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Chime comes up with a single line agenda: To help its members lead healthier financial lives. Too often banks make it hard to save money. For this reason, Chime is dedicated to building a new kind of bank account that makes the hard parts of managing money easy, by eliminating unnecessary fees and help its members form healthy financial habits because.

If you have a problem with Chime, call the customer service number at 1-844-244-6363 or drop in your questions and comments to or The corporate office location is unknown, but is somewhere in the San Francisco, California area in the 94114 zip code. The company claims that it’s your money and it’s your life. So, Chime in.

It's fairly easy to make the switch to a bank account by using the policies that Chime offers. Common products are Deposit Account Agreement, Savings Account Agreement and Electronic Communication Agreement. When you bank with Chime, you get a Chime Visa debit card, a spending account and a savings account that can be managed entirely from your smartphone with which you can save automatically.

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I keep getting a call that shows my own number on caller ID. Then it starts a computer voice saying this is Microsoft and they are about to cancel my license because several foreign countries have taken control of my IP address. They want information so they can change it for me...

It irritates me that they use my own number. Is there anything I can do?


This complaint is long and detailed. The phone # on my acct is 213 487-5403. I have a voice mail problem with one of your wireless internet modem. I purchased it on Sept. 1, 2018. t have experienced many problems and have turn in one modem for another. The second one works no better,.still with NO VOICE MAIL CONNECTION. Again this problem has occurred frequently since Sept. 2018. I purchased the first item at one of your stores at Wilshire/Union in Los Angeles. Due to the many phone calls and problems , 2 weeks ago I went to another one of your offices to fix the problem. He fixed a SIM card problem and said that the battery was bad on my phone. I came home and have since used two other phones to see if there is a phone problem. I still have no voicemail connection. To say that I am angry is an understatement. I have talked to numerous people at your business service center and on other phone numbers. You can pull up my acct to see. This situation is very difficult and I need more time to explain it all to you.; There is no reason that I should be still having problems with a voicemail connection or the lack thereof. I wans this problem resolved or PLEASE PUT BACK MY ORIGINAL OLD HOME LAND LINE PHONE. I am sick and tired of this problem where the voicemail does not connect and it says that service is not available. Please call back later or not connecting at all. What if I have an emergency phone call that I need. I am not fond of cellphones but thank God for my cellphone as a backup number. That number i9s 213 909-5226.. If I do not hear from you within a week I am going to contact the CEO AT AT&T TO RESOLVE THIS ISSUE. You have credited my account more than once due to this problem and I don't have any problem paying my bill , but I do not feel that I should due to this problem. Since October of last year, 2 techs have been out to my house, and I have talked to at least a dozen people by phone about this problem/s. Everyone has a different story and a different number when you call in.; I have always valued AT&T service since I am an ex-employee. Now your service is getting like everyone else. Why change my phone is you cannot fix the problem. If it is not broke, then don't fix it. I have no problem with new technology but this is ridiculous. I have been patient and kind and if I don't grab the phone while it is ringing, I miss the call due to the voicemail command not working. I am looking forward to hearing from someone. I have tried to adjust the problem at home and have dealt with people in your office to no avail. People are good and kind but I still have a problem Someone name Masud at your Wilshire /Western office in Los Angeles but very good but also wrong when he said the phone that I HAD WAS THE PROBLEM BECAUSE IT HAD A BATTERY PROBLEM. I appreciated his health but I don't want a modem that is half working and yet I am due to pay a bill. Please contact me as soon as you can by the two phone numbers listed or e-mail me at the e-mail address that I gave you. If you want to wire me my address is 930 So. Bonnie Brae St. #331, Los Angeles, CA 90006-3047. I will be waiting to hear from you , and if I do not hear from you within 2 weeks, I will be contacting the CEO of your company. I am sure that he/she would not be pleased with this problem since I have never had any phone service but yours and that has been over 40 years. Thank you for your assistance. //Sincerely, Eura L. Bailey.


