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Aer Lingus is the ‘self described’ national airline of Ireland and is owned by IAG--the parent company of British Airways. With a fleet of 47 Airbus aircraft and destinations over 92 this airline transports over 10 million passengers per annum. Revenues in 2014 were reported as Euro 1.5 billion. There are over 3,000 employees.

If you have a problem with your Aer Lingus flight, call 1-514-622-4022. You will also find helpful Assistance here. To send a postal correspondence to the CEO, Stephen Kavanaugh, address your envelope with Aer Lingus Gold Circle, 3rd Floor, Iolar House, Dublin, Airport PA 06-39 Ireland.

Aer Lingus is translated ‘air fleet’ and was founded in 1936. The company mission is ‘to connect Ireland to the world and the world to Ireland’. Social presence is important to Aer Lingus and their plane tails are painted with #followus. Look for them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

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I CHECKED IN ONLINE AND WHEN I GOT TO CHECK IN DESK I WAS GIVEN WHAT I THAUGHT WAS MY BORDING PASS STUCK TO MY PASSPORT.(it was a receipt for my lugage,for which I told check in girl that I was taking on plane) for which I ask the question<why on earth did she think I qued up for in the first place,p.s. this was my first time flying as a lone adult.Anyway,upon being stopped by security from passing through I immidietly ran back to check in desk.The desk was closed so I went to customer services but they sent me to global.The staff at global wouldn't print my boarding pass even though I had checked in online and had my passport(me and my 13 year old daughter)I showed them a screenshot of my check in and they simply sent me back to the gate,where I was yet again refused entry.i had at least another 45 mins till take off and yet not one person was on hand to help me resolve the a consequence I had to travel back to my accomadation for an extra night and come back next morning to try resolve the of the previouse day no one on hand would help me.
A new flight costing me six hundred and seventy euros I had to purchase for me and my daughter.I inquired about my luggage and was given a new set of tickets and told they were already back home in Dublin(travelling from dusseldorf) when I arrived home I was told my bags were not there and I had to fill out a form for lost property.My house keys and car keys were in my luggage(my car was parked in Dublin airport gathering up an extra bill.I had to pay then for shuttle bus home and then had to buy new phone chargers as they were also in the luggage.All in all myself and my 13 year old daughter had a traumatic experience dealing with aerlingus in dusseldorf airport.i did not receive my luggage until 3 days later also.The knock on affect of the hole misunderstanding from the beginning was atroscious to say the least.I only flew aerlingus based on all the great things I heared from other people who regularly use the airline.I am now currently out of pocket to the sum of about one thousand euros not to mention the level of stress me and my poor daughter had to endure due to a complete lack of professional care by the aerlingus staff in dusseldorf and the mishandling of our bags.I sincerely hope this letter is not in vein and that I receive some kind of compensation for my troubles. thank you


I recently flew from Dublin to Newark on the 19th June flight 101. when boarding it was pointed out that my carry on Bag was just a little to big, when I have never had a problem previously when flying with you or any other company, This was a return flight with the same bad.
I paid the excess and got it loaded into the cargo hold and this was the last I saw of it until the 9th July. I Had a phone call in the evening out of the blue after me making several calls myself to find out that was happening , Nobody ever called to keep me informed. Was asked if it would be ok to leave case on my doorstep during the night , so relived and just said yes right away there was no explanation what had happened to the case or apology for delay.
I'm glad to say everything was in tact, This was a very stressful time for me as I have a medical condition ( a Storma after cancer surgery) and had medical supplies in the bag which took time to replace and of course a lot of personal things , just seen my 2 grand children for first time and had professional photos taken which were in bag.
Sorry for the rant but I think it could of been handled better and shall sertinly think twice before I fly with you again .

Mr G David


booking ref no. 2NE3XB

To whom it may concern

We booked flights to Fort Lauderdale on 6th November 2018 which were subsequently changed and didn't suit our needs and we were told we could have a full refund or rebook. I spoke to one of your agents and he kindly rebooked our flights via Boston and sent us the confirmation and we assumed as anyone would this was agreed and that was what was happening.

