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Allegiant Air is an American low cost airline owned by Allegiant Travel Company and is publicly traded on NASDQ:ALGT. In 2015 revenues were reported as US1.26 billion with over 2,800 employees. In 1997 it was founded in Fresno, California to offer discount fares, charter and group flights.

To contact Allegiant Air, call 702-505-8888 or you may contact CEO, Maurice J. Gallagher with a letter addressed to him at 1201 N. Town Center Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89144, USA.

Allegiant’s 81-strong fleet consists of Boeing and McDonnell Douglas MD83 and includes fifteen Airbus A319-100 and sixteen Airbus A320-200. Travel packages include car rental and entertainment. Social media contacts include LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

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Well, I didn't fly with them. Had to cancel our flight because the travel advisory issued with COVID-19. On March 13th, tried to call them at their toll free # to advise we had to cancel and to ask for a credit voucher in return. Tried for about 8 hours and the line was always busy. I then decided to send an email thru the link on their website. I received an auto-reply that someone would contact me. Two weeks later, still nothing. On March 29th, I sent another e-mail, still no reply. The last two days I spent 4 hours trying to get thru on the phone with them. This time, I got thru but was continuously on hold. Instead of their recording telling us how long the wait would be, I kept listening to all the repeated advertising they have. I understand they are busy with the current situation. I work in the service industry as well and we have a much better way of communicating with our clients than they have. So, here I am, 18 days after first contacting them and no one has even reached out to me, not even to give me a time frame as to when my request would be looked at. I am in limbo. Awful customer service, once I'm done dealing with this issue, I will be done with this company, no matter how much cheaper their flights are. Not worth the hassle!!!


I have tried to contact Allegiant Air for two weeks to cancel flights and a rental car. When I go to the “manage my flight” section on their website, and click on the change flight or cancel flight option, I receive a box saying I must call a phone number. When I call the phone number it only rings busy. It is unbelievable to me that this airline refuses to allow customers to contact them during the coronavirus outbreak to resolve flight issues. I am almost 60 years old and now am faced with having to drive to the airport during a pandemic lock down to try to find someone to handle this issue. To anyone thinking about using this airline in the future please reconsider.


My husband and I booked a flight from Columbus, Ohio (Rickenbacker Airport) to Punta Gorda, Florida for February 7, 2020. That morning we had ice and snow accumulation which made for slow traffic. Yes, we should have left for the airport sooner. We arrived at the airport at 9:00 am for a 9:43 flight. The lines were long so I went to the Allegiant desk right away and told the woman working that we were on the 9:43 flight and would not make it through the line. Note, we purchased priority tickets. I was told we had to wait in line like everyone else. We waited in line and when we reached the ticket counter we were told (by the same individual) that they were no longer checking in passengers for this flight. My husband was very angry and asked her what we were suppose to do now. She said "you will have to reschedule your flight and you will have to do that later because I have all these other people to check in". I told her, that is why I came up here and talked to you and she said it was too late at that time, however, there was another couple ahead of us on the same flight that went to a different agent and were checked in. My husband went to the TSA security check in and told them what happened. In the meantime, we are being paged by the airline. The TSA agents got us through security, one of them ran to the gate and told them we were there and going through security. We checked our bags at the gate and were able to make our flight thanks to TSA. I did not get the name of the rude person we dealt with at the check-in counter but she had long dark hair was ethnic looking. My husband and I like flying your airline and was very disappointed, frustrated and angry about the way we were treated at the check-in counter. The flight was nice and the flight attendants were wonderful. If this would have happened at the Columbus Airport with a different airline, we would have been put through immediately in order to make the flight. We have family in Punta Gorda and would like to continue flying your airline.


