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Just got gas at Giant 6024, had to go inside to get receipt because pump out of paper. Ask the person inside for a receipt from pump 10. She told me had would have to wait for a while. While waiting another customer came in and advised me she was just cutting a banana. I ask her if I really had to wait while she fixed her breakfast. She refused to give her name, actually removed her name tag. Is this the customer service you expect.


We always bought Price Chopper White Bread. However, for the past month or more, we noticed how thin the slices are.
You can't even make french toast without it crumbling.So we started to buy wonder bread. At least we can make sandwiches with it. What gives? Have you started to "downsize" your bread? Not a good idea.


On 1/4/06 at 341 pm I tried to return an item at Giant that I did not need. The customer service counter was open, there were no signs to the contrary. I waited for the 2 customer service reps to acknowledge me, and I watched as every other person was waited on by the next customer service rep. I finally said "ladies, this is just a simple return", they were doing a service over computer problems of some kind, and pretended that they did not see me (although I am a huge target).

The customer service rep next to them finally said ( I will take you, they are not working now ), to which I said "I get that"! Whenever I ask for the store manager there, they tell me he is not there! (I went home and asked to speak to the Giant store manager). This is not the first complaint I have had against that store....every time I ask for the store manager, they tell me he isn't there! What is he getting paid for? I am past tired of the rude customer service people there, they seem to think that the customers are an imposition on what they would really like to be doing.


I am food lover and I purchased a lot of food. It is purely for serious shoppers. It is value for money and no doubt gives the result of what you are looking for. Customer service was unmatched with any other company. They also have other makes and other selections I like to buy. I am thinking of going in for another big shopping next week and sure it is going to be from Giant.

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