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The PNC Financial Services Group provides retail banking, asset management, residential mortgages and corporate banking among other services. It is publicly held and traded on the NYSE:PNC. In 2011 revenues were reported as US 14 billion and employees numbered over 51,000.

To contact PNC about your account, call 1-888-PNC-BANK (1-888-762-2265). You may also find Customer Service help here. If you would like to send a postal correspondence to CEO, William S. Demchak, address you letter to One PHC Plaza 249 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222. The corporate phone number is 412-762-2000.

As a predecessor of The Bank of Delaware, PNC had roots as early as 1795 to promote the economic interests of Delaware. In 1983 Provident National Corporation and Pittsburgh National Corporation joined to form PNC. Social presence may be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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My account was compromised six months ago and no one warned me. All my money was taken out of my savings and I was the one to notice so I had to fight with multiple people on the phone who all told me they couldn't do anything. It took 2 weeks to get my money back and they assured me it was a one time kind of thing. Well not it has been six months and they have locked me out of my account and put all my balances at zero and no one on the phone will help me out. They have told me it is because I never set up a new account to stop the fraud WHICH THEY NEVER SAID I HAD TO DO. They are the worst most useless people on the phone and I can almost guarantee when I switch banks they will be a huge pain in the ass. NEVER USE PNC THEY ARE THE ABSOLUTE WORST BANK ON THE EAST COAST.


A bill payment to the Water Works was not received as scheduled through the PNC Online Bill pay department. As a result, PNC placed a stop payment on the check. The WW company subsequently passed the $20 NSF charge on to me. PNC is refusing to cover this charge that clearly was a result of the scheduled payment arriving late.


On July 1st 2019 I reported a problem with PNC mobile application. When I try using Zelle - it crashes the application. Talked to Eugene Witcher and was promised that the issue will be addressed. Since then I called several times to check the status but to no avail. This feature is really important to me. If it's not getting fixed I will be moving all my business to another bank.
Thank you,
Lina Angelov


My mother bought an annuity through PNC Investments in 2008 and she died. They never asked my mother who the beneficiary was. At the time she bought the annuity she was 81 years old. I contacted PNC Investments and the person over her contract indicated somebody pencilled in "Ruth Starr's Estate" At the time she bought the annuity through PNC, all her accounts were in her Trust. Why wouldn't the beneficiary be the trust. Guess what I have to go through probate court. You sell expensive annuities and nobody can do the paper work correctly. I need help, could somebody call me at 248-909-9274. I would really appreciate it.


I am in the process of completing a 4 month long re-construction of my home due to a burst pipe. The insurance company and contractors have been great. The I get to actually cashing a check from the insurance company and enter PNC. I have never dealt with more roadblocks, delays bureaucracy that this in my life. Its insulting, a mere 5oK claim. Buyer beware, these people are evil and want to hold the cash in escrow. Why, so they can profit from it!


Walked in and asked to cash a check drawn on the PNC bank in Jupiter. The teller proceeded to explain that because she was providing a service TO ME, there would be a $68 charge to process it. After asking WHY she wasn’t providing a service for HER CLIENT that wrote the check TO ME, she politely restated her position and wished me a good weekend. Disgraceful. No PNC bank, I do not have an account with you and I never will.



William Demchak CEO
PNC (ATM inside a WAWA)

WAWA store # 8013
2535 Aramingo Ave
Philadelphia PA, 19125
Manager on duty @ Wawa : Mike

Dear William Demchak ,CEO ,

Re: Broken ATM at WAWA /lost of funding almost unable to pay for gas
On 6.26.19 around 5:20 am, I attempt to use the ATM with the logo PNC on it, to withdrawal money for gas and other personal items.

Unfortunately, ATM machine kept my card and would not release my card from the ATM machine , I discovered at this time the ATM did not work adequately . After while, the ATM asked for my PIN . I enter the PIN for my card , hoping my card would be release . My card was release from the ATM after pushing the CANCEL button ten times . However, the PNC ATM machine did not dispenses my 10 dollars or a receipt . The manager Mike at the WAWA immediately provided me PNC contact, so i could call PNC for this matter . At that time PNC was closed until 9 AM.
I cannot express how embarrassed ,humiliated ,and upset I fault at that moment in front of everyone. I just wanted to run out the store and hided. I thank god i was able to get money out of the other ATM to pay for my items. I was truly afraid i would of went to jail ,due to PNC ATM machine not allowing me to get my card back or releasing my funding. I suffer from migraine, anxiety, and panic attacks .At that moment my anxiety was up. I did report this matter with the ATM to my bank institution so they could start any and all process that is needed . Also , I called to report the matter to your PNC association today, I did not receive the support i needed to solve this matter . Your employees just pointed the finger at my bank and did not take any responsibility for this issue.I did not appreciate the treatment i received . For example , waiting on hold for more then 45 minutes, not being able to speak with supervisor when asked , and being spoken to in rude way. this was so unprofessional.

I understand things happen unexpectedly in everyday life. That is not the problem , its how you apply yourself to help others especially when
you're representing a company .As you can see from the problem I have described, it could be easily solved by refunding my $ 10.00 and surge charge fee in reasonable time frame , employee being more respectful and friendly to the matter.

With that being said , to resolve the problem, I would appreciate it if you could refund my money immediately $ 10 + fee charged for taking out money i never received ,replacement for ATM machine at the WAWA, and send your employees to customer service training.

I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my problem. Please contact me at the above email address or by phone at 856-534-0585

Yours sincerely

Shainahah Johnson


I have a business account under the name of Brandywine Valuation Consultants, LLC. I usually bank at the Thorndale, PA branch.

