body to come out to have a look at my tv as first up in the mornings very morning it plays up does not want to turn on and Netflix does not want to turn on either. But u tube does. I have spoke to quite a few professional people and all have said its the tv. Please can I get some out to have a look at this tv.

you can contact me on 0478057027.


I am having problems to watch Netflix. I phoned them and we did all we have to do. They told me I must contact my TV manufacturer because this is a software problems. I can watch Netflix on my other devices, so I believe the problem is with the TV. I have lodged a complain last week already and still nothing. I keep on getting emails from the service department to go to settings etc and I want somebody to come out. I have done everything and it still doesn't work. I am not a TV technician.
I have to send photos of the warranty, delivery note, invoices and everyting. still no service??????????????????


absolutely disgusted with the service i received from Hisense i had a TV which had a problem with the volume i contacted Hisense and was told as the TV was under a certain size it needed to be sent to there repair company REPAIRTECH. they told me to take photos of my TV before it was collected.as they had problems in the past with damages, DPD collected it on the 3/8/18 and that was the last i saw of it, 2 weeks i was told it would take that was the maximum i had to ring them quite a lot to see what was what,i got an email on the 28/8/18 saying they hadn't heard from them as yet and was chasing it up.then on the 29/8/18 i had an email saying repairtech had my TV and it was damaged they said it wasn't them and was blaming me saying i sent it in with a hole in the bottom left and the screen was like a spiders web,that was totally a lie i didn't send it in like that it was only a volume problem i feel disgusted that a company can carry on like this, and be allowed to blame a customer when its not the case


The rude guy i got on the help line was horrible . I am partially handicapped so i needed him to go slower and be specific . He was very irritated with me and was not shy about letting me know it ! He made me feel stupid and useless and i really will never NEVER purchase or recommend this brand again .
I slammed you guys on my facebook .
Never been treated so badly . And i TOLD him " sir im slightly handicapped please dont be so mad at me " he ended up hanging up on me !!!!
Fired . He should be fired .


Never got a power cord with TV Finally got Jeffery in Toronto to send me one and turns out it is the wrong one for my tv. Today instead of a powercord i got a remote control or channel changer. What do i have to do for them to get it right?


bought a 50 inch TV and when i opened it had no power cord.After several calls and emails finally gave me a fax number in Toronto and was to put Attention to Jeffery. He did phone me and sent a cord but not the right one Now i cant get anyone to answer me. This cord is too big just fits flush with the outside of TV doesnt touch the prongs it needs to fit onto. I have faxed and emailed and nothing.No sense phoning as i ve done it several times and does nothing.


After a faulty Hisense flat screen tv was reported almost 3 weeks ago, there are to much to type regarding the bad service from the Port Elizabeth company ( tts or tds) and Hisense complaint department. I have spread the news and will in the future regarding the very poor service and will not want to purchase any hisense products anymore until we receive apology from all departments for their false words/guarantees and utmost poor service.

No follow ups, no common courtesy to return calls when we phone both companies and when we get hold of someone numerous times we are told will phone back in a short while but this does not happen. This is not service excellence.

Phone me for details.( i have minimum expectancy that you will) 0840607749


my claim no. is h339829, what happen television started smoking from the back then the screen cracked,they said what happen is not cover under the warranty, I very dissatisfied with the decision because what happen the television started smoking and that what cracked the screen, I think it should be cover under the warranty.


my claim no.is h339829 you said you will nor warranty my television because of a internal crack in screen, but it was crack from the television stated smoking from the back of television it got real hot and that what cracked the screen so I think you should cover under warranty.


I bought 50" hisense smart 3d at Magic Appliances by the hisense salesmen, and i 've known it covers by warranty within two years period and unfortunately my hisense tv got problem while am watching. The pictures slowly become blurred and it created a vertical lines until the pictures goes out and no more lights. So the following day, I refer to the dept. store where I bought the tv and they advise me to report the matter to the hisense service center.

But my problem became more worst when i reported to the said service center and that was sept 8, 2016 the promised me that they will go to our house for servicing but the did not come after my several follow up until i got angry to them that's cause were forced them to visit our house on October 5, 2016 i agreed to pick up and bring my tv to their office for repair but until now with my many times follow up thru visiting their office by text and by call the are always making many alibis.

I'm reporting to your good office to please make fast action regarding my complaint and i want your assurance also that my tv will return to me in good condition as soon as possible!


I purchased a 65 inch Hisense TV in Amman-Jordan in November 2015. A few month later there was no picture on screen. I called the Hisense dealer in Jordan and they sent a representative who picked up the TV and said that they will see the problem and get back to me. They never called back so i had to keep calling them and listen to their promises that they are doing what they can. They temporarily gave me a 55 inch TV to use until they fix the problem which up until now they did nothing.

However they offered me a replacement 55 or 60 inch TV but a different brand not a Hisense so i refused. I finally got frustrated with their ignorance, so i asked for my money I paid for the TV back, and until now nothing happened. I assumed better from a company like Hisense. What is their corporate office phone number? I would like to get in touch with the CEO over this one.


I Have a Hisense TV Model number:HL55K610PZLN3D. I used to be able to watch youtube on it via its app or stream from my Smart Phone to the TV. Now all I get is this message; "Youtube on TV is not supported on this device". However it used to be I have been told by Hisense to make my complaint to Youtube - BUT can not seem to find where to make complaint. My TV is under 3 years old I should not have to buy a new TV every 2 years surely - I paid over $1,200 to be able to watch youtube on this TV. Please help me resolve this issue.


I have a new Hisense 60 inch LED Smart TV purchased in November 2014. On a number of occasions the screen suddenly goes black and the Hisense logo bounces about the screen. The audio remains on, however, no video. I went to the Hisense website to file a claim. I have been ignored. Not a simple acknowledgement of the claim. These folks are pathetic. I shall never purchase another Hisense product. Beware. They are not worthy of the one star received.


On November 28th last year I contacted Hisense to request a repair/replacement after my 64" series 5 tv started to have technical issues for a third time in less then 12 months. I am still waiting for assistance and have had an extremely unsatisfying experience with Hisense. I have made dozens and dozens of phone calls, been hung up on , been left on hold for up to 45 minutes at a time and then disconnected. When I asked to speak to a complaints department/personel, I was told that wasn't possible. No one will return my phone calls , emails, msgs etc.

I honestly can not believe the extent that Hisense has gone to avoid finding a reasonable solution. At one stage in January my case was actually closed before being resolved. I am currently in contact with consumer affairs, and hopefully they can help, because clearly Hisense headquarters are not interested.

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