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British Airways is a publicly traded company and is the flag carrier for the United Kingdom. Revenues in 2013 were reported as over Euro 11 billion and its fleet over 290 strong. Destinations are reported as over 550 and employees number over 10,000.

If you have a problem with your British Airways flight you may call 1-800-247-9297 and for baggage 1-800-828-8144. You will agree to a cookie policy then find helpful Contact Us information here. If you would like to contact the CEO, Keith Williams you may address your postal correspondence with either the New York address of 75-20 Astoria Blvd., Jackson Heights, New York 11370 or the United Kingdom address of Harmondsworth UK Postcode, Middlesex, UB7 OGA.

British Airways began in 1974 and its slogan is ‘To Fly.To Serve’. Social presence may be found on Facebook, YouTube and Google+.

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I flew British Airways BA 294 from Chicago to London Heathrow on May 13, 2019. I was in Seat 47D. The flight attendant, Joanne, was moving baggage from the middle compartments to the compartments on the left side of the plane. She yanked my backpack out. It had a metal canister FULL of water in it. The canister fell out and hit my head and glasses and my shoulder. It bent my glasses and bruised by shoulder. I had a headache for 2 days. Joanne offered no apology and placed the canister in the compartment.

I feel this is very unprofessional.

Regards, Sally Wojak-Puranen


Dear sir/madam, I am writing to yoy as I am seeking compensation for a delayed flight, the details are as follows; My husband and I flew back from Dubai international airport on 19-11-2018 and our final destination was Manchester airport - we should have arrived at Heathrow at 14-10 and boarded a flight to Manchester which was scheduled to leave at 15-15. We headed to the Manchester flight with another couple who were booked on the same flight but when we got to the boarding desk the other couple were allowed through but we were sent somewhere else to arrange an alternative flight, as the other couple were allowed through it was obvious that our seats had been re-sold. We were told we would have to stay in a hotel overnight and pick up a flight the next day - this was dependent on seats being available. This proposal was not suitable as I had an important appointment the following morning and also my husband who is blind was in distress (he is 78 and I am 73). Eventually we were told there was another flight that evening which was booked up but if we waited in the airport for a few hours they may fit us on that flight. We waited and were allowed onto that flight which made us over 3 hours late. I ask why you sold our seats on the strength of our Dubai flight being late - when the time of the late arrival still gave us time to board the connecting flight. We were booked on a train from Manchester to Liverpool which we obviously missed and because of this we had to take a taxi from Manchester to Liverpool. Yours faithfully Barbara Smith


Cancelled my return flight with a week’s notice, no explanation, Worst customer service in the World. Used United Airways. Excellent customer Service. Don’t use British Airways they don’t value their customers!


I recently flew from Seville Spain to London Gatwick date 15th November 2017. I feeling must complain and express my disappointment with the crew and service.

The crew were discourteous during the flight and the delayed service was appalling they finally arrived at my row justaz the plane was landing. I had been desperate for a drink but only managed to buy two bottles of water one each for my daughter and myself and the white wine was not what I asked for there was no apologies from the crew only indignation that they had to deal with us. I have never in forty years of flying with British Airways experienced anything like it. BA used to be a proud airline but it looks as though they are employing just anybody now.
There was always a first class standard with the crew in appearance and conduct but that's all changed. I hate to complain but after my experience I thought it best you know.


Re flight BA-95. Confirmation Number 2CSRPC. I booked reservations with the Flight Centre. To travel to Montréal Canada for a period of 7 days only, from the 14 September 2016 to 21 September. After I received my ticket details it was when I discovered that the flight centre had made an error to return 21 October. I was made to pay a further £229 to return on 21 September as I had intended.

I wanted to see my sister who is very poorly and in a nursing home. I cannot afford to stay in Canada until October, It was never my intention to stay that long. I am a pensioner and am struggling financially. I hope that you can find it in your heart to refund me the extra £225. In all honest when I saw that my return flight was on the 21Oct it was October it obviously was an error.

