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Pricechopper Grocery Stores is 100% family owned and operated and located in Upstate NY, CT, PA, VT, MA and NH. Half the stores are in the Capital District of New York. There are 24,000 employees in 134 stores. Revenues were reported for 2013 as US 3.4 billion.

If you have a problem with product or service at any Pricechopper, call 1-800-666-7667. You may also submit an online contact here. If you would like to send a postal letter to the CEO, Jerry Golub, address the letter to him at 461 Nott Street, Schenectady, NY 12308. The corporate phone number is 518-355-5000.

Ben and Bill Golub started the chain in 1932 and changed from the original name of Central Market to Pricechopper in 1973. Pricechopper has had many slogans with current as ‘Best is Fresh’. They offer online coupons and online ordering. A nine year process has begun to change the name to Market 32 (as in the year founded) and they will be phasing out tobacco sales as well. Social presence is found on Facebook.

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I live in Brattleboro Vermont. I do all my shopping at market 32 in Brattleboro the store number is 136. I always by Ronzoni Smart Taste elbow maccaroni. But lately I have not been able to find this product. would you please put it back on the store shelf. I also can not find cook and serve pudding in the big boxs. Would you please put this product also back on the store shelf. Thank you .


This foreign pharmacy lady is really slow. For the past few years since she has started here, she has taken hours to get my meds. I don’t know if it’s something personal against me but I’m sick of it and she needs to be fired or moved to another location


The whole frontend department needs a complete overhaul. Whoever runs that department should be fired. Whoever hires cashiers should be fired. I never get greeted when I cash out. Just today the girl was face booking while she rang me out and I checked my receipt and found a mistake. This is one of dozens of problems I encounter there. I would love to speak to a district manager.


I shop at the Price Chopper (Market 32) in Plattsburgh, NY. It is a beautiful store. However, the Deli is a nightmare. Yesterday (3/21) I waited foe 18 minutes to get my deli order. The girl didn't know where the various meats were and kept walking the length of the display case, then to the cooler and then back again. She sliced one slice at a time and then forgot how much I wanted. Then she wasn't sure of the code. THEN she needed to wrap up the meat log, which took forever. THEN she asked what else I wanted. And . . . the process started all over again. The other deli person decided it was more important to slice meat for the "Grab n Go" case instead of waiting on the next person. What a nightmare! May I suggest checking out the local Hannaford Store? Their deli is a fine-tuned machine. I have never waited more than a few minutes there.


I had a horrible experience in an INDEPENDENCE MO Price Chopper. I bought a palm plant and it ended up being too big for my home. I brought it back the very next morning and was told that the flora list was gone so I had to bring it back the next day. I am a small girl and got no help putting it back in my car. I came back the next day as told and was told there are no returns on plants. After saying they would help put it in my car, they just sat it down in front of my car after I pulled up to the store for me to do.


Attached please find a picture of my experience with the pic brand boil in a bag brown rice. I decided to make a bag of your rice as this was my first time using your brand and as I was boiling the bag as directed by the instructions I noticed the side of the bag melting on the top of pot's rim. The plastic began to melt and catch fire on my stove top. Lets just say I began to panick took a quick picture and started thinking what if I had walked out of the room while boiling the rice. I threw out the rice and spent quite some time scrubbing my Oneida pot and grate on my stove. I'm just happy the situation didn't end with my kitchen on fire. However, I did want to share my experience and hope no one else experiences this. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Any recommendation as to what I should have done differently.


This is the second time I have purchased half and half cream that has curdled in my coffee. The brand doesn't seem to matter as I purchased both Hood and PC brand. I bought pc brand cream on Dec, 31st and opened it yesterday 1/2/19. The expiration date reads 2/28/19. I came right home from shopping and refrigerated the cream. I do believe that something is wrong with your storage system, and suggest that this be checked out I shop at the PC on Western Ave. in Albany.


Deli manager was very rude, overheard her twll another customer when she was asked if ahe liked another employee in that department she told the customer that she did not like him while thus employee was in the store shopping.


I was shopping at the Eastern Parkway Price Chopper early this morning. (I'd like to start with a compliment - the renovation of the store is beautiful.) However, when the above the aisle signage was set in place, the signs now face toward the end of each aisle. Which means that if you're not familiar with the store you have to stop at the end of each aisle; look up and read what's in that aisle. (That is a strain on the neck for people with neck problems.) Before the renovation the signage was hung in such a fashion that as one walked down the main aisles at the front end and back end of the store you were able to read the signage several aisles ahead. By having to stop at the end of each aisle to read the signage for the items I needed, I probably spent an extra unnecessary 15 minutes in the store. Help make the shopping experience less timely and rehang the aisle signage like it's hung on Altamont Ave.

My next complaint is that I pointed that out to someone in the store and it was suggested that I take the survey at the bottom of my receipt and I'd be given the chance to voice my concern. I went through the entire survey process and there wasn't a location in that survey to voice and concerns.


Today I visited your store to purchase 2 each of toilet paper and paper towels. I had a coupon for each package. At checkout your store employee told me that per management I could only use each coupon once because it states 1 coupon per purchase. I explained that they all say that and that it means per item. Your coupon policy allows for like coupons which I explained to your employee. Every time I go to your Johnstown location I find that your staff is trained incorrectly. I'd honestly rather pay more somewhere else than ever visit this location again. I literally have a headache every time I leave do to the stupidity of the staff, especially the management. I have never experienced these issues at other stores. Please train these people more or at least so they actually know your policies.