This complaint has to do with the PNC branch on Easton Road in Glenside, PA. My friend and I parked in that PNC lot last night. We left the car there after bank hours and returned to the lot at 11pm to find out that the car was towed. PNC has signs in the lot that non-bank customers will be towed. The car was towed. The owner of the towing company informed us - at 11pm - that the only way to retrieve our car was to pay $250.00 in cash. We had to walk about a mile to the lot after raising the money (since we only had about $10 in cash and some credit cards).

While you have the right to police your lot and while I imagine Cheltenham Township has no cap on the usurious towing fees that you charge, unfortunately, Brandywine Valuation Consultants has a policy wherein we do not deal with individuals or companies, or associates of the same, who operate with such unseemly business practices. I tolerate the hundreds (and hundreds) of dollars that you charge in fees on my company account each year. I draw the line at gouging another $250 out of me when my car is parked in your lot after hours. Enough is enough.

I will be stopping in to the Thorndale Branch this week to close my account. There are literally five other other banks within the same radius of me that can service my needs as well, or actually better, than PNC.

By the way, as a CPA who operates in the tax arena I assume that your associated towing company, which deals only in cash, has a set of cash receipts journals that matches the camera in your parking lot. I am sure that PNC would not associate itself with service companies that do not report cash income on their tax returns.


I have been calling all day and I keep getting sent in circles, I am trying to pay off my loan and every department says they can't help, then get transferred and just wait for over 30 minutes at a time for no one to ever pick up. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH PNC. Horrible customer service!


I have been a customer for 10 plus years. Approximately two years ago the bank teller said I could make more interest money in my savings account. I said how much she said about $1000 more per year well of course I was interested. I asked what did I have to do and she said nothing just give her the ok to set it up and I was good to go. Well all was well until I decided not to use my credit card anymore and then the very first bank statement showed my interest had tanked. I at no point was ever told that the use of my credit card would dictate my interest on my savings account that was so very mis leading and very poor customer service to do that to a customer. I am so pissed I am probably going to move all my money to another bank.


Hi my name is Mr Eversley R Sifontes
am complaining about the ghetto mentality concerning PNC bank and its affiliate's there is no standard procedure regarding the bank procedures there is no common standard when coming to customer satisfaction complaining will do me no good but here I still need to vent my frustration and anger. I have a checking and a saving account with pnc lo and behold i was not able to get my money when i desperately needed it. Stuck 300 miles away from home no money and lost wallet after spilling out every piece of info i could possible give they denied my some much needed cash to travel am not a bum or vagrant am a customer with enough funds to get it when i most needed it.
as i see first hand the phone takers most likely have a certain numbers to produce to keep their job so they will say anything the bank has another policy and the complaint department has another how unfortunate that is that no one is on the same page no standard rules one has a different opinion as the other yet PNC can take my money hold it at their convenience so my best option is to move to a lesser evil wells Fargo or bank of America or who ever never will my situation will arise again. PNC you got my Ghetto award .

Eversley R Sifontes /973-294-2155


I went to a local branch to make a payment to my HELOC account. I specifically told the teller I would like to do a principal only payment and the lady said yes, after she worked on the computer for a while, she tole me done and gave me the receipt. I then confirmed with her again that if that is principal only payment, she confirmed again.
The transaction did not show up in my account on that day so I have no way to confirm if that payment went to my principal.

The next day, I checked my account online and I saw that payment did not went to my principal and it was actually went my monthly payment ( due 20 day later) + principal.

I then went to the branch again and ask them to fixed that. The clerk there just gave me a phone number and let me to call that number without saying sorry.
They said they could not do anything about that since the transaction was done yesterday.
Then I talked to a banker and she told me she can not do anything except putting some notes in the system and waiting for someone to call me.

I would think this whole process is so not customer friendly. The bank employee made the mistake and the customer needs to spend time to fix the mistake made by the bank employee.


On today June 1st. 2019 I make a deposit at the PNC bank atm located at 201 Newark shopping center, Newark De. 19711. The atm took my cash deposit a screen came up stating that it was counting my money and then all of a sudden another screen came up saying that the atm was not in service and that a team being notified, returned my card no money no receipt with it. The bank was closed however there was someone still inside and I was able to get the attention of someone by the name of Ms Rodriguez bank manager I explained the situation to her to her credit she did try to help but she said because I had a pre paid card she could not give me my money back or look any further into it because although it is a PNC card it's really not so she had to call someone else which she did and I spoke to them but bottom line is I am out my money as of now and the creditors who are supposed to be paid on Monday will be declined because its a weekend and it may take ten days to investigate my "claim " as if I am lying about the situation. They have cameras that saw me putting my money in that machine why are they there? I am very upset and out 325.00. I was so upset in talking to them I thought I had only put 225.00 in the atm but after calming down I realized I had actually put 325.00 to cover two bills not one. I need my money I am on a fixed income and this is my money not the banks. His is not even a big problem to them but it certainly is to me. Never again will I trust my money to this bank.


My auti loan account#3302008119055336. I have paid off my loan on 05-01-2019 I have still not got my title on my call for different people tell me different stories Paul told me that my title was mailed to my previous address ,Tionna told me a different story ,mark told me different thing .Where is my title for my 2005 Chrysler town and county van .will you please make an inquiry and find out where is my title and when will I get it.My phone # 224-567-3453 waiting for an early response. Shabih Zaidi ,1991 broadsmore dr.Algonquin,il 60102. Thank you


