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Safeway is an American supermarket chain. It is privately held although throughout its long history has been part of many takeovers and sell offs by publicly held companies. In 2013 revenues were reported as US 36 billion. With 1,300 stores in 19 states, Safeway employs over 265,000.

If you have a problem with service or Safeway products you may call 1-877-258-2799. You may also contact Customer Service here. Use the following address if you would like to send a letter to Safeway CEO, Robert L. Lewis, 5918 Stoneridge Mall Rd. Pleasanton, CA 94588. The corporate office phone number is 925-467-3000.  Using Customer Service Mail, Safeway, Inc. M/S 10501, P.O. Box 29093, Phoenix, AZ 85038 is another offered postal mail support.

In 1915 MB Skaggs purchased a tiny grocery store from his father. In 1926 he owned 428 stores in 10 states. That same year Skaggs merged with Safeway. Some of the “firsts” that Skaggs implemented were: sell by dates; parking lots and price by the pound. In 2015 Albertsons purchased Safeway. Social presence is found on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

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Today I went through the self help line at the westlake safeway. The checker had to come help me 3 times because of the lame prompts by the computer. Then when I completed my transaction I checked the receipt and found the computer charged me 3.99 for each artichoke when the sign at the produce section said 2 for $5.00. When I told the checker and she told me to go to the customer service center which about 7 people in line already. Is this your idea of customer service? This is not the first time I have encountered customer service problems at this establishment. Your managers should be ashamed at their inability to keep customers happy. You are nothing without loyal customers and your employees suffer the consequences of not keeping customers happy. Trader Joe's is sounding more and more like a place I should take my business. Let me know what you think!!!


I have been to a number of Safeway stores up and down the West Coast and all have a terrible checkout process.
Wait times are long and long lines exist no matter what time of day you go in. Don't know if they are trying to save money, or just don't care about their customers. I have stopped going to Safeway, and have been going to Winco and Wal-Mart, where there is self checkout and few lines.


Purchased a cake from the bakery of your molalla oregon store on 10/10/2017. Beautiful cake. Had leaves ect on it. Thinking that the leaves ect are fondant served the cake. child chewed up one of the leaves and there was a piece of wire in it. Nowhere on the box or label does it say that the leaves ect are not fondant!!!! This could of been a very serious problem if child would of swallowed the wire. This could of killed my child!!!! This is not the first time i have had issues with this store! The decorations look like fondant!! Not once when cake was purchased did anyone say they were not! I do have a picture of the cake and the wire but im sending this from my laptop and do not have them downloaded on here. I will be keeping the box with the labeling ect. I will expect a response from you asap!! I want response to be emailed to me so i have proof!!I am not going to take this lightly it could of killed my child!!

A very pissed mom!!

April waters


No customer service. I purchased a whole rib eye roast for Christmas and the meat department refused to cut it for me without charging me .28 per pound more than their sales price! I purchase 400.00-500.00 of groceries there per week but I'm certain king soopers will love my business I called them and if I buy their meats they will cut it how I want it at no additional charge. I will never spend another cent at Safeway.

I have a good mind to take their prime rib roast back! You'd think if you're spending 120.00 on a roast they'd cut it however you want... we'll get ready to loose my business! I want customer service and Safeway has obviously cut that part Out of they're business standard.


Aloha, my name is Ramon, I mostly shop at the Safeway Kahului store on Maui. I am not a complaining person, however, what happened to me twice in the same store (Safeway, Kahului) drove me to this written complaint. It was 6:30 pm on 9/29/16, when I went to the Deli to get a sandwich (I love Safeway sandwiches). The woman behind the counter just got through serving a customer. When I asked her I wanted to get a sandwich, she refused to make it. Her reasoning was, she was the only one in the Deli and she had to clean up before closing.

