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Posted by Complaints Department on Jun 03, 2011
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I was originally booked on the 30th Flight from Bangalore to Houston via Doha, The airlines rescheduled my tickets for 31st May without informing me. When I called Qatar customer service they blamed me for not updating my telephone number when I booked my tickets. I questioned them saying iam a privileged member & they have all my details for which they had no answer. The reason for rescheduling my tickets was that the airlines had scheduled delay of flight & they knew I would miss my flight in Doha & they need to spend lot of money, instead they rescheduled my flight for 24 hours late take off from Bangalore.

when I came to know about this I requested them to route my ticket Via Chennai or Mumbai so that I could still reach USA on schedule for which they asked me to pay extra money & also buy my own tickets from Bangalore. Instead of compensating for my delay they made me feel that I was at fault & the customer service was so rude mentioning I need to keep calling them since they have only inbound calls & no outbound calls. They refused to even connect me to the supervisor or the manager. I have decided not to again travel with Qatar, very bad service

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Dear sir, This is the third email I am sending regarding wheelchair fiasco at bangalore airport(BLR). I would like to let you know about the inconvenience I was subjected to at BLR on Feb2,2015 while traveling to Minneapolis(MSP). I am an eighty five year old woman. I had requested a wheelchair services during my travel. When I arrived at BLR I expected you to provide a wheelchair to go to Qatar Airways counter. After several misdirections I was directed to Global Indian counter outside the airport which was suppose to take care of wheelchair requirement for Qatar Airways.When I reached there nobody came even after half an hour wait. I had to enter the airport with my ailing knee.

After confrontation and complaining with the personnel one of them brought the baggages and checked them and provided me with a wheelchair. Meanwhile the taxi which brought me to the airport, the porter who carried my baggage and my maid who had accompanied me were waiting outside to be paid. I could not go out of the air port to pay them. I feel extremely guilty for not paying the poor people their due. I have complained this to supervisors in the aircraft at Bangalore and Chicago.I would appreciate your response to the above complaint as early as possible.

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My wife was returning to Amman, Jordan from Peshawar through QR 347 on 14 January at Peshawar Airport. My wife has a special multiple entry visa emborsed on her passport from the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Jordan because I have a full diplomatic status in Jordan being the country head of United Nations. She was refused boarding because the staff on the check-in counter could not read Arabic and misread the date of visa being granted (2-8-2011) as the date of expiry of the visa whereas it was clearly written in Arabic that the visa is valid for one year.

My wife had to go through severe mental stress because my children are alone in Amman (I am currently in Baghdad) and we planned as such that the day I leave for Baghdad, my wife will arrive in Amman to take care of my children. Because of this sheer negligence my children have to go through exemplary mental stress and I am planning to sue Qatar Airways through the UN system. My wife will be returning now on 19 Jan (I had to pay the penalty for pushing her date of return to 19 Jan). If you guys dont have somebody who understand Arabic on the check-in counter, whose fault is this?

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just completed the survey.
For Many days I was thinking to send a mail. Regarding my fair opinion.
My wife and my self we love Qatar airways. There is one more reason because I worked in Qatar for 6 years.
When Qatar airways started from Houston. We took the inaugural first flight.

It all happen last year in Nov. 2011 Qatar airways advertise the deal for India.
I booked two tickets for My wife and My sister in Law.
One day I called Qatar airways to find out to change the date I just inquired not changed the date.
But I do not Know the Qatar airways start calling and asking for more money to change the date.
I told them we have not change the date. But they keep asking us to pay $ 800.00
Since all the arrangements in India were done.
Just to avoid the last minute hassles at the airport. We paid the $ 800.00 .
We have send so many mails. But we did not get a satisfactory reply. Neither we get our money back.
So we all family members decided not to fly with Qatar future.
We traveled many times to India after that but avoided the Qatar airways.
as I filled the survey today and we are flying to India in January/ February like all together about 8 tickets. I decided to write
you Guys That you might adjust the money which we already paid to you without our fault.
and also get a great deal for 8 tickets.
Hope we will get a great answer from a great airlines.

Suresh Gandhir
7004 Goldenrod Dr.
Plano TX 75025

The Passanger names were who traveled

Ranjana Garch
Yashica Gandhir

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I have been trying to get a responce from Qatar Airways customer services since 20 minutes after the flight landed! No one at the airport would speak to me, even though it was Qatar's main hub in Doha. I was told to write an e-mail to their e-mail address but this was ignored, so I opened a complaints ticket on their web site. I received an e-mail from them saying that the complaint would be dealt with within 5 days but getting no reply within that time I checked my ticket staus and found it was closed the day I made it, saying the problem was solved. I tried then to post new tickets but each was was instantly closed and marked as solved! So I am posting a copy of my last ticket here in the hopes that Qatar Airways might be shamed into taking action.

I submitted a complaint to your tell-us email address on 12th September. So far I have not even had a confirmation of receipt. I then posted a copy of my complaint here and received an e-mail telling me you would answer within 5 days BUT you closed my complaint on the day it was received. I could not re-enter the complaint just make follow ups which were also instantly closed! So I have posting my complaint again! Please explain why you closed my complaint and deal with the original complaint or I will be reporting Qatar Airways to the Civil Aviation Authority here in the UK.

My complaint was as follows:

"I have just arrived in Qatar from Bangkok on flight QR617, t seat number 46F on the 12th September.

I wish to complain about the attitude of one of your stewardesses. As we were descending into Doha 3 men on a seat near me set fire to something that looked like a large piece of rolled up paper and started waving it around. This produced a lot of fumes and smoke. Each time it went out they lit another.

A man sitting in front of them complained to the stewardess. Two stewardesses came to speak to him and as they arrived the men put out the flames and hid the paper they were burning. As the man was trying to explain about the fire one of the stewardesses kept repeating over and over that this was incense and it was "Good for You"

I have never heard anything so stupid from airline flight staff before, that waving fire around when landing was "Good for You" I would like her to tell the pilot this because he declared an emergency because of the smoke! When we landed there were fire engines surrounding the plane. But of course, according to your cabin staff this is "Good for You" I must point out that this was not like small joss sticks that just give out smoke and scent, it was a large flaming object they were waving around.

