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The Kroger Company is an American retailer and is one of the country’s largest supermarket chains by revenue and second largest general retailer. It is publicly traded on the NYSE:KR. With 2770 stores in the United States and employees numbering over 42,000 The Kroger Company reported revenues for 2014 as US 108 billion.

If you want product or service support, call 1-800-576-4377. If you want Customer Service online you will find numerous phone numbers here for everything from gift card balances, product request and promotions to name a few. If you want to send a postal letter to the CEO, Rodney McMullen you may address you letter to him at The Kroger Company, 1041 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202. The censored corporate phone number is 1-866-221-4141.

The Kroger chain of stores was started by Bernard Kroger in 1883. In 1901 Kroger was first grocery to sell its own baked goods. By 1972 Kroger tested the first price scanners. In 1983 Kroger merged with Dillons to make coverage coast to coast. The merger with Fred Meyer in 1999 is one of the most recent acquisitions. Social presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

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Store #332, S.Third St. lou,Ky ,, unprofessional behavior, nothing new there. Mouthy sassy back talking employees, again, nothing new there! Time to drive way out of my way to Meijer’s. No name from me cause I don’t want anything from you, I’ll just take my business and $$$$ elsewhere!! Good Luck, you are going to need it


I was hired by the Kroger store #511 in Toledo Ohio . I spent Tuesday 01/30/18 and Wednesday 01/31/18 in orientation Where they couldn’t stress enough about treating customers with a smile and being friendly.. I went shopping as a customer on Friday 02/02/18 where I was treated horribly by Pamela and Jamie in Customer Service over the coupon policy.They were raising their voices and Pamela accused me of coupon fraud.At this point I ask to speak to a manager. Mr. Jeff Came and I explained the situation to him he said none of the managers know the coupon policy. I had 5 Kotex tampon coupons and 5 Kotex pad coupons different coupons for different products no limit except for your limit of 5 per your policy..He said he would have taken them. I said ok I am going to be working for you in click list am I right or am I wrong about this matter.He would not give me an answer. However he did say he would take care of Pamela and Jamie and I should not have been treated that way..I left the store. I later called the store and spoke to Ms Twigg H.R.Manager to let her know I no longer wanted to work for Kroger because of the incident and that I was sorry but I cannot work for a company where the Managers don’t know their own coupon policy. I already reported Jamie for treating me badly on 01/25/18 when I handed her my coupons she said “ I hate coupons . I am anti couponing “ I said I’m sorry for making your day bad. And again apologized to her when I left... I do not like conflict. I do not want to be trained by people like this. They are a bad example of your Fresh and Friendly advertisement. However I do love shopping at Kroger all of the other employees have always been kind.. I am a couponer and I am in #511 just about everyday and Jamie has always been rude and I couldn’t understand why until she told me she hates coupons. But I want to thank you for the opportunity and I know I would have loved clickList and I would have done a great job.
Thank You
Michelle Roth 419 309 4645
1935 Christian Avenue
Toledo Ohio 43613


I am again writing to Kroger about the expired products in there store in Woodstock Georgia on 92. I AM FURIOUS.. First we bought nesquick strawberry my grandson drank it was 3 months expired took it back to the store and was refunded.. The manager offered us pedilite for my grandsons Sick tummy and vomiting... It was like nothing to them... never removed off the shelve.. 2 weeks after Again we went shopping and I walked right by the nesquick too scared to buy it so I went to the juice... Looked at the date on the minute maid lemonade it was fine pulled one from the back went on my way.. When I went to open one for my grandson looked at date and it was 1 year expired... We went to the store directly over to the juices looked at dates most expired and then to manager... She followed us back looked at the dates and had someone pull them from the shelves looked at myself and husband like we where nuts.. walked away... I have been shopping in krogers for years this is outrageous ... I am 1 unhappy person at this point and to know I wrote to corporate several times with no respond make me very very upset...


On 10/28/2017, around 5pm, I was treated very rude,, disciminated, degraded, embarassed because of 2 of your employees in the Deli Dept. They wouldn't wait on me because I am a gay woman. They referred to me as "That" because they couldnt tell if I was a Man or a woman. Velencia was your employees name. 103065 S Post Oak Rd. Houston, Tx 77035 was the store. I want to know if your Co discriminates against Gayn Lesbians?? I will let all the gay communities they your Co doesn't like us.


Heath Ohio Kroger is always out of stock on sale items an the signs are not right to find some items its a night mare to shop there. Perhaps I should go back to Walmart instead? I thought this place was a higher quality grocery store with employees that care. Management at the corporate level should be informed of this asap.


Family Dollar stopped sending me coupon packs by mail. I called their store and asked why. The store said Family Dollar is issuing digital coupons only now. I tried over and over to join online for digital coupons that would attach to my land line phone number. But I can not even get on their online site. They keep giving me error messages. something like error -305 . My desktop computer is accessing other sites just fine. In fact.. I access Kroger coupons daily that attach to my Kroger shopper rewards card. So it is the site that is at fault, not my computer. I can't even file a complaint at the Family Dollar site because I get an error message for that too.


I do not like when I check out the cashiers are always pressuring you for your Kroger card. When another customer is in front of me I cannot put my number in until they complete their purchase. So therefore I start unloading my groceries to keep moving. Invariably the customer completes their purchase before I am finished unloading. Then comes the problem for me. Can I have your Kroger card please? I have long ago stop carrying the card because I had it so long it disintegrated so I put my number in, it's more convenient anyway.

