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I went to Harris Teeter this morning just before 7 am to buy specialty sausages that are made at the store. They didn't have any. We asked the man working the meat counter. He said none had been made but he could make some. He said give him a couple of hours. I went back three hours later to purchase my 30 links of sausage. This was for a large family breakfast tomorrow, which is thanksgiving morning.

Guess what? No sausages. He said he didn't have a chance to make them yet. He said it would take about another 45 minutes. I told him don't bother.

You are only as good as your word... right? So Harris Teeter is not good at their word. I will go to a competitor and buy sausage for my family get together.

If you can't keep the promise, don't make it. I drove 20 miles each way to Harris Teeter for this and for ... nothing. Thankfully Harris Teeter is not the only grocery store in my community. I will take my business elsewhere. Don't promise what you can't do. Obviously customers are not that important.


Wow! I have been a loyal Harris Teeter shopper for many years. I have been eligible to receive a senior discount for 2 years and my husband for five years. I appreciate this discount, but scheduling does not allow me to use it on a regular basis. Today, I shopped the Harris Teeter on Eastchester Drive in High Point and at the end of the check-out process I asked the cashier to apply my senior discount. She did, but at the same time a gentleman bagging my groceries said to her "You need to check her ID." I have never been asked to prove my age for this discount and I did not purchase alcohol or tobacco products on this trip. I assumed this young man was in some managerial position to give the cashier this directive.

I was offended that he thought I was taking advantage of your store, especially after an incident last fall where my credit card was stolen and used at that same store for over $2000 in gift cards and no one asked that person for an ID. Perhaps your policies for requiring ID need to be aimed at illegal purchases of age controlled substances and credit card purchases for large amounts instead of an old lady asking for a small 5% discount on groceries purchased.


I am trying to get a job. every time I try I get locked out of system. even the forgot password code dos not work for me.


The Harris-Teeter on hwy 54 in Hope Valley commons is been investigated for assault my the customer service relations because a worker was seen being assaulted by the deli/Starbucks manager Tina. Douglas the co-manager there is rude and unprofessional. I heard and saw him say he was gonna hold a worker paycheck because her mom was up there with her daughter to ask about her unused vacation time. He thought she was recording him and waved in her face and continued to be rude. I will never shop in another Harris-Teeter again as long as I live.


Every visit to Harris Teeter results in an overpayment NEVER an underpayment. Sales and clearance prices are not always correct. I think you do it on purpose as a lot of customers don't catch it and HT makes millions probably 10s of millions on over charging.


So normally every one is really nice at the Harris teeter I got to off of my Holly Huntersville Rd Charlotte nc. My Dr had sent me to the pharmacy to get a prescription to save me money since my insurance lapsed so I had to pay everything out of pocket mind you I am a single mom of three who just got laid off from my job in June. As I approach the pharmacy, I hear a voice saying "I will be right with you . I said thank you. As she came to the counter she had given me a not so nice look . She said have you been here before . I said no ma'am my Drs sent me here she said fill this out. So I did as I was asked. As I was finished I let her know that I was through. She came back around looking at me disgustedd and said wheres your innsurance card. I said I don't have any at the moment they had cancelled it without me being notified she was already wallked away. So I stood there and saw her take a African American Customer looked aND smiled and spoke to her do kindly I hAve never felt so discriminated in my life as I have by her. This is not good Harris teeter . I am very upset and I mean very I am a good person just because I was on medicade doesn't make me a bad person. I am not racist my best friend is African American and I have been friends with her since 3 Rd grade. That's what's wrong with the world is people are so hateful towards one another. I am so sick of this how can she work for such a great company but yet have such bad qualities. I mean this really hurt I am very upset. I don't tthink I will be back I do think however I will call my attorney for discrimination her name is Stephanie.


We went to the grand opening of the store in Greenville SC ( Augusta road ). We purchase three bags of grocery’s and a pizza . When we arrived home we notice we had only had two bags and a pizza . We immediately called the store to get a credit for the missing items a $3 carton of eggs and a $2 slice of cake . We live at least 12 miles away and the store management want to not credit the items but wanted to hand delivery to our house . WOW . It get better they delivered the eggs , two pieces of cake , beautiful cut flowers and two $5 gift cards . I am very impressed with your commitment to the customer . I will be a committed customer for life .Please thank the team for there Outstanding service . WELL DONE Harris Teeter ..


How can you stand at the Deli at 2pm Sat June 30tb with 7 HT employee's behind counter and no one even greets you for over.3 min one guy is slicing meat singing church song with no even waiting.. so he is slicing meat for a call in order...I am stand in front of him. Just unacceptable
HT mayfaire
Wilm. NC


The time is now 5:28 p.m. on Thursday, February 15, 2018. I just got home from waiting in line at the Harris Teeter Mayfaire for over twenty minutes. There were three registers open along with the automated lines. There were no baggers and lines of people at least five carts long at each station. The manager was "somewhere in the store" according to a cashier. This is totally unacceptable. Either hire enough people to do the job or we, along with the entire neighborhood of "Parkside at Mayfaire" will cross the street to the nearest Food Lion and they will get ALL our business. We are not only angry, but ready to take our business elsewhere if changes are not made pronto.


