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I would give Kays Jewelers Greenbriar Mall location a -1 in customer service if I could. Left my ring for repair 6 weeks ago, was promised would be ready today. Went to p/u and told not ready give it a couple more weeks. Called store to speak with manager to advise this is unacceptable and I would like my ring returned and I would take to someone else to fix. Manager became argumentative, would not provide me with district manager name or #- told shouted to me 'TAKE YOUR RING SOMEWHERE ELSE THEN" if I had it I surely would. When I asked him his name he replied it was Cory and not to ask him again because he would not be repeating it. WORSE CUSTOMER SERVICE MANAGER I HAVE EVER SPOKEN TO IN MY LIFE". I will never purchase anything from this location or any other Kays if this is the kind of people they employ.


2 weeks ago I dropped off my wedding ring for it to be resized and cleaned. I go to pick it up today (on our 4 year anniversary) Like normal the lady takes her pictures of the ring. Once I received my confirmation email with the before and after pictures attached I noticed there was a stone missing. I had to go back to the store and once I told the lady who I just picked the ring up from 5 minutes ago she responds I’m sorry I didn’t notice it because of all the sparkles and giggles in my face. I’m beyond upset because I sent it to get cleaned and resized not to come back with a missing diamond. 3 people in store signed off on the ring meaning it was good to go. As well as the people who did the resizing and cleaning of it. How don’t you notice that!!! I’m furious now that I have wait again!


They don’t serve police officers in uniform!


I went onto my local Kay's to upgrade my diamond ring. The ring I wanted to trade in was also bought at Kay's. I picked out the ring I wanted. I tried it on and looked at it very closely. I was in love with it. So I made the purchase and was told about 3 weeks I will have my ring. 3 weeks later I went to pick my ring up. I looked at it and it had black Mark's on top of the diamond. I complained to the manager about it. I was told the diamond had those marks when I purchased it. I said I would have seen it. She sat there and lied to my face about not switching the diamond.


I went to the Kay store in Tanger Outlet in Riverhead, and received the worst customer service experience EVER. It was 5:35 PM, there were 2 workers who were with customers, they did not even greet us and say "I'll be right with you." I assisted myself in finding a $799 pair of earrings I wanted to purchase. Mind you 15 minutes had passed and nothing from the sales clerks. This is unacceptable if I were their manager I would have written them.up at a minimum. Then one of the customers with the sales clerk was "just looking" and I do not understand how a customer willing to purchase is not even acknowledged not even once? I will never shop at Kay again! None of the stores! This is not how you treat paying customers. These employees need retraining obviously bc they lost an ez purchase to not be able to close a deal. To make matters worse, my sisters fiance wanted to look at rings after I bought my earrings n he will be taking his business elsewhere. I see why your chain is not doing well, it's due to a lack of customer service.


I worked at store #206!. I was sexually assulted by a co-worker and bc there are no cameras he got away with putting my hand on his penis and asking me to give him a blowjob! I took 2 weeks to go do ivf to get pregnant and Kay's put me out of work for over 1 month. They then cut my hours. I asked for months about transferring. Andrea ,(new DM,) refused! I just transferred to#1237 * called in on my days off and Andrea refuses to pay my milage! Delt with nasty customer who said I was rude * I was training a new girl. Customer was the entitled type! I got fired for being too nice to her. ***** There was no manager on that shift which is a big no-no! And again no cameras in that jewelery store. I have complained about co-workers taking my commission and it happens all the time. Now Kay's refuses to pay unemployment when they discriminate against a pregnant mom and fired me for no reason at all. Horrible place to work for. Only nice thing is I don't have to listen to Andrea bitch about credit apps anymore. God for bid she doesn't get her free vacation! I refuse to lie to customers* it's not a competition between stores and it's not a rewards. It's a credit card and they do credit checks!!!!!