Returned from Cincinati on 11/15/2019 flight1385. I payed for extra leg room. Flight was overbooked. Multiple people was assigned my same seat. Was seated in the last row of the plane between two toddlers. I would like to be reimbursed for my seat. Thank You. Mallie Critser


Tanya at gate 3. July 19, 2019. Punta Gorda to Columbus . #1676
She asked for previous military. She told me I was zone 3 so to wait. I said I’m previous military and she said wait!!!
I’m 53 years old and she is the FIRST To ever do that. EMBARRASSING and HUMILIATING. never Allegiant again!
Lawrence carlson. 740-244-3404


The pass times I have flown out of St. Pete/Clearwater airport I have always been harassed by the TSA staff. They profile me and pull me behind their curtain everytime I fly out of this airport. The last time was on July 2nd, 2019 and I was "Sexually Assaulted" by a TSA employee. I was in my boxers and t-shirt because I wanted to make sure there was no earthly reason to "frisk" me. An again I was "profiled" but this time when she went to frisk me she punctured my virgina. My imemediate reaction was to push the TSA employee off. That was the last straw, I actionally felt her pointer finger enter the lips of my virgina to the point I felt assaulted. It was disturbing and humiliating. This must stop! I have been flying with Allegiant for many years and everytime is harrassement. Now, I get the sense that this is normal for your airport staff and TSA staff but on my return flight TSA never, ever harassed me just when I fly with your airline and when I fly out of St. Pete/Clearwater airport. This needs to stop!
I have filed an complaint with TSA and now I am addressing this matter your your off8ce again. The harassement needs to STOP! I do not have a violent criminal record, I am NOT a foreigner, I am a black American and I have rights. Just as I have to right to file a civil suit for misconduct, sexual assault, and bodily harm.
Your office need to take this issue serious and I need my complaint to be documented and address A.S.A.P.
Come Monday morning (July 22nd, 2019) if no one addresses this issue I will be seeking legal council (Gomez & Assoicates).


My daughter, Tiffany Barkman and her family have flown Allegiant Airlines several times and loved their flights. However, on the flight booked for 7/8/19, (confirmation # 94DDJX) they arrived at the airport in plenty of time, went through security and waited for their flight that never seemed to show up. When they inquired, they were told that the South Terminal was not in the same terminal the way they had always done it before. They had to wait for a shuttle, ride all the way around on the highway to the new terminal and missed their flight. The two kids were coming to see cousins and celebrate their own two birthdays. They were crushed and cried all the way home. We would find it very kind if they could get some compensation for this flight and then continue using Allegiant Air for future trips.


Why is it that twice I have tried to book on line and neither time will it go through. The 1st time I called the customer service # and got a booking agency that charged me twice what I was going for on line. Today I am trying to book a flight and filed out all info with credit card # and its not confirming my flight/ What are you putting these cheap flights on here and not letting me book them on line? My niece Teresa Ferguson is who I am booking a flight from clearwater florida to tri citys Bristol tn. on the 5th of july.


Sitting here in the Cincinnati airport, it is 1:38pm, on May 22, 2019. Our Allegiant Flight #1607 was supposed to fly out to Punta Gorda at 10:23. We were told there was going to be a delay for approx. 4 to 5 hours. I therefore booked a flight on Frontier. Twenty minutes later the customer service agent said that Allegiant had gotten another plane. My complaint is, we were told over the loud speaker that the plane needed a part that they were trying to find, they would have to install it, do paper work on it, if they couldn't find a part that they would borrow one from Delta, and after I book another flight, they find another plane . Why make that ridiculous announcement in the first place. Never again fly Allegiant. They sell chances, not tickets for their flights.


At end of a great vacation, my fiancé and I were heading home flying out of Sanford/Orlando airport and we arrived plenty of time to make the flight to Dayton Ohio on May 12, 2019 however, waiting in the long line and finding out that I had to check my back at an IPAD station after standing in line for awhile was unacceptable. When a worker told me this, I ended up going over to the IPAD and as I checked in, the message I received was that the gate was closed. When I had a worker come over and explain it to me, she immediately took me and my fiancé to the front of the line so that we could get on the flight. The worker told me that I would be next however, the lady behind the counter kept pulling other in front of me, ignoring that I was there. at this point, I felt I was going to miss the flight. I have flown with other airlines where I encounter the same issue but they accommodated me and got me on the flight. Once the lady behind the counter was able to help me, she told me I have missed my flight even though the flight wasn't leaving for another half hour. The lady behind the counter told me that she could no longer help me and pushed me off on another person which was there to help me get on another flight. The only flight available was a flight to Cleveland Ohio which is 3 hours from my residence. On top of that, the charged me $150 fee for having to change my flight which like I said I could have made my original flight if people were working as they should have. So, I incurred $150 fee for changing my flight then once in Cleveland I had to rent a car to get home, again, 3 hours away. The car cost me $157 plus gas to fill the car up. Since I have started flying with Allegiant, I have had nothing but issues getting from point A to B. I have never experienced these issues with any other airlines and right now, I would spend $200 to $300 more with another airline just to know that I will get to from point A to B hassle free. Even though I saved money flying Allegiant, the frustration wasn't worth it. I would hope Allegiant would want to keep me happy and coming back and flying them in the future that they would want to make some restitution whether picking up my additional cost that I wasn't expecting or a free airline ticket to wherever Allegiant flies. At this point, I'm very disappointed with the airline and the counter people at the Sanford/Orlando airport when I believe that they were capable of getting on my flight to Dayton Ohio on May 12, 2019.

