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Dollar General is a United States chain of discount retailers located in 40 states. It is publicly traded on the NYSE:DG. Products offered include apparel, food, beauty, health, seasonal products and household goods. As  of July 31, 2015 there were 12,198 operational stores with over 80,000 employees. Revenues reported for 2013 were over US 16 billion.

To contact Dollar General about a product or service you may call 1-877-463-1553. You may also contact the CEO, Todd J. Vasos at corporate headquarters. The address is 100 Mission Ridge, Goodlettsville, TN 37072 and corporate phone number is 615-855-4000. You may also find Customer Support here.

Dollar General was founded in 1939 in Scottsville, Kentucky by Cal Turner and J.L. Turner. Their slogan is: ‘Save Time. Save Money. Everyday!’.  Digital coupons are offered and Verizon IndyCar Series has benefited from Dollar General sponsorship. You may find social presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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First we had to put up our own fence to keep the Dollar store trash out of our yard because they wouldn't enclose their dumpster and everyone dumped their trash there until it overflowed and naturally it was blown into our yard ( which i had to send in a complaint about that to get something done about the trash) then just when things began to settle down about their trashy store and things went a little smoother, they start soliciting for toys for tots which is a good thing if done right and i give my share to children's charities but its my choice as to when and how much i want to spend and i do not want to be insulted, at the check out counter, into buying an item from the store to give to toys for tots. If it's a store policy then it's a win win situation for the store as the customer is solicited to buy a toy from the store which earns them more money and they get the praise for the charity too. I decide to visit other stores to see how they handled the toys for tots and they didn't try to pressure me into buying a toy so i feel like i was targeted at this one. Now the store is no longer a convenience for me as i don't go back there anymore.


I just visited Dollar General Store #1752 in Fort Worth, TX and I have never been as insulted and offended in all my life! Upon entering with my children in tow, I wasn’t not greeted as per the norm in any retail setting, instead I was TOLD, not asked to leave my bag with my personal belongings at the front! Not only did your employee insult me in front of my children, but in front of a full store as well! I have never known there to be such a “policy” and do not appreciate being stereotyped! I will NOT spend my hard earned money where I am insulted and not given the same courtesy as several other patrons who had bags as well! I will be contacting the Corporate Office and sharing my experience on every review board I come across! This company has forever lost a customer in me and I will definitely NOT recommend ANY of my friends/family patronize this business!


Today I needed to reload my prepaid card at Dollor General store #00736 1326 Red Bank rd Goose Creek sc, 29445 on 2017-11-18 at 17:13:20 for $223.00 the cashier scanned the greed dot card and swiped my card to load the funds to my card and handed me the receipt. I waited for (3) hours and no funds were made to my card. So I called the store to ask why hasn't the process of the funds be loaded to my card, the cashier told me that it was nothing she could do and to get in contact with my card provider which I did, I then preceded to ask her if she loaded the funds correctly and again she made a rude statement that I should call back tomorrow to speak with someone about the transaction the completed and hung the telephone up in my face, not giving me any answers of why the funds are not showing on my account. I was completely not satisfy by her representation, or customer services. And now I've been online with my bank and here it is 2:05am and no activity or pending loads or noticeable of her transaction.


I visited the Dollar General in Akron Ny on October 14, 2017. The store was a mess. I was not greeted by the cashier when she was cashing me out. Also, one of the store employees was wearing shorts. I worked at a dollar general and I know none of this is store policy. One of the best dollar general stores is the location in Corfu NY. I hope to never visit the Akron location again.


I was denied service because I had my service dog. The lady at the place on Military Highway in Norfolk, VA said I had to have "paperwork". First off that is a HIPA violation and second a violation of the ADA. I do not have to provide "paperwork" whatsoever. the lady sited "insurance" so I want to see that so I can present that to my lawyer. Hopefully I get a response but not banking on it. Terrible to even assume.


I usually excuse all the mess in the store when I shop but this time it was impossible. The store looked like it had been trashed ! Merchandise was hanging off the shelves, scattered across the floor on all isles. Half unpacked boxes blocking access to the isles ect ect ect. I had to roll over clothes, blankets, flowers to move across the store.....
When I checked out , the only employee in the store, was talking on her cell phone with a friend ! What is going on ?
I don't think I'll ever go back. You have lost a goo and loyal customer ! shame on you !!!!


