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Albertsons Company, Inc.  is an American grocery chain founded and based in Boise, Idaho and operates 220 stores in 33 states under multiple banners: Randalls, Tom Thumb, Safeway and Vons to name a few. There are 265,000 employees and 21 operation plants nationwide. Revenues for fiscal year ending February 2015 were reported as US 51.5 billion.

To contact Albertsons about a product or service problem you may call either 1-877-932-7948 or 1-877-276-9637. You may contact the Customer Support Center at M.S. 10501, P.O. Box 29093, Phoenix, AZ 85038. If you would like to contact CEO, Robert Gerald Miller by postal mail, address your letter to him at 250 E. Park Center Blvd., Boise, ID 83706. The corporate office phone number is 208-395-6200.

Joe Albertson started the chain with a single store in Boise, Idaho in 1939. The chain went public in 1959 and in 1969 acquired Skagg Drug Center to create one of the first food/drug stores. Albertson’s was removed from NYSE in 2006 and has not returned as of Oct. 2015. Social presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram.

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Every Friday for the $5 Friday, my father in law and I would go to the Lake Forest, Ca store for the service delis Fried chicken and their hoagies but the last two months the service deli there have not been great service. There’s never any hoagies out and they hardly have their fried chicken. Whenever we ask if they can make the a hoagie for us, like for example the deli manager Diana would just whine or complain about being on her own for an hour and a half or whine that Pamela is taking forever on the salad case instead of helping us. Sometimes when Alfonso is working we will walk up and he will walk away to start cleaning or messing with the ovens leaving us standing there for 20 minutes. We heard that store has poor customer service but that is beyond poor. That is the worst service ever


Today I attempted to use your digital coupon system. I downloaded the online app on my I-Phone and it came up as Safeway. I went to the store in Tucson, AZ on N. La Cholla and asked the customer service person for help. That person tried for 15 minutes to get the app to work. She suggested changing my account password. The app not only asked for my email address but also my email password. Email passwords should only be used to access your email account and never for any other reason. I asked for the store manager use his app to make the purchase. They refuse to do that or give a rain check.
I left your store empty handed and just spent another 40 minutes with Mike on your customer complaint line to get your app on my phone. I am computer literate and your guy Mike is a pro and it still took that long. I'm not driving from Oro Valley where I live to your Tucson store unless you send me a gift card.
Paul Parisi
363 E. Sunburst Pl.
Oro Valley, AZ 85704


I've been a customer at your Surprise, Az location since it opened in 1998. I've watched it deteriorate over the last few months. The lines have gotten ridiculous over the last few months and I know it is due to the lack of help when checking out. Also you advertise products that are not even there. You have two cashiers that I must rave about during this time who try hard to make shopping better. I only know them as Pat and Judy. They serve customers as best as they can especially Pat with her great sense of humor.
Please do something about making this store what it use to be. I know there are many people I know that feel the same way and have taken their business elsewhere, but as a die hard Albertsons shopper, I would like to see it improve.


the so called front end manager or whatever this creep is named Sara has a rotton attitude and shouldn't be in customer service. She judges customers without knowing them. She has always treated me like dirt, very rude and nasty. My first horrible experience with this nasty creep was at another store in Henderson a year ago. This store on Rainbow is now one of my regular stores and if it wasn't for the nice cashiers I wouldn't still do business there. This store used to have 2 nice front end managers Cathy and Lori. I wished I knew where they were. My last visit was on Wednesday July 25th, 2018. The cashier, Wayne is always great which is why I'm rating it 3 and not lower. It would be higher but this horrible person Sara was there walking around the store past me with a nasty look on her face, very rude, no manners, and then mumbled something under her breath. She needs to go, she has no decency for customer service and therefore doesn't belong there.