My husband Anthony and I wanted to contact your company to tell you about an experience we had at the Kay Jewelers in Monroe Outlet Mall in Monroe, Oh, just outside of Cincinnati, Oh. The manager on duty last night was Doris. My husband and I spend a lot of time and money in your stores in Cincinnati. We have visited this location before and were treated very well however yesterday was totally different. We entered the store and were not greeted at all. There were other customers being helped. We continued to walk around the store, again no one acknowledged or presence nor did they say they would be with us shortly. We kindly waited to be helped. However it never happened. Instead, Doris assisted a couple at the register, walked in the back and never came out. Another associate, was assisting a customer, they left and another couple walked in. Again we were overlooked and she helped the new customers. We were in the store for about 20-25 minutes before any acknowledged us. Now I would like to say that we were the only African American couple in the store. I would hate to think that one of the places we shop and are card holders would discriminate based on color however, that's exactly how it felt to my husband and I. We will continue to share our racial discrimination experience with our friends and family. I would advise some basic customer service skills and cultural diversity to your staff. The associate that finally acknowledges us did apologize but wanted to tell us how busy they were. It doesn't take much to acknowledge a customer when they walk in the store busy or not. We hope that you take this experience serious and we would love to hear back from you.

Thank you,

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Kemper


I purchase an Ever Us diamond Engagement Ring from you in 2017 and the retail price was $8199 for a 2.58 ct. I am trying to sell this Ring but every jeweler I went to told me that this Ring isn’t worth pretty much anything because it is a clarity of V2. Flaws all throughout. I can not believe this. Why do you charge so much for jewelry if the quality is so bad? I recently upgraded which I thought I did but guess this Ring ain’t worth anything either. I may have to get myself a lawyer because this is absolutely unacceptable. I still owe on this Ring and believe I shouldn’t owe you anything


Took money out of my account and never recieved an order and they say there I nothing on file but $118 came out of my account.nobody will help with this issue.


The so called manager at your Turtle Creek Mall in Hattiesburg, MS is nothing more than a con artice and liar. I know this will fall on deaf ears but it sure as hell makes me feel better. In late Oct of last year I needed 2 18" pearl necklace and 1 20" pearl necklace for my two daughters and granddaughter for birthdays after Christmas. David reminded me of slick talking used car salesman and should have followed my gut feelingthe and walked out But I did not, which I regret. He said that there was not one single 20" pearl necklace in the entire inventory of Kay's and I thought that is strange seeing that the Christmas buying season was about to start. He said, I will put back( on to hold) three 18' necklaces and if I can find a 20", I will swap it out for one of the 18" ones. All through Nov I called him but alas he could not find a 20" and he could not continue to hold the three 18" forever. Early DecI went to see David and he saaid he had ordered a 20' from the company and would be here soon. Mid Dec produced the same results but no word about the order he (suppose) to have done. Not wanting to be involved in the Christmas rush I went ahead bought the three 18" and with the understanding(because I had been such a good and understanding customer0, he would swap the 20' for a 18" at the same price. If time had run out and I had to give the necklaces as gifts, he said the tell the daughter that needed the 20" to UPS the necklace back to him and he would send her the 20". I told my daughter under no circumstance send the 18" to himperiod because by this time the deal had gotten real shady. I called David several times before Jan 15, 2019 before I was forced to send all three 18" so they would all have something for a present and each time I talked to this jerk, he would say it was in transit I was the Jewelry Manager for Service Merchanise for over 25 years so I knew that was another lie. I called for David on Feb1, 2019 to give him one last chance to prove to me that he was not like the slick talking guy selling bogus Rolex watch on a street corner in NYC but was told he was on vacation until Feb 4, 2019. I explained to the nice young lady I spoke to that I needed David to call me asap upon his return. He returned five days ago and haven't heard a word
If he contunues to lie, to lose the trust of customers because of his dirty dealing, your company may soon be forced to close a store regardless if a new manger is placed. In the South, if someone at a store screws too many customers for whatever reason, it is the store name that people will remember not the AH running it. If you read this whole piece, thanks for your time and maybe, I hope, this will keep someother person from having to deal with this kind of person in the future. Thank You


Visited Kay Jewelers in Manassas, VA (Manassas Mall, 20109) on February 7, 2019 (today) to have pieces inspected. While I was met with cordiality at first, the customer service went down hill from there. When making small talk with one representative as she completed the paperwork process, she interrupted me to ask a question and it was clear she had no interest in what I was saying. Once she was finished, she left to go do other things.

The second representative who inspected and cleaned my pieces (out of my sight) brought them back to me, laid them out on the jewelry mat that she had taken them away on and said, "you're all set," then left to go help a "purchasing customer," not knowing that I was there to purchase as well, since neither of them bothered to ask if I was interested in also looking at anything. She did not even have the courtesy to put my pieces back in the Kay boxes that I arrived with them in. So there I was, standing at the counter packaging my jewelry and wanting to look at some necklaces for my four granddaughters, but both representatives didn't seem to interested in further assisting me.