I think you need to seriously look at the training of your staff as to what is safe to do in an aircraft and what is not.

This may be a custom in Qatar but I do not appreciate my safety being put at risk in a plane and your staff thinking it's "Good for You!"

Even though the captain thought this was seriouse enough to declare an emergency your cabin staff thought nothing was wrong with it and nothing was done to the three men.

You really need to look into the training and conduct of your staff. I am a very frequent flyer with Qater, my number is 404205364 but I am seriously considering not using your airline again.

T.C. Heaton"

I would appeciate a response to this complaint. I must also say that I feel it is very wrong that even when in your main headquarters at Doha Airport I was told that there was no one who could accept my complaint or even talk to me! That is why I had to resort to using the tell-us e-mail address.

T.C Heaton

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From Amsterdam QR004 (26FEB),27feb.2013 at 08:30min QR 344 landed, as I am heart patient, I need datable food, In Amsterdam Airport security told me I cant take those food in hand language so I put all of my diet food and medicine In cargo Baggage .when I arrived at Dhaka my baggage did not arrived.

In the evening I got phone call from your Dhaka office, I went there and bring my luggage. when I open my baggage I found all of my food and medicine are ruined. Those food I can’t use neither I can’t take medicine.

Now I am buying medicine and food here in Dhaka .and cost me everyday TK300/

Therefore, I want you to take action and composition for my expenses what Qatar Airways

As I have told Amsterdam Airport about my medicine + food “they told me they put in system so i don’t have to be worry”

But now I am suffering, Hope Qatar Airways will do best to Financiallysupport me.

If not I would complaint urgently IATA about Qatar Airways behavior and The don’t take care of Invalid, Chronic illness Patient.


This my 8th fax to Qatar Airwaysbut still haven’t any answer.


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There are things I’d like to share concerning my last 2 trips with Qatar Airways.

1. Priority boarding when you travel with young children is bullshit in Doha
As written in this link: passengers travelling with young children or infant get the priority boarding.

But what I experienced in Doha is far from that.
On June 24 (QR 670), I travelled from Doha to Jakarta with my 1,5 old baby. I didn’t ask for a priority boarding because on 25.09.2011 (Doha-Jakarta trip, QR 81), I asked for a priority boarding since I was with my sleeping infant, but the crew looked at me as if I was an irritating client who asked for a huge favor. she then asked other passengers if they didn’t mind.

Not wanting the same thing to be happened, that time I chose to queue. The female crew which was on duty noticed my presence but didn’t do anything…

She, instead gave a priority to an Arabian family (a father, a mother, and 3 kids age around 10, 6 and 3). I looked at her, puzzled.

How could she only gave the priority to that family, and ignore a mother (without the husband) travelling alone, carrying a 1,5 yr old baby and a big backpack? (My journey lasted 23 hours in total so I had lots of diapers, baby clothes, baby foods and some toys in my backpack).

Is it because I’m not an Arabian? From my experience being 4 times in Doha, I noticed the Qatar ground crews were nicer and more friendly to Arabian passengers.

On August 29 (QR 81), I flew from Doha to Rome, and this time I was with my husband. When it was time for boarding, my baby was crying because he wanted to have some breast milk.

My husband asked the crew if we could have the priority boarding so we could get into the plane immediately to breastfeed my baby. Guess what…he didn’t allow us to! Frankly speaking, I really wanted to punch him on the face for his refusal.

I ALWAYS got the priority boarding EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD, but in Doha! So there we were…my husband did the queue for about 30 minutes and I did my best to calm my crying baby.

2. Bassinet seat problem
On August 28, we departed from Jakarta to Rome and we had seat issue for Doha-Rome trip (QR 81). The ground crew in Jakarta told me he couldn’t give me the bassinet seat for the Doha-Rome trip using the computer system in Jakarta.

But later in Doha, I could ask the ground crew to get my seat changed. Soon after we arrived in Doha, I went to the information center and they told me to get my seat changed on my gate.

Since the gate was closed, we waited for about half an hour and when it opened (for another flight, not for ours) we asked them to change our seat but they said they couldn’t do that since the flight was full.

However, they said we could go to the transfer desk and ask them to change the seat.

Not wanting to give up, we went to the transfer desk. It was full of people, and after 40 minutes standing in the line, we finally got our turn. The lady who was working on the extreme right desk that night (it was past midnight, and I feel so stupid for not remembering her name) told us there was nothing she could do since the flight was full. It was unbelievable…

That lady was a big fat liar, I should write down our conversation to make it clear how bad the Qatar Airways ground crew in Doha.
Me: But how come you didn’t give me the bassinet seat though it was requested months before?
The big fat liar: because this flight is full, mam
Me: full with what? With adults? Or with infants?
The big fat liar: the bassinet seats are full with infants, mam (bullshit #1)
Me: ah ok, (I felt somewhat upset)
The big fat liar: But the seat you have now is also a bassinet seat, mam (bullshit #2)
Me: Really? But my seat is seat #43, the bassinet seats are in #10
The big fat liar: we also have bassinet seats in the back part of the plane…(bullshit #3) and that is yours, mam
Me: (overwhelmed) thank you so much.

When we got in the plane, we found out the seat #43 is a regular seat. I asked one of the cabin crews if I could move to the bassinet seat. I also told her if the bassinet seats were all occupied with infants then it was not a problem, but if there were adults sitting there, then the seat should be mine.

To make the long story short, several cabin crews were involved, trying to convince us to stay where we were, but how could we sit in a regular seat with an infant on our lap? For a 6 hours flight??? We could barely move! And what the use of requesting bassinet seat months before?? I was so pissed off! That was the worst flying experience ever!

I got fooled by a big-fat-liar-ground-crew after doing a 40 minutes queue, then I got refused for a priority boarding so I had to queue for another 30 minutes with a crying infant, just to find out that there was nothing that the cabin crew could do to help me to get my bassinet seat.