We then got an email from yourselves saying these flights were cancelled and when I rang the agent was most abrupt and rude and left me very distressed he informed me if we wanted to travel we would have to rebook
Since we are going on a cruise we didn't have a choice so I rebooked on my debit card thus this trip being booked twice and Aer Lingus had our money two times over as the first flights were not refunded until the 22nd of March 2019 after many hours of phone calls and emails as no-one could give any explanations as to why.
We then got two lots of money refunded at £32.15 and then after a few more phonecalls we got another £16.38 and finally a payment of £895.66.
Origionally we had £1068.55 and to date we have been paid £976.34 which has left us £92.21 out of pocket through no fault of our own.

Being senior citizons i'm sure you can realize the stress and inconvience this has caused us as well as the loss of money and no-one can offer any esplanation or accept responsibility for what has happened. I have asked many times for our e-mails and case numbers to be read from the beginning but no-one seems interested to follow this through. I asked when I phoned to speak to a supervisor and was bluntly refused?

We feel badly let down by the company as to how this has all been handled. £92.21 may not be much to your company but it is a lot to senior citizons especially when it was not their fault.

I await your reply hopefully you can get us some answers as to what has gone wrong

Kathleen Taylor


Shittest airline in Europe with its cousin ryanair (garbageair)

aer lingus also know as air fungus, air cunnilingus (although when you see the hostesses, it's more like aer vomitus) and of course aer fuckus as they spend their time trying to screw their clients.

Always late, I mean always and not by 10 mn but more than one hour each time. If you have the bad luck to fly
with aer fuckus, just make sure to have hours to your next connecting flight.
overpriced - a very low low cost and cheap service airline that charges you a long haul price to fly to London from Dublin or Cork (all other low costs and major airlines are cheaper).
Appalling service
Uncouth, unprofessional, disafgreable, and sometimes hateful onboard personel ("you're ok!!!!! seems to be a polite formula in Ireland).
Cherry on the cake: racist remarks or attitude from the personal towards people who happen not to be irish on their pathetic flights...
If airline had a shithole it would be call aer lingus


Top marks for flight efficiency on EI0273, zero marks for customer service. Airplane landed in Dublin, had a backpack that was on the overhead compartment, which was removed by one male flight attendant without my knowledge. One female passenger notified me of this as she noticed I was looking frantically for my backpack. I proceeded to the front of the plane to notify the one younger male and one female flight attendant of this and was casually told to wait. A call was made and then it was confirmed that my backpack was moved and I need to wait until everyone off boarded. I was told to go fetch it from the back of the airplane, no help no support and no apologies. Good start of your new branding and customer service image, Air Lingus.


To whom it may concern: Yesterday, Dec 17, 20018 I tried to book a round trip Hartford - Lisbon. I could not make the booking online. I called your NY office and was told the reason was an overnight layover. I proceed to make the bookings and was quoted $500 plus. 1/2 way through the booking the aerlingus associate said that the computer had frozen. I waited 5 minutes. When the computer was back online I was told that now the ticked was $800. Is this the way you deal with customers. You just about lost a prospective client and his family and friends that travel regularly to Europe and bad PR. Thank you kindly . c


I was due to fly out to Munich for a short break on the 12th. October arranged through the Travel Dept. On the evening before the departure as serious storm arrived, I checked the Aer Lingus website to discover that the flight had been cancelled due to the weather. The next morning, when the Travel Dept., I was dismayed to discover that the flight had actually departed. I told the Travel Dept. that I was upset about loosing all of the money I had spent on the trip and asked if there was any of recovering the situation. They suggested I should go out to the airport and discuss the situation and see if I could the evening flight may be at a reduced cost (because of the information on the website). When I got there I found the situation at the desk chaotic. a long queue which was not moving to any great degree and I became very distressed, eventually discovering before that the flight was full. I got on to the Travel Dept. and had to agree to their suggestion that I book on next mornings flight which I reluctantly agreed at a cost of over 300 EUROs I feel that I should receive some redress for the original information on the website.
The original flight information on the 12th of October was A400502 and on the 13th of October was PNR 2HGQIF.