I will purchase my granddaughters valentines gifts elsewhere, other than Kay, Zales, or Jared.


I got engaged on my birthday 01/13, and brought my ring to the Kay Jewelers outlet in Mebane, NC to be resized on 01/16/19...BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER!!!!!!! I was told I would receive my ring back in two weeks, I called into the store after that time had passed and no ring. I was told the pick up date was put in for 01/31/19 (the next day) and they would call; cool no problem. I wait for a call the next day and nothing so I called that evening, still no ring. I spoke to who I now am aware is the assistant manager and he didn't know why it wasn't there. He put the store manager on the phone and she proceeds to tell me that the repair shop is backed up and they don't receive shipments again until the following Monday at 8pm. The store closes at 9pm so I said to her, "So I won't get my ring back until Tuesday (2/4/19) because you guys close at 9?" She said that was correct. At this point I'm irritated, but I understand places get backed up so I just have to wait. Monday comes around and I decide to call around 8:30 to see if they have received my ring knowing it would be the next day before I pick it up, but just verifying they received it like I was told they would. I call only to find that not only was it not there, but it was sized incorrectly from the very beginning and still had not been corrected!!!! NO ONE called myself or my fiancé!! The assistant manager claims to have called and left me a message on 01/31/19 about the issue..THE SAME DAY I CALL IN?!?!! Why was I not notified then?!!! He proceeds to ramble trying to cover up the fact that they ROYALLY screwed up!! Then tells me the repair shop sent my ring back to the store just to turn around and send it back to the repair shop to be sized correctly. So I now have to wait an additional 5 days for my ring to be fixed and delivered back to the store. I dropped my ring off on 01/16/19, today is 02/05/19, and I do not have my ring. I have never dealt with such unprofessionalism in my life!! I will NEVER go to 4000 Arrowhead Blvd.Suite 746 Mebane, NC 27302 Kay Jeweler EVER again in my life!!


Do not waste your money or time here. Ring turns finger green. Sent back 3 times for sizing and still wrong. After wasting all that time returned ring.



In 2004 I began purchasing rings that were occasionally offered at a special price. It may have been twice a year.

In early 2018 I decided to give the one of those rings to my granddaughter and when I went in the girls that worked there found my account though it was very old and they were able to print the warantee and add my granddaughter’s name to the account. They cleaned and inspected the ring and gave me a box.
I was very happy with their service. They also showed me on the computer all of the items that I had purchased over the years.

Now the problem. I have a second ring and a second granddaughter. I went in to the store and encountered two different employees. They could not find an account under my name as it was when I purchased the ring nor as it is now.
One of the girls was very evasive to my questions but the other one showed me that she found my name three times but no account that I purchased anything.
I asked that they check my granddaughter's name and was told they found her name but no showing of any warantee or Extended service plan.
I went to my daughter's house and picked up the printed Extended Service Plan and original receipt which the girls there printed for me when I came in.
So, if the original employees found what I needed, why can't the employees that I am currently working with?

I asked them to look under
Debra Marks
Debra Freel
Debra Marks-Freel
When I found the copies we were given, the name on it is DE Marks. Shouldn't that have come up in the computer? It did with the first ring.

Now, since the girls at the local store can't help me, am hoping someone there can.
I don't remember the date but I want a copy of the Extended Service Plan that I purchased with the
Ruby ring. I received the one for the Tanzanite ring.
I also would like to have any other service plans purchased with any other rings I bought.
I took advantage of several of the offers.

My granddaughter's birthday is later this month and I will be giving her her the Ruby ring and I would like to give her the Extended Warrantee, also.

Please help me. I have always liked Kay's. I really don't want that to change.