So in the end I told them to just fu*k off because I was sick of them. And suprisingly it worked! After seeing me mad, a cabin crew named Mr.Ashroush (I suppose he was the head of the cabin crew) tried to calm me down and asked the passengers who were sitting in the bassinet seats to switch place. They were unhappy, of course, but we thanked them anyway.

And surprise…surprise…..all the bassinet seats (there are 4 bassinets in total) were occupied with ADULTS! My baby was the only infant on board, yet they gave the bassinet seats to adults instead. Requesting the seat was useless, asking them to change the seat politely was useless, you have to show them your anger in order to be respected. What a shame!

3. Burgundy membership inconsistent policy
My husband and I have privilege card and last year we collected 80 Qpoints (on September). I know that you have to collect at least 50 Qpoints to be in the Burgundy level, but we forgot to ask for it, and on January 2012, our Qpoints was 0 again. This year (on august) we also collected 80 Qpoints and yesterday (Sept, 26) my husband’s burgundy card arrived at home.

I tweeted Qatar Airways, asking why we didn’t get burgundy membership last year, despite the 80 Qpoint that we collected, but they were useless, they just told me it was automatic and I should send email to Qatar. If they had given us the burgundy membership last year, we could have obtained the burgundy facilities on our previous trips this year.

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Dear sir/madam, This is Arul Balu, I was travelled on 26th March from Mumbai to Pempa (Mozambique) via. Doha.(QR201,QR532). When I get down Pempa airport I checked my check in baggage not yet arrived. Airport people said make a complaint about your luggage to airlines. I tried to call Qatar airways to doha or Mumbai nobody responding my phone. I made file a complaint.

Up to now I suffered without any clothes because of my lost luggage. Then I purchased some clothes from Pemba for certain amount (which I having dollar in my hand).Still I am suffering in my working place without any converall,and shoes.

I would like to draw your attention that I had made this booking on Qatar Airlines due to the known reputation of Qatar Airlines w.r.t the service, being on-time and best airline. Before I feel very happy because I going to travel no.1 airways as Qatar airways.

Because of me lot of my friends travelling in Qatar airways because I recommended them for this airline. Now I fed up and worrying to travel with Qatar airways because of my bad experience with Qatar airways. Because this is not first time its happened with me.

Last time February 15, I travelled from Dar es sallam to doha then doha to Mumbai. In Dar es salaam to doha flight cancelled for due to some mechanical problem. That day I suffered lot.

That time who was in charge over there (in Dar es Salaam airport) to take us to hotel. That guy not to help me. When he wants to send me to the hotel in Dar es Salaam the dar-es-salaam airport people asked me to take transit visa. I said its not my mistake the airlines should provide me for transit visa and hotel.

Then I asked the guy that time who was in charge in Qatar airways. He simply said I don’t have any money if u want to stay in hotel you should pay and I will repay money tomorrow otherwise you have to sleep in dar es salaam airport. I am not expect this type of answer from him. And also next day February (16th)my domestic flight also I missed.

Then I ask the guy try to rebook me on 17th. He doesn’t pay attention what I said .Finally I paid the amount and stayed in hotel for a while (8 hours) and also I make a call to India to rebook my domestic flight myself. Next day when they called me for the flight. I showed him the voucher of the visa. He is trying to escape from me with this matter. Now again I affected with my luggage lost.

In effect due to delay of my luggage its affected me lot with physical discomfort, mental agony. Now I don’t want to wait for my luggage and I need fair amount of compensation for my luggage and also including compensation amount for how much I spent to purchase a material in Pempa. Pls as soon as to do the needful.
My Privileged Membership number is 414911604.

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I went yesterday night to Qatar Airways head office by airport to book a ticket for my wife. I booked and miss pamela was really professional and helpful at the beginning ,I paid than I went out going back home. While I am going home I received 2 sms on my mobile that 270 QAR was taken from my account credt card.

Than also I received another sms that 270 QAR was also taken from my credit card. I was surprised who allow them to take money from my account ,without informing me and what's the reason for it. Then I went back to Qatar Airways , first time she said that she didn't take anything.

Then I went one more time to her ,she said that she had a call from accounting ,and yes she was mistaken in these 2 transactions. Then she told me she voided the 2 transactions and it's already back to my account. I don't how she can charge me 2 times by mistake and the credit card is with me ,not even with her ,this is unacceptable.

I called the bank QNB ,they said , get a letter from Qatar Airways ,that these 2 transactions are wrong , and bring morning time to the bank in order ,to release the money to your account again.

I went the second day I saw Mrs Safa ,she was really helpful ,polite and really professional and she done more than her best to explain for me. I said ,I went to QNB they just want the letter to release the money in my account again.

She said ,she will see with the supervisor ,than the supervisor came and not even talked to me , to apologize for the issue , and from far he said ,tell him 14 days he will have his money back. Sorry this is unacceptable and this is not Guest satisfaction ,I chose Qatar Airways always for me & my family ,because we feel we are home treated.

Till now i didn't get my money back , and it's not about the money ,its about the procedure and the way the supervisor answered not even in front of me ,way far from me and not even approaching me. I don't know also how they can take money from my credit card 2 times like that ,its really dangerous.

Best Regards,

Alain Salameh

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I booked my ticket Doha-Mumbai on Qatar Airways 27/09/2012 for my family with seating arrangements 20J, K & G travel date 01/12/2012. When we reported at the airport counter 4 hours before flight time, we were informed that the seating arrangement is not as per ticket and that one ticket is 5 rows behind. I was surprised to know that our seating arrangement is not sure in the airline. Since we had no option, we accepted the row 39 seats.

How can we change our seats and write a complaint letter for the problems we have had on Qatar Airways.

Booking References are : 77MHLG, 77MSK7.

Please look into the matter.

Thanks & best regards


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1. I purchased a ticket travelling from Barcelona to Melbourne with Qatar airways because of their supposedly good reputation. I bought it at a considerablely higher cost than normal solely because of the 1 hour transfer waiting time at Doha.

2. The flight left Barcelona one hour late which resulted in me missing the transfer at Doha. Knowing that the flight was arriving late, I asked the flight attendents for advice. They showed no interest in helping me and reluctantly told me to ask for advice once we landed.

