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Bath & Body Works, LLC is an American retailer of family grooming products from soaps, lotions, aftershaves and perfumes. It operates under the banner of LBrands. Per Linkedin there are over 10,000 employees in the over 1600 company stores. There are six franchise stores and in 2010 a B&BW opened in Kuwait. Revenues for 2006 were reported as over US 2.2 billion.

If you have a problem with a B&BW product or service you may call 1-800-756-5005. You may also find help here. You may also email a question here. If you would like to mail a postal correspondence to the CEO, Nick Coe, you may address you letter with his name and 7 Limited Pkwy East, Reynoldsburg, OH 43068. A New York corporate address and phone number are 503 Broadway, NY, NY 10012 and 212-904-8000.

There is some folklore about the beginnings of Bath & Body Works. Most agree that it started in Albany, OH in 1990 and that the founder was Les Wexnes. There is a mythical person name “Kate” that shows up in the sketchy beginnings, but ‘she’ stayed around to give the company mystique. Social presence may be found on Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter.

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Ive never had a problem with u guys up until now and its the worse timing for me too. You guys have always been a great place for me to shop until this last order where i didnt recieve my full order. U guys only sent part of it. Im very disapointed consdiering i was looking forward to seeing what had not shown up.


I usually love Bath and Body works products...they are the only ones I ever buy for bubble bath, shower gel, and hand soap. But I was very disappointed in this year's Winter Candy Apple foaming hand soap. Whether it's the soap itself, or the pump...the soap comes out 1/3 foam and 2/3rds pink liquid. Not only does this cause a great deal to be wasted in the sink, but the bottle isn't lasting near as long as it should. I love the smell of Winter Candy Apple, so I will continue to purchase it in the regular hand soap (during the holiday season)...but not sure I'll buy another foaming bottle unless the problem is an isolated one...or is taken care of.ou.


I shop at Bath & Body Works every month and one employee at the Columbia Place Mall location in Columbia, SC had a really nasty attitude because she was trying to put out items and customers were shopping. She kept saying "there's other stuff over there," and would point. At first I said, "okay, thank you," because I thought she was just trying to assist customers. However, she continued to repeat it and then deep breathed and told her manager she was just going to leave.

This so called manager just laughed instead of addressing the situation. I understand that it is frustrating when you have to work around customers. I worked in a grocery store stocking the shelves while I was in college so I know the feeling, but her behavior was inappropriate. It's 4 days before Christmas, everyone is trying to grab last minute gifts. When you work in a retail setting you must learn how to deal with these things or just go find another job.

There was a nice young lady there who has the skills necessary to be the manager, I actually thought she was the manager! I wish I would have asked her to tell me her name!


They are so rude there at my local Bath and Body works store in the mall. They would make remarks to each other about the customers. I will drive 30 miles before driving 5 to the Athens, Tennessee location.


I went to the black Friday sale like me and my girls do every year we spend almost a 1000 between the three of us we went there 3 times Friday well when I went to burn the fresh candle after 2 hours 2 days in a row you couldn't smell them and our daughter said the same about hers. I went back to bath and body and the lady told me I wasn't burning them right I told her I was and she goes your wrong to me and that I didn't know what I was doing and she said she wouldn't exchange them and laughed at me I have been burning candles for over 40 years and never had a problem for one.

I have always bought they holiday candles for as long as I can remember and never have a problem well I put them back in my bag and left and as I was leaving the lady was laughing at me as I was walking out and by the way I use a cane and have a cast on my leg I then called customer service after all this and the rerp said she was calling the store cause she cant believe it well she called me back and said that they said they were educating me which was a 100% lie.

I said and she said she had to believe them and not me and that they cant be exchanged and that I wasn't truth full I hung up how dare them lie about this I am a very honest person and never look for something for nothing .and for your employees to say that is totally wrong I,m going to talk to my daughters and tell them we are returning everything we bought and am sending emails to all of our family and friends and im going to contact the BBB and our attorney general of Ohio on this.

I will go back to buying at yankee candle when I left that store I was in tears and upset by what they said and did and no one should ever be treated this was and since they wont take the ones I tried burning I will eat this cost but everything else will be returning this week once I get my girls to get it all together and my rating for this company is a 0 for terrible.


When I went into the Birch Street Brea Store in Ca today, the cashier was extremely rude and unfriendly. She wouldn't allow me to use my coupon saying that the company has changed its policy. When she said this she would not make eye contact, I am sure this was a lie. She had no people skills what so ever and acted very apathetic to me and my situation. No one greeted me upon coming in nor did they ask to help me or other customers. She didn't even say a kind good bye either. Usually when I go into this store they are so nice! This cashier by the name of Brianne, is either new or the store's standards have changed to beyond low! People like her have no business working with the public. I was very disappointed by this poor treatment.


Staff at Bath and Body were unable and unwilling to figure out why one hand soap was not on sale. Too busy to care about a basic customer for an item on sale in their ads.


My daughter and I went Bath and Body Works this morning around 11am at Christown Mall in Phoenix Arizona. The two girls working completely ignored us and while walking around you can hear them complaining about customers and coworkers. I couldn't believe it. I heard them cussing and being unprofessional. Finally one asked if we wanted help and I was so angry I just said no I don't want your help after hearing you talk shit about customers during business hours. Very unprofessional. I was pissed. At least I know they will have something to talk about tomorrow.


I am a true candle lover but usually buy Yankee Candle products. I received one of the Bath and Body Works Black Friday totes and have been trying to burn the Apple Spiced Toddy candle for days with unsatisfactory results. The wicks wont stay lit it burns unevenly its the worst candle I have ever had. If all the Bath and Body Works candles burn this way I will not buy from them in the future. Very dissatisfied with this product and the customer service I have received so far.


If you like something and bath & body don't get use to it. They have a habit of discontinuing things all the time. I loved the Romance by Breathe and it was discontinued. My friends warned me. They no longer go there either. Word of mouth. The only time I go in there is at Christmas for Noel for a present and I am sure they will discontinue that one also. I have sent e-mails to Bath and Body Works after they discontinued but the ignored me. You have lost my money and my friends money. I am done because I cannot get anybody to help me.


Pamper yourself for a while with great products on bath and body products that can change the way you feel about yourself. Since I didn’t get time enough to go and relax in a spa, I decided to get the same experience at home and made purchases from They have some really awesome spa collection that gave me a really good experience. I purchased the EUCALYPTUS SPEARMINT body scrub that was really a stress reliever for me. Great product, gentle to use everyday and has some natural products used in them. I would definitely make sure to buy more in the near future. has everything you would want for your skin care. I would definitely give A+ for their products as its worth the money.

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