I called into customer service department about some emails I am receiving from PNC. It is important to understand that I am not a current PNC customer, however I am receiving emails to the contrary. I explain the situation to Christine, the customer service representative. She did not provide a last name, and I did not ask either. After I explain the situation to Christine, she asks if I live close to a PNC branch so that I can visit there instead of over the phone. I explain that this is a complex situation and perhaps the fraud department or legal department would be better suited to assist. It is clear that my situation is above understanding for an entry-level customer service representative. I ask to be connected to a supervisor instead of visiting a PNC branch. For one, I do not reside anywhere close to a PNC branch. For second, from experience, the branch representative would most likely call or have me call the customer service number that I am already connected to after waiting for 10 minutes. This would have been a possible inefficient result and waste of time to visit the branch. In the customer service world, what Christine did is called "passing the buck." Obviously the situation is above her pay grade but that does not excuse her from providing good customer service. And good customer service would be to connect me with a supervisor. Christine, the customer service representative, replies "sure" to my request for a supervisor. After being connected to what I thought and what Christine agreed to be a supervisor, I learn that instead I was connected with the PNC Business department. THIS IS NOT A PNC Business matter! Christine decided that she knows best and connected me with the PNC Business Department, despite my request for a supervisor, and despite her agreeing to connect me with a supervisor. This was no accident either because Christine's rebuttal to my dissatisfaction with visiting a PNC branch was to connect me with the business department. This is poor customer service. Beyond poor customer service. This is not the type of behavior I would expect from a bank. If you are ever where PNC can make improvements in their service to attract more customers, improving customer service and consequences for poor performance and unprofessional behavior would be a good start. At the same time, I see that not much has improved at PNC since I used to be a customer. Do the executives not realize that if there is no constant improvement then the business will fail? I am laughing because I am confident that nothing will result from this email, and Christine will never hear about this issue. I am optimistic that there will be no follow up on this communication either because why resolve an issue for someone that could be a potential customer once again? Wouldn't it be easier to simply ignore the issue because it will not immediately affect the bank in a negative way? Either way, I did my part to reach out to the bank and inform you of potential fraudulent activities but your representatives have a difficult time understanding basic scenarios and an even worse time following requests. You can use this as an opportunity to fix areas that are clearly broken, or you can ignore and move forward without a resolution. I would be surprised if PNC Bank used this as an opportunity to improve.


I walked to your PNC branch on lee vista rd , Orlando on may 21st and spoke to Jessica who introduced herself as the branch manager , i proceeded to ask as to why I was charged 15 dollars each month for the last 2 months on my checking account which I opened 1 year ago at the recommendation of my loan officer so I could get a 0.25 percent discount on my mortgage where I could save thousands over the course of the loan , so they could do an auto debit on my mortgage , she explained that particular account was charging fees now and they could not be waived and quickly came to the conclusion that in the past fees were waived twice by the bank on my behalf and could not be done not knowing that it was the banks error in charging me at the time . She explained a letter was sent out to all customers at PNC which I never got in the mail . I also asked her if she could also explain the interest / principal portion of the loan year to date on my last statement , she said she could not help me but could send an escalation letter to the mortgage dept so as to address my concerns and she recommended that a different checking account be opened where fees would not be charged providing that I deposited 500 dollars which I plan on doing may 23rd . I explained to her that I never got a letter and the whole customer iconic experienced was very poorly handled which led to my frustration and time wasted at your branch


I have banked at PNC for 40 years and now want to find a new Bank....
Every year I travel in Canada and every year the PNC bank in North East, Pa. exchanges currency for me. They advertise that they do this transaction FREE of charge, as a great customer service benefit. Yet, every year your bank cheats me by giving me a fraction of the Exchange Rate.
The exchange rate with the Canadian dollar is 34%.... why does PNC give me only 20% ?

Your tellers smile and exchange my money .... then smile some more when they keep $50.00 of my money by cheating me on the exchange rate.
I would rather my bank charges me a flat fee for exchanging everyone knows what is what .... instead, PNC keeps the money.
And the Trust is Broken


Asked a question about a credit card perk we heard about from a friend and the customer service guy said that since I am in the military I think I deserve some kind of perk. And then continued to cut me off as I talked. He was very rude and I just hung up.


I went to PNC on or about April 9, 2019 to open up a checking account for a disabled adult female, who my husband and I are guardians of. Her dad died March 18, 2019 which we brought in his certified death certificate. I brought in the AOC-777 form where her dad filed on Nov. 1, 2016 petitioning the judge for his daughter for us to be standby guardians/co-guardians in the event he died or was ill. PNC wanted a more current document so Margaret at the Helmwood Elizabethtown, KY office said to get a copy of that same form with a current dated stamp on it. I went to our Clerk's office as her file was transferred to our County where we live as I requested in letter to the Judge after his death. The Clerk pulled her file with that form, dated it April 16, 2019 and notarized it.

I attempted to contact PNC 4 times today as I was told me we should hear something no later than Thursday after I brought in the newly dated form on Tuesday of this week. I called and left a message. I called and the person to wait on us was busy. I called PNC 888 number and they tried getting in touch with her-she was in a meeting. I called a few minutes til 5 pm and left a message stating I went to another bank and they completed the process in 15 minutes and don't proceed further. The PNC person who was supposed to be waiting on us called within minutes stating she realized she had not called me and said it said it was denied again because an updated guardianship paper was needed. I preferred to have the account at PNC because our accounts are there. That being said, no one, absolutely no one should have to go through this ridiculous procedure to get an account open. Even more particularly when the client is deaf, mentally disabled and her guardian who is me also has another mentally disabled daughter who she is guardian of--absolutely insane to have to go through what I did to open up an account that does not need a rocket scientist to figure it out. Sincerely, Mary Morgan


I received a check from the college I attend and just last wk cashed a check with no issue at the PNC on W Broad St in Columbus, Ohio. Today I went in with the same type of check (now a days schools disperse checks in two payments, back to back) and received a Lead worker named James. He gave me a hard time and said he needed to verify the check. Ok. I inform him that the gentleman next to him cashed the same check for more less than 2 wks ago. He pretends to call and verify the check and after it ringing for about 10 seconds makes an moron comment that they are closed on a Friday at 1pm! Idiot. I called PNC and they said that they are sorry and it is at the discretion of the teller to cash a check or not! I asked and what discretion would that be?! The guy had no reason not to. I smell good, I’m dressed nice, I conducted myself professionally. I have a professional desk job! Only thing I can think of is I am a minority! Don’t use PNC! If they can’t verify their own checks what in the world are they doing in the business?! Their own checks have no credibility then you know it can’t be that great of a bank. Highly disappointed! Won’t take my business nor my family’s back!!!!


