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I was in the store located in Monmouth mall in New Jersey just a little while ago and my girlfriend was sitting on the floor to view the movies that were on the bottom shelf, when the on duty manager came up to her and rudely yelled at her to get up that's against the rules to sit. My girlfriend and I both have trouble squatting so if we sit it's easier on us but the manager had no thought on what reasons she might have to do this. I've seen this particular person in many other stores and he only lasts maybe a month or two he needs to be fired as he has no customer service skills if an employee especially a manager would be this rude to a customer like that they would be fired on the spot don't go to this place they have no customer service knowledge and suck.


Got a $13.00 box of cereal that is in very poor taste. Drove an hour each way only to be told you don't do returns on weekends. I called the store before I left home and explained what I wanted to do. Nothing was said on the phone and the policy is not posted in the store. I have a few contacts at tube TV/news channel s and a lot of Facebook's friends. You're ratings are poor. You choose. Store manager wouldn't give me your customer service number either. Have something to hide?


I went to the FYE Albany Mall 2601 Dawson Rd Albany, Georgia location today. I picked up two cds to purchase. I asked the young man if I bought two do I get the third for $1. His reply was no baby those are not clearance. You do not address a customer as baby. I informed him that my name is Konya and do not address me as baby. He replied that he was from the North and he is used to doing that. I informed him that it is not appropriate and do not call me that.

He mumbled while he was checking me out. His customer service was awful. He does not need to be working with the public if he cannot say yes ma'am or no ma'am. I am fifty years old and do not need someone who clearly does not like his job to be disrespectful. The sales ticket has the name Christopher 032483, ticket number 11939. He was a tall guy with glasses with highlights on the tip of his hair. Can you please speak with him about his customer service? I will not be going back in there if someone with his attitude is working.


I sell my DVDs to FYE in salt lake city and I am very upset with the employer that works there name Spencer. He is asking me all these questions about where I got my DVDs and making up lies saying I come in there 3 times a day. I have never done that.


I live in salt lake city Utah. I am writing to HissingKitty because I want to complain about a employee at FYI in Holliday, Utah. I have billions of DVDs that I sell to them almost every day I go there. I inherited them from my mom that passed away. I do not have a vehicle to take a bunch at same time so I have to take the bus. Anyway one day I went in there to sell and he said to me " where do you get all these movies? You come in like 3 times a day? I was very shocked that he would even ask me. It's none of his business and I have never come in to the store 3 times a day. He lied. He said the LP look at everyone that's sells movies and I better not come in any more. I'm very upset he has no right to treat me like that. I'm the customer. I'm furious. Now when I go in he is very rude to me and won't take my movies.


My old membership #46670875288. My new membership #466721604659. I purchased the DVD Burlesque on 9/17/14, brought it home and have watched this quite a few times on TV, not realizing that it a Blu-Ray DVD, instead of a regular DVD. I do not have a Blu-Ray player. I went to fye at Wesmoreland Mall, Greensburg, Pa. 15601, store #371, to see if I could return it and get a gift card in the amount of $20.10. I realize that is a long time, but I was told they couldn't do anything for me, that maybe I could sell it. I have the original receipt & it has never been opened. If they won't take this back unopened, how do you sell used DVD'S? I asked if Icould talk to the manager, and the clerk said she was the manager, but she had no ID on.

She said we have an upgraded system, & it wouldn't even go into the system for a return. That's bull! i have worked retail all my life, and you can make exceptions, of you want to. Just being lazy! And while I am writing to you, this store is a mess! Not like it used to be. You go in there, and there is stuff everywhere. I always have trouble finding things. You need more clerks like Eric, who went to Germany. It was a pleasure going in there when he worked there, and went out of his way to help you. I thought the clerk was rude, & did not resolve my problem. Today I would not rate your store even a 1!


I was shopping today at FYE store 1739 for my 10yr. old grandson as I have several times before. I have never seen a line move so slow, actually it appeared not to move at all for at least 10-12 mins. More like stagnant. However, the cashier had time to converse with an- young woman for several minutes, then again with a young man that was an employee and they were both behind the counter. There was only 2 customers ahead of me with very small orders which made this all the more frustrating. I mentioned to the cashier how slow the service is and she graciously apologized for it, and then an employee (who she said was named Anthony) who was working on a store shelf interjected in an indignant manner (like he was taking a personal insult) that they only had 2 employees in the store.

Well, I have worked retail over 40 years and I told him I was taught customer service always comes first. He then says if I have a complaint I can call corporate. I said sure I'll call them. He then proceeds to hand me a phone number. I'd like to say this employee showed a disparaging attitude and a very disrespectful tone. My grandson was even upset by his loud and brusque manner. He knows nothing about real customer service and now my grandson is nervous about ever entering FYE store again if he is there.


I was at the Westfield Annapolis, Mall in Maryland, when to employees carefully and constantly see me at the register. They did not acknowledge my presence. I stated, hello! and a female manager stated yes, and I said what do you do to get service around here and then a teenager employee became sarcastic in his remarks and then I became sarcastic in how great their customer service skills were. I have done a lot of shopping over the years in FYE and I have found them rude in Arundel Mills Mall and in Glen Burnie, Marley Station Mall. I will not be returning to any of your locations and I warn every one I know to not to shop at any of your establishments while sharing my experiences with them.


FYE has some good DVDs at rates unbelievable. I have purchased few blue ray print movies and the clarity is simply awesome. They have some great deals and discounts running on their website. I have purchased few with a good deal. They have new ones as well as used one and both run with discounts. Well this is some good about FYE. Allows you to pick your choice. They have various Genres, categories for kids, adults, teens and family related stuff. Great going on FYE to put up so many options for users.

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