Dave Gracey


This letter is to complain about service I received from Allegiant Air. A few years ago, I passed out on a flight from Fort Meyers to Pittsburgh. The crew did not know how to diagnose my problem and instructed me that they were landing the plane in Charleston, S.C. against my will.
This mistake cost me $4,000 in medical bills for an ambulance to take me to the Hospital and receive water as treatment. I also had to rent a car for my wife and I to drive home from South Carolina. Please let me know if Allegiant will take any responsibility for the bills I incurred from their judgement.

Paul Fisher


Our flight out of Indianapolis was great... we experienced a wonderful flight.. with no snafu's.... when we were flying out of FLL we arrived 2 hrs prior to boarding... there was an extremely large line to check in baggage and no one moving... for over an hour - we were told that the computers were down and we would just have to wait. Two of the women went through the line letting people know that they would not leave without us that the flight would be delayed. Then we were held up at customs with people from our same flight with paperwork instead of passports ? They were held up and we were right behind them.... When we got to the gate there was no plane and we were told that that flight was closed. The gentleman at the gate continued with his 3 page paperwork until he waited on us and the others who missed this flight... then proceeded to tell us no more indianapolis flights for that day. And we would have pay a $50.00 charge for rescheduling flight... Our luggage shipped on this flight and we had nothing to shower with or change of clothes....Horrific.... My son and I were exhausted running around your airport dealing with absolutely rude ticket agents and gate workers.... I'd like to know How you will compensate us for our troubles, please.
Shannon Madix Combs
Zachary Madix


On April 3rd 2019 my computer lap top was removed from carry on luggage by security personal. As I was waiting on the other end to retrieve my luggage , no one from security informed me that my lap top had been removed. I retrieved my luggage and continued to my gate to get ready to board my flight to go home. When I got home I found that my lap top was missing. I called Allegiant air lines and they informed me that they did indeed have my lap top. They informed me that they would send me my lap top but I was responsible to pay the shipping bill of $55.18 from UPS to deliver the lap top. I am 87 years old and can't for the life of me figure why security would remove my lap top and not inform me. Allegiant airlines is the carrier I use twice yearly and have never experienced any other problems. Allegiant refuses to reimburse me for the shipping expenses and I feel this is unjust. All I ask is for reimbursement of $55.18 and I can continue with their service. This all happened in Sanford Florida with a flight to Toledo Ohio. I have a reference # 4186 terminal B screening. I appreciate your taking time to review this complaint.


Rollin Wanemacher


I received an email with specials on Allegiant Airlines on March 30, 2019. I tried several times on March 30, 2019 to book tickets to Bangor, ME for July 13-26, 2019 online and it was showing 5 seats left. Each time I tried the system would not complete the transaction, it would not go through, so I called and spoke to Sannis, ext 2041, he told me that I waited to long, that the seats were booked at that price, which would have been $627. So I had him book it for me 7Z97TH and the cost increased to $844.

Today I received another email from Allegiant Airlines. I proceeded to go in and check the dates & flight the same as above. The system showed 3 seats left. So I'm sure the 2 seats Sannis booked for me on March 30th reduced it to 3 seats left. Therefore, what he told me was a lie. I have never had problems with Allegiant before. I'm guessing the extra cost was a booking fee charged, which I should not have been charged because your sight was not working properly.
I called back today March 31st and Paul said there is nothing that can be done. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he stated there was not one available today. I told him that is not true that there is always a supervisor on duty.

