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Money sent to me twice was refunded to the sender last week. What is the issue with Western Union? If someone has the phone number for corporate, I think they would appreciate hearing about what happened to me.

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I went to Enterprise, Oregon Safeway store earlier this evening to shop , use ATM machine and pick up a western union. There was nobody in their office as is the case many times but tonight was ridicules ! The ATM was not working and no one around to ask about it. When somebody did finally blow buy me and go in I showed him that I had a money pick-up Western Union. I was not too politely informed that he didn't have time for that then and maybe he would in an hour and a half. I was not going to stand there for that long to see if he had time in an hour and a half. I have a family I had to get home and fix a meal for. My time is also valuable. I know he is one of the store managers although I do not know his name at this time. Having people like that employed is a good way to loose customer.

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