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Menards is a privately owned home improvement chain with 280 stores. These stores are located in the Midwestern part of the United States. In 2014 revenues were reported as US 8.3 billion and there were 45,000 employees in 14 states.

If you have a problem with service or a product at any Menards you may find helpful Guest Services here. Another Help Center is found here. If you would like to send postal correspondence to CEO John Menard, Jr. address you letter with Menards, 5101 Menard Drive, Eau Claie,  WI 54703. The corporate phone number is 715-876-5911.

Menards is a family owned chain and their slogan ‘Save BIG Money’ is famous in the Midwest. Founded by John Menard, Jr. in 1960 Menards is dedicated to service and quality. Social presences may be found on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

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I was told by a previos email that the complaint about the Kenosha store 's handicap scooter don't wok any update.


My Daughter worked at Holiday City for 5 yrs Once she got moved to dry docks and had a new supervisor all hell broke loose. Everyone new her health issues she even was on Doctors orders on walking or standing until her knee healed from surgery Carmen the supervisor did not like her and made her life a living hell. So Harmony put in for a transfer she even talked to Ron. She turned in all Doctors Orders and still nothing was done. Once Ron had to leave and go out of town Carmen took full advantage and wrote Harmony up and she was then fired. This is not the only one I know that has lost their job out there. Was advice to her and all others is to hire a Attorney this is Illegal to go against Doctors Orders. But thank to Menards my Daughter has to have both knees replaced. Oh and thank Carmen to for a job week done on not being able to keep help at dry docks. Your a wonderful company to work for if this is how you operate I am sure you will be happy to know the her word of mouth hurts getting help


I went to the Ankeny iowa menards and ordered cedar wall plank board and the had to get it from the dc.I asked them how long will it take and they told me a week so I said ok so on the ticket it says promise date is 3/16/19 the order was on 3/09/19.So I set up a company to come in and do the work I had to pay them $300 to hold off tell next week cause I never got a notice or anything that it wasn't going to come in.The dc says it has been in stage when I emailed them on 3/13/19 and I checked again on 3/18/19 and it is still in stage so if I dnt get it by 3/22/19 then I will owe another 300 or get put off for more then 3 months I want to know how im am going to be helped out with this cause I cant afford to keep doing this


Hello. I’m writing you regarding the online order For a whirlpool tub which was purchased from your Traverse City, Mi store. My order number is TRVC87827. As you can see we live in Manistee which is 130 miles round trip for us to drive. We placed this order in good faith that we would get everything in working order. My husband picked up the order on 3/4/19. He left our home in a white out at 5am to get there as soon as the store opened so he could go to work that morning. Unfortunately when he got home that night and we unpacked the tub it had a huge crack in the flange and was not useable. I called the store on 3/5/18 and spoke with someone in the Bath department who stated he was the manager. I then proceeeded to tell him the story of our misfortune and he stated there was nothing he could do except order us a new tub. I told him I found that unfair as that we now have to spend MORE time and money driving there to return the tub and he then offered a $25 store credit and then informed me that he couldn’t even get me another tub for 3 weeks!!! I told him there was no way I could wait three weeks for a new bathtub. It’s our only bathroom and was now in a nonworking order. We didn’t think we weren’t gonna get a quality product from Menards to replace our old tub. I then asked to speak with the store manager and then to my disgust I could hear them talking about me while they thought I was on hold. I won’t go into details, but let’s say it was pretty derogatory. Then Chase, the store manager, was put on the phone. I must say he was very cocky and didn’t want to hear anything I said. After explaining the situation to him I was told the exact same thing. Nothing they could (or wanted to) do for me, but if I wanted to, he told me I could haul the tub to the Big Rapids store and they would be able to exchange the tub there. I asked him why he couldn’t just get the tub sent to that store so that I wasn’t hauling a bathtub all over the state of Michigan and he simply said He couldn’t do that. I then asked for a replacement tub that they had in stock that was comparable to be given to me and they stated they had one in stock and they wouldn’t give me that one at the same price because then they would be losing money. Chase didn’t seem to care that I was losing money driving back and forth to replace the defective tub I was given. I never send emails to companies because quite frankly I don’t feel they care about their customers and their satisfaction. I am hoping you will prove me wrong on this situation. My husband is a small builder in Manistee and does like to shop at your store when he is in that area. He would really like to tell his fellow professionals how Menards made things right and fixed this situation. If not, this tub will be returned for a full refund and we won’t return.