While loading my prepaid Visa card at the dollar general in Mayo FL the cashier took advantage of me being distracted by the woman behind me. I loaded 400. On my card and was given back my receipt which I just stuck in my wallet and left. Bout 35 mins later I began getting text messages from my debit card letting me know my balance. The cashier had kept my card and stole every penny that I had deposited and then some. Come to find out she has done this to others. However I have pressed every charge that she can be charged with. They r still investigating and dollar general has her still working. SMH she should've been fired right then when the law viewed the tapes. I have an attorney retained now and hopefully will get some Justice.


I have complained 2-3 times bout dollar general store in Vernon tx#01726, that store is a mess nobody wants to stock anything they have not stocked cat food in a month I have ask them even left a note no good.The manager hires so many people and they do nothing I drive to other dollar store which are bout 35 miles.They need to all be fired even manager,and the employees &manager park their cars right in front of the store where customers suppose to park.Linda


My complaint is with your store #435. The store is always messy with stuff in the aisles. Also, customer service is lousy. None of the employees in this store is happy or courteous to the customers. The manager seems to be miserable and unhappy. I love Dollar General and have been in many stores that are very customer oriented and happy and everything is in its place. This Dollar Generals Customer Service and organization is the worst one that I have been too.

Thank you for your time,


I went to the Cherry Valley AR store #11806 on 12-12-16 around 9:50pm. When I parked, "Lisa" an employee was standing IN the front door ( not to the side or in a designated smoking area but IN the front door) smoking and rolled her eyes at me and told me in a hateful tone "hurry up because we're locking the doors in one minute." I knew what I wanted and told her so on my way in. I got my items and went to the check out.

When I arrived at the checkout, "Lisa" who was still IN the front door smoking told me "we have to tell everyone that because if we don't they'll be in here till 11:00!" My receipt shows that I checked out at 21:55:53. As soon as I walked out of the store "Lisa" locked them behind me. My receipt # is 890715636104339521121921919413432612221137. I tried to report this on your survey but it wouldn't take the # on my receipt. I believe "Lisa" is a terrible representative for your company.

From the moment I parked at your store she gave a manner of unprofessionalism and rudeness.


I went to dollar General tonight I had a 100 bill and the lady said we can't break that all we have is out holiday money. I am sorry but you still have two more bank days to get your holiday money I am sick of going in there and they never have change to break a 100 or even a 50 dollar bill. They need to have change all the time.


I went into Poteau, OK store Saturday November 19th and there was only one person working and the lines were very long and I had to wait a long time. The cashier informed us that she was alone and she was sorry for our wait. Even though she was polite I do not find it very professional not having enough employees there especially on a busy weekend. I do like shopping this store bit I rather go to the store on Broadway now because at least there I don't have to wait so long for service.


Yes I was on Facebook and tried several times to get my $60 Dollar General gift card. I did everything right and all 25 people got the post when I sent it to them. I waited over 30 minutes for it to get my results and I still get nothing. I want my card please. Is this a scam. I hope not because dollar general is the only retail shop that I go to mostly everyday or every other day. Thanks please let me know why I didn't or can't get my $60 card.


I had bought 3 Pepsi 2-liters and 3 Mountain Dew 2-liters and they were all flat in taste. I was very disappointed because i bought them for my son's Birthday Party. All Dollar General Could say is im sorry. I was wondering if there was anyway that pepsi company may be able to make this right with me


I shop at the Dollar store in Fancy Gap Va three to four times a week. This store is nasty, you cannot shop for carts in the middle of the aisles. I stump my toe and almost broke it trying to get to a box of coffee. Employees are so rude you dread going in the store. They would not sell me a carton of cigarettes wanted me to buy them by the pack. Employees outside smoking and talking to men. I have managed stores before. If my store had looked like this I would have been fired.


Recently visited dollar general in Milliken, CO. Worst store I have ever been in! It was filthy, trashed, disorganized. The screaming music was so loud you couldn't even carry on a conversation. There was so much stuff on the floor you couldn't even get a shopping cart through the store. The clothing section was the worst most of the clothes were on the floor being stepped on and drove on by carts. It was so bad I turned around and walked out. Very disappointed.


Dollar General, your customer service related to acting as rental agent for Rug Doctor comes far short of other agents! Shame on you! I rented a shampooer that was out of order. Taylor your manager refused repeatedly to refund my rental fee. I wrote to Rug Doctor and was advised most agents refunded rental when unit did not function. You took hour of my time seeking resolution on phone with Rug Doctor, Hour transporting and working with Technical support to try to get unit working. Rug Doctor was great to work with. You, dropped the ball big time Dollar General.


