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Fifth Third Bank is a United States regional banking corporation headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio and is principal subsidiary of holding company Fifth Third Bancorp. Fifth Third is traded on the NASDAQ:FITB. There are over 1300 full service locations employing over 21,000 associates. Revenues in 2015 were reported as over US 7.2 billion.

If you have a problem with your Fifth Third account or service the main Customer Support telephone number is 1-866-671-5353. There are three separate phone numbers assisting with Personal, Business or Commercial banking. Those numbers are found here. If you would like to send a US Postal correspondence to CEO, Greg D. Carmichael you may address you letter, Fifth Third Center, 38 Fountain Square Plaza, Cincinnati, Ohio 45263.

Founded in 1858 as The Bank of Ohio Valley, the Fifth Third Bank received its current name after the Third National Bank and the Fifth National Bank merged in 1908. It was so close to prohibition that ‘Fifth’ was placed first, not appearing as reference to a ‘fifth of whiskey’. Social presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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They called me 8 times yesterday and I have never had an account with them. They call me every day including Sundays and I have told them that I don't have an account with them, wrong number. They've called twice today already. Tho is straight up pure total harassment. They have the correct numbers for whose account they are calling about and have been told by them to stop calling my number and now they call me even more times per day. I am sick of this harassment by 5th Third Bank and will now start calling lawyers to sue.


Employees at Fifth Third Bank call me every day when I've told them a million times that I've never had an account with them and to please remove my number from their harassment call. They don't and they can't and then just leave me on hold forever when I ask to let me talk to someone who can. This has been going on for 5 years mind you! So now they call me and I text em back with very vulgar language after explaining again that I have never had an account with them that this is a wrong number and to remove my number from their call list. I now understand why people are upset.


I opened a checking account at 5/3 bank on 6/29/2016, signed paperwork to receive card in 7-10 days. Which at the latest would be 7/07/2016. The card did not show up. Made a second trip to the bank and talk to your rep, he initiated another request. Again it was to be here in 7-10 days and again on 7/26/2016 and no card. This time i went to the bank same rep. i told him he needed to call where they disperse cards. if i have to make another trip it will be to withdraw my money completely from Fifth Third Bank. I have serious misgivings about the quality of your service.


When you print out a statement of transactions from your account, and a yearly fee is taken out for an equity line, make sure to keep that printed copy of those transactions. I swear a month ago, I noticed 5/3 taking out the annual fee, and now, I'm seeing the fee taken out what seems to be a second time. If I was billed but not charged a month ago, why did it show up on my statement a month ago? I swear that fee WAS taken out then.

When I look up current transactions and 1 previous, and 2 previous, a chunk of dates don't even appear (assuming no transactions took place during those dates) I want to see ALL DATES regardless. What's keeping a bank from changing (even if just a little) information in your account from month to month? Why is it that on-line banking with other banks is clear and with Fifth Third it's so confusing? It doesn't seem it should have to be that way, and I should not have to constantly be on top of what's going on with Fifth Third and confused about it-- talking to yet another stranger. It's been continuously frustrating.


Fifth Third Bank is the perfect organization to manage your accounts securely anywhere and anytime. Online banking with Fifth Third Bank is helping me to pay Phone bills, Insurance premiums, Bike loan wherever I go at any time. It helped me in getting my Personal loan with easy documentation within a short time and customer support has given me complete details in explaining the plan details, rates and payment modes. It also has Housing Loans, Investment Policies, Personal loans with easy documentation and in less time. I really appreciate the awesome customer support and it is really amazing service from Fifth Third Bank.

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