I was denied the opportunity to open an account at 960 Schechter drive. They closed at 6:00pm I arrived at 5:00pm from a referral source at west Pittston which send me here because I arrived at 4:30pm and they closed at 5:00pm. At west Pittston they even wrote down my SS number and I thought I was going to be served but I was denied twice. Why if a branch stated closed at 6:00pm and I arrived at 5:00pm couldn’t help me open an account


Been with pnc for awhile now, most of my investments r with pnc. Recently I had major shoulder surgery, which means I have to do my transactions on line.past few days I've had to reset my password. So today I'm back on line and it won't accept my password.... again! Getting very old, I will do this one last time. If I'm still locked out tomorrow I will pull everything out of my accounts. Too much competition out there! Ty glenn smith


Unbelievably unprofessional, mechanical, disrespectful and rude. Refused to transfer me to someone else when seeking to ho,d her accountable for how she was treating me. The issue was over a $5 charge, which I expressed I did not care about. Ashley Byers is probably one of the worst customer service supervisors I've ever dealt with. Horrible representation of this bank. Been a customer since 2003, and this makes me want to close all accounts.

Ashley Byers needs to be held accountable!


Our local PNC bank is so understaffed. I never can get through when I phone them
and when I go to the bank there is always a long line of people to be served.
This branch on Beach Dr. in Calabash, NC needs more HELP. It is not fair
to the staff nor the customers of this bank.


I received notice from Target credit card that they had not received my payment for March 2019. When I looked at my online PNC account I saw a transaction of 116.58 posted on March 7, 2019 to Target. I called customer service on March 19, 2019 and reported the dispute. I received a dispute number of 219078244061. I called back today to follow up as I had not heard anything. After an arduous phone conversation with customer service representative Coniah, I was informed that there was never a dispute filed and nothing had been done. Coniah continued to put me on hold for extended time periods until he finally told me he was unable to help and that he would need to elevate this to a supervisor. He informed me that this supervisor could call me at any time in the next 24 hours. I tried to explain to Coniah that I was unsatisfied and he continued to talk over me as if he did not care. I spent 45 minutes last week and another 47 minutes this week trying to resolve this dispute. I have been a customer of PNC Bank for many years and was surprised as to the lack of professionalism by the online department. Please HELP

Robert S Clancy


I am the guardian of my father's account.
My father was visited by a pnc representative in May of 2018 in the hospital. His beneficiary was changed although he was deemed incompetent by the doctor.
Isn't this illegal?


dear sir
My name is maged goubran and I did refinance my car throw your bank it is a Toyota rav4 2017 with a vin number 2T3BFRV2HW576860 .THE car was financed earlier with capital one bank whom took care of all process until I received the title which is cancelled due to the fact that the vehicle is refinanced .how I am experiencing a lot of issues with your staff located in OH .THEY want me to add them to the tittle which I tried to do at NY motor vehicle .the DMV SAID THAT THE TITEL I HAVE IS CANCELLED and the process of adding PNC bank should be handled throw your bank .inspite of the letters been going back and forth ,the department in OH does understand yhat i can not add them to the title becuse the one i have is allready cancelled and pnc should make this request to the DMV whom i have no control over them .the application to do this was send to MR eric escalir in PA and email throw youe branch at JQ jercey city NJ .a while afteri recived a letter from tammy webster with two phone number that do not answer at OH .i recived an application DMV NJ with wrong information including my driving licensec number .finanly i received a e mail from louis juszkiewicz at OH WHOM DOES NOT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING FRIM WHAT IS MANTIONED ABOV .
I am not happey as a custmer with this lake of understanding and un proffsionce of pnc staff .I never saw a bank asking a custmer to add the bank to the title in a way it sould be the oppsite .the vehicle is registered at NY as well as MY driving licens and they sending me a NJ application and want me to sigen .

please advice


My husband and I was at the PNC bank Princeton 9:00 when it opened,we were 9th in line,there was only 1 bank teller to deal with the customers and 1 teller dealing with the drive thru..there were two employees in the private offices talking to one another with no customers waiting for them,rather than them coming out of their office and helping they continued with their chit chat.I feel sure they were tellers at one time before they received a promotion,but they did nothing,it took us 25 minutes to complete our transaction.You need to have more employees as it was March 1st..or everyone to assist that is there,rather than having personel chit chat.
We were very dissatisfied .



This afternoon I came in and asked for four rollls (40 dollars) in quarters. When my wife opened them at home there was only 144 quarters not 160 and two candian quarters. We were shocked and upset to say the least. We called the Downtown Dexter Branch to get them a resolved and ask how this could have ever transpired. We spoke to Jennifer who was helpful and illuminating. While she did credit our account the 4 dollars of missing money and told us we can bring the candian quarters in to exchange; it was the explanation of how it could occur that still upsets us. She told us that 'customers' bring them in and the bank turns them back out. Wow! You don't open them? You don't count them? As she so clearly informed us. I have been getting rolls of quarters from you bank all year. My daughter had to get to therapy my husband had doctors visits and we needed quarters for the bus and then also for parking at the hospital. We weren't counting the quarters, we were trusting what is suppose to be a reputable bank. Yet, this is most likely not the first time we have been ripped off, of our money! We are by no means rich, far from every dollar counts. We feel sick that this was probably not the first time. We got candian quarters this time around so decided to count. It is unacceptable for any banking institution to do what you are doing on what is obviously a regular basis. It is your policy not to count the rolls other people give in? People could put anything in there metal washers instead of quarters how would you know? How are we suppose to trust an institution thats intire purpose is to handle money, with these types of policies? We would like answers to these questions and we feel an amendment to your policies is required.

