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Go figure they only have two stars. This company stole money out of my account. I was charged in store for 105.42 then two days later they charged my card again for the same amount. Then proceeded to tell me they couldn’t help me and to contact my bank. So this company steels then doesn’t care about it. Don’t ever shop here


i bought a jacket for my husband on 26 December 2017 on occasion of his birthday..he just got a chance to wear the jacket a couple of times in the beginning of 2018 because it was a semi winter jacket so he could not wear it a lot and yesterday as it got a bit colder so he grabbed the jacket out of the wardrobe and we released that the jacket was full of sweater peeling on it which looks disgusting so we went to an American Eagle store in Scarborough Town Center which is the closest to our home. we showed the Jacket to a lady named MAY who said that she was the manager at store but as per her behavior i think she doesn't even deserve to be hired as a regular employee. me and my husband tried to show her the jacket and instead of finding a solution she kept saying that we are the first one facing a problem with the jacket so she cant do anything. We tried our best to explain her the situation but she was talking more than listening. I have never ever seen such a poor customer service at any store...this was the first time we tried an American Eagle product but we had worst experience. The lady was so rude as if we bought the Jacket for free..the jacket was in a coat cover and we hung it in the wardrobe as it was pretty new...I regret buying American Eagle product and above that i feel sorry for the customer service that the lady is providing at store..i think they should train the manager or else they will have to shutdown the store soon as they will not have any second visits from customers...We tried to show her credit receipt in our phones but she even refused to look into it. This has never happened with any other brand ever..Really feel bad for American Eagle.


Lisa Spezio, My former Manager of the store I had previously worked at was entirely, rude, unprofessional and did not know how to run her business. I was hired right no the spot after an interview and which case I thought things were going to be going well. The first thing I had notice was that I received no proper training, no training videos, no orientation, no proper way to approach my first day of the job. I was thrown on the floor with practically nothing to do but figure out what exactly I was supposed to be doing. When I had asked Lisa on how to properly fold the clothes to make the store look presentable, I was simply told to "just look at one of the clothes in the pile of clothes that are already folded, and just fold them that way." I was shocked at that moment, as to how a manager can say to me that the way to fold clothes was to lookout other clothes that were folded. I had asked myself what would happen if I happened to fold incorrectly, because I was told fold that way? I was appalled and soon began to question as to how much experience she had running a store. Lisa, had also, one day, wore nike shoes to work one day, even though I was told not to wear any revealing name brands, because I was supposed to represent American Eagle, naturally. Unfortunately, I do admit that I had no American eagle shorts or bottoms, so my best bet was to wear non revealing jeans or shorts, in which I could just wait until my first paycheck comes. It was a bad move on my part, in which I admit, but I still had noticed she was wearing name brand or revealing branded shoes with a big huge nike sign on them. I wanted to take a picture for the sake of taking a picture, but that would have been a breach of her privacy and her rights as an individual and I could have been in a lot more trouble than I actual was. All in all, Lisa, was unprofessional and organized and I question the current position that she is at.


I purchased a pair of Jeggings for $44.95 two days ago. I wore them once and washed them and there are loose threads on the knee area that will obviously turn into a hole. For the cost of your clothing and for them to be so poorly made, I am very disappointed. Can I please get a refund back for this?


I asked the girl wearing glasses with dark brown shoulder length hair if any one was in the fitting room to open the door and she had a bad attitude. It seemed like she was upset she had to stop doing her folding to assist me. She didn't say if I needed anything to ask her, nothing just opened the fitting room door and walked away saying here you go. I don't know if she was upset that she was rearranging the clothes but she was just plain rude even to other customers there. The only reason I'm giving two stars is because the young man that was tall and slender had good customer service at the register. This occurred at the Baybrook Mall location.


While I absolutely love the fit and feel of American eagle jeans, the new dye that is being used is so terrible!!! I have had my jeans (darkest Wash skinnies) for almost 6 months now. Obviously been through the washer many times now, the dye still comes out on my skin 6 months later.


I have been a customer of your store for many years---but I must say you have one of the rudest employees I have ever encountered at your Dartmouth, MA store---I went into the store to make a return, I had my receipt and made a purchase of new items. When I inquired about the military discount we receive, the employee said I need your ID---I said -I just came from the gym in most be in my purse--I only have my wallet. But what I did mention is that my previous receipt from the return should demonstrate the discount we usually receive. The employee literally made a face, rolled his eyes, and said as loud as possible so I could be embarrassed by the folks standing behind me--"well it's not on this receipt".