Amy Helminski

This was a letter I sent to the Traverse City store regarding a recent purchase. Their response? I’m sorry. Please return product for a refund. So VERY disappointed in your customer service.


Menards rips off customers! Returned product without receipt, with their customer service rep took my product and gave me a receipt for same—adding that if Menards couldn’t find a receipt in their system that I would get a store credit. LIE! They kept my product and continued to question me via an insane amount of emails—all stahl tactics to NEVER give you a store credit or your product back. They essentially STEAL your product! How the hell do they get away with this? I will never spend another dime in their stores! They are swindlers at the retail level! I urge all to shop at Home Depot, Lowes or any other competitor of con artist Menards!


I don't know how long I have shopped at Menards but recently I have determined (1) The employees at each store make up rules; (2) The employees at some stores do not know the rules; or (3) they do not care about customers. In the last few moths I have been building a house and most of our supplies have come from Menards. On December 30. 2018 we special ordered two large garage doors, a pocket door and purchase other items. You did not have the 11% rebate on, but we were told (by person at special order desk) to ask the following week or next time we came for a price adjustment. Since we live 1 1/2 hours from nearest Menards store, we don't get back in that often. I was notified by that my full order was in so we mad a quick trip and were able to pick up before store closed, no time for anything else. It was loaded for us. Got home and found out we did not have the pocket slab door. Called them and "oh we forgot to tell you this did not get ordered last time. Do you still want it? We can order it now." We had them order it. When we went in to pick it up (2nd trip) first part of February and I did not have all my receipts, but did ask about a rebate adjustment. The man at Hastings Customer Service told me I needed to bring in my receipts to return the items and then charge them out again. I told him some items installed, he replied "just bring in the receipts". So February 22, 2019 I went to the Grand Island store with my receipts. The lady at the Customer Service Desk looked at my receipts and said "the items you bought were on sale you would not get the rebate anyway. Besides you are to late. You should have come in sooner I only have one back to the13th." So I asked her to do the pocket door . She threw my receipt and a form on the counter and said, "You have to mail them in." At that this time I was angry, thanked her sarcastically which was not nice of me, for her good customer service and left. All the items on my receipt were not on the sale. The two garage doors were $1,883.80 and the pocket door was $38.00. We bought lumber our total bill was $2282.79. Whether I get 11% now or not, I am frustrated about getting the run around, misinformation, having to make more than one trip when we were told it was all in. I don't know how your staff are trained, but smiles and politeness go a long way. Thank you for listening.


My Menards experience was good. My complaint is with the security at the gate to the yard. On 1-9-19, at the Menards in Merrillville In., I purchased some lumber and sheets of osb. I checked out at 5:19pm and was told to pull around to the gate and enter the yard to pick up my order. I pulled to the gate about 5:30. The guard, an elderly man with a thin "Errol Flynn" style mustache approached my truck, I held up my paperwork for him, without saying a word, he yanked the papers from my hand, did something on some sort of pad, then pushed the papers back in my window as if he was in some sort of a pissed of mood. I asked him where I need to go, he didn't reply, just turned and went back in his shack. I figured he was just having a bad day. I went into the yard, got my lumber, found my sheets of osb, but they were load on a rack that I couldn't reach. I walked all around the yard and the sheds and couldn't find anyone to help. I saw a guy on a fork truck go though a door to the main building, so I walked over to that door only to find it locked. Looking through the doors, I couldn't get anyone's attention, so I went back to my truck and drove back to the guard shack to get some help. When the guard came out, I told him that there wasn't anyone in the yard and that I needed help. Before I finished telling him, he starts yelling to me that he doesn't work for Menards and to go beat on the doors till someone answers, and it's NOT his job, raising his voice to me. I tried to explain to him that I was knocking on the door and couldn't get anyone's attention, but he walked away saying it's not his job and he doesn't work here. At this point, I told him it doesn't look like he works anywhere, but he just ignored me. I drove back to the yard by the doors and waited for someone to come out. Finally, a young man on a fork truck opened the door. I told him I needed help and he told me he would get me someone. I went back to the rack and someone came in a couple of minuets, he apologized and helped me, and told me I should have went to the guard shack and had them call for help. At this point, I just laughed to myself. Now I strap down my stuff and head for the gate. The Guard comes out, without a word, snatches the papers from my hand and goes to the back of the truck, writes something comes back to the window, says, "hope ya found everything ok" and pushes the paperwork back in the window again. Now I've had enough, I said thanks "Asshole" and left. When I got to the first stoplight, something was dragging, I stopped and checked, it was my straps, Apparently, he unhooked them and didn't re-hook them. My only complaint is with the security guard. This guy is bad for your business. If he's having a bad day, send him home. Your customers don't need to be treated that way. His anger shouldn't be my misfortune. When I go back there, if he's there, I'll demand my money back and go elsewhere. I'm 66 years old, it was 20 degrees and very windy. I may have said the wrong thing to him when I left, but I held my temper back as long as I could and he was well deserving of it. Thanks for your time. Bob Mandarino


