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Ross Stores, Inc. is an American discount-price chain of department stores. It is publicly traded on NASDAQ:ROST and its trademark name is Ross Dress For Less. In 2012 revenues were reported as US 8.7 billion. With 1200 stores in 33 states there were 57,000 employees in 2013.

If you have a problem with a product or service at a Ross’ store you may call 1-800-945-7677. You may also contact Customer Service here. If you would like to send postal correspondence to CEO, Barbara Rentler, use address: Ross Stores, Corporate Office, 5130 Hacienda Drive, Dublin, CA 94568. The corporate phone number is 925-965-4400.

Ross Stores was founded in 1950 in Pacifica, California by Morris Ross. Ross Stores is committed to providing a constant stream of high quality items at bargain prices. Social presence may be found on Facebook and Instagram.

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Two days ago I had the most dreadfully bad service and staff with appalling attitude. After being in other stores they were 100% better than Ross. I’ll list in points the poor and rude service received:

1. Being totally disabled following double leg amputation the doors were not automatic. I did have a carer with me so she had to prop the door open and push me through.

2. Unfortunately the stockers on the shelves didn’t even seem to notice that we were patiently waiting for a response of acknowledgement.

3. The worst experience we were challenged with was at the checkout. We had a cashier who was so busy trying to do exchanges and check out and a security man who was answering phone calls . There was no cashier customer communication or interaction. We did have a full cart so we asked for help to the van as my carer couldn’t push a cart with bags , hold the door open and push me out of the door. We were told Ross didn’t help people out with their purchases or push me out the door.

4. It was so upsetting as we did buy some lovely things but the staff made me want to just leave the cart and head out. Fortunately some kind person in line helped us to hold the door open.

5 I am now going to forward this to the ADA through office of justice.


I went to Brea Ross on Dec 17 2018 I get hit hard by unather customer Eagle I was standing on line to register She hit my leg from behind me with a kids stroller she yelling on me crazy becose I was screamed fro m pain .She refuse growing me her information .Manager Jeremiah .ask me go out the store and call to Police I tell him to took with this customer I need help and her phone number in case my leg get war after injury she course .Manager was nat nice and rude ,he even let me call to Police from his phone .I went aside and I call to Police then this two customers run away so fast.Police arrive I tell him what happens, he said write complain to Ross ,he Jeremiah managernt helpfull and so rude .He supostu strap this customers until Police arrival .I get still pain in my leg today ,I'm so disappointment with Ross Manager treatment .Dorota Rek


I’m complaining about the Ross on fuirtvale station because there been a lot of stealing and the manger terra she’s 8 months pregnant and she’s the manger at Ross and all she does is be in the back while she lets people steal. Please put better security They steal too much at that store please help put a stop to this why do you have a pregnant women workin if all she does is be in the back and never does her work and she blemes her employee after she should get fired


I was in the Ross store on Highway 6 in Sugarland, TX. The line was down the aisle and almost to the back of the store. The manager John relieved one of the two cashiers that were checking, I am assuming to take a break. She return right when he was checking me out. I told him that he needed to open up some more registers because the lines were very long. He responded that if he had staff he would and that he is on a budget like everyone else. I thought he should have continued checking customers out and let the returning worker open up another register. His response was not customer friendly. If I did not have staff, I would have said sorry that you had to wait so long in line and I appreciate your business. I shop at Ross quiet often but I am really tire of the long lines and staff who don't need to work with the public.


I went to try on some dresses at the Ross in Mountain View CA and I had 40 minutes until the store closed. There was no employee by the fitting room station and had another customer and I waiting to try clothes on. The manager gave me a "either buy it all or leave" type of attitude. I either had to buy all of what was in my basket or leave because they didn't want to open up the fitting room. Over 30 min before the store even closed! I was livid. I had to go to 3 different people and they all told me the same thing which I don't get if the store isn't closed why can't I try on these clothes I could possibly purchase.


ross distribution center shafter ca
8/7/18 Approximately 1526 1st shift supervisor Daniel advised me in a rude manner that no drinks are allowed at the metal detectors i placed my drink in the front desk counter and continued to man the metal detectors i received a call shortly from my Captain saying the client ross wanted me removed permanently from my duties as of 8/8/18 and Daniel lied and said i had a bad attitude i was not doing my job i only worked as a contractor fir ross 5 days and is was my 1st day on 2nd shift i was not informed about the no drink policy and there are plenty of cameras that will show me doing my job and maintained a professional demeanor
1600 hours 1st shift supervisor Daniel walked by the front desk mumbling what i believed to be racial slurs and laughing at me u felt uncomfortable i also feel he was picking on me because of my race and sex I felt he also has animosity towards me mostly because I am a black female i never said one word to Daniel and im so hurt i notified my supervisor and Anthony Torres who is Daniel's supervisor i left a voicemail and still nothing was done all i want is a formal apology form Daniel and not to be removed from ross because of my race and sex i truly don't want to file a complaint with fair housing and employment but if nothing is done soon i will have to please help this is not right