Our number is 734 751-9853

We await your call

Sincerely, Mr. Nelson and Mrs. Durette-Nelson


I have a check given to me by my drawn on pnc.i called 5 offices of pnc.nobody would cash it..they said 10 days min. And they wanted a 2%,fee. The hell with that..this bank sucks.


PNC POSTED TO TWO NSF CHARGES TO MY ACCOUNT ENDING IN 6033 due to two charges that posted to my account on feburayb20,2019. The charges never pended the account nor did I receive notifications via my threshold emai notification which would allow me time to add funds to the account. I’d like to request the reversal of the NSF FEES which totaled $72. As an act of good customer service to me. I’ve recently learned that the charges are capable of posting without pending first and because of this I wil keep a register of all of my charges. I’ve spoke with two reps and PNC who have declined my request. So I’ve decided to send this complaint thru the online tool.


Will not cash a check drawn on their bank. I have legal driver's license. I think the teller's live to say, 'no'.


What has happened to PNC Customer service. I have call the last 4 days and had to wait an average of 24 minutes to address a fraudulent charge on my credit card resolved and 4 days later after considerable wait times I was again asked to call back once the pending charge was posted. The lady I spoke to did not reset (as I was told) and I continued to get 8 fraud alert calls. I have been a customer for over 50 years and the service keeps getting worse. Your company has grown substantially but apparently you are not hiring enough employees to resolve problems having customers wait for 15 to 20 minutes to get service on the phone. I know this complaint is not going to get me a response because you will most likely delete it.


I often visit the PNC bank in Roselawn Office that is located at 8054 Reading Road. Cincinnati, OH 45237.

I been going in there over 3 years depositing our church money. I visit the bank on 12/18/2018 around 4:45pm Shortly after I received a call from Mark asking me to bring him something in writing from one our Session meeting stating that I was choose by the church. First of all why would he go over and see what I was depositing.
If I was not trying to open an account, create a credit or withdraw money what his concern. Our church account has two names on it Patricia Martin and Wyalene Severin since 2016 and we remain to be on that account. I will not take him any paper work down there, because it's none of his business I am making deposits only not withdrawn. I am African American and I know if a Caucasian woman would make church deposit he would have no concerns. I will continue to make my deposits there. If he call my phone or harass me about giving information about our church I will take it further. Our church denomination is Presbyterian we have an Attorney on hand and I will make sure we take this farther


PNC will not renew home equity line of credit. I have been a good customer for over 35 years, Have multiple accounts in your bank with over 30,000 is your Bankt. shown I have over 7000, 000 in 401k and own two properties. I can't get a response what PNC needs to raise my DTI. I believe PNC
is discriminating because I no longer work. I have made many attempts to straighten this out but all I get from your people is MY DTI is low. I understand but living off my savings and social security should not be the reason I am refused to re-new home equity line of credit. The property should be all PNC needs to qualify for the re-newing of line of credit.

check ref number 218306004772
John Kelly
44 Pennock Terrace
Lansdowne, PA 19050
email -


we went to the drive up window in montvale nj. and right from the start the woman who came to the window was very nasty her name is alicia abrams we have been banking with pnc a long time ,first time we saw her she was very rude and no help at all.we have more to add would appreciate a phone call to explain 201-263-9310 barbara lehmann or tom bachmann


This is an email sent to Kristen Baucke at the Sunbury Ohio Branch.

Hi Kristen,
This is Kevin Hardy, a customer at your branch in Sunbury.
First of all, I hope you are well. I understand you are home on doctors orders.
Didn't know who to contact so I wanted to reach out to you regarding a situation I had at your branch over the last 5 days.
Long story short, I deposited a bank cashiers check into an account on 12-7 for $118,000 and change into my personal account. Chase is the person I worked with. I then needed to have a cashiers check in the amount of $110,000 to finance a business purchase. Chase told me I would need to give it 24 hours for the funds to clear. My wife went on Saturday and was told it still had not cleared. I went back on Monday and was told it would be available Tuesday. Again, on Tuesday I was told I could not get it because it was deposited into a personal account instead of a business account, Chase spoke to someone, somewhere and was told to transfer the money from my personal account to our business account, which Chase did with a cashiers check. Chase checked with that person as to when it would be available and was told Wednesday anytime would be available. I stopped for the 5th time Wednesday morning, Chase was not in but dealt with Jennifer...I think. Nice person. She was showing it still was not available. At that point I asked ask someone call and get this straightened out. Jennifer (I think) called in India Ruff to help. She had actually help in the process with Chase, so she was aware of the issues. She told me that because of the large amount sometimes it goes on hold, again I asked that she call. As she started the process she was very condescending to my concerns and frustration of the process. She raised her voice to the point that I asked her to lower it. She then proceeded to tell me how I was the problem and she was just trying to help. At that point I told her to stop what she was doing and need her supervisors name. I knew you were off so I asked for the regional manager. I understand his name is Jeffery Garner, which I will reach out too. She would not give me her name and asked if I wanted to transfer my account to another branch.
Even though Chase made the mistake, he tried to correct in a professional manner. India was anything but professional. Thought you would want to know of the incompetence at the branch.
Becky and I are in the process of opening accounts at another bank and will be moving our accounts out of PNC.
Thank you
Kevin Hardy


I just had the pleasure of going to the Flagler Beach branch-after waiting in the drive-through for 10 minutes I pulled into a parking spot only to go inside and hear the woman at the drive-through window carrying on lengthy conversations with customers about her son’s baseball games this is unacceptable and has been for a while and other branches-customer service is paramount you’re a bank for god sake’s


I over rated them 1 star way too much for them zero they deserve hilda one. Of your Human Resources a wicked bitchy slut u billing me unfairly over billing me for valid non valid transaction recognizable non recognizable I paid u 900$ u stole my payments the balance was zero based on hates and discrimination especially this bitch hilda u closed my bank account without informing me while I was overseas causing me damages and fees and fines refusing to accept payments to merchants I authorize charges balance credit card was zero after u received 900$ I never make additional charges out of the blue from no where u billing me authorized or none authorized charges u billing me even for charges cancelled u don’t have a valid receipts or transactions to bill me 4200$ u being ass holes 1331$ I never seen the refund posted to my account u never refunded my account for charges u stole the credits and billed me for your customer service especially with this wicked bitch hilda shit are gross evil and disgusting u need to fire this wicked bitch u maniacs


My direct deposit went in my bank account and i cannot get it out of my account even though yesterday i was told there would be no problem getting that money out today. Help!