I am very disappointed in the way Allegiant Agents handled this situation and that you don't teach your agents to lie. Hope I get a respond back as soon as possible. I don't want to slander your company on social media but I will do so if I can't get some results.
Thank you, Sandra Sanchez,, 941-713-9778


This complaint is in regards to my and my sisters return trip from Punta Gorda, Fl. to Niagara Falls, NY on 3/26/19 Itinerary Numbers 7YNTMS and 7W6HCB: I sat in seat 25F and she sat in seat 26F. There were ants crawling all over us, on the back of my seat and on the walls and our person. We did not have carry=ons so I know they didnt come from us. No one else seemed to have the same complaint. That said, I think some sort of refund should be had. I signed up for Allegiants credit card during this flight as I plan several trips to the aforementioned destination, however i am having second thoughts about future trips. Pleas advise to Linda Sargent at


I would rate Allegient a 0 or NO STARS due to the passed flight I took with them:

I would like to file a complaint and get some resolution to an issue I had yesterday flying out of FLL to SYR on Allegient. I had checked in the day before and had paid for 1 checked-in bag. When I approached the check in counter the day of departure, I took my bag to the counter and put the bag on the scale. The very rude agent told me that the bag was overweight which I had figured, so I was going to transfer some of my belongings to my other bag (which my brother had brought up to me). The agent wouldn't let me transfer any belongings to my other bag as she said it wasn't my bag and made my brother pay for a bag which wasn't his. I tried to explain but she wouldn't let me explain. So then she asked me to pay for the overweight bag so I gave her my credit card and she said it didn't work. Then she tried my brother's credit card and said his didn't work. Fortunately one of our friends was able to pay for our bag. She was rude and uncooperative to say the least. After leaving the counter, I went up to purchase a coffee and my card worked. So I knew then that the agent was either just having a bad day or just didn't want to do her job. So we were overcharged $50.00 for the bag. I even went up to the ticket counter when arriving in SYR and 2 agents there said they did overcharge me and gave me a number to call. So I called Allegient yesterday when I got home to try and get some resolution to this, but to no avail. The agent tried to explain why she couldn't give a refund of the $50 that was overpaid. I'm not sure how else I can explain the situation other than I had paid for the 1 checked in bag and paid for that which was expected. Then when they made my brother pay for my bag - which we explained it wasn't his, the entire situation was a mess. I fly to Florida quite frequently and usually fly Allegient, but going forward - I will not be flying Allegient due to this situation. I plan on attending college in Florida so flying Allegient would have been convenient, but I'll take my chances on another airline if this is the customer service I have received and will receive in the future.


FLying out of Grand Rapids on Sunday Feb.17 we were delayed an hour and thirty minutes due to no attendants. Such poor service we couldn't even find a representive to ask why we were being delayed. An hour late a representive told us the reasoning. Once boarded which took forever the flight attendants couldn't smile or speak.
This ruined our plans for that afternoon.
On our return flight we waited for our luggage for over an hour...which made our drive home terrible because we wNted to beat the storm. I've flown many times and never have I heard such crazy excuses...very disappointed. This was my first travel with Allegiant and probably my last.I am very saddened that no one would take my call.I sure hope to receive a response. Thanks The Haywood's


A total of 7:1/2 hours in 21/2 days would like to talk to someone and discuss a problem,please someone call me.989-400- 8552


why don"t you have a leave number, so that we can get called, instead of waiting 45 minutwes to a hour every time I call...This is bad service...thank you Kenny wright


Been standing at ticket line for half hour No personnel around and was told they would be back in 30 minutes it’s now been 45. Minutes serious lack concern of our time and customer service


