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I purchased / Upgraded from a GP5 to the Go Pro 7, and it will not connect to the Go Pro app on my iPad via bluetooth!!!

I called your support line and "FULLY EXPLAINED THE PROBLEM AT THE VERY START OF THE PHONE CALL" After 25mins she could not make it work/happen. Then puts me on hold for 5 mins, comes back and tells me it's not possible to connect via bluetooth!!! As you know this is a "FALSE STATEMENT"

I ask to speak to a manager, she then puts me on hold again, "AND NEVER RETUNS TO ME"!!!! THIS IS TOTALY UNPROFESSIONAL!!!!

I AM EXTREMELY PISSED OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I demand support for this issue ASAP!!!!!

Paul Gray
Cell +60-10-403-3898


Purchased a gopro hero 5 black plus accessories in June 2017 as a present for my son. Total spend £500 with accessories.

Only used 3 times since purchased as was purchased to be used on a diving course in Egypt which was subsequently cancelled. In June 2018 it was used for the first time in 3 feet of standing water to take photo's of fish whilst on holiday and upon return to the UK we noticed water in the front LCD screen. The gopro still works, but the front screen is now blank.

After many hours on chat support supplying images and receipts; how annoyed we were when told we have "misused" the gopro and therefore not covered under warranty in any way. So much for "you break it we replace it- no discussions" .
To add insult, the customer service agent offered 20% discount on a new gopro, then upped it to 40%...why on earth would I buy another! There any hundreds of similar complaints going around on forums and this certainly spells the end for GoPro and I will be amazed if gopro 6 sells because of this negative press.

This is dreadful service for a £359 supposedly waterproof camera to have water damage in shallow water when it is promoted as withstanding snow, water etc. My youngest son has the same GoPro and has used to during diving all around the world without a problem.
Personally, as an owner of a scuba dive centre, and as someone that previously pushed sales of the gopro; I am loathed to do so now and will recocommend divers buy Paralenz instead.


Filled a claim with GoPro Care 10-13-2017 case #04046566 was sent a complete new Karma Drone, Camera and Stablizer. The drone wouldn't take off. I contacted support again, at which time they started a new Case # 04063481 on 10-19-2017. I had to continue to contact them every few days for updates. After weeks they determined it was a bad Stablizer. Every time I contacted support I requested to have a manager contact me to date that has not happened.
As of today 11-28-2017 I still have not received the replacement Stablizer and no one has reached out to me to make any offer to make the situation right. Never have I experienced such poor customer service.


Placed order for Hero5 @ £349.99 rec'd shipping/tracking No. Item never arrived, contacted GoPro who raised a query no. Emailed CEO made formal complaints, no response what so ever! Emailed CEO no response. GoPro say carrier FedEx lost parcel and until they find it GoPro won't issue a refund or send a replacement. Rang again this morning to be told I have to wait... So can not order a new one until they refund the monies paid which they are refusing to do. Contacted my bank to ask for payment to be recalled from GoPro. Also spoken to Trading Standards who gave me as based in US to complain to which I will do following this.

I've rang, emailed GoPro almost every day since not receiving the item, explained to them I am Terminally Ill and this will be my last Christmas with my children and want to give them the best one possible, but they do not care! Absolutely fuming mad that GoPro and their customer services are so lax and unhelpful making a bad situation very much worse. Spoke to GoPro today and they still refusing to offer any kind of assistance. What can I do? Please help I need the refund in order to place a new order with a more reputable company as I don't have £349.99 to get another one.


Ordered a GoPro Hero4 session action camera from your website the end of Jan, 2016. The package was shipped on 2/4/16 & when it arrived it was in a small box with no packing but sealed. opened it a week later as a birthday present and no camera. We went to our Walmart and told there was nothing they could do because the company was beach camera and not Walmart. If you are advertising on your site you should be sure it is a reputable co.

We contacted them and they were going to check with FedEx and they would put a claim in. To this date we have not heard anything or been able to get in contact with them again. One of you should have insurance to take care of this problem. We only ordered from this site because it was Walmart and thought we would not have problems, that you would stand behind the products. We are very disappointed & will think twice before ordering anything again.

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