Locked account immidiatly after trying to withdraw somw money from an atm bullshit company will be closing the account aftee i get access to my money


Chime by far has the worst employees I've ever dealt with.... They don't care, when you speak with them they never seem to ever have a solution to a problem they always sound like they don't want to be there. (it's sad) You follow instructions and they give you the run around.... Also to add no one likes to take responsibility and when I ask for employees I.D. they lie and say they don't have one or say they won't give it...thats insane most companies you have to give that info to verify who your dealing with. I can honestly say I do not trust this company with my money the customer service is really bad the English of the employees are bad everything is just not up to pat like it should there's definitely a disconnect and I don't like it especially when my money is involved also you guys don't seem to take notes another issue SMH!!!! After this month I will no longer bank with chime I'm over getting charged for using ATM's and communicating with oversees employees who don't care... You guys gotta do something because at this rate more people are gonna look to leave this company... I'm over it hopefully after this dispute I can be done with this place.


My complaint is for days since you gave me this new Gmail account i had nothing but trouble and i have tried many way to get and still unable to get in it sucks, My old account has all of my email letters in there your so called New Gmail is crap as hell and now i have just one cell phone and you won't accept my number as for my Email address that once go to my old account i even shut out no thanks to you and all i ever wanted was have my old Gmail account back, I have found out there other clients who are complaining about this issue as well, Your Google company is a the most untrustworthy you lied to us and still you refuses to respond in helping us now my Facebook was almost wiped as well you people can't even try to be nice , and i paid good money for my internet and now you wasted my time you


I tried to take money out of an ATM and it didn't dispense! They said that they can't dispute it until it's no longer pending. This is insanity. If the transaction fails, then it shouldn't take your money. I will no longer use ATMs with this card!




They suspended my account claiming suspicious activity. I been a long time member since 2015. Not too sure I trust them anymore with my money.


I have tried to get Chime to clear my account information from their systems and I have never been able to get this done. I don't know why. The say some third party company is in control of this process, but I can never get a straight answer from anyone.


Try log in my account & it ask for password. I put it in & then it wants me to get code sent to my phone to show its me. Put code in & nothing happens.Chime is too difficult. I should of just been able to just put my four digit number & that’s it. Too complicated


I made a considerable cash deposit to my Chime bank account .The funds posted in a short period of time. Immediately there after I send 3 Cash App payments to family members leaving more than half of my initial deposit in the account. Several hours later I attempted to withdraw cash at the ATM and my card was declined. I went to a second ATM and my card was declined a second time. I then attempted to log on to my online account via the Chime App and a notice the my account was suspended appeared. There is no apparent reason for my account to be frozen or my being denied access to my hard earned money without warning nor notice. I had friends with me who were relying on my ability to access cash rapidly. Moreover, I was in a public place in the presence of several other patrons whom were shopping at the time. Extremely embarrassing. And to add insult to injury access to Chime bank customer service was an email address and a phone number of a recording that disconnect the call outside of limited service hours. Extremely frustrating. I am seriously disappointed and equally concerned that money be returned ASAP especially because I have a very important purchase to make in a few hours.


I have submitted all the paperwork you need to re open my account. Danny Davis 01 31 84 ssn# 1794. WHY IS MY ACCOUNT NOT RE ACTIVATED.


I believe they have misplaced my deposit. they have no record of it and I know it was sent. Can you take care of that matter so no lawsuits will be filed. Thank you.


I had my tax refund split between two accounts. I received the deposit on my other account last week. Six days later and I have still not received route deposit to my chime bank account. I am unable to speak to a live person about this matter. All I get automated voice messages when I call and bot responses to email and app messages. I will never deal with this bank again.


Chime has the worst customer service imaginable and their app has glitches in it. Their people will never admit to a mistake or that they are wrong. They really have an exalted view of themselves that is very very off the mark. I spent 2 hours on hold and 3 1/2 hours on the phone before they finally did what I ask them. They do not respond to app requests so don't bother. My situation still isn't resolved.