Today07/05/18 at 7:10 pm at the Ross Store located in California ,MD. I was checking out to pay for my cloth (20 items total) I removed the hangers from the clothes I was purchasing to try and speed up the process as there was several customers behind me. After removing all of them I looked around and saw a heap of hunger behind Emmy one of the cashiers.I asked her if she could help me and put the heap of hangers I had on the side for me.Emmy yr employee, raised her voice in a non professional, unfriendly ,very rude tone and asked me that "those hangers go over there." I l walked over and started organizing them .While I was hanging them up, another customer doing the same. I looked at Emmy's identification ID, she did not have it. I asked her name, she replied rudely.I checked out, made my payment for the items. I returned the shopping cat, Emmy was talking to her fellow employees. As I grabbed my bags and walked out of the door, Emmy stated" I don't walk with day care center" Meaning she is not there to babysit customers! What a poor customer service?? I have been a Ross customer for almost 22 years , when it first opened in CA while I was living there.I was so disappointed and hurt of one yr employee if Emmy is her real name.The Associate #366279 is the one who was ringing up my items.Thank you for listening and please talk to Emmy to improve her customer service.


I went to ross at Turlock ca today , lady name alicia , she is very disrespect person , she is working on register number 6


On 3/24/18 at approximately 4pm I received rude and indifferent treatment at your store in Lihue, Kauai.

I asked to take my purchases ( 3 large shopping bags ) out to my car using one of your shopping carts, I was told that no carts are allowed to leave the store, so I respectfully asked for some help getting my stuff out to my car, my request was ignored by your loss prevention person who just smirked at me and said "no exceptions".

I certainly know that your shopping-cart policy exists for some good reasons but, my goodness I am a 78 year old man with breathing problems, and I asked for some help.

I spoke to your 'MOD' Pat, and all I received from him was more total indifference and more smirks. I will not go back to any of your stores unless I receive a sincere apology, and I will be contacting my local newspaper and county elderly offices if I do not hear from you in the next 10 days.

I trust that you will endeavor to correct this unacceptable customer treatment.

Sincerely; Larry Wachler


Bought two same type sandals one silver size 7 1/2 and one gold size 8 so my can try both at home and then I will return one ,I went to return gold on the same evening I bought and cashier and manager said it's been used ,I told them all the shoes on the rack are almost dirty and kind of used,they are not clean in a box and this is the way I bought it ,after taking to manager backend forth while people were watching me from the lines I return the shoes ,next day I went to return silver sandals and cashier said it's already been return as the cross they made it on my previous gold sandals recite was on top of silver sandals which was clearly store fault but the cashier never try to return it to make it confirm and Manager refuse to return and keep making me embarrassed in front other people , I was so surpris by all this two days unfair treatment ,and all I can say it's because I wear headscarf and they treat customers by their looks ,won't be able to go ross again the shitty way I was treated


At forum 2 cashiers no efficient. Hire help


I purchase two items on my debit card about 12 dollars. The items didn't work so I returned them with the attempt to purchase a needed item. However Ross didn't have the item. I ask for cash since the item needed wasn't available and I paid with my DEBIT CARDcard. I was refused. Yet the monies would not be available on my card until next week since it was the weekend. I will never shop Ross again!!!!


Who never wants to dress for less price and it is possible only with Ross Dress For Less with amazing latest collections of clothing for Men, Women & Kids, Home appliances, shoes, accessories and many more on the menu. Off department store prices every day, Bargain Hunter are the special attractions of Ross Dress For Less. The best place to step in if you want to decorate your home with perfect storage solutions, desk organizers and lot many. I suggest you to opt Ross Dress For Less to save your money, time and get better quality stuff.


Hi, why doesn’t Ross Dress For Less have clothes bigger than a size Lg? Or jeans bigger than size 11? I think you people should think out side the box a little. I was in one of you stores today and was very upset.You don’t have size XL. Why Ross? Are you against bigger people? Don’t like plus sized people? I mean really,come on!


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