I booked a rountrip flight with a representative over the phone as I couldn't get through on your website. I explained to your lovely reprentative that me and my husband were handicapped 76 and 78 years of age. We had two small overhead bags and unaware of your proceeder she advised me to check our bags to make it easier for us and we would be helped by the airlines with a wheelchair to help us with luggage. On our flight from Orlando to chattanoga the airport was a zoo and no one around to help us with wheelchairs or anything else which made checking bags worse going and coming. As a matter of fact picking up luggage with no help at baggage claim someone walked off with our luggage. Standing in amazement no one was there to help. We proceeding to the exit exhausted from our experience and my husband still have to hike four blocks to get our car with no help a woman came running over to us with the exact luggage and happily no disaster occurred no thanks to your company. Checking luggage and wheelchair assistant was a disaster mentally and physically and to add insult on top of injury I was charged $80. I am complaining to you in hopes that this does not happen to anyone else Our experience was exhausting and so stressful to both of us. We came home so disappointed by your airline and the promises that were made and not kept and your treatment to senior citizens was awful. I expect your airline to make my trip whole and reimburse us for luggage charges that caused us more trouble that carrying on our small bags. It would be nice if you reimbursed us for this nightmare. Our flight nuumberOctober 4 to October 9th confirmation number7QZ4GM. I Am also informing visa if this is not taken care of. Name Antoinette and John Griffin telephone # 772 210 5553 Thank you.


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have booked a flight with your airline with booking Nr. 7H6MBF (Herbert Schwaegerl, BOD 08-02-69) from Memphis to Las Vegas on the 06-15-18 and back from Las Vegas to Memphis on the 07-01-18 at 07:35 am. The flight back to Memphis was canceled. I was not informed about this before and got first information about the cancelation in the morning of the 07-01. I checked all my emails but I got nothing.
The proposal at the check-in was to fly on the next Thursday!! back to Memphis. 4 days later! That was of course not working as I have a job I needed to go back to office on Monday and the more worse situation is that my family (my wife and two kids) had a connections flight to Germany on last Wednesday. They needed to get this. (We are Germans and I am working in the US as an Expat)
Beside of me 3 other groups or families had the same issue on this morning - by the way.

After a long conversation in the check in nobody was willing or could help us in this situation. 4 days later to provide a flight as an opportunity w/o any compensation I never had such an experience with another Airline I need to let you know. We were very much frustrated and my family was really down.

So finally we had no other choice then to book a flight with another airline to Memphis (which was possible!) on our costs.

The flight costs with American Airlines have been 2.171,20 USD (542.80 USD x 4) for me and my family.(See enclosed the receipt from American Airlines and the charge on my account) I get reimbursed by your company 50% of the flight costs (still not on my account) which is about 520 USD.

Due to the situation that I was not informed and the option to fly 4 days later which I could not accept (I would have lost 5.000 USD flight costs for my family fly back to Germany) I request as a compensation to get reimbursed for the difference to my addition flight costs which is (2.171,20 USD minus 520 USD [or the exact amount you pay back]) 1.651,20 USD.

If you need any further documentation please let me know.

Best Regards

Herbert Schwaegerl
1227 Westbrook Drive
38655 Oxford, Mississippi
Phone> 662-380-2790


I sent my children and niece to Florida on Vacation with their grandmother this past Saturday July the 15-16 flight 1607 was delayed twice originally set to leave at 8pm moved to 10:10 then delayed a little while longer while there at the airport. Check in was Horrible as I paid for carry on baggage for all 3 kids and was told while there my sons luggage was not a carry on cause it was to big, a manager came out and spoke to us and was very nice. My son then emptied some of his belongings in his cousins bag and then it was fine and then was considered a carry on. My son is 17, my daughter is 13, and my niece which is SEVERLY HANDICAP and in wheelchair is 12. Their destination was to be Punta Gorda when unbeknownst to me the flight took a detour I have NO IDEA WHY weather was not a problem per/my mother and sister... And the weather station. I AM EXTREMLY UPSET I WAS NEVER NOTIFIED THAT MY CHILDREN WERE BEING DETOURED TO ANOTHER COUNTY AND NEITHER ONE OF MY CHILDREN HAD A PHONE. THEY ARE ALL MINORS AND ONE VERY IMPAIRED. My mother noticed no arrival at the time they were supposed to land so she asked a rep where she was then made aware of the change :(. The rep told her basically they would just have to fine a way home which is in Naples They were NEVER OFFERED a way to get home just told you can get an Uber... $200. more. I was hoping this would be an easy transition for the kids and it turned out to be a complete Nightmare, keep in mind my children are due to fly back on Allegiant as well. I am mostly upset that I as the Parent was NEVER notified by the airlines of the change in arrival destination. My sister called the very next morning VERY UPSET and spoke to some customer service manager where she was told there was nothing they could do and showed absolutely NO EMPATHY AT ALL, I TRIED TO CALL MYSELF BUT WAS PUT ON HOLD FOR OVER AN HOUR I ACTUALLY TIMED THE CALL... I would like some sort of compensation and an APOLOGY THIS WAS TOTALY REDICULOUS. I am also coping this letter to your CEO Maurice J. Gallagher. Thank goodness the kids finally made it to my mother and sister, but did not make it home till 8am :(
Thank you and I look forward to hearing from someone,

