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The PNC Financial Services Group provides retail banking, asset management, residential mortgages and corporate banking among other services. It is publicly held and traded on the NYSE:PNC. In 2011 revenues were reported as US 14 billion and employees numbered over 51,000.

To contact PNC about your account, call 1-888-PNC-BANK (1-888-762-2265). You may also find Customer Service help here. If you would like to send a postal correspondence to CEO, William S. Demchak, address you letter to One PHC Plaza 249 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222. The corporate phone number is 412-762-2000.

As a predecessor of The Bank of Delaware, PNC had roots as early as 1795 to promote the economic interests of Delaware. In 1983 Provident National Corporation and Pittsburgh National Corporation joined to form PNC. Social presence may be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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Dear PNC Management. I have been a PNC customer since I arrived in Maryland in 1987. That is 3 decades. As of today, I have an interest building checking account of which I maintain a monthly balance of over $5000, a savings account of over $4000, 2 car loans thru PNC and a trust fund for my granddaughter of over $18,000.

Recently I found out about a cash builder credit card that PNC offers with a promotion of $100 cashback if a thousand dollars is put on the card in the first 3 months. I searched for the promotion and found it on the website: (Please go to this site and focus on the promotion offered in the middle section. The cashbuilder credit card.)

There were 3 offers and I chose to apply for the Cashbuilder Visa Credit card with the $100 cash back. The offer was good until 10.31.2016. PNC accepted my application under this promotion and sent me my new PNC cashbuilder Credit card of which I began using. I put a $1000 on the card in the first month and every month since.

As time went by, I made many phone calls to PNC to check on the promotion and ask questions about the cash awards I was earning. Every phone call was met with reassurance that the promotion would be credited to my account but to give it time to post. After 4 billing cycles, I became a little more insistent and to my satisfaction a specialist named Caitlyn began investigating.

A few weeks went by and I didn’t hear anything back and after leaving quite a few messages I received a phone call today from Caitlyn telling me that the promotion would not be honored because the application was coded incorrectly. You can imagine my shock. My thoughts of fraud, deception, false advertising and utter and complete disloyalty ,all went thru went thru my mind during that conversation.

I have been loyal to PNC most of my adult life. I have trusted this establishment with my money and my life’s savings. For PNC to turn their back on me over a $100 makes me sick. It's just a $100, but it's my $100 that I have been waiting on for 5 months and been reassured with each phone call to customer service, until recently, that I would receive it in due time.

I do not care at all that my application was coded incorrectly. I went to the PNC site and applied for this card under a particular promotion that i expect to honored. Common courtesies that existed years ago such as morality, being ethical, being loyal and honest, do not exist in this world today and PNC proved that today. Thank you PNC for showing a loyal customer who has stood behind you for many years, that you do not return that favor in kind.

Do you know that I have searched for other ways to apply for the Visa Cashbuilder card just to see if it exists without the promotion, on the off chance that after reading thru the promotion offered, I inadvertently left the website, googled another website without the promotion and applied there. It doesn’t exist. And I am not stupid.

I don’t know if the person reading this letter is a customer advocate or a PNC money maker but someone over there needs to step out of their comfort zone and honor the promotion I applied for no matter what stupid code is attached to my application. Because you see, I am one of the loyal people left in this world, but I will not stay with a disloyal partner.

A mistake has been made and I have been mislead for 5 months. I need a phone call, an email, a text, or a letter with a response that this situation is being rectified.


I have a business referring clients to banks to get a HELOC for the purpose of paying off mortgage and then using properties to accelerate the payoff of the new HELOC which is now in 1st lien position....this will generate millions in portfolio for participating banks. Went to Cornelius, NC branch and spoke with manager to answer very specific questions I have....she subsequently told me PNC doesn't do 1st lien position HELOC's nor does it allow participation in the "accelerated program".

I subsequently asked what LTV was offered and she said 80% which is false as 89.9% is the correct answer. This manager really did all she could to discourage my business...very short sighted as I have greater purpose beyond HELOC such as wealth management for my portfolio. Subsequently I was given number to call a "Jonelle" in NC who spoke briefly with me but due to time limitations I couldn't continue the conversation and called HER back and she hasn't returned my call..nearly 2 weeks ago.


Money stolen as a cybercrime in October 2015 and will not reimburse my money. I have tried since March 8 to close my account and customer support hotline won't let me - always an excuse. I had 4 bank accounts there and have closed mine, my savings; now my wife is moving hers and our daughters saving. Come on PNC! Do you really want more angry customers and negative reviews online?


After having one of our cards compromised we were sent a new card. I keep all of my PNC accounts linked along with my credit cards. Every time I have to replace my card I have to go to the local bank and they take about a month to figure out how to link the new card to my acct. Why don't these people know how to do this? It has happened over and over and I am disabled and it is very difficult to make these trips to the bank just to find out that the young surly vice pres doesn't know how to do any of thus and he has to consult with an assistant. I pay my visa by transferring funds at my desk now I cannot pay please find someone who knows how do do this.


I have had PNC bank my whole life and never had any real problems except from a women. forgive me for not knowing the name. I believe she is the only black worker in the building. I never had any disrespect from any one until she got in. She's openly calling me stupid. I'm afraid she maybe talking to others about my account, am afraid she maybe telling other people outside the company. I have been ignoring it, but now is the roughest time. this is unprofessional and needs to stop. She is not one of the front desk clerk. And again, great clerks, every one else are great. Overall decent customer service from PNC.


From the start back in June we was pre-approved at $300,000. We made an offer on a house and started the Loan Process 8 weeks ago , We have yet to be told much of anything but that its still in the underwriters hands. The home owner is frustrated and wants to cancel the deal if we cant tell them something ASAP like today. I called my mortgage person and he says he is frustrated too. But this has become a nightmare. There is a lot more that I want to complain about. But I am sure nothing will happen anyway. I am going to blast everything on Social Media sites if I don't hear something from PNC customer service department today. We should of been told something a month ago and here it is 2 months now. Simply not good business.


Looking for a mortgage loan.. Well PNC is the place I got a good deal on mortgage. They have simple procedures and policies. After I contacted them for a loan, their executives have helped me through the process and made the entire procedure hassle free. Great customer service at PNC. Their home affordability calculator would give us exactly the price we are eligible for based on our income and other aspects. Not just this, we get to compare it with other competitors and see why PNC has the best interest rates in the market. They have shown me an estimate on how much my monthly payment would be so that I can plan my expenses. PNC is the right choice and I would suggest this to anyone looking for not just mortgage loans, but also credit cards, prepaid cards or any investment retirement plans.

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