Debra Freel


On Dec 16, 2018 I went into to Kay’s jewlrey store honestly just to look around with my husband. It was Kay’s in the Mall of Abilene Tx. I have wanted a new wedding ring set for quite sometime. The gentleman that was helping us was Very nice and helpful I cannot remember his name wish I could. I did tell the gentleman we were just looking. I saw this ring that I just loved so I asked him how much? He told me the price then my husband applied for the store credit and he ran his information and the gentleman said he could use 4,000 in the store. My husband is very frugal about his money but we do have money to pay for nice things he makes 100,00 a year and me 50,000 so we can afford a ring that we were looking at that added up to 4,999 that’s with the warranty. My husband explained that he would rather do the 20 percent down and pay it out for 12 months no interest. Needless to say we have went Christmas shopping all weekend prior to just checking out Kay’s sales and he could not get into his savings until Monday to get any money since we use a small bank that is not available at all only on the weekdays. So my husband said he would call the bank Monday which would of been the next day then he would go up there and put the 20 percent down or honestly just pay for it all upfront because he hates owning money to anyone. The Gentleman that was helping us kept asking the district store manager questions who I will not forget because of his odd mustache. He was belittling his employee and was very degrading to him yet this employee stayed very helpful and positive I do not know how he did it, because I would have never been able to work for anyone that had such a horrible attitude. He would make smerk remarks infront of my husband and I to the employee and in front of other customers when his employee would ask him a question which made me feel really uncomfortable and like we were a nuisance. Finally when the gentleman that was helping us ask the district manager if he could hold it until in the morning and if Steven my husband didn’t show up it would go right back out where other customers could buy it and remind you it’s 6pm and the mall closes at 9, they had two customers in there and that’s including us. Of course my husband would have to put some money down rather it was a little amount but something. Instead of the district manager just saying no we cannot do that he replied cocky and erragant, I have other potential buyers that have been looking at that ring. I then got up had enough of this guy and said never mind and told the gentleman who was helping us that his district manager was rude!! My husband would only buy from Kay’s jewelry store and has bought several pieces of jewelry there he has went there for years! We will never use Kay’s jewelry again. I don’t mean to sound ugly but I’m pretty sure we make more money than the district Manager who was so unprofessional!!! Maybe not but either way I do not appreciate being treated like a peasant we were just in a bind until the next day due to our bank not being open and in a small town Buffalo Gap. A simple come back tomorrow and we can help you out is all that needed to be said. Like I said in the beginning it wasn’t planned for us to look at rings let alone buy one it was a spear of the moment deal. I just cannot believe that someone is that rude to there staff or there Potential clients as he said, sad that they lost out on a sale because someone needed an attitude adjustment. And we wasted that poor employees time.


I did a google review about my complaint and have attached a pic to here!


We bought a Wedding Ring Set in Feb. 2018. The first week it tarnished on the bottom and cracked. It had to be repaired 3 more times. Then a Diamond fell out. In July 2018, the Ring tarnished again and had a thin crack. We wanted to return the Set and just close out our account. The Manager said we could not return the Set, because we were past the return date. Which is crazy, as the Store had the Ring more than us. She said we could exchange for another set and subtract the difference. So, we purchased a new Set. Now we are being charged for both sets. The Manager said that she thought the first Set had been "paid off in full” so, the exchange was not allowed. But, will not allow us to return that second set.


My daughter went in to Kay Jewelers at 9902 Gulf Coast Main St Suite 100 Fort Myers, FL 33913 to get her necklace shortened. The manager Michelle Dustin asked her if should would like to open a credit card and my daughter responded "NO" She proceeded to ask her why and she responded " I don't buy my own jewelry" the "Manager" continued to have a conversation about her personal life about tumors and also grabbing my daughter's hand to feel her head all while using profanity with my daughter and at the end of the conversation asked my daughter if she wanted to use her Kay card. My daughter responded "NO, I said I didn't want a card" The manager replied "You have been approved for $6k". My daughter replied again " I don't want a card". The manager told her not to use the card and it will cancel automatically and also told her not to close the card because it will effect her credit. My daughter called me immediately after leaving the store and I went and spoke to Michelle Dustin and I informed her when a customer says NO you should not open a card. She replied I told her not to close the card. My response was " You should have never opened the card because that affects her credit as well. Her only response was "Sorry". I find this very un professional and un acceptable and would like to hear from the corporate management ASAP! I have already called the credit bureau and filed a fraud report also contacted the Better Business Bureau as well.


I picked up my watch today after waiting two weeks to have it sent away for a battery change,. I was told on the phone that cost would $10.00. when I got to the store the clerk asked manger why there was no price for battery replacement on slip. manager gruffly and angrily said no price on ticket then we don't charge. I then asked if I could have three links taken out of watch,. I have been a long term customer at Kay's so plus years. She took the links out and then said the cost was 37.00! I was quite taken back by price. I ask why she didn't tell me it was going to cost 37.00 I reluctantly payed the 37.00 but not without protest. Her unprofessionalism upon no price on the battery and then not revealing price upfront was shocking. To tell you the truth , I check three other jewelry store and for the two minute that it took to remove the three links, they said they would not charge anything and one quoted a 5.00 charge. I feel that the manager took advantage of overcharging when she could not charge for a mistake on the battery ticket. I would appreciated a refund for this experience that will stop my patronage to Kay Jewelry in the future please make this right.