Thank you

Anthony Hanna


Aer Lingus was our choice of airlines when flying to Dublin. Our recent flight from Orlando to Dublin September 18 arriving September 19 in Dublin was the worst flying experience we have ever ever encountered from ALL airlines we have flown. The landing was a horrific scary landing but the worst of it was the delayed (3 day) luggage and lack of support or information99 from Aer Lingus. Next was the flight from Dublin back to Orlando on October 9. After sitting on the plane 2 hrs 45 min we were instructed to gather our belongings due to mechanical problems. The mechanical problem is truly understandable to delay departure....but Aer Lingus awarded all passengers a 8 euro credit to get something to drink or eat. Problem with that was an enormous amount of folks in line at a tiny little coffee kioski. The line was so long and SLOW that we could not get anything to eat or drink. Icing on my cake...during the flight I was headed to the bathroom and a large man stepped on my foot and broke my baby toe.....lovely pain and swelling for weeks. We landed so late in Orlando the airport was almost totally shut down. We were herded from room to room...building to building. I was basically hobbling in pain from the in-flight toe injury. It was a nightmare in a semi deserted airport to get through immigration and customs. We arrived in Orlando around 12:30 a.m and didn't get out of the airport until approx 2:30. We still had to find our car rental and hope they were still open. We still had a 2 hr drive home....exhausted, frustrated, and in pain.
our flight # 120 on September 18, and flight # 121 on October 9.

I have left out other items that occurred from the luggage was a comedy of errors in retrieving our 2 pieces of luggage. And the nightmare returning home has left a horrible taste for Aer Lingus.

I would encourage any person I hear of that is planning on a trip to Ireland to beware not to book through Aer Lingus. Social media is a great tool.


On Friday 12th. October 2018 I was booked on a mini 3 night visit to Munich with The Travel Dept. booking numberA400502 Although a message from the agency told me to proceed to the airport, a second message advised me that if the flight was cancelled other arrangements would be put in place. As is advised by media and with a storm on the way that night I kept watch on the Aer Lingus website and found that the flight to Munich was cancelled. I watched the website until midnight and decided it would be of no use to travel as the flight was cancelled. I rang The Travel Dept. the next morning to discover that the flight had actually taken off. I was given two options, suffer or go out to the airport and put my case and get another ticket at my own expense for the evening flight to Munich at a cost of 220 euro. I found the situation chaotic with long queues, eventually discovering that this flight was full. I contacted the The Travel Dept. book me on the early morning flight to Munich, the cost had now risen to 330Eur. which reluctantly agreed to PRN2HGQIF. I lost one full day and night from the trip which rendered my trip of less value together a lot of stress. The extra amount put more fifty per cent more on the price of the short trip and I would consider that the 330Eur. should be refunded due to the erroneous information from Aer Lingus.
Anthony Hanna


My luggage was lost during an Aer Lingus flight to Chicago and not returned until past 72 hours. A claim for compensation for the interim expenses was filed online 10 days after. No response was ever received. Customer relations just ignored my email request for follow up.


This will make the 3rd time in a roll my luggage kept getting delayed for days with AerLingus. I was in Chicago from Dublin on the 8th of August to attend a party only for my luggage to be delayed in Dublin. I had nothing to wear for 3days and coming back again on the 15th of August only for my luggage to be delayed again. and my brief case was all messed up. file no ORDEI19696


This is my second complaint submittance within a few days with no response. My luggage has been lost for 5 days - original flight from Birmingham UK to Dublin to Seattle on 6th July 2018. Extensive phone calls to Aer Lingus at Seattle airport - endless examples of lies and being fobbed off about my luggage, I'm truly appalled with my treatment as I believed Aer Lingus to be a reputable airline. My special trip to the US has been spoiled due to the distress of my special luggage and belongings disappearing without concern, help or empathy from staff at Aer Lingus.


This is concerning my earlier complaint Ref flight number 25GDJN this is not the first time this has happened to me. Can you let me know if this is a regular problem with customers booking. If it happens on a regular basis where customers book and then discover the date is not what they think they have clicked on should this not flag up when a customer tries to rebook within a couple of minutes that they have made a mistake. Should it cost them so much or should they not have an option to cancel.