Between my company and products I have purchased in the last 15 years I'm guessing I've spent no less that $250,000 with your store. So, that being said I tried to buy appliances from your store in Buffalo MN and Hutchinson MN and have them delivered to a house we're remodeling in Backus MN. Yes, it's not the store closest to the remodel but all we wanted to do is order at the store so we could see the product and have them ship from the store closest to the remodel. I guess you can't do that anymore! Both stores told us to go online and I just can't believe this would be a problem. After talking to the man at the Buffalo store and the KID at Hutchinson we went over to Best Buy and asked if they could do it and they looked at me like I was nuts and said of course we can why would that be a problem! Um, yeah, why would that be a problem? So, we bought $3,925.45 from Best Buy instead! Probably not a lot of money to you as a company but I'll also buy all my wood for crating machines and many other products from another location. Local lumber yards probably. I would be doing something different in the future if I was you.
I really think it's just a matter of the employees being lazy!! I hate that!!!


Yesterday 12/27/2018 I went to my local Menards to purchase an air purifier. When I got home and opened it, I discovered it was used (the packaging did not indicate it was an "open box" or return in any was - it was sold as new. I discovered it was used by looking at the filters and the amount of dust accumulated isn't from just having it have home a day and deciding they didn't like it, they used it for at least a week if not longer. I took it back and of course they didn't have any others in stock. So I asked them to replace the filters and they said no. So then, since the sold me a product that was used, didn't have another in stock, wouldn't replace the filters, I then asked them to give me the equivalent of another manufacturer, for the same price (yes the other one did cost more, but I was willing to take a step down in functionality because it would cost more) and of course they said no. So I ended up returning it (they wanted to give me store credit even though I only bought it 2 hours before I returned it which I said NO!). I cannot not believe they sell used products. They said that they "take the word of the customer who returns a product that is has not been used" but they have a 90 day return policy, so it could be used for 90 days and still be returned and Menards would put it back on the shelf and sell it as new! I can't believe this is legal!


My wife and I have been Menards customers since we lived on in Wisconsin a few miles from Dubuque Iowa. So we have never had a problem. First off about three weeks ago we were stopped in your airport highway store Holland ohio outside of Toledo. Ohio by a sales perso from direct tv she was very gooe sales person and sold us on the idea of direct tv with att internet.and a nice gift of $175 .0 gift card'

The service was set up to be installed dec 20th from 8;am to 8pm we did find a message saying they did have any techs to install so we called and said the only time avavlible was sat the 22. MY wifen and i At this time decided that that service did not sound good if they couldnt install how could they service us if we did have problems. so we canceled the installation.

Thought that would do but had a guy show up to install internet friday knew nothing about hat so we canceled with him >Then on saturday we got email sceduling instalation for dec 24 or jan 9 we got in touch with company got what we thought straigten out .Then thrusday dec dec 28 for att bill. on our account so i finally got a hold of someone on there chat.Who said this was all being taken care of

Please its only my ife and I retired were not looking for anything were late 70s retired We still dont know whats going on sounds as if you have signed up with a pretty shaddy company att

I hope you get this letter or show me so i can realize you really care about Menards Customers


I have been waiting in line @ maple Grove MN store for 20 minutes, to return an item and only one register is open. There are plenty of registers open if you wanna check out and pay for something. They’re even a couple of empty lines. Hi shop here a lot, and I always get good service when checking out. I have a terrible taste in my mouth and can drive five minutes to Home Depot. It will be part of my decision process going forward. Thank you for listening John