So I'm supposed to stop unloading and go and put my number in because it's an emergency to put this number in before anything is rung up. How is this helpful? If I refuse to do it and continue to unload some cashiers will just sit there and wait until I'm done unloading. How is this helpful? Meanwhile the person in back of me cannot start unloading. How is this helpful? You can put your Kroger card in at anytime and you will still receive the discount. So what is the big emergency? Well I was told by a cashier that it is Kroger policy that they are just doing their jobs and can written up if they don't get the card before they start ringing up items.

I think that is ridiculous! Further more today for the first time the cashier wanted the number so bad she asked me what my number was. I didn't like saying my phone number out loud for everyone to hear just because I couldn't get up to the machine enough to put it in myself. But I realize she was just trying to keep it moving. When I check out I feel like I'm under pressure to get the the number in and fast so I can keep going for everybody. I makes a bad experience for me. We are a family if 6. We buy a lot of food. I like Kroger's.

But I also shop at Meijer, Costco, Whole Foods market and other places, and i don't feel that pressure there. It would be nice if you would change your policy. I have shopped at Kroger for more than 30 years and I remember a time when it wasn't like this. I hope you will take this into consideration. Just thinking about checking out causes me to want to pass you by and shop at another store.


Kroger #543. 945 W. Lamar Blvd. Arlington, Texas 76012. On Sept 19, 2016, management made obscene remarks about me as an African American (ASM) worker, such as lazy. I was sitting on a stool during a demo for ASM, when they continued to stare, winking eyes at me, He then walked close to my cart to make me feel uncomfortable. This behavior was unwanted and unwelcome. I was told by ASM, in retaliation, he was a manager that told her I was never at my cart. Management created a hostile environment for me as a black woman, and he also was seem gossiping with another while female (ASM) event specialist. I was given his name by another manager that is aware of this situation. This must stop!


I contacted Kroger corporate headquarters several months ago regarding the pricing of their Hair Regrowth Treatment for Minoxinil and exactly nothing has been done. I visited another Kroger store and found that exactly nothing has been done. The men's product, in a blue box, is a 5% solution, and priced at $19.99 while the women's product, in a pink box, is a 2% solution, is priced at $34.99. Both provide the same amount of product, three 2 oz. bottles. The first time I complained I was contacted and they tried to suggest it was the individual store doing the pricing which is complete nonsense. This is an outrageous rip off of women!


I was in the check outline at Kroger, the cashier was speaking English to the bagger person then they starting speaking Spanish then they change over to English, boy did that piss me off, so I spoke to there manager, I told him how rude that was and they disrespect me. All this happen on 6/25/2016, The store # 321, Register 13, Cashier 153, Division code 034.


I have been shopping with Kroger's a long time now I got some Kroger cream corn, when i opened it smelled like it was not right, i tasted a little bit it tasted just like the can, I tossed it out, maybe if you want to test other can to see if they are ok, so not anyone gets sick on this I will never buy this item again for fear of getting sick. Also I wanted to make a comment about your new stores, i live in St, Clair Shores, Michigan there was a older store on 13 Mile and Harper, then a new one was built down the street in Roseville, closing the store was a hardship on some people that don't drive, who have a disability and can't make it to the new store.

Your new store is nice and way to big for me anyway. The old store was a friendly store where you go, and to no the people who worked there If you just need milk or bread we have not anywhere anymore in out shopping center to get some.The new store when I can get there with a ride. The shelves of what your looking for is empty, i have got dented cans which i did not notice till i got home. All I can say is we miss the Kroger's on 13 Mile and Harper it is like we lost a old friend So check on the corn so not anyone get sick, and thank you for listening to me about the new store. I still love Kroger's and go if i can get a ride.


Every time I go to Kroger Mt. Orab you are out of the peanuts for your machine, to make natural peanut butter. I can go three times a week and it will be empty. I'm tired of talking to the store manager. This is a product in my opinion that should never be out of stock. You know how much you are selling, therefore it should always be there. My next complaint is I wanted to buy Kahns braunswiger (chicken liver). You now only sell Kroger brand and some other brand I'v never heard of. Kahns has been around for so long and what I have eaten for many years. I honestly feel like you are getting rid of so many brands and adding more and more Kroger items. it doesn't do any good to talk to anyone in the store, they just work there and have no say so. Hope someone cares enough to make a few changes.


I have been a loyal customer at Kroger for over 20 years, but imagine my shock when I walked into the store 2 weeks ago and in the immediate entrance was a calendar display of LARGE calendars with VERY LARGE BOLD BLACK LETTERING offering calendars of BLACK LIVES MATTER. Why would Kroger support a violent racist group in their stores? Or does Kroger support BLACK LIVES MATTER? Personally, I thought ALL LIVES MATTER and was under the assumption Kroger's beliefs were the same, as I have always seen all races shop at Kroger.

I was stunned and disappointed at seeing this display. I left the store upset and to be honest a little fearful! Two days later all the LARGE BOLD BLACK LETTERED "BLACK LIVES MATTER" calendars were gone, however in their place (and the displayed had been moved to the back middle isle of the store) were new calendars showing 2 young black boys playing a piano with LARGE LETTERS stating BLACK LIVES MATTER. I checked the local grocery stores, Publix, Walmart and Ingles and found none of these calendars. Shame on Kroger at Hwy 20 So, Covington, GA.


Kroger does not always have the selection I am looking for but they get no complaints from me. Their service is top notch and they even open up on holidays. I wish there was more Krogers and less Walmarts in this country.


We decided to have a get together at home with around 20 friends and family members. To make it special I wanted to arrange some bottle of wine, but didn't know how much to buy. At Kroger, they had the right information about this. Wine101 a section that tell us how much we need to buy for how many guests and suggest the exact based on the occasion. They suggest the best wines to buy and I was happy with the overall experience with Kroger. They gave some good tips on how to store wine and the glass type to be used. Kroger is the place to shop and plan small parties.

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