I am sorry for any inconvenience and hope that I can restore my faith in BA. Therefore I would be most grateful for your consideration to refund me, as I really cannot afford it. I just want to see my sister before she closes her eyes.
Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.


My son (Marcello de Sousa Hardman) has been delayed from a flight originally purchased at the end of 2015. He has been in Ireland studying hard for 6 months but has had his flight delayed from Sunday to Monday and now to Tuesday. Whilst given adequate hotel accommodation he has been informed of a definite flight on Monday via Casablanca which turned out to be a lie. It was purely a tentative possibility! No attempt has been made to upgrade him or to find space on any other flight and the staff have been shown to be confused and tempting to "reduce costs" rather than being preoccupied by his need to return to his family.

I am currently (his father) in the UK resolving an emergency with my mother who is in hospital. I also travelled with BA from Brazil. This will not happen again unless I receive on behalf of Marcello who will return to the UK in September adequate compensation and explication.

My formal comments which cannot be uploaded are as follows. I am writing to you in connection with the above flight on which my son was booked to travel on Sunday 24th July. The flight was supposed to depart from Dublin at 19.25, but was delayed by one and a half hours and he missed his connection. To compound the problem, he was not able to fly on the same day with the same or any other airline. He was then promised a following day flight via Casablanca but later discovered there was inadequate space. He then was put on the list for another flight but was not allocated seats. He is now sleeping for a second night and will hopefully fly to Rio and then on to Sao Paulo. He has in effect lost 48 hours which was planned to be with family in Sao Paulo after more than 6 months in Ireland studying.

I am therefore requesting a response from BA regarding an adequate compensation for the loss of 48 hours of his time and I look forward to receiving a response from you within the next 14 days before any other actions are considered.


I write with great disappointment to draw your attention on the unpleasant events during my travel with British Airway from Manchester to Kuala Lumpur on the 26 January 2016. 1) one of my bag which was checked-in as luggage was broken upon arrival at the KLIA in Malaysia [ attachment A ] 2) one of my bag which was also checked-in as luggage was delayed and I only received it two days later ( 29 January 2016 ) [ attachment B ] and 3) my wife & I were given seats away from each other despite me requesting for seats together due to medical reasons. I seek an explanation and compensation from British Airways on these matters.


I write with great disappointment to draw your attention on the unpleasant events during my travel with British Airway from Manchester to Kuala Lumpur on the 26 January 2016. UNPLEASANT EVENTS : 1) one of my bag which was checked-in as luggage was broken upon arrival at the KLIA in Malaysia [ attachment A ] 2) one of my bag which was also checked-in as luggage was delayed and I only received it two days later ( 29 January 2016 ) [ attachment B ] and 3) my wife & I were given seats away from each other despite me requesting for seats together due to medical reasons. I seek an explanation and compensation from British Airways on these matters.


My wife and I returned from Dulles to Heathrow on the 19th October on Flt BAO216 in seats 75 A & B their were two main choices of food 1) Vegetarian and 2) Korean Chicken. We both had the Korean Chicken and it was disgusting it is the worst meal I have every had on a BA flight and would welcome your response as this should not happen on a reputable airline like BA particularly as we use BA at least once a year to see our grandchildren in the US.


We took flight number BA2203 from England at 11:30 arriving to Cancun at 3:30 Mexico time. With seats 17D and E on the 29th of July. First of all I would like to say that we were offered seats with space in front as my son needs wheelchair access but when we arrived they were full. The seats we where given were the two seats in the middle which made me very complicated to change his stomach bag as he is incontinent, I had lo leap over his legs to get to the toilet as the person on the other side was asleep. I can´t complain about flight attendance, as they were as helpful as they could have been. On arrival to Cancun we where the last people to get off the plain as we had to wait for the wheelchair to arrive. As we where waiting for a taxi to arrive we where looking for money to tip the boy helping us with the cases through migration and realized that my son Jason Zarzoza didn´t have his bag.