My account overdrafted yesterday, and i was unaware that it overdrafted, so I got charged the $36 fee. I'm going through a difficult time and do not have the money to cover the fee. If there is anyway possible i could please not have to pay the fee that would be amazing. I have already set up text alerts so that now I will be aware if i overdraft. Thank you for your time.


I am in the US Army and have been banking with PNC for years. I recently left the US to come to S. Korea and left my sister, Kimberly Cheek, a Power of Attorney (POA). The issue I am having is the branch located at 115 South Fayetteville Street, Asheboro, NC 27203 does not know how a POA is supposed to function. The POA is filled out correctly and has the proper stamps. My sister should be able to walk into a PNC Branch, with the General POA that I left her, and withdraw money. They said it had to go to their legal office for approval. What exactly is legal approving? If you know what a POA is, can read, and can verify identification, then what exactly is legal doing. I did all of the leg work prior to leaving when I went to my legal office to get the POA done. I am greatly disappointed in the service I am receiving. I have been a customer of PNC for 24 years (it was RBC Centura before they changed their name) and no where in any documentation that I have received does it mention anything about a POA having to go for a legal review. IT IS A LEGAL DOCUMENT. Can you please reach out to that particular branch and tell them to honor my POA ASAP.


On Monday of this week I visited your branch location at 2537 N. US Highway 31 S in Traverse City, MI and want to let you know the employees there are always very pleasant and helpful. However, this past Monday I wanted to pay our monthly PNC credit card bill using a PNC Prepaid Debit Card. Again the employee was extremely polite in trying to assist me.
Here is my complaint and it is directed toward the upper level executive in charge of facilities and/or operations for this branch. I was told by the branch employee that the transaction I want to execute may not be possible because of equipment/connectivity problems they have had for some time with their branch card reader functionality. As was the situation, the card reader did not work and I went away not accomplishing that which I wanted to do.
I am most surprised that PNC promotes all types of services and things and yet cannot supply its branches with working equipment able to execute a very simple customer transaction via a card reader and provide its branch employees functioning equipment to allow them to assist customers.
Thus, I am extremely disappointed with the upper level executive in charge and request confirmation of this concern and notification that this branch's card reader, etc. has become significantly reliable. I will check with the branch occasionally until this is corrected.
Thank you for your time and prompt assistance.
Anthony Glaza


Sean D Ferris
406 Laurie Dr
Penn Hills Pa 15235

Pittsburgh National Bank June 26, 2018
Customer Complaint
300 Fifth Avenue
The Tower at PNC
Pittsburgh Pa 15222

Dear Sir or Ma'am:

As a 50yr loyal client of PNC I am disappointed in how my deposit in your bank was under compensated in interests payment. I have a Premium Money market account since 2008. I understand during the interim interest rates were usually low. But recently in the last year and one half the rates have gradually increased. I did not participate in the increase in rates for some unknown reason. When I reviewed my most recent statement it was that one PMM and the other were paid almost the same monthly interest. One PMM has 13K while the other holds 141K. I contacted the PNB and was told for some unknown reason the 141K wasn't in the premium status although all of the statements state it was.

I am requested a review of this account and the reasons I did not receive fair compensation for my deposits. Please see that past increase that I was not afforded are remitted to my account.

Thank you for your prompt attention.

Sincerely yours,

Sean Daly Ferris


I recently experienced a devastating barn fire , resulting in the loss of my 3 horses and 20 years of tack, saddles, equipment, etc.. My insurance company has declared it a total loss and paid $18,000- the max coverage. I built this barn well after I established my equity loan with PNC so it was never a consideration in the appraised value of my home. I am 61 years old and have no intention of reestablishing my horse hobby....however after speaking to 2 of your agents at 2 separate locations I am informed that it is PNC policy to lay claim to anything on the property and have been told I must rebuild. You are expecting me to pay taxes, maintain upkeep on a structure you have never had a real and concrete financial interest in and that I emotionally and financially am unable to do. Todays costs of rebuild are astronomical and I have not only taken a massive financial loss but do not and will never have the required money for rebuild. I suggested a better use of the insurance funds would be to upgrade my home---where you do have a financial interest and was told no....the barn has to be rebuilt to its original condition. Someone needs to work with me on this because I will not be rebuilding an emotionally painful and a financially unobtainable structure. If I can't get a reasonable resolution to this I will litigate and find as many websites as I can to expose this unfair and unreasonable policy. Sincerely Kathleen Glotz


Not happy with a banker at the PNC at west 86th st and Ditch Rd bank.