There is a recently opened store on Camp Wisdom in Duncanville, Texas and it always has trash around the front door.This town has a demographic make up that condones this too much. We, the old timers are proud of our town. Store employees stat they are not allowed to have a trash can outside the door. I have run business and always had trash cans outside and inside of shop, (freight lines) and it helps keep area clean and the attitude of customers sure do change when the entrance is clean. I think upper management need to change their position on this. You store in Grand Prairie, Texas on Belt Line is fantastic as I used to shop there when I worked near it.


I went in Mar 28th 2016 approx 3:15 pm to purchase tracfone time. I took my purchase to the checkout counter to an unkempt young man named Greg. He appeared slow moving, sleepy eyed and a bit out of it. He scanned my check and announced for all to hear. Nope, it refused it. I told him you must have screwed up. The check is good run it again. He did so and once again announced to all ,"Refused" He was polite the whole time just out of it. He claimed to be,"Sick" I told him I was going to the bank I'd be back. I left. I got outside and decided I should retrieve the check in question. Greg held the check up high enough to show everyone he had torn it in small pieces.

I went to the bank and interviewed them about my funds. I had funds available to pay the check by over twenty times! I went back and spoke to the acting/ pretending store manager (Brandon). He said he had already spoken to ,"Greg" about his behavior. I feel this is a lie. There simply had not been enough time for this to occur. Meanwhile, I asked to go to his office or outside. he said,"let's go outside my office is too dirty." Brandon states,"I'm here to clean this place up and straighten out these people!" I think Brandon is being grandiose.

Stating, "Yup, the district manager put me here to fix this place. I work harder than any of these people! It's why I make so much more money than anyone else!" Brandon's clothing is dirty and worn. He truly looks like he is a bum waiting for a handout. A very happy, polite and personable bum! Brandon's phone rings he states," That's the district manager now." I said,"Good, I'd like to speak with him." Brandon replied,"No" I have business with him. I'm too busy, as he wipes some ash from one eye. Brandon is far from superman. He is incapable of cleaning up such a huge mess.

The store is bad. Checkout registers are very old and out of date. Often non functional. Customers are forced to stand in very long single file like a cattle chute! One difference is at the end they don't shoot you in the head, instead you are paraded in front of the other customers as if you are a deadbeat! The store is monthly sprayed for bugs. Store has rat traps sitting in the back room. I'm told this is store policy to pay monthly to eradicate an infestation that does not exist! Really? How about you hire competent staff? Broken glass in doorway at child level. Floors worn out with tiles missing.

Rubber mats have chunks missing,(tripping hazard) Store is too small for merchandize. Staff mostly ALL new hires. No experienced manager on site. The local business Association says it has been in talks with the district manager. But, NOTHING has been done to address these issues. This store is a blight on our community. I am going tomorrow to the Mayor and DHS . I will do my very best to have your filthy store scoured off of our city streets.


This is not a complaint. I did not know how else to ask. I am unable to walk any distance at all. No matter I was just wondering if it may be possible to maybe add at least. Two wheel chairs with baskets for customers like me who love to shop in store but cant for physical reasons please consider it.


I purchase several items from Dollar General today while I was out of town visiting my mother grave. I stay in Murfreesboro, N.C. And this store is in Bunn, N.C. I stopped to purchase artifical flowers to put on my mother grave and some more items. I brought 2 packs of foam plates for home use. I thought the clerk had given me all my bags but when I got home I realize he did not. I was so disappointed with his services. He wasn't that nice. I called the store after I saw I did not have my item. He said he was sorry he thought I had everything. Then he said he came out side to give me my bag. I was outside looking at the flower to put on my mother grave. Very displeased with this store services. (Christian) cashier. He needs more training in customer services.


One needs to be very careful with the products used for babies and I am glad to find quality products at Dollar General. Went to purchase diapers and skin care baby wash and some other house hold its. Dollar General is the best place to shop for such things which doesn't compromise on quality. Reliable and trust worthy products being sold here. The staff at Dollar General were also pleasing and helped me in my purchase. A section that covers products under beauty,kids,food,pet food,toys,household items and many more only at Dollar General. Shopping has never been more enjoyable before until I came across DG. I would definitely go there in future for my needs and recommend DG to others as well. Great going and keep up the good work.

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