I shop at the Shaker Road PC #188. I bought your hard rolls at the bakery dept every week for years. Now all of a sudden you have changed the hard rolls and according to the girl in the bakery she says that is how they come in frozen now and they just put them out. They don't bake them there any more. Well, I have to say they are horrible. I bought them last week and my husband ate one and spit it out and said where did you get these they are horrible and he through them out. Needless to say that I won't be buying them anymore at PC.
Also the I-Save machine has been out of order for 2 weeks now.
The produce guy says you can't buy a quarter of watermelon anymore that they can only sell halfs.
Also the coke 2lters all varieties are on sale this week and there is not one sprite zero in the all store, where they usually are has been replaced with all regular sprite.
With all the other chains in the area now, you should be a little more concerned about your customers.
Cathi Hulett
6 Miracle Lane
Loudonville N.Y. 12211


Stopped in Brattleboro VT, nice store. We use the Keene NH store weekly. Stopped in the Keene store today 8/1 to shop and have lunch. Picked up soup and chicken, went to pay at the counter in the food area, CLOSED, had to try and keep the items together as I walked through the store to the regular register's, big pain in the butt and it won't happen again. If you are looking to close this store its going in the right direction. The chicken pot pie was not fit to eat, we will be stopping for sale items only from now on. Good luck, you are going to need it with store.


Not as much a complaint, as a concern. I shop at both the Shelburne road and Hinesburg road PC. in the Burlington VT area. I recently had to contact the fraud dept. through my bank, as there was attempts to use my card number at both locations. My card was denied at both locations when i tried to use it. In between visiting PC i used my card many other places, with no problem at all. The fraud dept. said suspicious activity was definitely only at PC. Whether a CC machine has been altered, and its from within, or a random customer was able to read my card, i don't know. I was enjoying the new Market 32, but now i am hesitant to shop there. Please let me know that you will look into this. thank you. Marie


When I go to your site and click on flyer that is what I expect to see. Check save a lot, aldis, tops, pricerite etc. Learn from them and make it user friendly..I don't want another was very frustrating trying to get the current flyer..I am very computer savvy and wish you get a web designer to cut the fluff (pictures of people making stuff, recepies, etc.



I have a charge on my debit card that I did not make, On Saturday 12-18-2016 I purchased items at the Newington Ct store and I was charged an additional charge of $27.43. I closed my debit card out to be safe but the charge still went through.

When contacting the store I was told that the amount charged did not show up on the "journal viewer" but it was still taken from my account from Price Chopper. In addition I was told by the bank that I could not dispute the charge as a Price Copper had already denied a claim which the local store knows nothing about. I believe there is fraud being conducted at this store and at the least I want the money returned to me. I will be following this up with the finance group of the store as at this time they are not open.


Have been getting Tussin mucus and chest congestion at .88 a bottle for as far back as I can remember. There was always a display and I would get two weeks supply 4 or 5 bottles. Now all there is one row of shelf stock about 8 bottles and the last two times I was shopping the shelf was empty. The girl told me since the big remodel she was not allowed to have a display of it. Have been shopping Walmart for some time, but now there is no reason to continue to do so. Will now be going to Price Chopper as it is actually closer.


I've been going to price chopper in webster ma for two years. I got bought sobra humas in June 2014 only to pay a visit to doctor for food poisoning. I returned the contaminated humas to price chopper spoke to manager regarding incident. We purchased deli meats from price chopper and deli meats have gone bad in less then 3 day span on two occasions. We went to there bakery in the summer time to get donuts and saw that the case that donuts were in we're filled with fruit flies.

I spoke the a person that worked there and there excuse was this happens every year. I had a cake made for my husbands b- day and when we went to open cake someone had run there finger through frosting and we ended up returning the cake and speaking to manager and he was careless. Two weeks ago we purchased donuts and apples. I bit into a Boston cream and there was a hair fried into the donuts and the apples skin started turning brown less then a week later. I'm never going there again. OSHA needs to investigate there food and employees and enforce tighter regulations.


I was threatened by a price chopper employee he called me an idiot and threaten to knock me out when I questioned him about bait and switch practices! I'm asking for a public apology or I'm considering contacting the states attorney general or at least the price chopper corporate hotline. Does anyone know how I can get ahold of them?


Bennington Price Chopper Fish Department smells bad. I tried to send an email to corporate headquarters to complain but could not find the address. They should really clean this up!


I went to your Price Chopper store in Mechanicville to by little neck clams seeing I was on vacation , all was well until I opened one totally full of black silt that smelled awful. I thought ok I have dug little necks before this happens occasionally that day I opened 4 the following day I opened 3 more all 3 had the same problem of black silt and a very bad odder. I am very disappointed in price chopper who claim to have the freshest food {all} in the market place. I have never had a problem before with anything from your company however I think in an effort to expand you are forsaking quality for dollars.

I buy most if not all of my meat from this store and I sincerely hope you don't do the same there. I work for Walmart but have always preferred your meat and fresh fish dept. I was double sided seeing this I called the store asked for the fish department and told them {Jason} what I came across he told me if I had the receipt to bring them back which is all good but I can not be the only customer having this problem .I really hope that you look into what p.c. is buying for future purchases from Price Chopper company they are not doing you right. Horrible complaint and wish I did not have to share it.


Price Chopper is one stop for my family to purchase meat of all kind, house hold items, grocery and many more. Well staffed and customer friendly employees. I Would never have thought of writing a review about a grocery store, but yes, Price Chopper is worth it. The store is well maintained, clean, neat and organized. I love the organic food section because I believe in eating only organic foods. And not all stores have foods that I need. But Price Chopper has the best in class quality products. The meat sold here is extremely fresh and packed well during purchase. Good store for all food needs. I would definelty continue shopping here and would recommend this store to others too.

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