I was a former employee left the company on good terms to pursue other interest at another bank. received my last payment from the company on Feb 2nd, and received funds from my 401k February 6. received those two and parted ways with PNC. Fast Forward to yesterday received a call from overpayment from the 1000 bonus that was given to all employees. I was informed that since I was leaving the company I wouldn't received the funds. Which I was ok with. Then I get t his call and have been very aggravated and disgusted with PNC to the point that I WOULD never come back to work for this company. The first representative couldn't answer my questions and got upset that I was asking questions to get clarity which really left a nasty taste in my mouth. While the 2nd representative was able to answer all my questions and sympathize with what happen. What really bothers me is that if its system generated I left the company January 19th my notice didn't go through processing till January 24th. Why would I still be incorporated into something when I was literally gone for almost a week? Why would I have to pay something back for the mistakes made by this Multimillion dollar company? If the company did its job and did it effectively why would I get punished for the mistakes that wasn't made by myself? questions that no one can answer and what really disgust me is that if i'm getting treated like this as former employee, I sympathize with the current employees. I really do not care for this ordeal and not understanding why the mistakes of this company fall on me.


I have been a customer, first at Riggs Bank since 1985, then at PNC after the acquisition ever since.
I have a business account and a line of credit, plus a home equity loan.
Today, Friday 11/24/17, I went to the Silver Spring MD branch located at 8661 Colesville Rd. Silver Spring Md 20910
I was waiting in line to make a deposit and I noticed 2 tellers sitting in their stations.
I waited about 2 minutes, thinking they were busy, and when I came up to the teller's station (Isaac Arces is his name) without being summoned.
I noticed that he was looking at his i-phone, completely unaware that there was a customer waiting in line.
I felt I had the right to at least ask him why I was kept waiting, and, more to the point, why he hadn't noticed a customer, he gave me a blank stare.
I asked him again wherupon he asked me what my problem was.

I have experienced almost a perfect experience of courteous tellers over the decades I have banked at PNC and Riggs.
Banking has been an enjoyable experience..until this event today.

We began exchanging words, and he then proceeded to shove my checks and deposit slip through the slot and onto the floor.
I couldn't believe this had happened.

Things proceeded to unravel at that point, and I asked the supervisor, Mike Calloway, if he would do anything about this unbelievably rude and unprofessional employee.
At that point I was asked to leave.
I still cannot believe that a customer of 30+ years with 3 accounts at PNC should just have to take this without any explanation or apology.

That is why I am fling this complaint.

I am considering taking my business after all if these years to TD bank up the street where I have another account if I don't get some type of apology or acknowledgment of this experience.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Greg Staley


I had a poor experience with:

Loan Officer Jason J Schrantz, Mortgage Loan Officer NMLS ID 257888
15398 Pearl Road B7-YM85-01-1
Strongsville Ohio 44136
At the Bay Village Ohio PNC Branch on Dover Center Road

Initially offered to come to my home to provide a pre-approval. When I asked him to follow through on the offer because my husband worked nights and would like to maximize his sleep time, he said it was no longer possible because he needed a printer. I asked if I needed to bring any documents he told me no. He said he had a 9am appointment so we made a 10am appointment for the following day. I showed up for the appointment on time. He printed out 1 sheet of paper and said it was a list of documents we needed to get to him. We brought copies of our banking information, pay stubs, etc. and he said he would get the information from the bank manager at a later time. He also told us that the meeting was over because his 9am arrived late, and he had a 10am conference call. When I asked why we had to come in for the printer, he responded that he would email the information and that it would take 48 hrs to get the pre-approval. He essentially double-booked himself, lied about a pre-approval taking 48 hrs. We recently had one done in minutes, and penalized us because a previous client arrived late.


Cant close an account ====personnel giving me hard time!!!!!!!!

I'm still waiting for my money---1 week.....(in money mkt account f/2 years.)
large amount......(Ive been sick f/8 months).....
Jennilee (Manager),,,,,,Ruben ===Fin. Advisor
Hope you can help!!!!


I arrived at drive up to make payment on account. was addressed by young black man, who said, " its ok I will get to you just bear with me"....I hadn't said a word to him. I placed my payment only to have it returned to me with him saying, "sorry you HAVE to fill in the payment amount, don't get mad and I "GAVE YOU A PEN"!! Remind you I have not said one word only looked at him through the window. I filled in the payment amount and returned the invoice with my check. Ok now I was the only car at the drive up took him 20 minutes to stop talking to the other teller and when I pushed the "talk" button he only looked at me like I was bothering him. He finally returns me my receipt then just shrugs at me and gives me a look as though he wanted to say something else but didn't. I actually felt threatened by his actions. This transaction took place at the location Indianapolis 950 N Shadeland Ave (076) I have been in the customer service business all my like and trust me I know when an individual is being disrespectful, this young man was being disrespectful. Transaction date 8/19/2017, transaction number 00218, payment 14:15 cashbox07. I would suggest this location find a teller who can be respectful to their customers. I will not be returning to that location.


To whom it may concern, I represent Theresa/Donahoe Farm Llc, as manager and P.o.a. for farming contracts. In Jan 2017, a person was added to this acct. as a signer, Theresa was never informed. In May 2017, This same person removed $92,000 with a bank check and her signature. This same person has no authority to do any business for the company.
A complaint was filed with the Dover DE main branch, the manager was quite upset about the failure of the branch an hour away to verify all correct rules were being followed.
A second complaint was filed because of no response from anyone. Finally gets to escalation in sept, a third complaint, I need to hear something! After Labor Day I get msg, we have been trying to contact you.. Two email addresses 3 phone #'s, nothing until Aug 31.. I am then informed paperwork is correct, case closed. Really, this lady returned my call read a q card note and couldn't help me any further. No person,phone number, legal, nothing. I never spoke to the investigator. Ref# 217242003638
Theresa Winchell is 88 years old and fully competent, lives in assisted living and handles all of her business. She only assigned me as manager because she cannot run around physically. My number 302-697-2096 her number 302-744-2040 ..Note: I tracked the funds to TD bank within 1week, last month I got information, new EIN : and acct does not have Theresa Winchell listed on acct. TD has locked the acct. I have their investigator number and he has a file full of supporting documents. My email is, be more than happy to share. Seems like you might want to get these two fraudsters/ at least elderly abusers


Dear PNC Management. I have been a PNC customer since I arrived in Maryland in 1987. That is 3 decades. As of today, I have an interest building checking account of which I maintain a monthly balance of over $5000, a savings account of over $4000, 2 car loans thru PNC and a trust fund for my granddaughter of over $18,000.