I booked an Aer Lingus flight this evening from London to Dublin return I picked the dates and when I received the confirmation the date on the return had changed. I tried to change on line and it cost me £84 booking reference 25GDJN as I was re-booking the date was still coming up on the wrong date. I had to keep changing until it came right is this an ongoing problem. Can I have a refund I look forward to a response from Aer Lingus customer care offices, so far they have not returned any of my phone calls.


I did introduce a claim for cost refund for Aer Lingus flighs with case reference 815739 and so far never received any response. This is not a good experience for customers.


My Aunt whom I am very close with died last Monday, and when I booked flights to bring her home it was supposed to be on flight where we could all fly home together it cost me and my other Aunt €580 for two one way flights back to dublin. Now this is a heartbreaking time for us never mind the stress that some of your workers caused with mix ups, as far as I was aware we were all on the flight on the Saturday evening including my deceased Aunt but then I get a call in the UK from Jennings Funeral Parlour in Dublin telling me that my Aunt will be brought home on the first flight out to Dublin on the Saturday morning.

As Jennings said that, Aer lingus rang them and said that they gave them the wrong information , nobody rang me and told me this , but when I rang Aer Lingus to find out what was going on I was told if I would like to change my tickets to be on the flight with my Aunt it would cost me more to change the flights. Are you guys having a laugh €580 for two one way tickets and if I would like to pay more. Where is the Compassion, Sympathy, and just overall Helpfulness at this sad time now I would be very grateful if someone could get back to me on this matter and if you could have the respect to ring me.

You have no idea of the stress you caused me by the time I got off that flight I did go to the desk and spoke with some staff who were very compassionate with me and told me that should never have happened.


So far, we have only received two emails, one booking confirmation and one sign-up confirmation for My Air Lingus. We are unable to contact Air Lingus by phone or email. The first email did not work, from the secod email we are still awaiting a reply. The phone numbers dialt did not work either, no response, and in fact, we received no booking confirmation on our phone.


I wrote in Nov 2015. Ref Case No 521681, Some ten weeks on I am still awaiting a response to my complaint from Aer Lingus corporate office and my refund for double charging. I would be grateful for your response, ASAP.


My experience was with my visa traveling to United States.I applied for visas for my husband and myself and I was informed that they were authorised when we arrived at check in we were told that they were not.We had a very traumatic experience and had the stress of applying again at the airport.To my surprise when I returned home I received my credit card bill to see that our visas had actually been authorized and we were. Charged twice.It isn't even the case of being charged twice it was the stressful situation we were put under. Traveling with aer lingus has changed so much and the assistance that isn't available for people when they come off along haul flight is non existent .As an Irish citizen I a embarrassed


May 28, 2015 Dublin airport security check point (Dublin side) the system had gone done and we rushed rushed through the security check point. I was requested to place my flight ticket and the necklace I had around my neck in the bin. When I reached the other side of the check point and was collecting my things from the bins my necklace was not there along with my ticket. It was very busy due to the system failure I was referred to a supervisor Angus. He took my name and address and wrote this information in a book he did refer me to lost and found he was polite and professional. I have not heard from your airline lost and found regarding my necklace. My necklace was sliver with many religious medallions and crosses hanging from the chain. Should you have this necklace can it be returned to me I would pay for the mailing fees. This not so much a complaint as much as a request thank you for Aer Lingus assistance.


Many companies offer flight booking options, but what if we are looking at something that suits our pocket? Well AerLingus one can be rest assured about the quality of service they provide. Exceptional care, right cuisine, top class entertainment and comfort is what defines Aer Lingus. I had make a trip from Dublin to Austin and opted Aer Lingus. I must say they are one of the best in class and one gets top class travel. They gave me the option to choose my seat while I was making the booking which I think is very essential as customer preference. Since I was on a business trip, I also had to make my accommodation. Aer Lingus had tie ups with hotel which make it easier for me to do everything under one site. I am extremely happy with the comfort I received and I suggest to anyone who wants peace of mind while travelling.

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