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we purchased a publix store brand turkey for thanksgiving (2018) that contained only neck and half a gizzard,i had to go to nearby winn dixie on thanks day and buy a package of chicken hearts and gizzards to cook pot of annual home made gravy,VERY cheap by publix. please confirm email.


What exactly is the policy regarding the ten items or less lane??? I run into this issue all the time at several different publix stores.A person will have more than the ten items(most of the time well over 10 items),and when it is brought to their attention they either ignore you or will have something not very nice to say to you. The cashiers are told not to say anything to the customer.When a manager is made aware of this problem,they also to refuse to say anything to that customer.What then is the point of even having a 10 items or less lane if you are not going to enforce it?It's very frustrating those of us who use the express lanes correctly and cannot get any cooperation from Publix management! Either enforce this rule,or do away with it.No in between.It seems as though this should be an easy fix.Have the guts to say something or get rid of it all together.We are all so afraid to speak up when it is needed.This has to change!!!


This store is normally very good about correcting mistakes but when i informed store manager about the
unclean condition of tables in eating area no one came to rectify the situation in a timely manner. i am
still waiting for assistance. I love your stores all over metro Atlanta.

Thank You,
Minister Israel


your water is not good bottle will not stand up


On Feb. 5th, I went into the Publix Pharmacy at the Publix on Hillsboro Rd., Franklin, TN. The man behind the counter did not want to wait on me for whatever reason. When he finally came to the register he was playing with himself. I tried to ignore his actions but he was not interested in helping me get the allergy medicine I was requesting. I requested that he order if for me as that is what is normally done and call when it comes in. He pretended to write my name and number down. Needless to say, I never heard back. So on Feb. 12th, I went back in to the pharmacy and the same man himmed and hawed but eventually waited on me. As he approached the register again, he started playing with himself again. Gross. As I suspected, he did not order my medicine and he quickly walked away. The pharmacist saw this and came to see what she could help me with. I explained to her what I was needing and that he was supposed to order it. She apologized on his behalf. I told her what had happened. She ordered it for me. I don't know what this mans problem is but he needs to keep his hand off his private areas while waiting on customers and when he does wait on someone, he needs to follow thru. Don't walk away in the middle of a conversation. I've shopped at Publix for 40 years and I am disgusted by this mans actions.


On January 09 2018 on my way home I stop at river bridge shopping center Publix located at 6790 Forest Hill Blvd. Standing in line at customer service counter waiting to get fair tickets, no greeting no acknowledgment, manager(Joyette) was there looking very unhappy no smile instead she look at her watch every second. I been shopping at Publix for over 30 years and I'm very unhappy (associates are more friendlier), Publix is a great place to shop. Manager should be setting an example for her team.

Thank you Emily


I have recently bought a gatorade from Publix, and there was clumps of something in it. I wouldn't like to say it was mold because that would be gross. But anyway if you can I would love it if I can get a refund or something. Should I call Publix customer support directly or write a letter voicing my concern to Gatorade HQ?


I am writing in regard about an employee of Publix, he works at Publix 1700 34th st. N Saint Petersburg, Florida. He has been harassing a friend of my wife and I for the past 9 months, I am writing this because our friend can't. Her name is Flora Jean Jones, she left Del and has moved to Pa. since last Nov. he has been harassing her, text messages constantly and phone calls, a lot of it is being done on Publix. I am shocked and surprised that that no one has noticed this, he will text her sometimes up to 70 times a day on your dime.The authorities will not do anything because is in another state and we have tried blocking him but somehow he gets thru, this has went on long enough and I am demanding something. I expect that this type of behavior is not tolerated. I do have many text msg. from him that we have saved, I trust you will do the right thing and dismiss him.


I'm switching to Publix, this is not a complaint about them. It's about Walmart. For the last two week the Walmart store in Merritt Island Florida has been having an air conditioning problem. I was there today and it was very humid and hot. So uncomfortable that I will gladly pay higher prices to shop at Publix where I can shop without sweating. When It fixed E-mail me and then and only then will I return as a customers. Also I am warning my friends on facebook about the problem, just letting them know it you go to Walmart your going to sweat.


I had my doctor call in a prescription to my local Publix where expected to pick it up later that day. When I arrive at the store the pharmacist told me that they had never received a call or email from my doctor. This has happened before so I assumed It was my doctors office that had messed it up. I call an confirm with my doctor that they had both called and emailed my prescription request over. I return to the store to try yet again to pick up my prescription only this time I waited thirty minutes in line, on the phone and talking to the pharmacist when he finally told me I would not be able get my medication till the next morning. Thank god my condition isn't life threatening without my meds or else I could've been seriously ill by not receiving my meds. I will never use Publix again for this exact reason. This is there on job and they can't get it right?


I am very frustrated with your Publix store in North Port Florida. For months I have found the store to lack organization and basic items that I wish to purchase. Yet more madding is the fact that the 20 items or less checkout lanes are forever serving customers with enough items to feed a family of twelve or more. Cashiers, I am told, cannot say anything to shoppers about the fact that they should not be in this lane. Those of us with few items have to wait a long period of time to complete a purchase. I have shopped at other stores in nearby cities and none of these problems exist. If the store does not become better organized, follow posted procedures, and relate to customers needs, I along with several other neighbors are going to take all of our business across the street.


Walgreen's charged twice for same prescription. Bank returned one of the charges. Walgreen's listed the return as a bad check. which has caused my reputation to be tarnished. This happened on July 17 and after a dozen e-mails they didn't fix their mistake until october. They reported to Tele-check that I had issured a bad check which embarrassed me when trying to cash a check at Publix Supermarkets. I am going to seek legal counsel to see if Walgreen's can be held liable for defamation. I am a local writer and this only gets better.

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