3. Once landed, I ran straight to the departure gate for the Doha- Melbourne leg only to see the gate had closed 10 minutes previously. An airport security guard directed me to the Qatar Airways transfer desk, where I waited 4 hours until I was allocated a hotel room where subsequently there were major construction works going on right outside my room. Needless to say I didn´t sleep.

4. When I purshased the ticket I reserved an emergency exit seat for the Doha-Melbourne leg because of the 13 hour flight duration. But when I was allocated a seat the following day for the replacement flight I was given a normal seat without extra leg room. What´s more I was seated along side a man who was drunk even before the plane had taken off. It was visibly clear the man was drunk but the flight attendents continued to serve him alcohol whenever he requested it..

After seven hours he was so drunk he laid down on the floor between the rows literally beneath my feet for the remaining five hours. When I directed this to the attention of the flight attendents they did absolutely nothing.

Not only was this the worst flight I have ever experienced it also resulted in me missing xmas day with my family, which was terribly upsetting.

I hope to receive an immediate response from Qatar Airways informing me on how I am to be compensated for this maltreatment and totally unprofessional service. If I don´t recieve an immediate response with suitable compensation I will leave the manner in the hands of my lawyers.

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To Whom It May Concern:

Booking Number: 6NDOKR
Ticket Number: 157-2328146885
Name: Graham Dutt
Address: 21 Warren Street, London, W1T 5LT

I’m writing to report an incident that occurred during Flight QR816 (Doha – Hong Kong, 3rd January 2013) and Flight QR 817 (Hong Kong – Doha, 11th January 2013). My friends and family have been recent patrons of Qatar airways, but this incident, which involved unhygienic conditions and a major fight has spurred me to file a formal complaint and obtain monetary compensation for my grievances.

Firstly, the level of cleanliness and hygiene standards on flight QR 816 ( Doha – Hong Kong) was absolutely appalling. I brought this to attention of the cabin crew and I was extremely UNSATISFIED with their response – ‘ sorry sir, on behalf of the airline we would like to apologise.’ There were food crumbs all over the floor and they did not even offer another seating area !!!

Secondly, the more dramatic issue in relation to flight QR 817.

As my wife, Dhanya Asokkumar, and I, Graham Dutt, boarded the flight and sat on our seats, 15A and 15B, there was a brawl between two Muslim men. The dispute apparently started when one of the men reclined his seat and the person behind him did not appreciate it - the next thing we saw was a punch been thrown. I informed the cabin crew immediately as the situation was out of control. The cabin staff, Azman, could not really handle the situation and it was appalling with the level of unprofessionalism he had as NO action was taken! My wife and I were extremely concerned about our security and safety as they were allowed to fly. We could not relax, sleep or were able to get into our comfort zone on the flight as we feared for our safety – it was the most horrific experience ever as my wife and I and a passenger on seat 14A were emotionally distressed!

My wife and I look forward to hearing from you by 23rd January 2013 and receive our monetary compensation within 14 days otherwise I will take this matter further.

I look forward to a successful resolution.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on + 44 7515 490 084.

Yours sincerely,

Graham Dutt

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I purchased two business class tickets to travel on 3 March 2013 from Kuwait to Amritsar (India)and come back on 9 March 2013. But at the check-in in Kuwait airport, the officer on the desk informed me that the trip from Doha to Amritsar shall be on economy class since all plane's seats were converted to economy class and I should keep my boardings and ask for refund from Qatar-airways office in Kuwait when I come back. I visited Qatar-airways office in Kuwait on 13 March 2013 presenting to the officer my boarding tickets and telling him what happened. The officer took the boardings and gave me a receipt and informed me that the boardings shall be sent to Doha to calculate the refund and they will contact me as soon as they receive the reply. I thought the office is able to calculate the refund and pay me rightaway, but I was mistaken. I waited for more than 3 weeks till I received an e-mail dated 4 April 2013 from Qatar-airways headquarters in Doha apologizing for what happened to me and my wife and indicating that as a gesture of goodwill they offer $220 for each passenger in the form of NON-Refundable EMD (Electronic Miscellaneous Document) to be used for Qatar-airways services and valid for one year from the date of issue. Thy did not indicate this is my refund which should be in cash the same way I purchased the tickets, they gave the feeling that this is a compensation due to the flight discomfort to travel on economy class. When I contacted Kuwait office rejecting the EMD copouns and requesting the difference in fare due to the downgrading to be in cash, the officer on phone offered me 50% of the EMD values ($110 for each passenger).
This is against the civil aviation laws. According to the law, I am entitled for a refund of 50% of the tickets price since the trip between Doha and Amritsar is between 1500 and 3000 km (2780 km). If they just offered the fair refund (difference in fare between business class trip and economy class trip for Doha-Amritsar sector, I would accept it).
This is my first travel on Qatar-airways. I never expected to have such problem and takes 4 weeks till they respond for my complaint and ignore it is a legal refund case.

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Dear Qatar Team, I had filed a complaint regarding my lost baggage. I went to the US last week and it was the first time I was travelling by Qatar Airways. It was a Karachi-Doha-NewYork flight and back ( JFK to Doha QR 84, Doha to Karachi QR 318)

The experience was very disappointing since when i reached back to Karachi, I could not find one of my suitcases. The officials were not sure whether its at JFK or Doha. This was the first time my luggage was lost so I got really disturbed because my bag had all my important items and all the expensive shopping I had done in the USA in it.

I filed my complaint and went home. It was comforting for me to see on your website that the recovery time for the lost luggage is just 24 hours and I filed a complain accordingly. However, not only was there no response from your officials for the next 3 days (72 hours), nobody even picked the numbers they had provided me to inquire at about my luggage. Finally, I got through them after three days and I was told them they have not heard about my luggage yet and will revert. After 4 days, I was finally informed that my luggage has arrived from Doha and I should come collect it tomorrow. i went to collect it but for further disappointment, the suitcase was NOT mine. It was somebody else's. and they still have no clue about mine. its been 7 days now, my suitcase had a lot of my important stuff in it, and i am very very upset.

nobody from Qatar Pakistan is helping and I really need you to look into this matter urgently.

