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My daughter-in-law had a wedding picture of our wedding. But last night my son noticed the picture is deteriorating and has something that looks like white mold on the picture. I had no idea Michael's would use low quality photo paper. The picture is definitely going bad.


A MIchael's employee cursed and threatened to kick me and drag me out of the store. Is this how you treat your loyal customers? At once I am going to go to the corporate office and file a complaint, if I can ever find their contact information.


I'm a teacher and in constant need of craft supplies all the time. With a teachers budget, buying crafts can really add up. I love going to Michaels because the are always affordable and have coupons and sales on all their nice products. They also give teachers a discount which goes a long way when you have a classroom of 24. Not only are they friendly and offer a variety of products, but they are also conveniently located. 


I don't really have any problems with Michaels Stores but I couldn't find a place to submit a positive review, so I will give them 3/5 stars. I have gotten most of my crafts from michaels. They always have amazing deals and they have coupons constantly for 40% off an item. Get the Michaels app on your phone and you will be rolling in the deals, it's not used by many people but I've tried it.

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