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I am receiving postal mail regarding my Aeroplan account. I never signed up for this. Please remove me from your company records. I am not interested.


Contact Center is not taking ANY calls ! You can not get into a wait can not even ask for call bak. This is the only way to make a change to an existing Travel reward and it is CUT OFF ! Crappy crappy service.


On hold for 2 hours 20 minutes. Great customer service!!


There is absolutely no way of getting a hold of these people. Because of the coronavirus I need to reroute my layover and I have called them on 4 separate occasions each waiting over 2 hours then finally giving up.


I have tried reaching Aeroplan waiting on the phone for hours to speak to an agent with no success since January the 14th.. Very disappointing!!!
I would like to resolve a change made by Aeroplan/Air Canada (REVISED ITINERARY) to my exciting flight UGTLE9 for April 4th..
After flying over night from Honolulu arriving in Vancouver at 7:05 A.M. NOW the change to my flight has been changed to departing from Vancouver to 7:45 P.M. arriving in Saskatoon 10:38 P.M.. A brutal change...
Please, do have have a flight getting me into Saskatoon at a much better time of day?


Your site continues to be problematic. It will not recognize my Aeroplan number,my name or email address. I have sat for hours on the phone with the contact centre without anybody answering. I’m suspicious about all of this as I cannot use any rewards or view account status. This is a problem that maybe the Consumer’s Bureau should be made aware if


Recently we took a flight from Deer Lake to Toronto to Orlando and return, however on our return trip we had to stop off in Toronto because of a Medical Emergency. Our son was hospitalized and we needed to be there with him. Because of our stop over we lost our return flight from Toronto to Deer Lake and had to purchase a ticket back. I don't understand why there isn't an exemption for emergencies like this. Aeroplan needs to change there policies for such situations.


Aeroplan do not publish its email address on its website. A sign that they want to avoid their customers contacting them and getting in touch with them when they face any problem. There was further proof of that as follows: They have only one 800 number listed on their website. When you call that number the standard and disgusting ploy to avoid attending customer is to announce immediately that due to high volume of calls, the wait time may be longer. Basically, asking the customer to go away. If you did not go away at this point, then you can hold on to your phone for ever. After holing onto it for about 20 minutes, someone finally appeared on the phone and started speaking in terrible Chinese type of accent of which I had to really take time and ask repeatedly the question she was asking of me. Asked mine and all my ancestors information (metaphorically) to the deepest extent possible to verify, who I said was who I was. Once that part was over, She was not able to solve any of the problems after about 10 minutes of back and forth. So, she said she would let me speak to a supervisor and put me on hold. Well, this time I was on hold for about another 40 minutes for the supervisor to show up. The supervisor was worse than even the front line staff in resolving any issues and practically brushed everything off by saying, it is not our responsibility, it is not in our control, yet touting we are the best in solving customer problems and taking care of our customers. What a trend in customer service. Sigh.


I am a longtime Aeroplan member and have close to 200,000 travel points. Tonight (April 12, 2019), I attempted several times to use some of those points to book a possible trip to New York City. Each attempt resulted in a 400-500 Error Page. That there may be a temporary technical problem with the Aeroplan website is not the subject of my complaint. What I am not at all happy about is the total inability for a customer to speak to a human regarding something as straightforward as service status. On closer examination, it is obvious that the circuitous nature of Aeroplan's online "we're-here-to-help" Customer Service is in fact an technological maze of drop-down menus laid within successive layers of additional drop-down menus. Apparently quite by design, no one is "here to help." Dialing a so-called Aeroplan Customer Service telephone number results in a login procedure which, no doubt, is similarly calculated to again engage the hapless caller in yet another round of interminable, frustrating and time-consuming self-service options. I do not recall encountering such infuriating antics when I last used Aeroplan points. I would like to speak personally to someone regarding this matter. I can be reached, mornings, using my registered home telephone number (i.e., 905 276-5769). With thanks in advance for your prompt response to this inquiry. Yours truly, J Muccilli


I recently booked flights for my grandchildren to visit but about 10 minutes later i discovered i booked the wrong dates . I called Areoplan to see if i could cancel and rebook . This was done for me . I assumed this was done at no extra cost , but i was charged $517.50 for this mistake . I think it is very unfair since it was such a short period of time . So Sad , when we work so hard to get points and to be ripped off in this manner . I am not a happy customer .