Working in a service industry, what matters most is how happy and satisfied a customer feels with your service. Starting from a ride from newyork during which all the televisions on the aircraft were non functional (mind you, an 11 hour journey without a Television is highly frustrating) and ending with no baggage at Karachi, the way the entire matter was handled was pathetic. Thoroughly disappointed in the service, I do not think I would travel by Qatar airways ever again or recommend anyone to do so. Just thought that a global reputed airline like yours would treat customers in a much better way.

Insia Ali
Karachi - Pakistan

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Dear Sir/Madam,
This is my complaint about qatar airways regarding Hotel Booking.Today 1st Dec 2012 I am flying From Hyderabad to Juba
(South Sudan).My Arival time in Diha is 6:00Am in the morning.My next flight to Nairibi is nextday morning 1:25Am.
When I looked for the hotel booking.I was told that I dont have hotel booking. Qatar Staff told me you have booked a cheap flight you cant get the hotel on that booking. (If this kind of cheap flight booking is there,It must be stppped,Travell Agents spoil the Name of Qatar Airways)
We people don't know about your booking system.When I got this ticket booked from Travell Agent he gave me ticket like this having transit period more then 10 hours.I have been travelling via Qatar aiarways since Nov 2008. You can check my recrds thru my Burgendy Privellege Club Member no 406230665.
My concern is if pasenger is not aware about your system about Transit.It is qatar Airways duty to help the pasenger out not to blame about the buyng the cheap tickets.
One more thing about I know about Qatar Airways,If the Transit time is more then 8 hours.They provide the hotel facility.But I was not given that facility too.
This is for your kind infornmation to pay attention to facilitate passengers not to blaim .
Hope to get positive response from your side.
Keshav Raj

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Dear Sir.

I have booked one way air ticket in Qatar airways office at Qatar ,for my wife and infant from Chennai to Doha for the date of 28th December 2012 . The amount paid via debit card which is 1820 QAR, when i am checking online the prices showing QAR 1164 QAR. I even double checked with the local Qatar airways travels (AKBAR travels ) they confirmed for QAR 1700 .

I again returned to check with Qatar airways people, they dont ready to give any explanation and just repeatdley telling online prices are different , and i called Qatar airways call center where they are answered based on chennai india prices are cheaper we can not match those prices.

What i wonder is how it is possible for the same economy class flight two different rates from same Qatar airways. Why dont they tell us take the ticket from chennai .

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My Name is Kishore . My Mother-in-law, wife and children's were traveled from JFK to Chennai on 02/17/2013. They reached to Chennai around 3.30 AM on 02/19/2013. ( Original start location is CMH to jfk Delta connection flight to qatar)We found that we missed 6 items from checked baggage's. We live 3 hours away from Chennai. Missing Items are listed below..

1) Acqua di gio Men's EDT spray costes $70.00 US
2) ck one $35.00 US
3) Ferrari block $35 US
4) Aveeno 2 pack moichrising lotion $14 US
5) Hollister hood i t-shirt for Men $35 US
6)one Arizona hood i t-shirt for Men. $14 US

I am not sure where to complaint these.
Here are the e-ticket numbers they traveled.
Airline Reservation Code 8Q4BMV
eTicket Receipt(s)
1577195087020/21 - DONKA/Lavanya
1577195087022/23 - VEERA/V
1577195087024/25 - VEERA/V
Can you please help us how to proceed to get refund for these missing Items's ?
Please feel free to contact me at 1- 614 403 6014(USA) or email me back.


Did Qatar Airways provide poor service? Yes or No
Customer Rating

My wife and i had taken qatar airways from johannesburg to delhi on 19th december 2012 and return flight from islamabad on 1st january 2013. I had requested for wheelchair assistance but was only provided with it from johannesburg to doha and at delhi. Our flight from islamabad was delayed for 5 hours due to fog and we were made to to sit on the aircraft for 5 hours. I was not given wheelchair assistance at doha and on arrival at johannesburg. I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that i was requested by your cabin staff to assist with a passenger who had taken ill on the flight from doha to delhi on 20th december and i am amazed that i did not even receive a message of thanks from you. We would find it very difficult to fly with you again. Dr Siekander Khamissa.

Did Qatar Airways provide poor service? Yes or No
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Dear Sir,

This is to inform you one of my tragic experiences with your “Esteemed Airline”. I had made a booking to travel from Abu Dhabi to Bangalore on 28.11.2012. The flight (QR 131) was enroute via Doha to Bangalore. The scheduled time of departure from Abu Dhabi was at 8.15 pm and I boarded the flight on time and arrived in Doha on time.

At Doha Airport, the travel desk Duty Manager – Mr. Clifton-Agent, Airport Service and Mr. Raji informed that the onward flight to Bangalore on 28.11.2012 (flight QR # 226) to Bangalore was delayed and scheduled to depart next day morning (29.11.2012) at 2.00 am. After having a very tedious wait at the general place at the airport, I went to board the flight at the time announced by the Airline. That time Ms. Zsuzaanna- Duty Manager and Ms. Shaimaa-Supervisor informed me and couple of other passengers to keep away from the check-in counter. When I enquired about it, they informed us that, since the destined aircraft to Bangalore is full, I along with 4 other passengers were offloaded, including our luggage.

Further, she asked us to keep away from the main desk and made us to wait at the far end of the check-in counter to ensure that the destined Bangalore flight to travel with ease. Despite our repeated requests as to why we were offloaded, no plausible explanation was provided to us. We had lodged a complaint in writing (complaint form attached) at Doha airport itself.
Later on I found (were informed on our persistent insistence) that the idea of off loading was known to the airline staff / Duty staff at Doha airport as soon as we reached from Abu Dhabi. They concealed this information from us and made us to wait eternally. In fact just before the departure of my flight to Bangalore, there were other flights to various destinations like Chennai, Delhi and Hyderabad. The concerned duty staff could have easily accommodated me/us to some of the Airline to the nearest destinations in India and arrange a connecting flight to Bangalore OR they could have checked with co passengers to take a convenient route if possible, to accommodate us.