I stop by the kay jewelers in north gate mall Durham NC and I ask about my necklace being fix. The female associate asked when did I purchase I told her around the time I thought it was purchased. So she search and search but my mistake was it was in my name instead of my husband who I originally stated. She repeatedly responded with the question of whether I purchased it from that store and I replied yes a older black man who one of your associates stated Mr Jimmy who has now retired sold me the necklace. So after a few minutes 10 at the most she pulls out this red book and goes it will be $39.00 and change to fix it. She made it seem like I was lying about my necklace being purchased from that store with the repeat of am i sure I got it from that store. All i want is to get the clamp fixed that's all. I tried to send a copy of my receipt but it want let me upload but I do have it.


I added a wrap ring to my engagement ring. They told me it would be ready on the 28 of June. I brought the ring in about 3 weeks ago. It’s now June 28 and ring still not ready. I called the knightdale store in North Carolina the manager Denise not sure of last name was rude with me saying it’s not ready her tone was very nasty to me she hung up as I was talking to her in my ear. I will never do any more business with Kay jewelers ever again. And the wrap ring I brought will be getting return as soon as it gets back. I will also be calling the cooperate office to let them know how there manager is treating customers.


My experience with Kays in Jonesboro Arkansas has been a horrible experience if it wasn't for my original sales clerk Ginger I would not go back there ever again. The first thing that happened is we had to order the original enhancer in a larger size could be extended to the size I needed I came in to give him my original ring so they could solder it together and this was the first mistake they couldn't find the ring I ordered finally a girl located it in the display counter for sale. So at that time I gave him my original ring and the enhancer that I ordered to have soldered and size together they do not come together they come separate not soldered. So when I get back to pick it up it was supposed to be soldered together and ready it wasn't my husband was Fed Up wanted to go somewhere else you have to understand I've been through cancer this year probably eight surgeries this was my Christmas present and it kept on getting screwed up. The only thing that kept us at Kays was my original Self clerk Ginger she was very polite very caring and remembered everything that I told her from the first time I met her when my husband was getting very upset she started getting upset true feelings I was crying. Finally the manager said he was going to Memphis and that he would take my ring with him and bring it back the same day so supposably I'll pick it up tomorrow. I just want you to know how special the sales clerk Ginger is to your company because you would have lost a customer if it wasn't for her. Hopefully when I pick up my ring tomorrow it will be correct otherwise you might still lose customer we'll see


I am so pissed with ur company it should b every tear begins with kays my wife and I have went through 3rd stage breast cancer this yr we spent 0ver 30k on her surgerys this yr 9 surgerys in total and for xmas all she wanted was this ring enhancer so I bought it from u guys. wait 3 wks for it get a call its in cant find it for over an hr finally we find it on display for sale. then we sent her wedding ring off with the enhancer wait 3 more wks get a call and go to get the ring and its not even sodered together like we paid for. its still 2 separate pcs. my wife was in tears. really after both her breasts removed from cancer you guys cant even get something so simple wright. I guess a person that can only afford 1200 dlrs aint good enough. for a company like kays good job guys my name is Donald l jones ss#551413425 look up my account this is very wrong thanks for ruining my wifes xmas present after all she has bn through good job kays


On August 12th 2017, my wedding rings were noted to be missing a diamond during a 6 month warranty check at Kays Jewelers in Massena NY. They were sent out for repair, when they came back they had been soldered incorrectly. They had to be sent back out. Then they resized my ring (made 1 size large) on error. They are still not correcting the problem. The rings have been altered from their regular appearance since the errors. There is also a sharp edge on the outside of the ring that was to be repaired and came back the same way. The issue at Kays is File # 33437427 and Case # 33457039. I have a detailed letter that I tried to attach but was unable to. I am so frustrated and hurt that my rings were damaged and Kay's is not cooperating with me. This has been going on for 4 months. I still do not have my rings at this time. Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Went into store in Indianapolis on east Washington street and no one would assist me or even speak to me lady was directly in front of me didn’t even speak so I left and took my money to Zales jewelry store


We were talked into getting the ring of our dreams at Kay Jewelers. Customized. We were told if we didn't like it or came to conclusion that we could not afford it, we could return the ring or trade it in for cheaper one. Only to find out that since it was customized that we could not return it or trade it in. We were never told that since it was customized that we were stuck with it. This ring is way too expensive and I pleaded for them to help us and please free us from this burden since we were told we could return it. We were lied to so that Kay Jewelers manager from the Grand Central Mall in Vienna, WV could get commission on our ring.