When I checked with Aeroplan to book a flight at the beginning of January, was told that I no longer had my nearly 50,000 points as I had not used Aeroplan in 2018. No other explanation given, no apology. I checked on line and realized that I should have been given 60 days notice. I called again and was told that a notice had been sent to me in October; when I said I had not received it, I was told that didn't matter, their records showed they had sent it to me and, too bad (my words) if, for some reason, my computer did not receive it, it didn't matter, notice had been given. I did get a Costco membership in November 2017 and used it all last year, but paying cash. My only proof is my Costco membership #.
My Aeroplan # Is 778 558 635


I have been trying to claim missing miles from recent flights with your partner Ethiopian Airways. I have filled in the forms correctly but my claim has not been accepted. I got an email saying I could send documents to appeal this which I did. I then got an automated email saying the appeal also failed because the partner airline couldn't find a booking with that name. I know what the problem is: I rarely use my middle name so it is not on my Aeropan account but Ethiopian Airlines insisted on using it so the computers think there are two different people, even though everything else is correct. The problem is very simple and a human being could easily work it out but unfortunately your computers can't. Please can a human being look into this. I am not sure you even have a human on your complaints system but am sending this in hope.


Wow!!! Is there any way to get my expired aeroplan miles that expired back?? 110.500 miles.... poof! Gone.
Very upsetting since when I would go to use them, they were usually only good to go one way and useless the other.
This seems to be a very unfair practice considering the amount of money and time it took to earn those miles.

Is there any recourse?


Just lost 97,000 points because they expired 5 days ago...They wanted me to pay $970 +$30 to get them reinstated!! CRAZY I have had them because they have NEVER had any flights available for my travel? The worst points program I have ever participated in. Good luck Air Canada go on your own these people are giving you a very bad name. I will never shop or use any of their partners, it's all a scam. I have travelled 3 times using my air miles this year...


I wish I could use negative stars for this one. I have literally had my Aero Classic Visa for like 6 years and I use it for everything from gas to flights to groceries. Over the time I've had this, I finally got enough to fly from Kelowna to Fort St. John (Wow, great right?). The plane had to turn around after circling for 35 minutes due to fog. I only planned to fly up for the night because I had to work the next day, missed my friends birthday, who was recently diagnosed with ALS so this was a pretty big deal for me, not to mention it was also to celebrate my birthday. I spent the night in Vancouver airport because they (Aeroplan and Air Canada) couldn't get me on another flight until the next day.

Of course, they didn't get me a hotel and my points wouldn't work to book me a hotel because it needed to be 24 hours in advanced. The people who were supposed to pick me up at the in FSJ waited out there for ages because the flight was delayed and they were confused because there was no fog down there (Yes, I know they can't control the weather..). I waited in line forever to speak with the ticketing agent for Air Canada and they told me I had to speak with Aeroplan; I continued to wait on hold for an hour and 57 minutes to finally get through to Aeroplan, they said I had to talk to the ticketing desk again and that would be the only way to get reimbursement for my points.

The back and fourth between the two went on for a few hours, its nearly midnight when the lady on the phone finally tells me that I'm out of luck, she was misinformed and they can't get me my points back. I slept in the airport and they flew me home for 7:00am the next day. the Air Canada flight literally dripped cold water onto me from the roof and I lost all my points. I guess I must be a sucker for punishment because they have always been terrible customer service and I am only finally bailing now.


Once again, and like so many others I need to contact Aeroplan customer support and that is impossible. Now I can not even get on "hold", and I know if I do, I am looking at very long wait. It is time to end the frustration and make a change, and after 20 years. If they want to do something, which I doubt, call me so I can do business with you, assuming you give a damn.


I checked the Aeroplan website for air miles from Toronto to Orlando, and even spoke with an agent and was informed it was 25,000 air miles, on Saturday, I could not use the website as I Was having trouble trying to change the password, so gave up, My daughter called on Monday to book five flights as these were the last seats available on the flight that was suitable for us as we have two small children traveling. At that time speaking with an agent she was informed that the air miles had changed to 67, 700 per person, and was only able to get two tickets on Aeroplan number 197 479 280 and had to pay for three tickets.

I would like to ask for two more tickets allocated to Aeroplan at 25,000 which would cover four tickets, as there was 119,000 air miles against the number mentioned above, and pay for one ticket. Therefore please credit the credit card that was given. You may reach me at 905-673-7474.....the date of departure is March 8th. My daughters name is Lisa Chen Walker, husband Marvin walker, their daughter Leia.Walker. My grandson Kai Walker and myself are on the Aeroplan points.