After having heated exchange of words with the Qatar Airline staff, they agreed to take offloaded passengers to Dubai airport in the morning and made onward booking to Bangalore by Emirates Airlines which was scheduled to depart to Bangalore from Dubai on November 29 at about 1.00 pm. At last we reached Bangalore Airport at about 6 pm on 29.11.2012 by Emirates Airlines.

I would like to draw your attention that I had made this booking on Qatar Airlines due to the known reputation of Qatar Airlines w.r.t the service, being on-time and best airline AND further due to my urgent meeting with my Tax consultant, Doctor’s appointment and coupled with some other business meetings in India.

In effect, due to the delay I could not attend any of the scheduled meetings in India and was compelled to cancel the whole programme. Besides, due to the day long waiting in the Doha/Dubai Airport made me sick for the subsequent days. This terrible incident affected me lot with physical discomfort, mental agony. Since I was on business tours/vacation, I could not write to you earlier.

Due to all of the above I have incurred a huge monetary loss to the extent of AED 20,000 to 25,000 (loss of business/physical discomfort/mental agony apart from the loss of holidays and sickness.

In view of this, I rightfully claim a compensation of a minimum of AED 20,000/= for reasons mentioned above incurred to me due to this wrong off-loading.

I look forward to your positive response at the earliest.

FYI, my Privileged Membership number is 414395860 and my contact details are given below.

I have attached the Boarding passes, Un-used Boarding pass, Complaint Form.

Ramesh Avadhani
Vice President
Abu Dhabi National Leasing LLC
One NBAD Tower (17th floor)
Sheikh Khalifa Street
P O Box 4, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Mob: +971 50 666 0951.

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Qatar Airways flight QR901 Perth to Doha and Flight No QR45 Doha to Manchester

My husband suffers with a bladder problem so, with a delay in take off, he required to use the washroom as soon as the seat belt signs were switched off. When this time came he got up but when he went to go in the washroom a tall blonde flight attendant (name of Anncunna or similar spelling) snapped that he couldn't use it as the seat belt signs hadn't been switched off. He politely pointed out that they had been as he had diligently waited until that happened to which she didn't reply. I had a later experience with this same member of staff when I was stretching my legs, as you are advised to do on aircraft, and she was in the corridor. I squeezed passed and she gave me a look as if to say I was in the way. All the other staff were very pleasant, as they have always been on any airlines we have travelled with in the past. We are pensioners who come from a small Island, the Isle of Man, and who had saved up for a very long time to experience the holiday of a lifetime. A flight like this costs a lot of money and you do not expect to be treated this way by a flight attendant.

Much more serious though was that a jam I was served for breakfast was covered in thick mould. I immediately showed it to the flight attendant (not the one mentioned above as she was serving the other side of the 'plane). She took it away and said her manager would come and see me about it. It was lucky that I noticed as I was watching a film anc could easily have put a knife in the jam and spread it inside the roll without looking at it and that could have had serious consequences if I had eaten it. In the event nobody came to see me about the incident and eventually the flight attendant just came back with a form for me to fill in which I thought was extremely bad customer service when I had been served up covered in mould.
It will be a couple of years away until we save up again but we hope to visit our family again who emigrated to Perth last year so hopefully Qatar can help to redress the balance of a very unpleasant experience by providing a voucher towards some of the cost of a flight in the future. I would be grateful that this is taken as an official complaint and feel it is serious enough to be dealt with by a Manager. Certainly the foods standards agency would be appalled to think a customer was served with jam which was covered in thick mould. I await your reply as soon as practicable.

Did Qatar Airways provide poor service? Yes or No
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I arrived at JFk early Saturday morning, around 6 am. The plan was to beat out the Hurricane that was soon to hit NYC on Sunday. Now, being that I was coming from Virginia, ensuring a spot on the plane was of great importance. Before I left the Hampton Roads area I placed a call to the customer service center to ensure that everything was in place for take off. I was assured that everything was fine, and that no changes were on the rise. When I get to JFk, several hours later, the airport shuts down and everyone is told they would have to leave.

Fast Forward to Saturday. Now, I call into the company to ask about re-booking my flight. My past flight QR 84 from Jfk-Doha and then Doha- Guangzhou CHina has been canceled, due to the storm. The Operator sets me up automatically for Tuesday, as-what she called it-an "Insurance Policy". She never stated that there was a flight leaving out on Monday at all. After sitting on the phone for at least 45 minutes a pop, due to the high influx of calls, I decided to find out if I could change my flight from the final destination to Shanghai, instead.

I kept being told to call back in two hours to find out what the rate office had to say. 72 hours later and 3 operators too much, I was told that there is no way possible I could change anything. And, that the event wasn't there fault. I pleaded with the operators, informing them that I had been sleeping on the floor in the forth terminal and I would really prefer not leaving on Tuesday, being that I have spent well over three days sprawled on the floor, already.

One operator told me she changed my flight to Shanghai, and that she had sent the itinerary to my email. When I checked, see set me up for the same flight she set me up for from the beginning. As of now, I am still in JFk, awaiting for a flight that does not leave until Tuesday night at 11pm. This was my first time ever flying Qatar airways. I was excited about my flight in. The service was nice and the people were polite. However, due to lack of compassion for customers, I am going to check out Emirates, or some other airlines.

I just couldn't believe that after talking to 4 different operators, all they could tell me is, "It's not combinable! We can't do anything! THe rate office doesn't talk to customers...oh, and the best one.....I will have to charge you to change your booking, because we already rebooked you for Tuesday. I guess that if I was First class or Business class, I would of had more luck. I was in economy. Those in economy class just aren't worth the time!. Thank you Qatar airways for 'Portraying" to be five star, however, lacking 5 star customer service.

Did Qatar Airways provide poor service? Yes or No
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Mr. Akbar Al- Baker
Qatar Airways
Doha, Qatar

Subject: Complain.