Recently I found out about a cash builder credit card that PNC offers with a promotion of $100 cashback if a thousand dollars is put on the card in the first 3 months. I searched for the promotion and found it on the website: (Please go to this site and focus on the promotion offered in the middle section. The cashbuilder credit card.)

There were 3 offers and I chose to apply for the Cashbuilder Visa Credit card with the $100 cash back. The offer was good until 10.31.2016. PNC accepted my application under this promotion and sent me my new PNC cashbuilder Credit card of which I began using. I put a $1000 on the card in the first month and every month since.

As time went by, I made many phone calls to PNC to check on the promotion and ask questions about the cash awards I was earning. Every phone call was met with reassurance that the promotion would be credited to my account but to give it time to post. After 4 billing cycles, I became a little more insistent and to my satisfaction a specialist named Caitlyn began investigating.

A few weeks went by and I didn’t hear anything back and after leaving quite a few messages I received a phone call today from Caitlyn telling me that the promotion would not be honored because the application was coded incorrectly. You can imagine my shock. My thoughts of fraud, deception, false advertising and utter and complete disloyalty ,all went thru went thru my mind during that conversation.

I have been loyal to PNC most of my adult life. I have trusted this establishment with my money and my life’s savings. For PNC to turn their back on me over a $100 makes me sick. It's just a $100, but it's my $100 that I have been waiting on for 5 months and been reassured with each phone call to customer service, until recently, that I would receive it in due time.

I do not care at all that my application was coded incorrectly. I went to the PNC site and applied for this card under a particular promotion that i expect to honored. Common courtesies that existed years ago such as morality, being ethical, being loyal and honest, do not exist in this world today and PNC proved that today. Thank you PNC for showing a loyal customer who has stood behind you for many years, that you do not return that favor in kind.

Do you know that I have searched for other ways to apply for the Visa Cashbuilder card just to see if it exists without the promotion, on the off chance that after reading thru the promotion offered, I inadvertently left the website, googled another website without the promotion and applied there. It doesn’t exist. And I am not stupid.

I don’t know if the person reading this letter is a customer advocate or a PNC money maker but someone over there needs to step out of their comfort zone and honor the promotion I applied for no matter what stupid code is attached to my application. Because you see, I am one of the loyal people left in this world, but I will not stay with a disloyal partner.

A mistake has been made and I have been mislead for 5 months. I need a phone call, an email, a text, or a letter with a response that this situation is being rectified.


I have a business referring clients to banks to get a HELOC for the purpose of paying off mortgage and then using properties to accelerate the payoff of the new HELOC which is now in 1st lien position....this will generate millions in portfolio for participating banks. Went to Cornelius, NC branch and spoke with manager to answer very specific questions I have....she subsequently told me PNC doesn't do 1st lien position HELOC's nor does it allow participation in the "accelerated program".

I subsequently asked what LTV was offered and she said 80% which is false as 89.9% is the correct answer. This manager really did all she could to discourage my business...very short sighted as I have greater purpose beyond HELOC such as wealth management for my portfolio. Subsequently I was given number to call a "Jonelle" in NC who spoke briefly with me but due to time limitations I couldn't continue the conversation and called HER back and she hasn't returned my call..nearly 2 weeks ago.


Money stolen as a cybercrime in October 2015 and will not reimburse my money. I have tried since March 8 to close my account and customer support hotline won't let me - always an excuse. I had 4 bank accounts there and have closed mine, my savings; now my wife is moving hers and our daughters saving. Come on PNC! Do you really want more angry customers and negative reviews online?


After having one of our cards compromised we were sent a new card. I keep all of my PNC accounts linked along with my credit cards. Every time I have to replace my card I have to go to the local bank and they take about a month to figure out how to link the new card to my acct. Why don't these people know how to do this? It has happened over and over and I am disabled and it is very difficult to make these trips to the bank just to find out that the young surly vice pres doesn't know how to do any of thus and he has to consult with an assistant. I pay my visa by transferring funds at my desk now I cannot pay please find someone who knows how do do this.


I have had PNC bank my whole life and never had any real problems except from a women. forgive me for not knowing the name. I believe she is the only black worker in the building. I never had any disrespect from any one until she got in. She's openly calling me stupid. I'm afraid she maybe talking to others about my account, am afraid she maybe telling other people outside the company. I have been ignoring it, but now is the roughest time. this is unprofessional and needs to stop. She is not one of the front desk clerk. And again, great clerks, every one else are great. Overall decent customer service from PNC.


From the start back in June we was pre-approved at $300,000. We made an offer on a house and started the Loan Process 8 weeks ago , We have yet to be told much of anything but that its still in the underwriters hands. The home owner is frustrated and wants to cancel the deal if we cant tell them something ASAP like today. I called my mortgage person and he says he is frustrated too. But this has become a nightmare. There is a lot more that I want to complain about. But I am sure nothing will happen anyway. I am going to blast everything on Social Media sites if I don't hear something from PNC customer service department today. We should of been told something a month ago and here it is 2 months now. Simply not good business.


Looking for a mortgage loan.. Well PNC is the place I got a good deal on mortgage. They have simple procedures and policies. After I contacted them for a loan, their executives have helped me through the process and made the entire procedure hassle free. Great customer service at PNC. Their home affordability calculator would give us exactly the price we are eligible for based on our income and other aspects. Not just this, we get to compare it with other competitors and see why PNC has the best interest rates in the market. They have shown me an estimate on how much my monthly payment would be so that I can plan my expenses. PNC is the right choice and I would suggest this to anyone looking for not just mortgage loans, but also credit cards, prepaid cards or any investment retirement plans.

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