We are good people trying to to do the best we can with what we have but what we have barely pays our bills the way it is without adding this ring into the mix. He lied right to our faces and scammed us. This is beyond wrong, unmoral, and unprofessional. Is there anything you can do to right this wrong? We could not be more appreciative if you could please, please, please (unfortunately) take this ring back because, we truly can not afford this. We are terrified and disappointed on the scam artists we had to deal with under your company's name. We eagerly await a reply.


I went for my 6 month ring Inspection on 9/29 at4:25pm.they said I would get an email confirmation and now 4 days later, I haven't received anything. I called and they said they have no record of it being done. This was done at the Eastern hills location in Williamsville, NY. The store manager Rachel was extremely rude and would not help me at all just kept saying call the 1-800 number for the Kay corporate offices. Now I have to waste my time to go back and have it inspected again when I already did. When I went on 9/29 it took 3 employees to figure out the system on their iPad. Extremely upset. Very disappointed and unsatisfied. They gave me a case # 30737088 and said the inspection would be backdated to September. Why should I waste my gas to go back.


Customer service can't figure it out. Lost my order with Kay Jewelers number 57329821. The shipment has been completely lost. I hope someone at corporate can figure out what happened before I contact the BBB and file a complaint with the FTC over this.


My husband bought me the ever us ring in platinum at Kay Jewelers, which they don't sell in the store he had to have them make it for me as a surprise for our 25 the wedding anniversary. Well when it came in the size was wrong, the night he gave it to me it was too big so we left right then and went back to have it sized. Since they did not do it right my husband was very upset he wanted to make sure it was going to fit.

When we went to the store we had them check the size it was a 9 it was supposed to be 8 so after only having it 30 minutes I had to give it back which really sucked. Well they called 2 weeks later to say it was back we drive 100 miles round trip to rush to get there before they close not only did it still not fit it but you could tell where they tried to size it plus it was thinned out. Not sure why since it was made smaller not bigger plus it was cut on the side they agreed it looked really bad and not sized right so I had to leave it again.

We were told by the salesman since it was was going back a second time a Kay Jewelers customer service supervisor has to look at it to make it right, well a week goes by they call we rush again to get there walk in nothing was ever done to the ring.The sales clerk even admitted this to us after everything my husband put into this gift which by the way was not cheep $8,000 I told them to keep it you guys have ruined my anniversary. Thanks I will never go back to Kay Jewelers!


My fiance bought my beautiful engagement ring at Kay Jewelers. I've gotten so many compliments on the ring and love it tremendously. He did an amazing job picking it out. It is perfect in all aspects, except the size. It was too big. We took it to Kay's to have the resize it for me. They said it would take a couple of days to get it resized but for no added expense. I parted with my new bling, somewhat remorsefully, but excited to know it wouldn't be long. Well a day turned into two which turned into a week! I called the store and they said it would be any day. I have called them every day and am going on day 15! 15 days!! To resize a ring?? Now, I'm starting to worry that they have lost my new, beautiful ring! To add pressure, the wedding is in a month. We were planning on getting our wedding rings at Kays too since they did such a great job with my engagement ring, but not now! I can't have them messing up the rings so close to our wedding date. Great place for jewelry but don't let them do anything to it, like resize it. Who knows when you'll get your stuff back!!!


Engagement was round the corner and I had nothing planned on the ring. Kay Jewellers were on my mind and I immediately went to check some. The staff out there clearly understood the exact type I was looking out for and shown me a variety of rings. I was able to find exactly what I had on my mind. Their craftsmanship is highly appreciable for the designs they have at Kays.

Not just the engagement rings but I have even planned for my wedding bands from Kays. The quality of diamonds are certified and we got a lifetime guarantee for the purchase done. After placing the order, they have sent the rings within 2 week which normally no jewellery company would do. I have received many compliments for the rings and I love the sparkle it has. Highly recommended for anyone planning to buy jewellery.

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