Dear sir,
With regards ,I am Md. Saydul Islam Mokul , BGD- Passport No : AC1834259, Qatar Airline PNR : “YX17OR “ . I like to informing you ; 19/03/2013 at 6.55 pm my flight was Confirmed from Dhaka To Caracas (CCS) by flight no : QR343 . this complain have to written my self against to the Qatar Airways Security stuff “ Mr. Touhid” .

Sir ;Please kindly note that : This person (Mr. Touhid) seriously force me by his cruelty and exited behave , that why I am going to Caracas ? who issue this visa ? and he says that he have the full authority to cancel anyone Visa & passport any time. Just he avoid to hit me physically but without this all he done by his angry , excited attitude.

Several times I am trying to contact with the administration officer of Qatar Airways in Dhaka. But I am Unable to meet there .

Sincerely Request you for pay attention of the Whole matter. Also Complain for the bad Attitude of your Airline Stuff . I am really Afset For the behave in the Airport Qatar Airline Desk stuff & for insulted me. Thank you once again.


MD. Saydul Islam Mokul

Did Qatar Airways provide poor service? Yes or No
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Dear Sir/Madam,

Sub: Airline booking reference was 8NP284 & E-ticket No. 157 2633291645.

I was booked on 22 Jan 2013 from Dammam to Doha (QR 717) and onwards on 23 Jan 2013 from Doha to Colombo (QR 300). I was in transit at Doha and while boarding flight to Colombo, I was redirected to Transfer Desk at Doha and was told that I was offloaded as flight was overbooked. I highly upset and explained to them that I had a business meeting to attend at Colombo and had to thereafter return back to Mumbai as my wife is cancer patient.

With great difficulty, they placed me on Doha to Dubai (QR 104) and thereafter from Dubai to Colombo flight (EK 348). I was handed over Flight Interruption Manifest bearing No. 2157 4500 251198 dated 23 Jan 2013.

To my dismay, the flight from Doha to Dubai got delayed by 2 hours and therefore, Emirates flight from Dubai to Colombo was closed.

I was at a Transfer Lounge the whole day and there was no Qatar Airways staff to address the problem.

After a lot of follow-up, so called ‘dedicated’ staff of Dubai airport authority by name of Ms.Mariam came to Qatar airways counter and on approaching her she did not even bother to hear out the problem and stated that I have to display patience and said they would let me know.

There was not even a drop of water offered leave alone any refreshments or food until 3 pm. At 3.30 pm after a lot of arguments, they offered lounge entry to have food. The whole approach in treating me and other passengers who were stuck for different flights was as if we were beggars.

After waiting from 7 am till 7 pm (12 hours) in a horrifying experience, I was told that I am being flown back to Doha (from where I had arrived) (QR 109 leaving Dubai on 23 Jan 2013) and thereafter from Doha to Colombo (QR 300) leaving Doha on 24 Jan 2013.

In all I wasted more than 24 hours and was not even given any hotel accommodation or provided any facilities.

I have incurred heavy losses in my business due to my inability to reach Colombo in time due to such callous attitude. I demand a minimum compensation from the airline of USD 5000 failing which I shall have to move the court of law, which please note.


Did Qatar Airways provide poor service? Yes or No
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Dear Sir/ Madam, My cargo from India to Doha and Doha to Tbilisi. I am waiting for my cargo for last 8days. My cargo is postponing from 16sep day by day till today. I contact by phone and by mail, they told that due to excess baggage they are postponing. They book my cargo i paid every thing is ok until Doha, from Doha they stop. If my cargo is excess why they book my cargo and they bring until Doha. Why don't they tell it will be excess baggage in Doha before i book my cargo. Here is my cargo details

Tracing Information for 157-18187466
AWB No 157-18187466 Origin BOM Destination TBS
Pieces 6 GrossWeight 200.30 Volume 0.79 Chargeable Weight 200.50

Segment Flight No Flight Date Arrival Date Arrival Time Pieces Weight Status
BOM-DOH QR201 15-SEP-12 15-SEP-12 0535 6 200.30 Consignment arrived on this flight
DOH-TBS QR976 24-SEP-12 24-SEP-12 1915 6 200.30 Planned

Did Qatar Airways provide poor service? Yes or No
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Dear Sir,

I Am frequent Customer With Qatar Airways and we weekly book more than 1000 ticket Today march31 i booked for me
from lagos-doha-islamabad and i confirm from your local office my stay is.long 23 hours so booked for me hotel also they reply me when i reach to doha go transfer desk and they will provide me hotel facility any how i double check on your online servise also you people write there if stay more than 8 hours airway provide hotel but when i reach doha at midnight qatar a/w staff refuse to provide me hotel and when i ask them why staff reply because of i am pakistani thats why they not give me hotel

may i ask you why not for pakistani?
why why why

i am sorry you lost not only me my full staff now not travel with qatar next time BECAUSE I AM PROUDLY SAY WE ALL ARE PAKISTANI



Did Qatar Airways provide poor service? Yes or No
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I made a booking on your website on Sunday the 14th of October 2012, i have paid with credit card as i want to fly from Dubai to Cape town South Africa on the 6th of nov and return the 16th of nov.
the payment went off on my account as i recieved a confermation on my mobile.
However i never recieved any ticket on my email.
I phoned the booking office in dubai on the 14th of oct 2012.
They said that they can see the booking has been made and they will send an email to headoffice to send my ticket via email.
I then went to work and only checked my emails today, just to find no ticket.
I then phoned dubai office again just to find out that my booking has been cancelled. They then gave me the number for E.COMME, i spoke to Achmed who said that the money has been returned, but i didnt recieve any confermation on my mobile i told him as i am now unable to make any bookings.

I have vacation coming up and this is unexceptable as no one send me any email or follow up. And the worst of all the fares has gone up. I dont think any of your other passangers would be happy if they see what ive been through with qatar if i should place this on twitter or facebook regarding the poor service delivery, i feel really upset and feel what you have done is totally unfair and the world should know about this.

All i wanted is to be home with my family even if its just for a short period, but i take it that wont happen

Did Qatar Airways provide poor service? Yes or No
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My name is Martha janse van Rensburg.I missed flight QR 582(gate 10) on 1 December 2012 from Doha to Cape Town,because of late departure from Heathrow.They rebooked me for the next day on QR 584 from Doha to Johannesburg.