I accidentally bought fat free Lucerne coffee creamer at the 5950 South Cooper street location. I went in this evening to try to exchange it for same creamer, just not fat free. The checker lady was rude. I told her I bought the wrong creamer. I didn't bring the receipt but, made the purchase under my Albertsons reward account. She said that with dairy they need a receipt even though it is not expired, and is Albersons brand. She huffed and puffed like I did something wrong to her. She said I'll call the manager. Out come this totally unprofessional straggly kid. The checker met him halfway between the door he came out and me, with her back turned, she leaned over and whispered to the so called manager guy. He comes to me and instantly says we need a receipt. This is not the first time this lady and guy has been rude. I let it pass last time. I will not this time. This Albertson lost my business. I will never go back to this store for anything. I bought the wrong creamer, for goodness sakes. It is unopened, not expired and, the store brand. Believe it or not, Walmart would exchange their brand in a heartbeat, with or without a receipt. There is no need for rudeness. Sorry for complaining but, something as simple as exchanging, NOT REFUNDING, lost a customer. I'm certain I'm not the first with these 2 particular people. I went in today at 10:00pm. One older lady checker and one straggly looking white kid that thr checker is calling manager. I've never seen an Albertsons manager look anything close to what this guy did. Someone needs to test these 2 out, I'm certain they will be rude.


This is in regards to Albertsons Service in general. This store is located at 7022 North Mesa Street, El Paso, TX.
Yesterday, 6/25/2018 we purchased two 4-packs of Tuna. We were overcharged by $7.43. When my wife returned today to get the overcharge refunded, she was exposed to prolonged waiting until a "Manager" showed up. After a few time explaining what happened, my wife got very frustrated with the slowness of which this issue was being resolved.
It has also come the our attention, that the cashier staff (with a few exceptions) do not greet you once you approach the line, the packers do not acknowledge you etc.. We just returned from Arizona and had the chance to visit Frys. What a difference in attitude. Too bad we do not have one here in El Paso. You need competition. We will never buy anything from this store. This store gets an unsatisfactory in general and especially in Customer Service. Like Mr. Nice Guy from Shark Tank says: " you are dead to me"


I got offer letter from albertsons how to contact directly to hr im thinking it is fraud


Nothing below o to rate??? My Albertsons receives negative five star. Stood in deli line yesterday a.m. Waited while the 2 deli clerks talked with customer about having previously worked with her so. Believe me when I tell you I can now tell you where her son works, how many children he has, and on and on and on. Meanwhile, I am the only other customer in line. After minutes of having to listen to this conversation while waiting to be treated like a paying customer. the previous talking customer finally finished talking. Now, the 2 deli clerks turn around and go about their business. Obviously Albertsons does not need my business, so I left deli area, went to check out cashier, and explain. She call for store manager. Waiting for store manager to come up, cashier sees I am still waiting and points out to me the manager in in the burgundy shirt at register 1. So., I go to her as she apparently does not have time to answer her page. Explain to her while she is working on inanimate object my dissatisfaction. Says she will take care of it. I tell her never mind, I'm done with Albertsons.
Now, I go to Albertsons 3 times a week. As of today, I will NEVER enter that store again. Obviously, Albertsons is more concerned with their profits than their customer service.
Hello Smiths. Will be more than happy to discuss my experiences with Albertsons to everyone at work, neighbors, and all the park people I talk with EVERY day. All while I sit back and watch the profits of Albertsons drop while I watch profits at Smiths greatly increase.
Consider yourselves the losers of several customers. FYI... I have NEVER complained about service anywhere prior to this.


Your newspaper ad in the Idaho Statesman on the 10th of January 2018 is very confusing. The coke ad advertises 3 12 packs for 10 dollars is in bold red lettering. In the body of the ad is the print,digital offer when you buy 3. just for U follows next. When asking the female checker at your store number 189 in Boise why I was being charged $11.64 instead of $10. 60 the checker blamed the computer. When trying to share my confusion with her answer blaming the computer I tried to explain that .06% sales tax plus the advertised price for the product advertised should be $10.60. Again the checker blamed the computer. Upset I left your store 189 leaving the product at the store. After cooling off I asked a different Albertsons store assistant manager for an explanation and he recognized the confusing issue I was talking about, for which I thanked him. Either your advertising department needs some help or a better explanation of "just for U" program to those of us that are not tied to our phones. Ray


Every time i go to Albertsons store on Royal in Eugene Oregon I always get over charge for some thing or other. I will address it to the cashier and they will say OH HOW DID THAT HAPPEN. They also charge me for something that i did not buy. And that is all the time. I will tell the butcher i want 1 lb. of hamberger is is on sale for $2.69 and i land up paying $3.50 for it. I don; think i will be going back to your store again.It gets old after a while. May be they do that because i an close to 80 .


Hello: I am writing this complaint (on behalf of my husband) because I was contacted because by (I think her name was Michelle from Great Falls, MT) regarding his complaint against the Albertson's store on Main Street in Billings, MT. If you read my husband's letter to Boise which was never responded to so he filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and which they in turn referred it onto the Phoenix AZ headquarters for a response.