The young man offered to go and look for it as I wasn´t allowed, and came back without any luck. When he returned I mentioned that the bag was over the top of the seats it was a small brown leather bag ( 25 cms long and 15 wide ) with all my son´s debit cards which have all been canceled already but his registration card for wheelchair racing and his travel insurance numbers where also there and all his Mexican currency ( around $5,000 pesos) the boy said he would go and look at the overhead luggage compartments which most have been there as we where the last ones out, but he came back again and said it was nothing there ( which I find hard to believe ). I feel very frustrated as I wasn´t allowed to go and look my self. I would much appreciate it if this matter could be look into. I could not do this any sooner as I didn´t have any wifi and they would´nt let be back in.


i flew with my sister from heathrow to abuja Nigeria on the 25th of this month and when i arrived my luggage was not there and i was told to fill a form and they will arrive by tomorrow. I waited patiently with no result. Eveentually my sister got her luggage but I didn't get mine. When i tried complaining via social media they completely ignored me and then after a day they just sent me a link and told me to keep checking that link. Its been 5 days now and i have not gotten my bags and im so frustrated and angry at how rude they were to on social media.


Over the last year myself and my partner have been flying with BA and their partner airlines and collecting Avios in the process. I also have Avios though various other sources and have recently been trying to consolidate all my points to book further flights with BA. Unfortunately after spending just over 30 minutes on hold (after many failed attempts), from Belize, which cost has cost me a fair amount (after the web site had said I needed to contact BA via telephone) I was greeted by a rather unhelpful rep who informed me that none of the things I wished to do was possible. I was told that I wouldn't be able to merge the points for 6 months,which would make them worthless after April 28th. I was also informed that I couldn't merge points from a family account,even though I had been told previously (and since then) from members of BA staff that I can.

I have since spoken to a very helpful rep at Avios,filled out some forms and achieved what I set out too,albeit with out any help from BA. I decided the customer service I received was not good enough and so wrote a complaint e-mail which I sent to the official address at BA. Initially it was responded to quickly,but after reading the email it became clear that the complaint wasn't taken seriously and had just been responded to with a generic cut and paste response,which didn't really answer any of my questions/issues. I have since replied to this email on two separate occasions,both of which were over two weeks ago and still find myself waiting for ANY kind of response. The initial email was from: Cynthia with the incident number: 150409-000016.


I booked a flight in October to go on a trip to only find out in December I was pregnant. Obviously, when I booked the flight I didn't know. I phoned British Airways and was told they couldn't give me a refund> I fought and fought then was told to go to the doctors and get a doctor certificate stating that I would be 38 weeks pregnant when flying! I did this, costing me a further 17.50. I then emailed this to British Airways 6 times and heard nothing back! Phoned them and was told I couldn't have a refund! WHY! I had done everything they had asked me too! Fought further and then was told they would cancel my flight and would issue me a full refund of my flight which was £130.94. I was to receive this in 7-10 days! This was on 7th April 2016 (2weeks ago). I still haven't recieved a refund! I phoned again to be told that the refund was being processed still, and I would have to wait another 3-5 days! Not good enough! It should be in my bank already! With all the fighting and phoning British Airways, it has cost me £70 ( over half of my flight money). And I still have no refund! I will NOT be using British Airways in the future!! They do NOT cooperate with their customers!