They arranged with South African Airways for me for a flight to Cape Town.South African Airways charged me R250.00 for my extra bag.They tell me to ask you to refund me the R250.00,because there policy differs from Qatar airways and i was only aloud 1 bag.Can you please refund me for the baggage

I am also very dissapointed the way the ground staff at Johannesburg airport treat me when i get there.They told me that Qatar airways did not make proper arrangements with them.

Did Qatar Airways provide poor service? Yes or No
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I recently had an extremely upsetting and costly experience with your airline regarding lost luggage. I request compensation from Qatar airways for my losses.
On October 10, 2012, I traveled on Flight QR 267 from Kochi to Kuwait. When I reached the baggage claim area, I discovered, after a 40-minute wait, that my luggage was lost. I immediately contacted the baggage claim representative, who assured me that it would be on the next plane.
I was told that I would receive compensation within 21 days from the date that you received my complaint. It has been more than 21 days, and I must insist that you reimburse me immediately. I have been coming to your airport office several times, spent hours filling out claims forms and have made many futile phone calls, but no one can answer my questions or even tell me the status of my claim.
I am missing items that cannot be replaced. To add insult to injury, I am faced with obtaining compensation for those items that is far less than they are worth.
The reference number of my claim is “KWIQR19235’’and Tag no. is “QR 728708”. I am expecting a prompt response and fair amount of compensation considering the poor treatment that I have received.
Please call me at +965-65730210 or +965-66706735 as soon as possible with confirmation that my request will be honored.
Navamony Balan

Did Qatar Airways provide poor service? Yes or No
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My name is Md Maruf Hassan Siddique. I came back to London from dhaka shahjalal airport bangladesh on 8th april 2013. My flight number was QR 345. At the check in desk the guy was so rude with me as my luggage was over weight. I did apologize but he told me that i dont have any common sense. He also told me that I should throw out my stuff from my lugage. I was so insulted and I never been treated such way in my life. This is my worst experience in my life. It is better to die rather than getting such kind of insult. His customer service was very poor and he is short tempered. At this stage I am very much shocked. I think this kind of staff destroys the reputation of a well known company. Thats why I find better to complain thinking the future of qatar airways. I want to mention that I paid for extra weight. It was 5 kilos extra but he charged me for 9 kilos. I didnt argue, i just paid. I kept quite. Still i cant accept this inslut.

Did Qatar Airways provide poor service? Yes or No
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we were travelling from Bali to Singapore on 30th of May 2013. We have requsted for vegetarian meals. According to our religion Jainism we cant touch non vegetarian food. We had requsted all the way vegetarian food. They gave us non vegetarian food. on the food it was written veg meals. My wife saw the food and doubted and told me something is fishy. But I told her that how can . This airline is no one in the world can,t make this kind of grave mistake and i eat one spoon of the food. since my wife was insisting we called the aircrew. one punjabi girl came and refused to accept that by mistake they gave us wrong food. still they were telling no it is correct food. But since my wife did not eat anything we called the supervisor. Mr Gaurav Sharma flight supervisor that day came and told us oh it is a grave mistake. He told us that yes it was non vegetarian food and apologised to us. We told us we take this grave mistake seriously. As i have eaten the food i am feeling guilty of that. It has caused me lot pain and depression. Gaurav told us that he will take this complain to the higher authority and within 2 weeks we will get the reply. He given us surity that the action will be taken

Sorry Very sorry say today after 3 months we have not got any reply. We did not expect this kind of behaviour from the airline which is top airline in the world. We want to take this matter to media if we dont receive any reply asap. We need earnest rteply so that we in future take the same airline and appreciate the action. Waiting for an early and urgent reply

Disclaimer: This complaint was submitted by Rajesh Kumar Jain and Vinita Jain on 08/30/2013 at IP address using our qatar airways flight no QR639 complaint form. This opinions contained in this qatar airways flight no QR639 customer review titled, "negllgence of food breaking our religion amounting of sin" do not reflect the opinions of this website.

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Dear Sir / Madam,

On the last month (28th November 2012) me and my family traveled in the Qatar airways from Cochin to Tripoli, we reached the Doha Air port at 6:15AM (Doha Time) on the Quarter Airways No. QR 265, the flight scheduled from Doha to Tripoli is 07:20AM and the gate no showed in the screen is gate no.8 and as a part of it we will wait at the entrance of the Gate No.8, when we reached in the gate No.8 we see only the boarding of Amman. The Authorities (Qatar Airways) did not display the boarding details of the Tripoli flight and didn’t announce. We wait there in the gate no 8 till 07:00AM to here the announcement and boarding details but they didn’t announce and as a result we enquired in the gate no.8 they said that the flight was already left. We enquired about the other flight to Tripoli but the authorities’ states that there is no flight today and we can continue our journey on tomorrow. So we request the airway authority to please arrange food and hotel accommodation, because I have my family with me( My wife, one infant and daughter) but the staffs of Qatar airways they didn’t arrange hotel and we will wait in the airport for one day and night to catch the other flight.

Flight Ticket Ref : QR/5VJ9ZS & QR/5VKKT9.

What is your rules and regulations, if there is any stay for more than 8 hours the airway authorities is liable to arrange the hotel and other accommodation. But the staff of Qatar airways states that is service is not possible and the behavior of the staff (ground staff) is also very bad,. We travel in the Qatar airways by expecting your better service and facilities, but your service is just opposite of our expectation. Because of our continuous force for giving the accommodation the staff provided us the boarding pass of the flight from Doha to Benghazi (Libya) which is 650 km (by air) faraway from Tripoli. We pay 300 dollars for the flight ticket from Benghazi to Tripoli

So I request you to please refund the expense from my hand. If you don’t ready to refund the amount I am not ready to travel in the Qatar airways in future and I will convey your bad service to the public through face book and other Medias.

Thanks with regards,

Rajesh Kumar

Did Qatar Airways provide poor service? Yes or No

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