Thereafter Albertson's must have sent the complaint onto the Great Falls people as we were contacted by telephone to contact them. I contacted them and Michelle stated the camera's were not working at the Main Street Albertson's store since spring 2016.

However, the Albertson's Main Street store manager I spoke with regarding the ring lose stated the cameras went down about the same time my rings were lost at the counter (very unusual). Now in my opinion someone is lying but who is the culprit. Michelle stated she would get back to us but as of this writing I haven't heard a word from her. If she thinks she can sweep this incident under the rug and that we should roll over and play dead she and the manager are completely wrong.

I believe Albertson's was negligent in this incident by not being able to provide us with the hard facts on who may have stolen the rings after I lost them at the check out. Without the camera evidence we can't get our insurance company to pay for the loss. I think in all fairness Albertson's should be responsible to pay the $2600 for the cost and loss of my rings. After you read the letter my husband sent to Boise you will get the facts of this case. If the person that I spoke with from Great Falls, MT doesn't respond back as she promised I will forward this letter to the Phoenix, AZ office. Also whomever reads this complaint see that it gets to the proper officials.

Albertson's LLC
250 Parkcenter Blvd.
Boise, ID 83706

Mr. Richard Navarro CFO:

I need your assistance regarding an incident at an Albertson's store in Billings, Montana. On September 26, 2016, my wife (Rita Neuman)lost her 1990 wedding rings at the Albertson's Store, located at 345 Main Street, in Billings, MT 59101.

While paying for groceries on that day her wedding rings came off (unknowingly to her) and after she got to her car she noticed it wasn't on her small finger. Within a minute she traced her steps back into Albertson's and had people looking for the rings. They could not be found and most likely were picked up (stolen) by someone either behind her (as there were three people she noticed, Native Americans)and/or store personnel.

She eventually contacted Barry (last name unknown) the Store manager to see if he could review the video in hopes it would show someone in the aisle behind her or otherwise, that might have stooped over and picked up the ring after she went to her vehicle. After many calls and no return calls Barry finally called her back. Also, another person by the name of Chris was contacted on several occasions for assistance, so he knows about this issue also.

Our insurance agent stated this would be the only way she can claim the lose was to verify the evidence with Albertson's and have the police write up a report that the rings were stolen based upon the video evidence. On October 5, 2016 Barry finally contacted my wife and stated he reviewed the video which is blank for that particular time/day. My wife shortly thereafter, contacted me and here is an excerpt from her email.

"Barry called back and said he didn’t find anything and the cameras show nothing for that day or time frame, said, there must have been something wrong with them. Don’t know if he even looked but he isn’t willing to let me look at the video."

After I received her email, I called Barry and wanted him to explain why the video tape was blank. He really couldn't give me an logical explanation. I even stated maybe an employee picked up the ring and than went up and erased the tape for that particular time frame. Barry than stated the tapes couldn't be erased. I asked him if other people have access to the video room and he stated they do. As far as Barry was concerned and my interpretation of his attitude was it was a closed case. I than advised him I would be contacting headquarters to sort this out and he stated to go ahead.

My conclusion is Barry is not being up front on the facts and why the security video machine failed for that particular point in time is behooving to me. When the ring came off my wife's finger and since Albertson's has video camera all over and even outside why did the machine fail to record for that specific point in time? It just doesn't make sense. Even if an employee picked up the ring and could erase the tape wouldn't a forensic expert be able to bring back the images? The downside to this issue is we can't report the loss to our insurance carrier unless the video would have shown someone picking up the ring and a police report is filed.

It leaves my wife between a rock and hard spot as the security video machines(according to Barry) failed and why it failed needs to be investigated by you folks to prove Barry facts. Also, why wouldn't Barry allow her to view the security video tape seems suspicious to me. It unbelievable that Albertson's security video systems were not recording at that precise moment in time. Maybe Albertson's is liable in a court of competent jurisdiction.

I will appreciate hearing from you on your finding or I will pursue this further with other authorities starting with the Better Business Bureau for a logical response to Barry's conclusions.