I bought my week's groceries @ store # 250 in Kernersville, NC on 2/1/18. As my cashier was almost done scanning my items, a man approached to enter the checkout line and asked my cashier (Misty) if she was sick. She answered "yes" and he moved to another cashier. Then I noticed how much she was coughing and her stuffy nose! With the flu epidemic going on right now, I find it very irresponsible of the manager to allow a sick employee to interact with all customers!!


I was in Harris Teeter it colony Place about 7o'clock at night I was in the self check out I do not have a vic card but I have the mobile app with my Vic number I asked the attendant associate to help me bring up the screen and he got smart told me I had to go through the line I told him no I just need you to bring the screen up so he proceeded to walk away and asked someone else to help by that time he was at the counter where my Nice was standing He said to the manager I don't know what that damn woman problem and my niece said you know that's my aunt she only asked for some help because your new system do not scan the iPhone I was really upset that Harris Teeter have people in their store not willing to help black people I felt very discriminated against I may not spend a lot of money in your store but I spend my money and I feel that this person needs to be retrained and apologize The manager he apologized The attended I was discriminated against because I was black


Hello my name is Philip Petty in the store Harris Teeter 31 3 the manager Warren Parson and co-manager Mike they are not considerate handicapped people they talked down to handicapped people which that's not good and that's a America's with Disability Act law that there breaking so could somebody give me a call about this problem 703 216 8 - 75


Go out of my way to make purchase. Two different prices on the same product. Get to self check out. Need to show ID. Girl walks away and opens another checkout lane. NEVER going to HT again. 3rd bad experience is the last for me. I give them minus stars.


My wife purchased Dungeenes crab from your Mount Pleasant (Belle Hall Community) store. The crab, after cooked, smelled like Lysol or a perfume. It was clearly bad. It has only been about 30 minutes since we have eaten it, so we don't know if we have had any sickness or anything else from what we tried.

Although, we returned the seafood back to your location and received a double refund (Thanks!), when we brought it back we were concerned that the staff did not seem to go to the seafood area to make sure no more was sold.

We understand that Harris Teeter (HT) is a large, very large food provider in the SouthEast. We also understand and appreciate that hiring and training new employees is a challenging task.

We are also very experienced with shift work. We understand that staffing folks for Sunday or Holliday evenings is another apparent challenge. However, we shop at HT all the time and we don't expect bad food from you.

We are writing to make sure that this problem was taken care of and no more bad food is sold. If someone didn't smell it, they could have eaten the bad food and gotten really sick.


This is more informative than complaint. Shopping express lane I almost always have several (5 +/_) items that the comp. says don't have but then I go into store before pickup and almost invariably find them. FYI: today = turners buttermilk, rotisserated chicken legs; Sicilia fresh lemon juice'; stouffers mac & cheese cups; lucks fried apples. I hope this will be helpful in identifying the problem. If I can be of further assistance please feel free to cal me. If I can
be of help in anyway I'm interested in doing so.if I'm doing something incorrectly I want to know too. Bob Vogel. (704-849=7908)


I stopped in the Harris Teeter store today to grab coffee creamer. While there, I decided to get a couple slices of pizza. How I wish I would have remembered the issues I had before. As much as I enjoy the pizza, the packaging is bad. By the time I had returned to work, the grease from the pizza soaked through and the cheese was stuck to the cardboard. This is a problem, a huge problem, for business people who end up getting grease all over their papers and clothing. I will not purchase another slice of pizza from this Harris Teeter establishment until the packaging changes. Unfortunately, I know several others who feel the same way.


Recently I went to our closest Harris Teeter since our store closed, we have a drive to say the least. I say we, because I almost always have to have one of my children drive me due to my health issues. We like getting to see some of the folks that we were used to seeing at our neighborhood store, before it closed. However we seem to have issues when we go. My daughters have their own households and their own Vic cards. Yet, for some reasons when one of my daughters updated her change of address & email at the store it linked the two households. So needless to say it is an issue with couponing etc. We had even experienced an issue at pharmacy with our health insurance and Harris Teeter systems.

I attempted to get the couponing part fixed at the store we had just shopped at. I had my order, my daughter had her order. I ended up over paying for my order due to the issues of cards being linked. After dealing with a rude manager, I called corporate, which ended up a bigger headache and nothing getting fixed. The gentlemen didn't really have a clue how the two were linked.Apparently per corp. There is no way to unlink individuals. Yet for years my husband has had a different vic than I have and we live in same house.

