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Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company M&T Bank, www.mtb.com is a bank holding company that is publicly traded on NYSE:MTB. With assets reported as over US 134 billion in 2014 there are over 15,000 employees. There are 135 branches with 97 of those in New Jersey.

If you want to contact a M&T Bank representative you may call 1-800-724-2440. You may also find Customer Service here. If you would like to contact the CEO, Robert G. Wilmers you may address a postal letter of correspondence to him at One M&T Plaza, One Fountain Plaza, 7th Floor, Buffalo, NY 14203.

A FHC, Financial Holding Company generally controls one or more banks without necessarily engaging in banking itself. Holding banks started appearing in the 1960’s but especially after the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999, which allowed FHC to affiliate with security firms and insurance companies. Social presence may be found on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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They are the worst. They have belittled me in a complaint response, called me a liar after filing a CFPB complaint, continuously send payoffs saying I requested them (I have not requested one), changed the checking acct terms from a zero min to a 5k minimum, and continuously tell me I need to update info when I have done it 3 times. Not to mention the loss M&T pack they would not leave messages or send emails as my commute and work hours matched the operating hours and contains all the info they need to update the account. Blocked me from making payments and adding delinquency to my credit and fees.


On October 30th we got a letter from M&T stating our accounts had been hacked into and they were freezing the accounts pending an investigation. They asked us to go through our statements and highlight the transactions we are disputing. We did that and now they refuse to give us the provisional credit they originally said they would. We lost close to $7,000 and they won't give us back a penny of it. This is unreal! Do not bank with M&T.


I went to the M & T Branch on Emmorton Road in Abingdon, Maryland on Tuesday June 23rd at approximately 3:35 P. M... Upon arrival one man was with customers and two of the employees were sitting around in the office chit chatting. I waited at least 15 minutes before the girl came out to answer the telephone. After answering the telephone she asked if she could help me. I said yes you can, I have been waiting for awhile. She claimed she thought I was waiting for the teller. I was not in line or close to the line and I keep looking in the office at them, hoping they would discontinue the conversation which definitely appeared to be personal. I asked her why would Verizon be allowed to deposit a refund in my checking account without my permission. She said they must have had the account number. I said yes, I pay them by check. Does that mean any company or person I pay or give a check to can make a deposit into my account.

She said yes, the only thing I could do is to close the account. I will conduct research on other banks and inquire about any policies allowing companies to deposit refunds into customer's account. I really cannot believe this is a policy and that girl and guys attitude about servicing customers will certainly lose business for M & T. I became so angry I did not get their names. There was a teller working inside, one at the drive- in, one servicing customers and the two who appeared to be engaging in personal conversation and ignoring me. I have been a customer with this ban for approximately 18 years. I contemplated changing banks before but this one was more convenient but if I continue to receive this type of service from the people working inside I will leave this bank. The tellers are very pleasant, knowledgeable and eager to help.


For me it is very easy to manage my financial obligations right away on my finger tips as M&T Bank gave me online account. I am grateful to M&T bank as it is saving my time on busy calendars. It provides Savings account, credit cards, debit cards,securities,mortgages,loans and bank checking accounts. M&T Bank application for mobile banking is also available in Google play store. M&T Bank has services for individuals, business and commercial firms too. It would be the right solution for you too, please log into the website for complete details.

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