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My experience with Kays in Jonesboro Arkansas has been a horrible experience if it wasn't for my original sales clerk Ginger I would not go back there ever again. The first thing that happened is we had to order the original enhancer in a larger size could be extended to the size I needed I came in to give him my original ring so they could solder it together and this was the first mistake they couldn't find the ring I ordered finally a girl located it in the display counter for sale. So at that time I gave him my original ring and the enhancer that I ordered to have soldered and size together they do not come together they come separate not soldered. So when I get back to pick it up it was supposed to be soldered together and ready it wasn't my husband was Fed Up wanted to go somewhere else you have to understand I've been through cancer this year probably eight surgeries this was my Christmas present and it kept on getting screwed up. The only thing that kept us at Kays was my original Self clerk Ginger she was very polite very caring and remembered everything that I told her from the first time I met her when my husband was getting very upset she started getting upset true feelings I was crying. Finally the manager said he was going to Memphis and that he would take my ring with him and bring it back the same day so supposably I'll pick it up tomorrow. I just want you to know how special the sales clerk Ginger is to your company because you would have lost a customer if it wasn't for her. Hopefully when I pick up my ring tomorrow it will be correct otherwise you might still lose customer we'll see


I am so pissed with ur company it should b every tear begins with kays my wife and I have went through 3rd stage breast cancer this yr we spent 0ver 30k on her surgerys this yr 9 surgerys in total and for xmas all she wanted was this ring enhancer so I bought it from u guys. wait 3 wks for it get a call its in cant find it for over an hr finally we find it on display for sale. then we sent her wedding ring off with the enhancer wait 3 more wks get a call and go to get the ring and its not even sodered together like we paid for. its still 2 separate pcs. my wife was in tears. really after both her breasts removed from cancer you guys cant even get something so simple wright. I guess a person that can only afford 1200 dlrs aint good enough. for a company like kays good job guys my name is Donald l jones ss#551413425 look up my account this is very wrong thanks for ruining my wifes xmas present after all she has bn through good job kays


On August 12th 2017, my wedding rings were noted to be missing a diamond during a 6 month warranty check at Kays Jewelers in Massena NY. They were sent out for repair, when they came back they had been soldered incorrectly. They had to be sent back out. Then they resized my ring (made 1 size large) on error. They are still not correcting the problem. The rings have been altered from their regular appearance since the errors. There is also a sharp edge on the outside of the ring that was to be repaired and came back the same way. The issue at Kays is File # 33437427 and Case # 33457039. I have a detailed letter that I tried to attach but was unable to. I am so frustrated and hurt that my rings were damaged and Kay's is not cooperating with me. This has been going on for 4 months. I still do not have my rings at this time. Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Went into store in Indianapolis on east Washington street and no one would assist me or even speak to me lady was directly in front of me didn’t even speak so I left and took my money to Zales jewelry store


We were talked into getting the ring of our dreams at Kay Jewelers. Customized. We were told if we didn't like it or came to conclusion that we could not afford it, we could return the ring or trade it in for cheaper one. Only to find out that since it was customized that we could not return it or trade it in. We were never told that since it was customized that we were stuck with it. This ring is way too expensive and I pleaded for them to help us and please free us from this burden since we were told we could return it. We were lied to so that Kay Jewelers manager from the Grand Central Mall in Vienna, WV could get commission on our ring.

We are good people trying to to do the best we can with what we have but what we have barely pays our bills the way it is without adding this ring into the mix. He lied right to our faces and scammed us. This is beyond wrong, unmoral, and unprofessional. Is there anything you can do to right this wrong? We could not be more appreciative if you could please, please, please (unfortunately) take this ring back because, we truly can not afford this. We are terrified and disappointed on the scam artists we had to deal with under your company's name. We eagerly await a reply.


I went for my 6 month ring Inspection on 9/29 at4:25pm.they said I would get an email confirmation and now 4 days later, I haven't received anything. I called and they said they have no record of it being done. This was done at the Eastern hills location in Williamsville, NY. The store manager Rachel was extremely rude and would not help me at all just kept saying call the 1-800 number for the Kay corporate offices. Now I have to waste my time to go back and have it inspected again when I already did. When I went on 9/29 it took 3 employees to figure out the system on their iPad. Extremely upset. Very disappointed and unsatisfied. They gave me a case # 30737088 and said the inspection would be backdated to September. Why should I waste my gas to go back.


Customer service can't figure it out. Lost my order with Kay Jewelers number 57329821. The shipment has been completely lost. I hope someone at corporate can figure out what happened before I contact the BBB and file a complaint with the FTC over this.


My husband bought me the ever us ring in platinum at Kay Jewelers, which they don't sell in the store he had to have them make it for me as a surprise for our 25 the wedding anniversary. Well when it came in the size was wrong, the night he gave it to me it was too big so we left right then and went back to have it sized. Since they did not do it right my husband was very upset he wanted to make sure it was going to fit.

When we went to the store we had them check the size it was a 9 it was supposed to be 8 so after only having it 30 minutes I had to give it back which really sucked. Well they called 2 weeks later to say it was back we drive 100 miles round trip to rush to get there before they close not only did it still not fit it but you could tell where they tried to size it plus it was thinned out. Not sure why since it was made smaller not bigger plus it was cut on the side they agreed it looked really bad and not sized right so I had to leave it again.

We were told by the salesman since it was was going back a second time a Kay Jewelers customer service supervisor has to look at it to make it right, well a week goes by they call we rush again to get there walk in nothing was ever done to the ring.The sales clerk even admitted this to us after everything my husband put into this gift which by the way was not cheep $8,000 I told them to keep it you guys have ruined my anniversary. Thanks I will never go back to Kay Jewelers!


My fiance bought my beautiful engagement ring at Kay Jewelers. I've gotten so many compliments on the ring and love it tremendously. He did an amazing job picking it out. It is perfect in all aspects, except the size. It was too big. We took it to Kay's to have the resize it for me. They said it would take a couple of days to get it resized but for no added expense. I parted with my new bling, somewhat remorsefully, but excited to know it wouldn't be long. Well a day turned into two which turned into a week! I called the store and they said it would be any day. I have called them every day and am going on day 15! 15 days!! To resize a ring?? Now, I'm starting to worry that they have lost my new, beautiful ring! To add pressure, the wedding is in a month. We were planning on getting our wedding rings at Kays too since they did such a great job with my engagement ring, but not now! I can't have them messing up the rings so close to our wedding date. Great place for jewelry but don't let them do anything to it, like resize it. Who knows when you'll get your stuff back!!!


Engagement was round the corner and I had nothing planned on the ring. Kay Jewellers were on my mind and I immediately went to check some. The staff out there clearly understood the exact type I was looking out for and shown me a variety of rings. I was able to find exactly what I had on my mind. Their craftsmanship is highly appreciable for the designs they have at Kays.

Not just the engagement rings but I have even planned for my wedding bands from Kays. The quality of diamonds are certified and we got a lifetime guarantee for the purchase done. After placing the order, they have sent the rings within 2 week which normally no jewellery company would do. I have received many compliments for the rings and I love the sparkle it has. Highly recommended for anyone planning to buy jewellery.

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