Yet my oldest daughter who lives in a different house is linked to my card. I am not understanding how a company can link individuals of different households, but can't unlink them. This frustration of having to have someone drive you to a store of familiar faces to do shopping, to end up over charged, linked to someone else acct. And a rude manager who just wants to argue. How poor customer service on the part of this particular manager. And to think, I was going to this store for the friendly familiar faces of staff I considered as extended family. I love chatting with the guys in meat dept. Ms. Michelle & Rush some of my favorite employees to name a few. To end up with a sour, rude manager who didn't have time to return a customer's call.

The customer had to call her back @ almost 24 hours after the first call. What has happened to my grocery stores customer service? This has been my most recent visit. My previous issue was with a Harris Teeter Pharmacy, I had prescriptions my daughter had prescriptions, we have same insurance with my employer, we have different addresses yet same health coverage (she's still in school) Like many college students they actually live closer to their schools,yet have insurance coverage with parents until age 26, compliments of newer laws. Pharmacy couldn't get daughters meds to go through on insurance without changing her address back to her previous address. Pharmacy assured me this wouldn't be an issues.

I guess they were wrong. How does Harris Teeter not have a way of correcting these issues, of modern life?


While picking up a few items (5) for my mother in law and a few items for myself (10) (no coupons) I was informed that it was store policy if someone else came behind me after I paid for one order I would have to get behind them to pay for the other order. Some one did come with a full buggy and I was asked to get behind them as per policy. I informed the cashier that she could ring me up or call the manager but I was not going anywhere. She could ring me up or tie up her register for 20 minutes until I was finished discussing this in detail with her manager.

She chose to violate your non-sensical, moronic ill thought out policy in favor of common sense. I complemented her on exercising that common sense. You on the other hand are directly responsible for this foolishness. What say you rethink this because I will continue to pick up items for my elderly 86 year old relative and will continue to refuse to go thru the line twice. If I am so informed again I will call the manager, cut the VIC card from my keychain and hand it to them. I won't be needing it anymore.


Harris Teeter Laurel MD. I called to speak with my husband because I had a real high fever, vision blurry and I just had a baby. Kimberly who is the manager answered the phone and she was unfriendly, and had a attitude because I ask to speak with my husband. Although I am the wife of an employee I am also a potential customer. She lacks phone etiquette, communication and customer service. While working you should always carry a friendly tone I would never do any business with the deli department at Harris Teeters and I will be passing this unfriendly experience around, because she took her attitude out on my husband because I am sick and I needed him to leave a hr early, thats very unprofessional.


This isn't really about the store as much as way to not watch out for your neighbors. Due to hurricane Matthew, I've lost power in my franchise c-store. Harris Teeter was the only place around with power. I went to the store and asked the manager if I could move some items temporarily to their freezer so I wouldn't lose around $3000 worth of product. It was product in an ice cream freezer and two small uprights. Not much space needed at all. She said, I'm sorry honey, we don't have the room.

Ever watch the Seinfeld episode about the toilet paper? I don't have a square to spare. Same thing. I've shopped at this store since its been built and when I get tourists (we're in a very seasonal area), I always send them here. Won't happen anymore. My space is limited in my store but I would have helped them if they needed anything. I support my community. Way to go, Harris Teeter, located in Williamsburg in Quarter path shopping center.


Why is there such a different in Harris Teeter store in South Park compared to the Harris Teeter at 5706 Wyalong Drive in Charlotte? South Park produce was fresh, clean, neat along with the store. I brought a celery and 10 lbs. of white potatoes, not one rotten nor bruised. The celery was clean. Went to Harris Teeter on Wyalong as always, couldn't buy the celery because it was dirty and old and dirt between the stalk. The potatoes were bruised and some rotten. Why is it the rich get fresh, clean undamaged produces, we pay the say amount as South Park. South Park Harris Teeter lights were even brighter and floors cleaner. I don't want to give up on Harris Teeter, But why do we get damaged produce?


There is an extremely rude associate at store 340. I was doing my nightly shopping one Tuesday night and overheard her at the U-scan. She was making a racist remark against an African American customer. He came in the store and walked out empty handed. This happens with all people. Sometimes you don't see anything you want. This foul woman had the nerve to say that he looked like someone who would steal. How ignorant and racist is that? We live in a world where we are supposed to be treated equal. Yet we have rude associates like this. I know all associates aren't bad but this is ridiculous. I heard this woman got a service excellence award? Really? How did this happen? She needs to be fired for her rude remarks. This is totally unacceptable for Harris Teeter. I may take my business elsewhere, It's 2016 and this should not be happening. This woman needs to be fired.


