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Comerica is the 22nd largest United States financial holding company. Operating in Arizona, California, Florida and select other states as well as Mexico and Canada it is publicly traded on the NYSE:CMA. There are 481 Comerica locations with over 8800 employees. Also reported in 2014, revenues were US 2.6 billion.

If you have a problem with your Comerica account find Contact Us numbers here. If you would like to contact the CEO, Ralph Babb by sending him postal correspondence, address your envelope with Comerica Corporate Headquarters, Comerica Bank Tower, 1717 Main Street, Dallas, Texas 75201. Or you can call the customer service number toll free at 1-800-925-2160.

Comerica started in Detroit, Michigan in 1849 and was called Detroit Savings Fund Institute. That first day in business saw 6 policies written and 41 dollars received. In 1988 Comerica entered the Texas market and moved its headquarters to Dallas, Texas in 2007. Social presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Today (11/25/2015), it was requested of me to personally pick up my paycheck from the parent company of a job where I have been working part-time for over two (2) years. Because the location was out of the area where I live (Oakland, California), I decided to try a Comerica Bank branch near the parent company of my employer. The service I received was so bad it is totally beyond words.

Weekly I go to a branch to cash my paycheck, present my ID and Credit Card, but today, the teller insisted that the check be "reviewed" by the Comerica Bank branch manger before she could cash it. Please note, that the check was in my name, and the amount was not extremely large ($400), but they forced me to wait and when I voiced my complaints I was treated as if my feeling did not matter.

I realize that I do not have an account with Comerica Bank (although I was considering opening one prior to this) but that does not mean I should not be treated with respect. Also I am not sure, but it seemed to me that I was being judged because of my race (Black). I am a college (university) educated woman and feel that I should have been treated in a better manner.

I called Customer Service and voiced this issue and was told that my complaint would "go on record". I indicated to her that I will following up to see if there are any other racially motivated complaints. I realize you get several complaints and that mine will really not make a difference; however, I felt that someone should know what is going on inside the branches.


I initiated a monthly, electronic transfer between my Comerica Bank checking account and my sister's account to cover my rent obligation to her. Besides doing the electronic transfer on the 4th of the month, they drafted a check for the same amount the following day, causing me to go into overdraft and charging me fees.

I have been to my branch 3 times trying to get this straightened out. They did reverse the overdraft fee, but refuse to put the $28 and change into my savings account, saying it was needed to cover the shortfall of a checkI didn't write, authorize, know about, or initiate. This was their internal error and although $28 may not seem like a lot, I wonder how many times this same scam is pulled?

I want this resolved, especially after being questioned about my sister 'stealing' money from my Comerica Bank account, seriously, they asked me that question as I sat in the branch, crying from frustration and bewilderment.


I have been with Comerica Bank for over 2 yrs. I am currently unemployed and receive $1800 a month. Comerica Bank has charged me $1600 in overdrafts fees within the last 2 months. They have said they have worked with as much as possible, reversing 5 OD fees. There has been less then 5 times over the last 25 yrs I have requested this favor, all within the last 3 months.

I did get overdraft protection on my checking; however, what I thought was overdraft protection was not the same as what they offer. They set up a savings account and that is what they use for your overdraft. $1600, and I have rent, prescriptions and food to buy.

Colorado Unemployment funds are available on the Monday; however, Comerica Bank waits until Wednesday to post funds. Corporate doesn't provide overdraft protection, their overdraft protection is the same as bounce check fees. Another big corporation making money off the poor!


I was told that every time a customer was referred to Comerica Bank and they open an account with them, the person whom referred them would get a Visa gift card. Since I had referred them a new customer and they opened an account, now they are not giving out no such thing. I am very upset over this matter.


I have chosen Comerica Bank credit card because of their service. Unlike other credit cards they give a $25 cash back on the first purchase which is good way to start a positive rapport with a customer. I was happy to see that we get 25% more on the points earned monthly automatically. One more benefit on this card. Its simply great to use such cards that give value for the shopping or credit we use. Comerica Bank is professional in their approach and I get automatic updates on my phone on the credit spent keeping me updated on the due. I would definelty continue my dealings with them and suggest this to others as well. Highly recommended.

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