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I have been trying to phone Easy jet on the telephone for 10 days now about a Holiday booking, I received the Holiday confirmation which included the Atol and Booking Documents to download but I am unable to do. When I go into my account it says that the booking or name is incorrect, the booking payment was made and the funds taken out of the bank account.


I had one piece of regular cabin baggage but was told the flight overhead lockers were already full and I must give up my bag. This was completely untrue. Luggage racks practically empty on boarding. This unnecessarily delays me on disembarking. Your ground staff did not coordinate with on plane staff - they just made this up. It is unfriendly to customers - verY irritating. I made sure to have just 1 piece of luggage so I could be quick on arrival. Ticket value not met.


Unhelpful customer care by Miss. Musti when I called the +33 485 880 261, the flight club, along with my flight club number.
She was repeating over and over again the same information without offering any additional help or proposing a new solution.


I was recently flying with Easy Jet Naples-London-Naples and encountered in a serious situation that I wish to bring to the attention of Easy Jet Management. Please provide appropriate source that will insure me an answer. Thank you


my flight on Monday 29/7/2019 EZY 8905 to GIB from Gatwick not only was delayed 10 hours but landed in AGP ( malaga ) and incurred in extra taxi costs and got home by 530 am instead of 830pm as scheduled in GIB.

I would for Easyjet to compensate for the extra costs and the huge delay cuased by the airline since they failed to properly mantain both planes. the first one we stayed in the runway for 5 hrs inside the plane and on the replacement AC was innoperative and was hell to be in.


Having been told only one cabin bag per person on arriving at airport with a cabin size bag and hand bag we paid to put cabin size bags in the hold then on boarding the plane we see other passengers with hand bag ,hold all and cabin bag . Then we see the cabin bags been taken from passengers to go in the hold free of charge . If it's free for them who ignore the rules why make them at all


see attachment


Flight Number EZY6938-EDI Saturday, 08-09-2018

We were recently on holiday in Elounda, Crete staying for eleven nights. It was a very enjoyable holiday in terms of the hotel, the amenities and the helpful hotel staff.
However. our enjoyment was somewhat marred when the hotel reception passed us a letter two days before departure informing us that our transfer coach was to pick us up at 14.50 for the flight to Edinburgh scheduled to leave Heraklion airport at 21.20.
Consequently we had to endure a three hour coach trip (on a journey that typically can be managed in fifty minutes to an hour total), followed by a three and a quarter hour wait at the airport and then a flight of four and a half hours before landing at Edinburgh around 00.20 on 09-09-2018,
Incidentally, in addition, the flight was around an hour late, but we understand that this is often not preventable due to a number of possible extenuating circumstances.
However, with respect to the transfer situation, as regular easyJet customers we thought this was completely unacceptable, and as already stated, spoiled the memory of very enjoyable, relaxing holiday. We have travelled to several European destinations with easyJet in recent years and this is the first time we have experienced anything like this, and it will certainly make us think twice before booking any more easyJet flights.

Due to the inconvenience it would be nice to receive something by way of compensation.

kind regards

Lesley Willison


My flight West jet #WS1 from Calgary Canada, Nov 29 to Gatwick was delayed 24:00 hrs due to { plane problems} I arrive in Gatwick Nov 30 at 9:50 AM, My reservation with easy jet, was 13:00 pm to CPH had expired due to the delay in Calgary with West Jet. Your agent made me purchase round trip when I only needed a one way as I had a return ticket. With a little good will from your agent there was lots of room in the plane but still had to pay round trip. I had little choice but to purchase the ticket as I had people waiting for me in CPH. I feel I was treated unfairly and should be reimbursed the price of the second ticket. I enjoyed the flight and all the attendances on the plane, however the male agent was not very helpful wouldn't even give me the receipt for my credit card payment and stated if I didn't hurry up i would miss this flight also.

Thanking you in advance for your help with this matter
Erik Pajak


l was booked into a flight EZY2403, departing 19.35 from Bristol to Malaga, which was cancelled due to the French air traffic strike. Having explained that l needed to return to Malaga as soon as possible, as l had left my disabled husband for 2 nights only, l was booked into what l was told was the first flight to Malaga with available seat. From LUTON the next day at 08.40. Would l be prepared to take it. Having accepted the booking, l was told that l would have to go to the check-in at Luton to collect my boarding pass as they were not able to give me one in Bristol!

l then waited 3 hours to be collected by taxi, and driven to Luton .with 3 other passengers, having been told by customer service person that though an hotel had not been reserved for us, it would be done, and our taxi driver would be informed during the drive. On arrival at the Holiday Inn Hotel, (at 01.00 - 01.15 hrs) we learnt that accommodation had NOT been reserved for us (the other three passengers were a grandmother, her daughter and two year old granddaughter who had a flight out from Luton later, and had been given boarding passes!)

Having had approximately 2 hours sleep. l was up at 04.45 to get a taxi at 05.45 to take me to the airport as one had NOT been organized by EasyJet. On arrival at Luton check-in l discovered a problem, BUT NO ONE would explain WHAT it was. l was taken through to the boarding gate and told to wait, and THEN it was explained to me that the plane was overbooked and l would have to wait until the last person boarded to see if there was an available seat, utterly as the plane was booked.

Having been taken on a long walk round the airport, up and down stairs (due to building work), with no assistance up or down the stairs, l arrived at Customer Services, where l was given the option of flying out from GATWICK at 12.25 that day. Obviously l accepted, and a taxi was ordered. Consequently l (we) had to pay for accommodation which should have been reserved/paid by EasyJet.


The number of complaints I read each day about EasyJet continues to grow, especially on Twitter. They really need to clean up their act!


In October 2015 we had our EasyJet flight cancelled coming back from corfu to Manchester for 16 hours due to engine failure. We was told we are entitled to compensation, after many phone calls to easy jet they are still fobbing us off saying that it's still going through the process,we know that's absolute rubbish because the couple we went with already got theirs over 2 months ago. And for the customer service, absolutely appalling, we have sent over 20 emails to them and not once have they been replied to us. We are now in march 2016 on the 13th without hearing back from EasyJet corporate.

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