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Etihad Airways is the national airline of the United Arab Emirates. It is a privately owned passenger and cargo network with a fleet of over 121. Passenger numbers were reported in 2015 as over 17 million traveling to 116 destinations. Revenues were verified for the year 2014 as US 7.6 billion.

If you have a problem with an Etihad Airways flight, use 1-888-838-4423 which is the customer service phone number or you may also call 1-800-300-1336. You will find helpful Contact Us information here. If you would like to send postal correspondence to CEO, James Hogan, you should address your envelope with Eithad Airways-Head Office, New Airport Road, Khalifa City A, PO Box 35566, Abu Dhabi, UAE. International corporate phone number is 971251-10000. The international fax number is 971250-58111.

Etihad Airways was formed by Royal Decree in 2003. Equity Partner are, but not limited to: Alitalia 49%; Virgin Australia 25%; Air Serbia 49%; Air Berlin 29%. The corporate slogan is ‘flying re-imagined’. Social presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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Organising this trip has been a nightmare. Firstly we were double charged from $8,000 to $16,000, from our account which our direct debits come out of. It incurred default fees. It was extremely stressful going through that process. Then when we manage our booking and we put in our details, we saved them, but when we go back in, nothing has been saved. Then we tried at least a dozen times putting in our details, and can't save it. We have been on the phone, about time over 15 times since we booked. Have been told we would get calls back and haven't, plus one hung up on us. I've been a member since 2012, and nothing has been added to rewards card. Then I'm told that my 7 and 11 year old daughters should have an email address as well as our 79 and 77 year old parents who don't know how to use a computer. Tonight we have spent 2.5hrs trying to organise our booking. The whole thing has been a joke. I have booked through agencies before and have had no issues. This time we called Etihad and booked direct. Never ever again. If I could I would cancel this trip and book with someone else I would. But we leave in 9 days, and it's too late. And after everything, still, nothing has been resolved. We are disgusted, upset and furious. This will be our last time we will be flying with Etihad.


Dear Sir/Madam.
We chose to fly with Etihad for one reason only, you are an elite company or so we thought. We booked are holiday and flights with Hayes and Jarvis. When it came to booking our seats in manage my booking it would not allow us to book them as you had some kind of fault, and no Airplane seating plan either.
I had to ring you 8 times to get my seats and still then i had to ask you how to get a seating plain, which your reply was go on SeatGuru. We are all totally disappointed and very let down by your service. But my main gripe is i have had a call from my phone company telling me i need to pay my phone bill of £194.08 for the day of the 26th April or they will cut me off as i have gone way way over my arranged limit. At no point was i told it would cost me £2 per minute and at no point was i offered an explanation as to why we could not book our seats. It has been an absolute farcical.
Miss Christine Salero
Reservation HUGCCL.
P.S I hope to hear from you pretty soon.


Unfortunately I am unsatisfied with the services. My father spoke with an Abu Dhabi Customer service office on the 22nd November 2018 in attempt to use an open ticket that I have for a flight from Brisbane to Manchester on the 6 January 2019. Unfortunately there was no success and no phone call back as it was escalated to the investigation team. Previously I had to change my flight dates due to a family emergency (grandfather was hospitalised & we were not too sure if he would make it) and spoke with customer service consultants, Mihal and Tahsim on 4 August 2018, who advised that purchasing an additional one-way ticket from Brisbane to Manchester was the best course of action/cheapest option as it would leave my original ticket open until 19 June 2019. For your reference the ticket number relating to the open ticket is 6072135415332 and the booking reference was KAVOSI. Under this advice, I re-booked a one way ticket back to Manchester UK (ticket number 6072757581422). At this time there was no compassion received from Etihad. Numerous calls were made to your customer service offices around the world which proved to be costly on my behalf. I was not pleased as I continually had to explain the situation each time and was constantly being transferred to different officers who could not help - there should be records on how many times we contacted your offices to resolve this matter. I would like to use my open ticket on 6 January 2019 for a flight from Brisbane to Manchester (departing Brisbane at 22.25pm with one stop over), however, the customer service officer has advised that I will have to pay over $1,600 AUD dollars to change the flight/use the open ticket. This was not initially explained to us when we were given the advice to leave this ticket open and believe it to be miss-leading and unfair. I believe it is only fair not to incur anything further charges for this flight considering the inconveniences that Etihad has caused me. I understand that there are certain procedures and costs involved with your co-operation, however, should this cost had been explained clearly to me in the beginning, I may not have proceeded with their recommendation. I am still a loyal customer of Etihad and want to continue travelling with your airline - I am a Gold member Frequent Flyer 1076566332523 and myself and my family have travelled many times over the past 12 months. I am asking for your consideration and understanding in this matter and hope to come to a mutual agreement with this additional charge . Your prompt attention of this matter would be appreciated.


We were due to fly to Cape Town via Dubai on Wednesday the 21st of October on Etihad Airways. I was traveling with my wife and two of her children and my two children. Three of the children were minors and we felt that we had come prepared with signed letters of authority to travel, from our estranged partners. We approached the check-in and presented our documents, we were turned away because the two letters had not been signed under oath.

We had been led to believe that the letters would be sufficient but they were not. After much discussion, we were shown and given a document by the Etihad ground crew called "Home Affairs", issued by the Republic of South Africa. The form was a suggested format: Parental Consent Affidavit. It was the first time we had seen it and if we had seen it prior to checking in, we would certainly have arrived with the correct documents and not incurred extra costs of circa £1700 and solicitor costs of £500.

Our Travel Agent, the Co Operative Travel had never seen it before and although excellent in acquiring us the six extra flights out of Birmingham on Friday the 23rd, stood by the email communication that they had had with us, which was a string of emails with varying degrees of severity as to what you might need to satisfy South African Authorities.

The situation was shown to be totally inconsistent when we checked in at Birmingham Airport, where they did not request any of the documentation that we had collated between the 21st and 23rd, Affidavit's (signed and stamped under oath), The Home Affairs Document (signed and stamped under oath) and colour copies of our estranged partners passports (signed and stamped under oath)!

The Etihad staff were polite and helpful throughout, no complaints at all, I just feel aggrieved about the extra money the flights cost me and two days lost in South Africa. I would welcome your response.


Totally fed up with this Airline been inconvenienced with my booking for over three months. A Senior Customer Service official rang me today about my booking and left me in a highly distressed state and very upset. Her manner was appalling. They promise me a specific seat because of health concerns then without warning give it to another. So distressed will try to cancel booking. Staff are so rude and don't care about their disabled pax.

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