Ibis Nieves (239) 200-7549


A voucher was given to me by Allegiant as a refund for the difference in price for a reservation made in Oct.2017 Living in Colorado Springs I recently found out Allegiant is no longer flying out of the city effective 4/29/2018. I was told by customer service the only way I could use my voucher at this time is to fly out from a city that may be still using the airline. Allegiant has always been our go to airline for Las Vegas- I would have to drive 6 hours to Grand Junction to fly from and use the voucher for this destination. I have been also told I could use my voucher apparently to fly out of Denver to cities I have no interest in. I have asked for a refund by speaking and writing to customer service- I have been told this was not an option twice. I feel this is poor customer service as it was the company that provided me with a voucher and then opted out of Colorado Springs before I could redeem it. Again I am asking how I may obtain my refund for about $400.00 or could I receive a voucher at least for hotel stay in Las Vegas or tickets to shows.


I sat on hold for 2 hours for customer service trying to get a last name changed that was incorrect and when I finally got someone on the phone they said they could not hear me and hung up


I called Allegiant Airlines on -2/22/18. All I wanted to know was how many bags a retired veterian. could take on a trip. I was on hold for 53 minutes to get someone on the phone..Was very dissipointed in your service...Thank You..


Booked flight from FAT to Vegas with my parents for my wedding at 8:43 PM. Got here early to ensure security clearance. Was notified AFTER we entered the terminal that plane delayed until 11:30. We waited here 4 hours. Boarding pass info changed THREE times. No curtosy drinks or comps while we all waited. Staff was nice but clearly just as stuck as we were. I get things happen, but this is horrible. I think we deserve compensation Due to the extreme stress. My parents are older & are exhausted. Please show you care about your customers.


Allegiant just started offering travel from Ogden Airport and flight path is too low over our neighborhood. Please adjust to fly over highway or at higher altitude. Just asking before it gets out of control.


I usually do not take the time to tell of a disturbing travel experience but I felt I had to let you know about the state of affairs and the most recent experience that I had on your airline. This past Friday April 29th I was returning to Pittsburgh via Palm Beach International on flight 1212 with my fiancé and her daughter. To make a long story short the Counter rep left the bag check in early (9:42am and the flight was at 10:47am) I arrived at 9:45am I was not able to check my bag in (along with another passenger who also missed the flight) we paged the counter person 4 times to return to the gate. My fiancée and her daughter had to go to the departure gate to ask the rep to go back to check my bag in.

This request was refused and were told (very rudely) told them they had two choices. To board the flight or get left behind in Florida with me. I tried to get my bag through TSA so that I could attempt to check my bag at the gate but was turned around. They made the flight home because a decision had to be made. Upon landing it was then discovered that I had the house keys and they were unable to get into the house. I had to fly home on American Airlines out of Fort Lauderdale. I called the airline reservation number and was told I had to book another flight and that I had forfeited my fare because I did not check in ( I was at the airport with my party who were allowed to board). I do understand that there is a two hour window to check in but there was an accident on the Florida turnpike even with that I was able to arrive a little over a hour before the flight.

I am upset about the whole affair for several reason. The fact that there is only one person to handle the bag and departure gate, the rudeness and lack of compassion for customers, forfeiture of my flight funds because “I did not check in” and that I had to get another airline, pay another baggage fee and overdraft my banking account. Makes me never want to fly on your airline nor recommend it to any one of my friends on my social media sites. I have flown with your airline in the past and hope that this is an isolated incident with this particular location.

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