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Yesterday, 3-23-2011 I sent e-mail to AGAIN explaining in more detail how a money order sent by my customer in Denver,was never sent to me,… & somehow ended up in a FEDEX bank acct. in Penn, #180452250, almost 24 hrs & no acknowledgment or answer…. Mr.Mari had answered my lst inquiry saying something to contact your claims dept. on “this shipment”, …shipment was picked up & delivered OK, what happened is that money order given to FEDEX was never sent to me,… & was deposited in FEDEX’s acct.on 2-3-2011,… please acknowledge ASAP. THANK YOU, ReHo LLC, El Paso, Tx


Hi, We have shipment under clearance at Fedex for the past 2 months and the shipment has not been cleared. When we send mails to update the status no one come back with reply. We are regularly following up with the Fedex executives and no one provided the right status and the required information. One person at Fedex finger pointing the another. We need the shipment and we have ordered based on the requirement. If it reached beyond our expected time then there is no purpose of the shipment. If the project gets cancelled or if it not used for the right project. I hope at least my Fedex compliant may take action to clear the shipment and deliver it to our end with immediate effect.

FEDEX AWB No : 867291108510


FedEx shattered almost everything in my package. I paid for $200.00 insurance on my package plus shipping, and they sent me a check for less than half that amount. That does not cover even half of what they broke. The box looked like they ran it over is what my family said when they received it. I have used FedEx a lot in the last three years and I ship about 3 packages a month. If they don’t fix this i will never use there service again. What i shipped was antiques for my granddaughter. These were things that were her great great grandmothers on both sides of her family. They can not be replaced! If they make things right with me i will gladly come back and leave a better comment…but right now i am very disappointed with FedEx.


I was doing a favor for a fellow employee. He needed a tail light for his car and could not find it locally so I told him I try and find it on the internet for him since he does not have a computer. I found a site that for 6.99 they guarnteed me that with in 24 to 48 hous they would find my part. The next day I get e-mail with the address of a broker in New York that had located my part. I contacted the company, paid 80.00, 40.00 to the broker in New York and 40.00 for the part that was comming out of Jersery. The broker gave the wrong address to the Fedex shipper in Jersery. Insted of Court the sent the package to Street.

The address where this STUPID Drived left the package was a vacant house. I Mean clearly vacant Steve Wounder could see this house was vacant. Fedex told me to go to the address and retrive the package. I went there and there was nothing. Being Dec. 24,th someone thought this was a christmas package and stole it. The broker got his money, the shipper got his money and I have nothig. Fedex told me the shipper had to file a claim. When I spoke to the shipper he told me it was between me and Fedex he got his money. I have had fedex leave packages outside in the rain, on the outside of my gate on the ground.

Fedex has to be the worst delivery company in the world. No respect for their coustomers or their packages. Therir drivers are anything but professional.


Package scheduled for Fedex”Home Delivery” today, January 15. Have watched the tracking updates closely, as this is an urgent package. Situated myself literally 5 ft. from the front door, with inside door open with only a full-glass storm door between me and the outside. Check tracking at 11:30AM – “delivery exception: customer not available or business closed”. Umm… no FedEx truck has even been on my road all morning. I can speak from my own watching for this urgent package. If it doesn’t show up today, they will reattempt Tuesday, January 18… 3 days too late and a major inconvenience. She also said the option to pick it up at the fedex warehouse would not be available until next week.


My aunt had a box of her items shipped to me by Fed Ex. She was dying of cancer, and, was tying up loose ends because she did not have long to live. She boxed up 6 items for me to have as keepsakes. FedEx destroyed 3 of the items, never delivered ANYTHING, lost 3 of the items, and, did not so much as call or write to me to ask if I wanted the broken items. They threw them in a DUMPSTER! I’ve called them many, many times over the last several months. My aunt died on Sept. 1, 2010 and I am glad she didn’t know this was happening. These were items chosen by her, for me to have, to remember her! FedEx has completely dropped the ball.

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