I wanted to use my Aeroplan miles to see Charlottetown. It appears that I don't have enough miles for a round trip, so I tried booking the return passage only. Charlottetown to Toronto. Monday October 10. It says I needed 12, 500 Aeroplan miles.But I was to still pay 70 some dollars in taxes. But I could use my aeroplan miles. When I tried to use my aeroplan miles, the screen informed me I couldn't use them. So I called the number on the screen. Was on hold for two hours and ten minutes. Then a voice came on saying, "There is a system problem. Try again. " Kept repeating that message then hung up. When I tried today, the flight I wanted was no longer listed. Only flights that took 12 hours from Charlottetown were there. I called the help line again. And now am on hold for an hour and counting.


Contact with Aeroplan call center is a complete waste of time. When I finally got through, the agent said she would put me through to someone who could better answer my question. Well, she must have pressed the wrong button because I had to start the process all over again. This time, however, it kept insisting my account number was wrong (which is wasn't). Now I've been on hold for over half an hour and still no sign of anyone picking up. What a sham!


I called the Aeroplan customer services number four times and waiting for more than an hour each call but failed to reach customer service over phone. I have 406 points which seem like expired, but I would like to have back these point in my account. Please give me back point 406! I need to talk to some one at Aeroplan to book a hotel with my point 25,000 but failed to reach customer service representation. But their contact information is poor at best. Please, somebody find and give me some direct number so that i can talk to some one.


Booked an aeroplan flight in November 2015 for direct flight in Sept 2016 from Toronto to Venice (only one direct flight each way))- needed 38000 points and $542.96 in taxes and fees. Looked at Air Canada flights today - Aug 2/2016 - taxes and fees on exact same flights were $94.09 - so $448.87 more in taxes using aeroplan. Flight information AC 1906 - Sept 7/2016 and AC 1907 - Sept 27/2016. How do i get my money back for excess charges - taxes and fees? The corporate office will not respond.


Card was stolen by Aeroplan yesterday while booking on the website. I called the billing department phone number and nobody answered. Is this a scam? Please help me get my money back.


I took a flight with Lufthansa on May 26/16, from Barcelona to Frankfurt transit at Frankfurt back to Toronto. When I claimed for my missing miles, they gave me the miles from Frankfurt to Toronto but rejected the miles from Barcelona to Frankfurt keep saying already credit to another acct. I only have one acct so would that mean it went into other person's a/c? I called the help centre, after holding for 45 mins, she was not able to help me. She asked me to scan the documents to the centre. Does she expect everyone has a scanner at home? After I got upset with her, she gave me an address to mail the documents to Quebec, now there is a post strike. Why can't they check for me over the phone?


I have been traveling with Aeroplan/Star Aliance for almost two years. I've been getting the same flight/connection for this time. After a year of this I noticed I wasn't getting credit for my connecting flight. When I contacted Aeroplan to look into the matter that's when my opinion of this LARGE company changed. For such a large company you'd think they'd have a great client care department HELL NO! They have only a website that they expect you to do all the work and file for missing flight rewards. If you really really search you can find a phone number but don't Bo her phoning because they'll just tell you to go on the website.

They have no knowledge of any part of the business and are useless in handling anything so in my experience it's a waste of time. So after doing aeroplane job and submitting the date,ticket #,flight #,airport code etc. for almost a year of flights do you think I was granted the missing miles. HA of course not. I was given a email saying no. So I phone in and ask why any the lady says everything looks fine...well you better escelate the matter and go on the website. Unbelievable! I can go on for days about how terrible I have been handled regarding the tens of thousands I've spent And to think I'm entitled to some service is not asking much.

For one flight maybe the website crap works...but when we're talking a year of international flights I think it should be escalated to a level where it is not left for me to do your job. My situation has been ongoing now for six months and only when I decide I want something to be done. Aeroplan will be happy when you get the visa and happy when you join the program but they certainly won't be there to help when they don't do their job and give you something you have every right to deserve. That's when you'll realize how little this company has put into making sure the customer is taken care of when there is a problem. It's unbelievable to me how terrible the customer service is with such a large company.

Disappointed no...absolutely disgusted...more like it. No longer flying with them/not using their bet!


I really like this airline, and I want to recommend them, But I can't because of what they did with my visa credit card. There is a free offer on their website right now for a prepaid Visa card with bonus miles on it I signed up on the website, and my visa card never came in the mail. I called customer service and they told me that I did not qualify for the special Visa bonus card. What happened?


Great ways to earn miles and rewards with Aero plan. I have used them to earn rewards and found it a great way to use the miles accumulated. Aero plan allows us to redeem the miles for renting a car, booking a hotel, travelling, going on a vacation, packages and cruises. I had already travelled 12,500 miles and wanted to redeem it for something for the first time. So I decided to purchase Oakley Garage Rock Sunglasses and did it instantly. The delivery was sent within 3weeks. Its a great way for people who travel a lot and I suggest them to enroll into Aero plan.

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