I have a complaint against Albertsons Store #572. (9/3/16, 16:29) Fab 5 sale Items were not marked on, buy 5 or more and save, throughout the store. Made trying to figure which ones in same group of products was one on Fab 5 ad. Was shopping with list. When I got to check out I asked clerk, was the coffee on add, Seattle's Best or Starbucks. Her response was, "Unless you know, it's really hard for me to fix at the end." Asked if she had an ad to look at. She gave it to a co-worked and told him to look. He said, "I didn't even know we had Fab 5, this week."

Clerk was very annoyed, that she had to make the change, and was slamming things around. I informed her, that I wish I would have shopped elsewhere today. Another employee next to me was complaining about some other work issue in store. It was a very uncomfortable experience. I work in Customer service and would have been fired, with this attitude towards a "paying" customer. When I got home and had my glasses, I saw, of course, I had no markdowns for my Fab five items.

The amount did not add up to much, but it is the point of the matter. "my five items were: 3 Lean Cuisine, 1 Digiorna pizza, and 1 Starbucks coffee. I used to shop at this store for many years. Have been going elsewhere, no matter if the add was better, for what I wanted. Now that you run Safeway, I guess I will soon not go there either, as your prices are too high anyway, and Safeway was "far" cheaper than Albertsons.

Thought clerks name was Denise, but receipt says Danielle. Horrible young lady. Maybe, she was having a bad day. I get that, but you must overcome, and act professional, for goodness sake.


Couple of times a month I have been able to buy over ripe bananas for banana oatmeal muffins at my local Albertsons store. The manager & workers in the produce dept surprise store on grand ave are wonderful & I feel like they have been friends since I shop each week..the over ripe bananas would be tossed out but great for baking muffins. Now they say they no longer can sell to me at reduced sad to just toss out since I would be able to put them to good use. I usually need about 12 bananas each time. If Albertsons can't sell them to me but would rather toss out does not make any sense to me. Unless this changes I will no longer shop here.


I have one basic complaint against Albertsons, and it's about their customer service. After waiting several minutes at the deli counter for the worker, who was looking at me coldly, to finish her texting, I was told the product I wanted was "too expensive, nobody buys it". She also said, " if you don't like it you can't return it because we won't be carrying it anymore.

When I asked to speak with her manager, she said she was the deli manager (Angie). I also had negative experiences with the food quality from the deli, causing my family to get sick because the deli meat was not refrigerated properly. It is left out on the slicer for extended periods of time. I shop elsewhere for my deli products now.


The manager at Albertson's tonight was rude and loud talked to me in front of other customers made me feel small-she then became arrogant because there was a pricing error on my behalf. Instead of kindly pointing out my mistake and showing me it was a different item on sale. I felt she was blaming me as though I was trying to get away with it. As in stealing. I was very upset when I told her I would talk to the manager she said I am the manager. A very nice lady came out and said she was the manager, and offered me George's number. She should not be in a public position, as she talks down to customers, that young man who accompanied the manager lady should in fact be the assist manager as he listens to customers and treats people with respect. I don't know his name but he was courteous and polite, respectively listens to the customers. That young man is eager and willing and will be an asset to any business.


When I was standing in line to check out the lady in front of me had the wick to buy milk and stuff so I went over to the next casher and put my stuff on the belt and there was a lady in line but she walked way to get more stuff so I went ahead of her and the casher was very rude to me and ask me if I cut in line. I wanted to report this to the corporate headquarters but so far no email address can be found. How could she acted like that to me what she didn't want to do her job. I just want to know why Miss Vanessa has to be so rude and never even had a smile on her face I have never been treated that way.


Made 5 trips to store at Dobson and Baseline in Mesa AZ. After each trip I was disappointed that the advertised item was out of stock. When I asked for help I was told the stock person had gone home and I would have to come back the next day. The store director is another piece of work when he informed me it is hard to order 30 days out and that is the way it is.Wow I advised him your store is a museum because you just want me to come in and look at you. The problem I am having is do I file. ARS 44-1521 with the State of Arizona to have you investigated.As a former Commissioner I feel confident consumer fraud could be an issue.


I live at Alexandria and had to arrange a birthday party for my son. Albertsons was the first thing that I had on my mind. I contacted them to have theme cake ready so that it would surprise my son. Not only did he love it but also the guests loved it too. Albertsons gives a good choice of flavor, cake size, icing type with a personalized message that they make over the cake. I recommend Albertsons not only for cakes or del trays but also for other aspects too like the decoration using their special birthday bubble balloons. I recommend Albertsons to anyone who wants to plan a birthday or a party at home.

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