I went in and bought 8 cinder blocks. Took my receipt out back to the yard. Then realized she put down 4 inch wide instead of 8 inch wide. The nice guy in the back loaded my truck with the proper blocks, contacted the gate so I could go around the front to go in. They, the management, refused to let me out. Said I had to walk through the store to fix the reciept before I could leave. I am a 66 year old above the knee amputee! They didn't care. Besides, the price was the same! 79 cents each! I am home, and very sore after this unnecessary ordeal. I am VERY dissatisfied. Thank you for your time, John Clarke


Mixed feelings as to sending this & below is why I do not like to purchase out of the box or display items. Purchased a Remington 21" gas snow blower at the Forsyth, Illinois store on Black Friday. It was one of (3) that had been on display at one time or another. They were selling at a reduced price to get rid of them (last years model). Getting it home, it would not start at all. Returned to store within TWO hours to replace. First I was told I could not exchange it due to me running it & told me to take to a service center. Keep in mind it never started at all. Finally the Asst. manager let me exchange for another one of the three which is running fine. NOW COMES THE COMPLAINT: I was in the same store today (Sunday) and walked by where the snowblowers are on display. THEY HAD PUT THE DEFECTIVE UNIT THAT WOULD NOT RUN BACK ON DISPLAY TO SELL TO SOMEONE ELSE. Why was it taken from the return desk and put back to sell when it was defective? These were not reconditioned or refurbished items, they were simply last years model. Needless to say I have lost a lot of trust in Menards and will never buy a open box, repacked return or display item from your stores.

Dale L. Tolly


I ordered a quartz top from you (Riverstone) and received one on the 28th of October. It has a white spot two inches from the sink cut out that I am less then thrilled about. Contacted Riverstone almost immediately who only offered their condolences and nothing else. They said it was characteristic & inherent. I had read in their literature that there could be white spots before I ordered but that didn't prepare me for what I got. I find their excuse that it's characteristic somewhat flimsy as I have one white spot in 41 sq ft. My sister who also has the same top from you which is perhaps a bit bigger yet doesn't have any white spots, period! My brother who also has a dark colored quartz top from you doesn't have any of these white spots and I'm willing to bet that not a one of your store displays have this "inherent" ,"characteristic", and "natural flaw" on display. I would also be surprised if any of the photos used for advertising contains any either. Seems like a bit of fraudulent advertising to me, kind of bait and switch. I have had this order now for close to four weeks and have not installed it as of yet, since I have not made up my mind whether to keep it, return it, or go some other route. Either way this has been a real eye opener for me. All I ever wanted was a nice top and I debated for quite a while before ordering a quartz top due to cost, so you can imagine how thrilled I was to find what appeared to be a drop of pure white paint incorporated into a predominately brown countertop. And to have this located pretty much front and center where it would always be in plain view.

All this being said, I have absolutely no problem with the staff at the local Menards in Iowa City who have always been very helpful.

If you can not open the picture below please let me know and give me another way to send it, as I am happy to share it with anyone who might benefit knowing more of your (Riverstone & Menards) products and policies.

Thank you,
Tom Cady
Washington, Iowa Menards order# IOWA 30298224


After buying and having 52 bag of cellulose insulation and having it delivered I went to get the machine to blow it in.Ii was indicated that I would be able to use a machine to blow it in when I purchased it instead you have to rent it at 25$ an hour. home Depot who I had checked with earlier was a little higher on price but that would have more than paid for by itself with free 1st 24 hours free for there blower.I think I know where I will use my contractor card in the future and its not Menards who wouldn't budge on a price match.

Very disappointed,


I have spent over $5,000.00 in the last 2months . My complaint is I went to pick up Bathroom vanity and top and 9 box tile to load up into my truck. Customer Service is terrible, Team of guys at time of pick up was unwilling to help load my material I purchased this needs to addressed, GM was not helpful also. PS Video to look at ! Chillicothe ,ohio 45601 10/14/2018 Estimate time 5:30 PM EST MY CALL BACK IS 740-701-8634


I was at one of your store tonight at the Maplewood location and I was in the lightings and electrical dept. I was looking to purchase a light and I had a question since the displayed didn’t look like the actual picture on the box. I approached one your clerk her name is (Shay) who was working at the time to ask a question. She was rudely responded to me as “What? Are you talking to me?” Loud and obnoxious . I told her that she was being rude and I wanted to talk to a manger. She said to me that she is a manager. I have never experienced such rudeness in your store before. Many of your employees at that store always been nice and very helpful to me over the years. We shop only at menards because your customer service is always friendly and helpful. I feel that that manger needs to have a course of training in the customer service area.


