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Pricechopper Grocery Stores is 100% family owned and operated and located in Upstate NY, CT, PA, VT, MA and NH. Half the stores are in the Capital District of New York. There are 24,000 employees in 134 stores. Revenues were reported for 2013 as US 3.4 billion.

If you have a problem with product or service at any Pricechopper, call 1-800-666-7667. You may also submit an online contact here. If you would like to send a postal letter to the CEO, Jerry Golub, address the letter to him at 461 Nott Street, Schenectady, NY 12308. The corporate phone number is 518-355-5000.

Ben and Bill Golub started the chain in 1932 and changed from the original name of Central Market to Pricechopper in 1973. Pricechopper has had many slogans with current as ‘Best is Fresh’. They offer online coupons and online ordering. A nine year process has begun to change the name to Market 32 (as in the year founded) and they will be phasing out tobacco sales as well. Social presence is found on Facebook.

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When I go to your site and click on flyer that is what I expect to see. Check save a lot, aldis, tops, pricerite etc. Learn from them and make it user friendly..I don't want another was very frustrating trying to get the current flyer..I am very computer savvy and wish you get a web designer to cut the fluff (pictures of people making stuff, recepies, etc.



I have a charge on my debit card that I did not make, On Saturday 12-18-2016 I purchased items at the Newington Ct store and I was charged an additional charge of $27.43. I closed my debit card out to be safe but the charge still went through.

When contacting the store I was told that the amount charged did not show up on the "journal viewer" but it was still taken from my account from Price Chopper. In addition I was told by the bank that I could not dispute the charge as a Price Copper had already denied a claim which the local store knows nothing about. I believe there is fraud being conducted at this store and at the least I want the money returned to me. I will be following this up with the finance group of the store as at this time they are not open.


Have been getting Tussin mucus and chest congestion at .88 a bottle for as far back as I can remember. There was always a display and I would get two weeks supply 4 or 5 bottles. Now all there is one row of shelf stock about 8 bottles and the last two times I was shopping the shelf was empty. The girl told me since the big remodel she was not allowed to have a display of it. Have been shopping Walmart for some time, but now there is no reason to continue to do so. Will now be going to Price Chopper as it is actually closer.


I've been going to price chopper in webster ma for two years. I got bought sobra humas in June 2014 only to pay a visit to doctor for food poisoning. I returned the contaminated humas to price chopper spoke to manager regarding incident. We purchased deli meats from price chopper and deli meats have gone bad in less then 3 day span on two occasions. We went to there bakery in the summer time to get donuts and saw that the case that donuts were in we're filled with fruit flies.

I spoke the a person that worked there and there excuse was this happens every year. I had a cake made for my husbands b- day and when we went to open cake someone had run there finger through frosting and we ended up returning the cake and speaking to manager and he was careless. Two weeks ago we purchased donuts and apples. I bit into a Boston cream and there was a hair fried into the donuts and the apples skin started turning brown less then a week later. I'm never going there again. OSHA needs to investigate there food and employees and enforce tighter regulations.


I was threatened by a price chopper employee he called me an idiot and threaten to knock me out when I questioned him about bait and switch practices! I'm asking for a public apology or I'm considering contacting the states attorney general or at least the price chopper corporate hotline. Does anyone know how I can get ahold of them?


Bennington Price Chopper Fish Department smells bad. I tried to send an email to corporate headquarters to complain but could not find the address. They should really clean this up!


I went to your Price Chopper store in Mechanicville to by little neck clams seeing I was on vacation , all was well until I opened one totally full of black silt that smelled awful. I thought ok I have dug little necks before this happens occasionally that day I opened 4 the following day I opened 3 more all 3 had the same problem of black silt and a very bad odder. I am very disappointed in price chopper who claim to have the freshest food {all} in the market place. I have never had a problem before with anything from your company however I think in an effort to expand you are forsaking quality for dollars.

I buy most if not all of my meat from this store and I sincerely hope you don't do the same there. I work for Walmart but have always preferred your meat and fresh fish dept. I was double sided seeing this I called the store asked for the fish department and told them {Jason} what I came across he told me if I had the receipt to bring them back which is all good but I can not be the only customer having this problem .I really hope that you look into what p.c. is buying for future purchases from Price Chopper company they are not doing you right. Horrible complaint and wish I did not have to share it.


Price Chopper is one stop for my family to purchase meat of all kind, house hold items, grocery and many more. Well staffed and customer friendly employees. I Would never have thought of writing a review about a grocery store, but yes, Price Chopper is worth it. The store is well maintained, clean, neat and organized. I love the organic food section because I believe in eating only organic foods. And not all stores have foods that I need. But Price Chopper has the best in class quality products. The meat sold here is extremely fresh and packed well during purchase. Good store for all food needs. I would definelty continue shopping here and would recommend this store to others too.

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