I found out her shift ended at 9:00 pm. This was the second time this happened to me in the same store by two different clerks. I wanted to complain to the night manager (Sheryl), however, she was on dinner break. I was upset enough, I left my grocery cart full of groceries and walked out. I know this is not Safeways reputation and I like the quality of your foods and fruits, however, it will be a while before I walk into another Safeway store. Thank you for letting me vent.


On 9/25/16 at 6:25pm was at Safeway in Clatskanie or I went down soda isle was spill on floor. I slipped and fell and hurt my elbow and knee after falling went to tell cashier and there was nothing they could do for me right now and they were short handed and can't clean up right now. I told them I hurt my elbow pretty bad and they told me again they were sorry but nothing they could do. I don't know but this isn't right and I will be contacting my lawyer in morning.


The manager at the liquor store accused me of drinking because I was asking him why I am being charged for the same price for a smaller bottle when buying six of the larger bottles of a particular brand.


The bakery department at the store on Powell and 181st in Gresham consistently overlooks the cinnamon/raisin bagels. This has been going on for years and each time I mention it, I get a different excuse. Maybe the cook is taking too many breaks?


We live in byron california. In november 2015 an ordinance was passed which restricted the trucks allowed on camino diablo in byron because the trucks are shaking our houses apart and making our water wells fail. The road is not built for these trucks. our problem is that some of your drivers can't read because there are multiple signs at hwy j4, camino diablo, marsh creek road and the bypass at vasco road. Could someone please stop these drivers as we call the california highway patrol every chance we get to get all the errant truckers off of this road. One of these days your drivers will be caught and ticketed. We would appreciate a call from you with your plan to take care of this problem. Please do not ignore this complaint because we are going to call the tv channels next. Thank you in advance for your help with this problem.


I shop at the safeway store in Payson, Az and I noticed a difference in the quality of the beef products between this store and the store in Apache Junction AZ. I think u should possibly look into buying beef from a different source.


I was driving near Walmart on Rainer Ave S. on 3-2-2016 at 1:50pm, and I was stopped at a light next to a Safeway delivery truck. The driver of the truck was staring at me very strangely, like trying to start something with me, and then he put up a gang sign. The truck number was #15974, and the license plate number was C23451D. I just thought that was very unprofessional for a Safeway employee to be acting while at work. Also I have a picture of the truck after the light changed, I will try to send it following this email.


I've been a customer at store 1954 in Redding Ca. for more than 30 years. I always like the selection and the employees. Service was very good. Lately service has been very poor. Long lines at the check-out in direct contradiction to the large banner over the check-out proclaiming there will be no wait. On two recent shopping trips I left the store, once having to re-shelf the contents of my cart. I attempted to phone Safeway ( the bottom of the receipt says Safeway would like to hear from the customers). After being on hold for 15 minutes on two occasions I gave up. One can only conclude that Safeway's primary interest is not customer service.

Suggestion: Remove the banner and the note on the receipt, forget the bingo game (which slows done check-out), convert your marketing folks to baggers and get your customers through the line. After all, by the time the customer is at check-out the only thing left to be done is to take the customer's money. Why make that difficult?


Safeway pharmacy here in the 95531 has a very bad customer service problem, when getting your scripts they have a very bad habit of telling you your script is ready and so when you go there to pick it up its never filled!! to begin with. There is a really bad problem of them telling you can pick your script up on a certain day and then well its not there? I am bring this up to you because i have met several others that are not happy as well? This has become upsetting to my wife and i because my wife has terminal cancer, and it has become a real problem on getting her meds like she is supposed too? We are hoping that you could please look into how they are treating their customers? Also please take note that just before 2014 we never had any problems with your pharmacy.


Using click it or clip ticket to purchase Kellogg's Special K , I selected one original and two with red berries. These coupons said $2.49 each and showed a picture which included Spec K Otherwise it said "selected varieties' 16.7 to maybe 26 ounces. I'm uncertain as to the size markings but they were the larger ones. When I looked at my receipt I saw I was charged $249 for the one box of original but $349 for each of the two having berries.