Menards East in Sioux Falls delivered a dryer without feet. Have not resolved the issue after many calls, emails and more than a week of my time.


Pole building purchase:
1- Color for steel at Topeka store and paying for material was reversed. New batch of steel was delivered after I notice the mistake.
2- After constructing the framing and getting ready to start steel application I found the lengths were all wrong. This is where we are at present this all has set me back at least 2 months with my builder and me on the phone getting everthing corrected.
Please call me asap as I am extremely upset and needs someone to make this right. After talking with one of your associates they offer me a 500,00 rebate which I refused to take after mistake Number one and I use the steel that was first sent.
This is totally unacceptable. I need someone to make it right.
CALL ME ASAP: 785-865-7304
P.S. this process first begin with the first purchase of material on 7/25/17 (TOPE02653) I have nothing but disappointment since.

Totally fruststrated:


On line order was priced higher than display price in the store. On line Customer Service told me to deal with the GM at the store since the order was for store pickup. The GM at the Wichita West location (Mike Anderson) would not honor the lower price. The difference was $510.00. Menard's has lost a customer and a $2,183.00 sale for this purchase. May 20th and July 14th the sample board pricing indicated $2.49 sf. On line order @ $3.34 sf. Menard's system shows no price changes on this item since 2017. Clearly this may have been incorrectly marked on the floor sample board. Menard's should honor the $2.49 sf price. I would appreciate a response back indicating this complaint was received and reviewed.


i purchased a pet screen for my patio door and paid 10.99 plus tax, the following weekend ,my wife and I went to install but we saw how dark the screen was and decided to take it back and get a regular screen . we lost receipt but we didnt mind getting a store credit slip because we shop there all the time. the girl at returns said, Ihave to give you the lowest price in the past 90 days, and I said thats fine,
she gave me 3.25 dollars on a slip, and I said no way, she said thats what it comes out to.
i went to the door department and found the screen was on sale for the lowest price ever 6.99.
i got ripped off........I can understand not giving me my 10.99 plus tax back ,but Menards never in its history, sold pet screen for patio doors for under 3 dollars plus tax for the total to be 3.25 .
Menards owes me 4 dollars and i want my 4 dollars. i talked to a manager at joliet il. store and he said i should have had my receipt and i could get my 10.99 plus tax, but he said thats my problem. I told him i don't expect the 10.99 back but I expect my 7 dollars back not 3.25
the guy that works in doors said , Menards never sell that pet screen for under 6.99 plus tax and he said even if you take off 11% rebate ,I still
should get more than 3.25 .
I want my 4 dollars or i'm gunna get an atorney over 4 dollars
please settle this before it gets ugly with BBB and tv publicity .




I originally wasn't sure if it was my place to write in with a complaint; however, after a discussion with a colleague who told of a extremely misappropriation of ethical conduct a friend of his experienced at Menards I decided I needed to report my experience. According to my receipt it was April 18, 2018. I was visiting Menards in Lincoln, NE on North 27th Street when my attention was drawn to a female Menards employee at the customer service desk. She was purposely being overly loud to ensure the surrounding customers heard her demean a male customer there bringing in an item he had purchased earlier. I only know this because she was maliciously and intently vocalizing ostentatiously that she witnessed this customer stealing. The customer's name was Kevin which no customer needed to know the name of this individual but your employee made it obvious and clear her intent was to ensure anyone around knew this customer's name.
I'm not sure of the purpose this employee had; however, witnessing her grossly inappropriate behavior I could sense other customers witnessing this occurrence sensed the same thing I was and that she premeditatively decided to react towards this customer in this manner. I'm positively she knew this male and had a very negative and biased opinion of him; however, he appeared not knowing who she was. At first he was complying with her demands and every time he tried to explain she interrupted him and undoubtedly accused him in front of everyone around at that time. I did research Menards website and read on how potential shoplifters are to be handled; even though in my opinion, It didn't appear this customer was guilty of this accusation. He did end up leaving the store and your employee continued her blasphemy even as he exited. I felt so embarrassed to have people see me in your store and the only thought I had was is she going to conduct herself in the same manner if she thought she knew me and I needed customer service help.
According to the policy on the menard's website any incidents of where employees had reasonable judgement of a possible shoplifter the process was to be handled discretely. Discretion was far from how this employee handled herself with this customer. Whether my opinion of believing she knew him and disliked him for whatever reason, it remains that she was beyond unprofessional and her behavior was inexcusable.
I'm not sure of how employees are disciplined when they are such a liability. I was unable to find any policies regarding disciplinary actions. I have only revisited that store twice since then and I get anxious just walking in thinking I may be treated the same way. The first thing I do is look to see if that particular female employee is working. So far I have not seen her and I'm not positive of her employment status with your company; however, I would feel much relief in knowing she was terminated, but that decision isn't mine to make.