I was hired for a new store opening in Bowie Maryland and part-time. I was given computer training and then in-store training, which lasted 3 short shifts (less than 5 hours each shift) Thought my hands on training was complete and I asked numerous times for a schedule, what shifts I would be working, etc and got zero response from management because the store had not worked out a schedule for its' employees yet.

Asked about the corporate policy to reimburse employees for drive time and mileage during training and got the cold shoulder from management and was told they were unaware of said policy, even after I made a copy of page 55 from the associate handbook. After a week of receiving no shifts and no calls from management, was told I no longer worked at Harris Teeter because I missed a weeks worth of shifts when I was never given any shifts to begin with because the store still had not opened.

Taken out of the payroll system immediately and now attempting to get money owed to me for training and given the cold shoulder by management for doing nothing but providing excellent customer service for the 1 month I was employed in training. What a shame if you new employees buy into the lies of one big happy family at Harris Teeter. Sarcastic and condescending management will only alienate and drive your associates to destroy your store and morale will sink the ship as well. People want to be given respect and never forget where you started if you want to be a successful, empowered management team.

45 years working and I have never been terminated until now. Good luck Harris Teeter and get rid of the crappy managers before they move up another notch in the corporate ladder.


A little over a week ago on Sunday a friend and I (we are both senior citizens) were volunteering to help folks to register to vote at the Chapel Hill NC University Mall Harris Teeter store. The back of our clipboards which we prominently displayed to the public, clearly stated "Register To Vote" in big letters. We were not in front of the doors but to the left and about ten feet away (mostly for the shade). After a few minutes, the store manager came out and told us (politely) that we weren't allowed to do that due to company policy.

I was taken aback since these were nonpartisan forms and we were not doing anything specific for either party. There are a lot of university students who have come back for the fall semester and are too far from home to vote easily which is why we were there. Many of them shop at Harris Teeter, especially on the weekend. When we moved away into one of the parking lot islands, the mall security in their car told us it wasn't safe and to please move.
Two days later (the following Tuesday) I called Harris Teeter corporate and had to leave a message for customer service representative. It took until Friday before I got a call back. They politely told me that I needed to speak with the communications representative.

I have done a lot of customer telephone outreach in my life but have never had anyone talk down to me. It was certainly unnecessary to keep repeating over and over how much Harris Teeter gives to the troops as if that was what I was calling about. I mentioned that I have shopped there for over 25 years and knew that they allowed fundraisers there (Girl Scouts etc).

She repeated that we were not a 501C (nonprofit) and all in all was unhelpful and snooty to boot. I feel that the manner in which she spoke to me rather than what she said was what was offensive (ironic, since she is in communications for HT). I noticed that there are no places to post a review for Harris Teeter on Google or Yelp so I heartily thank you for giving me this opportunity.


My wife and I started to use your Millsboro, De store about 5 months ago. We have been mostly satisfied, but today (Sunday June 26 at about 3:30pm) we were very taken back by 3 of your employees : the woman cashier, her manager, and another younger blond hair cashier. Although we have purchased fresh corn several times in the past few weeks at $2. 00 for five ears, it was reduced to $1.00 for 5 ears if you had a VIC card. When I mentioned this to the cashier, she told me they never sold corn for that price. I told her Giant had corn also 5 ears for $1.00 but we we somewhat loyal to HT and rarely use Giant. The cashier asked her manager who also told me you never sold at that price and the second cashier also kept shaking her head that I was Wrong.

I'm sure you recognize that the customer is rarely wrong and never tell the customer he is senile, stupid, or dishonest.. Simply say that any prior prices are not in effect and that is the price today. That I could easily accept. The "you are wrong" approach by your 3 employees was poorly handled - stop telling me Iam wrong!. I told the manager I did not want to do business after being treated as stupid. The dollar difference was not the point, but customer being mistreated was enough for me. The manager offered the lower price after the embarrassment,, but again - the price was not the point. Don't ever tell a customer they are wrong, especially when all 3 tried to put me in my place..


I am a very faithful customer of your Harris teeter in Alexandria on duke street , I like to have my meat cut in the meet department but it's coming to the point where I think I'll start going to another store, you have a gentleman that works in the meat department by the name of Calvin and he always reek of alcohol and appear to be intoxicated almost every visit, he also at times is very rude it would be greatly appreciated if this matter is resolved in a timely manner. I am humbly offended by his actions and wish to report this to the Harris Teeter corporate offices.


Harris Teeter a neighborhood food store and dedicated pharmacy super-market is an absolute solution for my family's health and nutrition. It's an awesome experience when I enter the store. The most wonderful support and the good quality items are the brand services of Harris Teeter. Harris Teeter has Butcher's market for ready-to-cook food, farmer's market for fresh fruits and vegetables, fisherman's market for seafood, pharmacy for the best medicines and flower gallery for bouquets and event based floral arrangements.

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