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Saturday August 19th at Las Palmas shopping center in El Paso, Texas

There was a huge confusion up at the register's and customers were just moving around trying to find a register. My husband who is a CPA, was talked down by the gentlemen in the front registered with no uniform who was so rude. The customers all looked at my husband with disbelief, and the could probably not believe this gentlemen. My husband was so humiliated that he put the stuff down and walked out the door.

We love your store, but I guarantee you that my husband won't be back for a long time. Your employees should realized that any customer that walks through the front doors and buys merchandise helps pay for their paychecks. As consumers we have options and your employees should realized that.


Since you injected politics into your store and removing all Trump products, we will no longer shop and support your store. Will put block on email and trash your flyers.


I am beyond upset at the indecency of Bed, Bath and Beyond located in Chicago Ridge, IL to knowingly put a returned, highly defective storage bench on their shelves to be re-sold to an unsuspecting customer (myself!). I could tell the box was taped closed and made a comment to the sales associate. They assured me all would be fine and don't worry, I can always return it. The box was extremely heavy and I am a 60 yr old short female. I had to carry this from my car to my 90 year old fathers new residence in an assisted living quarters, which was near impossible and beyond exhausting.

I had to get it to the second floor on top of that. Imagine my horror after emptying out the box and laying all the pieces on the ground to realize all the little bags that held the screws were totally empty. In addition, two of the shelves were cracked and the paint peeled off. The condition of this storage bench was horrific and beyond belief. I was stunned and very angry that the management of that store would have the audacity to try to resell this very defective product! How dare they! I then called the store in Willowbrook, which was closer to my dad's.

Now, picture me trying to again drag this extremely heavy package back down and out to my car. I literally was having trouble breathing and worried I might have a heart attack. Once I got to the Willowbrook store, I had to again carry this into the store for an exchange. I was shaking and panting for breath. Megan was very helpful there and very empathetic with my plight. She had one left it stock and had an employee (Dave) put it in my care. They were both very kind. Upon returning to my dad's, I had to bring this to his residence on the 2nd floor.

This was the worst customer service experience of my life, and I have Bed, Bath, and Beyond to thank for that. I will think long and hard about every purchasing anything at the Chicago Ridge, IL store. They have lost my trust. I can only hope to be compensated for my most awful ordeal! I hope to hear from someone soon regarding my nightmare.


Stood in line at Bed Bath & Beyond to check for over 15 mins. Only 2 registers open , slowest cashiers I have ever seen finally just walked out tired of waiting, also one of the store employees came up to register clerk and ask where is the short white girl, has she left already, other customers in line heard this and thought it was very unprofessional.


We went shopping at store #100 in Miami, Fl, we got help from a great employee name Rick, we found every Item we were looking for , but our great experience in the shopping aisle were damaged by the front service, there were more than twenty peoples on line waiting to pay for the Items we bought, there were not enough cashiers working. I went to customer service and they told me that they did not have any one else. It is not acceptable having to wait more than ten minutes so I could pay for the merchandise while the store Manager save on pay roll and the hell with the customers. Employees like that should not be representing a chain store like Bed Bath & Beyond. (5:08 PM). Last weekend I experience the same delays.


I live in NC and shop at the Winston Salem Bed Bath & Beyond location. I have never had a problem with getting sales associates to help me. While visiting family for the holidays in New York. I shopped at the Jackson Heights NY store. I needed help getting an item from very high up. I asked the first sales associate I saw. She turned to another lady walking by and said help her. Second lady says no I am going to the bathroom you help her. First Lady says no I am doing this. She was packing boxes. A 3rd person comes walking by and I ask her for help. She turns and says the lady over there will help you. The 4 th lady comes and helps me.

Bed Bath and Beyond always was a good choice for me to shop for my household needs. However after my poor customer service experience in the Jackson Heights, NY location I am not so sure anymore.


Bed Bath & Beyond is a great store. My only real complaint is the prices, everything seems pretty expensive. Even the linens and towels are usually marked up quite a bit, to the point that if you go in there you know you will be spending quite a bit of money. I will say that generally the customer service is fantastic and the employees genuinely seem to care about you.


I love Bed Bath & Beyond, it's where we go to get many of the items in our household. I believe my only problem with Bed Bath & Beyond is the coupons that the send out in the mail. They send them out so easily and then when I go to the stores they will never let me redeem them without the coupons. I could be buying $200 worth of stuff and have $100 worth of coupons at home but I cannot redeem them without the physical coupon. It seems a little odd considering the age of technology we are in and the fact that they seem to ship these coupons to everyone.  Some of the Bed Bath & Beyond stores allow you to use coupons they have lying around but why not make it a policy for all stores. I would love it if they would do this as a corporate policy.

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