I appreciate your attention to handling this matter and I'm choosing to remain anonymously due to I feel I would be retaliated against if this particular employee found out my name.


Your return policy that you cannot get credit for it on your credit card. We bought the material for our deck in June and the had to order come things and said that it would not be in until the middle of Sept. and we just had it deliver Oct. 4, 2016 and 2 items that we didn't need anymore was returned on Oct. 5. They had forgotten to deliver them anyhow. I know you have a 90 day return policy but we didn't have the material until the 5th of October. It would have nice if you would tell your customers this policy cause we might have not order everything if we had known that, maybe nothing.


I had an order, from the Muskegon Menards store #3102, of Quartz countertops delivered. The sku # 4869520, special order 30261295 was delivered on May 23, 2016. I paid to have two men deliver these countertops into my home. I paid extra to have two delivery men. When they proceeded to bring in the Quartz ,they brought it into the house unprotected without crates or wrap. I questioned them about the crates and they stated ,"the crates were to heavy". They had already taken the crates off without asking if it was alright. I did not have a choice in the matter.

They proceeded to ask for blankets to place the two large pieces on and place between the pieces. They then leaned them against the wall in my dining room on the blankets. I have a tile floor and questioned the integrity and stability of this position. The two delivery men said these would not fall. I asked them if laying the Quartz flat would be more stable as my house is large and accommodating. They said," these pieces are heavy and will not go anywhere. The combined weight of these pieces are hundreds of pounds. I could/would not stabilize, move, or change the position of theses pieces myself. This is why I paid for people who supposedly knew how to handle and stabilize this material. This Menards store contracts; MVP Delivery LLC, Ph. number (616)848-8448.

I am a professional who expected that they knew how to handle and stabilize this material. There was nobody in the home when they slid/fell to the floor. My twenty-one year old son was at work and I was out of the house and returned at 12:00 PM on 5/24/2016. These pieces fell to the floor while nobody was in the home the morning of 5/24/2016. This material fell within twenty four hours of delivery. I called the Menards store #3102 when I returned home to find this situation. I talked to Ryan the manager of Cabinets/kitchens and explained what happened. He stated," he would bring an associate with him and a truck to pick up the broken piece and reorder ASAP a piece to replace the broken quartz. I was distraught that my contractor was not going to be able to do the job as it took almost two months for this transaction to be complete. Also, I was concerned it broke my floor, etc. I was waiting for their arrival when Dan, the Store Director, of store #3102 called and stated they were not liable for these mistakes.

Obviously, Ryan understood the lack of appropriate delivery, stabilization and actual misrepresentation of correct transporting pieces without crates. Dan proceeded to become nasty and very unprofessional in his behavior. He stated," he doesn't care if I had the Quartz 24 minutes or 24 hours they were not responsible. I explained how I was a professional and people relied on my expertise in my field as I did theirs in delivery and stabilization of the Quartz. This is why I paid for two delivery men. I explained during the whole process I wanted the Quartz safe. I feel there was a break down in training and communication within Menards and between the delivery company. The moment I asked for the crates and questioned the integrity of the situation; and, they said the Quartz would not move, they took responsibility for how they left hundreds of pounds of material.

Menards should also communicate to the customers that the delivery service will remove the material from their protective crates because it is to heavy and not have it covered or encased in protection. Dan, the Store Director, basically said once they get in it in my door it is no longer his responsibility. I disagree, as it was not brought into my home in protection. I feel I am being discriminated against and treated differently because I am a woman. I feel the delivery men and Menards took advantage of this situation through using unsafe practices and disrespectful behavior. It was the 71 1/2 quartz, sku #4869520 with the sink and faucet cutouts. If this situation is not rectified, I will continue down different avenues for resolution.


My mom and I visited the St. Charles Rock Road location on Saturday. We were looking at the Easter candy and there was a man sitting directly across from the candy asking certain customers if they would like to sign up for a $100 drawing. I was standing within reach of the guy and he never even looked my way. I stood there for a while and watched him ignore everyone of color that walked by but practically jumped off his seat to get the attention of the Caucasian customers.