Ok so now I start to look in my wallet and bag (store bag) for another receipt--since I was at the Taunton store-spent about $350 there last week and think maybe its on that one---but then your employee said" how much of a discount do you get for that"---I said I can not remember I know its for one item I think 15% or maybe 10%--he then said "well if you did get one here you would know its only 10%". WOW--FRESH!

When I mentioned I do not appreciate your rudeness the employee then said-"-I am not being rude I am telling you what I know to be a fact" and smirked---I said please complete my transaction--so I can leave----he then said "here is your receipt--enjoy your evening--worse smirk ". He also spoke so loudly so everyone in the store---could stare at me like he was enjoying humiliating me. I am much older than your employee, I have been a good customer, I have a house full of children that serve in our Armed Forces which is why we get the discount and by the way the clothes I send to them where they are stationed---I will never go to this store again. You must teach your employees the significance of body language and respect. While I could not remember the amount of the discount since every store is different I did not appreciate being talked down to---I approached your employee with a question in a respectful manner---I expected the same treatment,

It seems this young man could use some time in the military--he certainly has no manners, is very unprofessional, and just lost a customer to a store that was not very busy to begin with.


Went to your outlet store in Waterloo NY 13165, and I am very disappointed how my mother and I were treated. I asked the question about the A.E. app and the 25% off and do you have to do it online to get it and his answer was rude and no helpful. He childcare if we walked out of the store buying nothing. I spent 397.00 and I asked him you would really want me to walk out and he didn't care. I don't get why this happens and the workers can't treat you descent. Or for that matter why have stores open anymore, if you get better deals buying online and you don't offer them for either or that kind of stinks. I spend a lot of money in your store I have for years, but lately it seems like you don't really care. Maybe its time I find another store to shop. There are lots of stores out there, that maybe they care a bit how the treat you when you walk into the store.


My daughter and I was shopping at the American Eagle location at the Market Place Mall in Champaign Illinois on March 29th. We entered the store with a great greeting, but after we chose our items we stood in what we thought was the line. There are two registers opened. One facing the north and one facing the south. We both seen the enter sign where the line started, and there were people in front of us. There was a young red head girl working. She told us where the line was and to move back, we did. There was no one else in line and she was finishing up with the customer she had. She than stated very verbally and rudely for us to move back to the enter sign, I than asked how far back she wanted us to go. She was rude and said all the way back to the enter sign. It made no sense for us to go back that far when we were the only ones in line. We have shopped there many times and have never had an issue. My family I spend a lot of money in your store, and this may sound petty, but she was rude and embarrassed my daughter. I told the very polite girl at the door about the experience and that a sale was lost because of it. There was no one else in line so why she was so focused on us moving was simply not called for. This was an frustrating incident and we will not be back to that store. Thank you for time.


Gave myself an new look and make over after purchasing some great stuff at American Eagle. AE has a wide range of Tees,Shorts,Shirts,Sweatshirts,Hoodies and many more. I had made a purchase online and received my package within 4 working days. I love the quality of fabric AE uses. They have quality stuff which one would really look for while purchasing. The package was neat and they had kept me updated during the purchase on the status. AE has given a good value for money and has lived up to my expectation. I would definably buy stuff from AE going forward.


I have been an American Eagle customer for since until recently last two visits that make no sense at all. I will never shop there again. I was in line at Las Vegas fashion outlet for a purchase. It has no signed of where line should begin. I lined up behind a gal has already been waiting. To be courtesy, I should not be forming my own line, don’t you think. After a few minutes wait, and more people are lining up behind me. All suddenly a sales representative calling everyone that the line should be starting on the other side of the other register. So everyone running to the other side out of order. What is this? Again, I was at Santa Anita mall in Arcadia, Ca few days later for a return. I was the first inline waiting for a register ringing up for a customer. Another customer came in forming her own line on the other side. After the register finished ringing up the American Eagle customer in front of me, she told me to go to the other side to line up. (only one register is working ) What is this again ?? Some others girls are just standing chatting. They cant even give me their names when I told them I will report them. (even the one claiming the “manager”).



Employees at American Eagle aren’t trained properly on the registers (often they are not), and they are usually very rude to you.  I’m no fan of American Eagle. Their perfume in the store bothers my asthma, and the music is so loud I can barely hear myself think. I guess it is to be expected from an entry level position at a store in the mall, but that being said I still had to say something about it. Can’t figure out why people want to shop there on a regular basis, but maybe because American Eagle has created this theme that drives young teenagers to be addicted to their products.


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