So I stopped at customer service to ask why I was charged more for the two and the lady said red berries are always more. I asked what about selected varieties and she looked at a coupon in her possession and said I'll have to look at the shelf listing. And so she did. and came back and said it didn't apply to the red berries.

My question, if I cut a coupon from the paper and go in and buy the item, I don't expect to have to check something on the shelf. It should be self evident. WHY do your CS people appear mostly defensive rather than may I help you or explain something. She offered to give me a number to call and complain. I said "no" , it is better to shop elsewhere. On reflection I decided to express myself. Hope you listen before you're gone.


I called Safeway customer service from Monday to Friday 11/2 to 11/ 6 and still no answer. I’m waiting since December 2014 that my case finally edited. You have all paperwork (Hospital, Work etc.) It just goes from one desk to another and no one is calling me back or sending me an email. I’m tired of waiting to hear from someone! Please make sure that I receive a note from anyone who is finally working on my case. Here it the latest email from customer service below.

From: [] Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding the incident that occurred at your local Safeway store. Please contact Sedgewick CMS. They can be reached at 1-855-692-8987. Their mailing address is 11000 Eden Prairie Lakes Dr. Suite 200 Eden Prairie, MN 55344. They will be able to assist you with the status of your claim. We apologize for the inconvenience. Teresa McDaniel Customer Support Center Contact ID: 30790147


Approximately 90 days ago, my son purchased some fuel from one of the Safeway filling stations in the Denver Metro Area. He dispensed his fuel got his receipt and drove off. Now his bank tells him he had a $200 charge on top of the fuel for a gift card. He never purchased a gift card and would like his money back. He was told by the store that they do not keep records after 90 days. How can I get this resolved.


You have an Arrogant, non customer service Safeway assistant Manager here in Northern Virginia store (Kingstown) whom I think should be removed. He seems to think he is to good to work the customer service counter(a joke of a name when the customer has to look for service) when there is no one there. I have also brought this type of attitude to the store Manager obviously to no avail. This has become a problem of horrific magnitude.


I bought a 2 layered chocolate cake for my birthday on October 26, 2015 at Safeway in San Ramon California. Brought it home, put it in the refrigerator and cut it up for desert that night. We all thought it tasted funny (as if the icing was made with milk that had soured). I never took it back to tell them because we through it out (not much left). We weren't going to take it back after taking a bite out of so many pieces. I went to Safeway in Castro Valley California on November 5, 2015 and bought a single layer cake, which tasted similar to the other cake. I figured the chocolate icing on Safeway's cakes are made of something that tastes sour. I just want you to know that I will not be purchasing anymore bakery goods from any of your stores. I also will be advising other people not to buy from Safeway.


Claim Number: L1379219. I'm waiting since December 2014 that my case finally edited. I have emailed customer service multiple times with my complaint. You have all paperwork (Hospital, Work etc) it just goes from one desk to another and no one is calling me back or sending me an email. I'm tired of waiting to hear from someone at corporate. Please make sure that I receive a note from anyone who is finally working on my case. This is truly a bad mark for Safeway complaints in my opinion.


Beware Safeway grocery store #1438 in Aztec, N.M., managed by Chris Davison. After about 3-4 months of finding errors on my receipts after getting home, I decided to tally my purchases in-store prior to going to cashier for the entire month of April in 2015. Apparently, the onus is on the consumer, leaving one only to return to the cashier, who is now occupied with the next cart, or waiting for someone at the Service Desk. Three of 4 weekly purchase totals were wrong! Of approximately $110 total for all 3 overcharged visits, I was charged in excess over $11! That's an average of 10%. Safeway has been sued numerous times by the states attorneys general of California, Oregon, as well as their problems in Arizona. And now, here in New Mexico, the practice continues. Apparently, it's more profitable to pay the catch-me-if-you-can penalties awarded in court, than to eliminate these practices.

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