This was so obvious and disturbing to me that I felt the need to contact your company personally. I have several properties and was looking forward to doing lots of business with your company but after this incident I will continue shopping at Home Depot and Lowes. Maybe you can do something to prevent this from happening and losing customers in the future. Has anyone contacted Menards corporate with a customer complaint?


We have been waiting over 3 months for our rebate check on our flooring now and have not received it. We have other item's we have been waiting to buy with our rebate check and have not been able to do so until we get it. We bought flooring from you when we bought it there was a 11% rebate going at that time our amount was over $1,800.00.

We received everything else on rebates in a timely manner but the larger check you people don't seem to want to send it. We buy a lot of merchandise from you all and I would really hate to stop shopping at your store. There are other stores in town but we like to shop there. If we don't hear something from you or receive our check we will start shopping elsewhere. Hope to here from you soon or see a check soon.


I placed an order online for 3 items and did not receive correct shipping information. I contacted Menards customer service only to receive a scripted response multiple times with different shipping. I continued with my complaints and received another response from a Manager and he also responded with a scripted response and with totally different shipping info. I responded 2 more times and received no response. Come to find out they purchased the items from a 3rd party, I could have done that and would have been cheaper.

Now after 12 days I finely received the items and 1 looked like someone played kickball with it. I emailed customer service with pictures and damage and 3 days later still no response from the Manager (Bryan Thompson) or the Customer service rep (Fe M). I have now and will continue to email and call Menards until this is resolved. I have a personal and business account with Menards and have canceled both. I have never had this problem with The Home Depot.


About one year ago I remodeled my kitchen. I purchased several things from Menards in Owensboro including a stainless steel kitchen sink manufactured by Franke. The price of the sink was 249.99. After about 6 months the bowl on the left side of the sink separated from the frame. I took the sink back to Menards and they exchanged it for another sink. After about 3 months that sink did the same thing. I talked to a sales manager about exchanging the sink for a different brand. She told me that they had had a lot of trouble with the Franke sinks and it would not be a problem. The sink that I chose was more expensive than the Franke so she said I could pay the difference of the 2 sinks.

That was fine with me because I didn`t want to go through this again with another Franke sink. The problem started the next day when I returned the old sink to Menards in Owensboro, Kentucky. I had to talk to a different person on that trip. They were going to allow me a 200 dollar credit instead of the 250 that I originally paid because I didn`t have a receipt. I didn`t keep the receipt and the debit card I used had been compromised and replaced so they could not track my purchase from the old card. I ended up getting the same Franke sink instead of loosing 50 dollars.

The sales person talked to the GM of the Owensboro store and he refused to change the decision. I did not return the sink because I didn`t like it. I returned it because it is a defective product. I do a lot of business with Menards, but it will be a long time before I go into that store again. I assure you that they will loose more than the 50 dollars that it would have taken to resolve this matter.


When I was at your W. Main store in Kalamazoo Mich. I purchased some plywood, When your staff was loading it in the back of my pickup truck, they ripped the bed liner on one side between the wheel wells. As they shoved it in, the front conner of the plywood hit the one side were the wheel well starts and as they keep pushing it in, it continually kept ripping the liner. The bed liner now has a rip in it that is about 3" long.

I told the manager at the store about it, and he told me that your insurance company would take care of it and I would be hearing from them. 2 weeks went by before I heard some thing from a Lisa Menner Claims rep. She told me that she would look in to this and get back to me.

Month later, I got a letter stating that she was not going to do anything about this and for me to call my insurance company and turn this in to them. I have tried to call her back over 6 time and even left message to talk to her about her decision, and she can't even return my calls. This bed liner has no other rips or markings on it since I bought it 2 years ago. I would think that if your employees damage someone's property that your company should stand behind them.


We decided to renovate our kitchen and was looking out for some good countertops. At Menards we found exactly the right color and type we wanted for our kitchen and contacted them immediately. We chose the granite one although they had a variety of surfaces to offer. Menards were helpful in getting the work done in a very professional manner that I never expected. We were given guidance on the look and type based on our kitchen by their experts. I have decided to contact Menards in future get our house renovated as they have good quality materials and I trust them in their work. I also purchased some kitchen accessories. Everything was done on time and the kitchen now looks really neat. I highly recommend this to everyone giving them A+ rating for their work and products.

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