We missed out flight by 3 minutes and thanks for their "policy" We had to pay £120 to book another flight. When we go ton the other flight it was half empty, so the didn't "need" the seat which was the reason why they told us we needed to pay the extra fee. As a result, we had a 5 hour delay flight home which in turn caused us to miss the train since we prepaid. British Airways did not offer to help with our hotel (which we needed due to delay), the car rental (which we needed to get due to the delay), and the train tickets that we prepaid so we had to pay again! British Airways was EXPENSIVE AND BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. DO NOT USE


I needed to change the date of a flight. For whatever reason, I was not able to make any changes online and I had to call a non toll free number. I was put on hold for quite some time to simply change a flight. I provided a corporate card, which is not issued in my name. I provided all the details including billing address. 3 days before my flight, I receive a call that the billing address associated with the card was not correct. I provided the information. Because that call irked me a bit, I called back a day before the flight to confirm all is ok--it was not. The first time I called (again, a non toll free number), I was told that the billing address was not correct. I provide all the information again. And then they inform that they are not able to use a corporate card that is not issued in my name. I politely told them that it was the same card that got me to where I am on the first leg of the journey, and it was not an issue then. They put me back on hold--non toll free number. They said they would issue the ticket immediately. After still not having received any confirmation email, I called back. After a very long hold, they tell me that the ticket will be issued tomorrow, Monday morning, the same day of my flight. Fingers crossed that is the case. Needless to say, I will not be traveling with British Airways in the future.


I traveled from London to Mumbai, India with my spouse and a 10 month old daughter in 1st week of Jan/15. All of my checked in baggage got delayed. For more than a week they could not track where it is. Finally, after 8 days they found one bag and delivered to me. Yes, only one out of 4 baggage. Every time I call the customer service, they feel so rushed and could not provide me any satisfactory answer. Didn't even show any empathy or politeness in their voice. I received the last baggage after 15 days of arrival, which I believe is extremely long time.

Now its been over 2 months since than and I am still waiting for the baggage delay insurance claim. I have submitted all the receipts twice already. When you call customer service they say it's a different department and they could not provide any updates on it. When you email them they don't reply for 10-15 days. When they reply they send the same email over and over again asking for copy of receipts which I have already provided twice. Fed of emailing them and following up with them. I guess it's their strategy to take extremely long time and the customers will give up. Will never travel again with BA, neither will recommend it to anyone. Worst experience. Worst airline. Worst customer service among-st all airlines.


I called BA at 15:50 on 8/3/15 regarding a text alert from BA to advise that a flight I have booked was cancelled and we had been put on another which was unsuitable. When I called I spoke to an advisor called Vinny Singh who firstly informed me that on this occasion he would change my flight to a more suitable one free of charge only on this occasion, any more changes would be chargeable. I advised if BA made any changes to my flights I had no intention of paying for any changes, he then said I wasn't listening to him. He then offered me an alternative flight from Chicago. I am flying to Dallas. When I advised him of this he rather rudely cut me off with 'your not listening to me'.

Eventually after quite some time he advised me that he had changed the flight and again reminded me of BA's policy of charging for making changes. I then advised him I would no longer accept the way he had been speaking to me and asked to speak to a manager. Apparently there was no manager available. I asked to be put through to the complaints section and was told there wasn't one. I then asked to speak to another adviser and was told he was the only one there! I then asked for his full name (Vinny Singh) and advised him I would be making a complaint. His response was 'go ahead' and he hung the phone up on me. I then called back and spoke to another member of staff who sorted out the issue and at least apologized (reluctantly).

According to the new adviser there was no record of my previous call so not only was the customer service terrible but the issue with the flight had never been fixed! I tweeted Ba 3 times but they have chosen not to respond to my complaint at all. I will be lodging a complaint with the BA customer relations team as soon as they are available. I expected that with BA being at the higher end of air travel they would care more about customer service & reputation. It appears I am wrong.


I love British Airways and recently took them on a flight from the USA to London. It was a smooth flight and the staff was very friendly. It was refreshing to me considering I have spent quite a bit of time on airlines such as AA and US Airways which don't seem to value customer service anymore. Will definitely be recommended them to friends in the future. I do wish the flights were priced a little lower, it was one of the most expensive options I found. However I understand that in general you get what you pay for and the cost of airline fuel isn't cheap.

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