I can't access my account number and routing number because I forgot it but I'm trying to transfer to a other Ban corporate banking to were I can transfer to other card


Chime customer service representative's are so rude. I have never dealt with such ignorance in my life. I filed a dispute for fraudulent activity on my account and they did absolutely nothing. Spoke with a manager by the name of Frank and he was rude as well they denied my claim and pretty much just said deal with it and wait 90 days after telling me I was approved for a provisional credit. I wouldn't recommended chime to an animal they suck.


The customer service representatives are so rude they hang up in your face and can never help when I ask for a manager they never get on the line I sat on hold a entire hour waiting.


Chime billing department blocked my card and suspended my account. I'm an army veteran who receives disability this is my only account. I've been contacting them for about a week they telling me to contact Bancorp. Bancorp is telling me to contact chime I've been without money for a week. I have kids I have to take care of bills I have to pay.

I tried swiping my card to pay for daycare to find that my card was suspended. To top it all off corporate doesn't make or receive phone calls so meanwhile while they hold your money hostage you just have to wait for them to respond back to you. I've been with them since they first opened have given them over 200k since I first started and this is how they repay me. They've just lost a customer in me and I'd advise anyone to deal with another company.


Thanks for let me know about those crooks & disrespectful people. I was think about open a account with Chime customer service but when I hear about the negative comments about those delinquent people. I'm thinking I'd be even crazy to try open anything with them thank for you comments.


It's been three different occasions that I used an ATM and the money didn't dispense! I use other cards at these machines for the last two years, but only Chime card does this! An error on the transaction, but no error on the withdrawal from the actual account. I'm suspicious of these transaction errors that still pull your money. Wake up folks we are allowing these companies and ATM companies take advantage of us.

The Chime service representative spoke with today literally lied! They give you the run around! Any banking entity can release your funds, but they have become lackadaisical and they benefit from these temporary lost transactions! Image you had 1000 people's money stuck in your account for two days! I'm switching cards.


I changed a transaction online and it did not go through. I looked on their website for an address but did not find one. What kind of legitimate company does not list their address on their corporate website? It really concerns me now that I am banking with a place without an address. It's not even a physical location.


I was told by your Twitter account to email you about my complaint with Chime. Well one day I purchased $5 in gas, the next stop is an ATM to get some money. My account balance was $100 less all of a sudden. I look my transactions and I don't see where $100 was gone, but it was gone. I tried to call Chime and it was after 7pm so Chime was closed for the night, they do not have 24/7 customer service. I email them my problem, but at this point I am screwed (pardon the language).

I am an Uber driver and this occurred on Friday. My account had hardly any money in it so I lost out on a weekends worth of work for Uber which is usually around $300-$400 and I still did not know why there waS money missing out of my account. Chime FINALLY got back to me through their messaging system on their app. They told me that my $5 gas purchase at 7-11 where I got the gas put a $100 "hold" on my gas purchase of $5. Chime said that they had no control over that and that I should go to 7-11 to straighten it out. I was appalled, customer service asking me to do the leg work of getting my $100 back?

I have been a customer of both Bank of America and Wells Fargo and I assure you they would have done the leg work to get my money back. After they told me that I had to go to the 7-11 to straighten out the situation, I told them that what they were telling me were lies. I always go to that 7-11 to get gas and I have NEVER had a $100 hold of my money for a small purchase of gas.

Then they finally sort of admit that it is their procedure to ensure there is enough money in the account to cover the purchase. So I told them, "so what you are saying is that Chime does not trust its customers?" I was done after that and I was tweeting about my experience with Chime and telling people to be cautious of opening an account with Chime. After I tweeting a few things Chime's Twitter account asked me to direct message them about the complaint. Well I direct messaged them telling them how customer service lied to me and that I lost $400 of pay because of Chime and that it was going to be hard to feed my children this week. After I sent them the message I was blocked my them, can you believe that?

So what I did was I found the CEO's Twitter account told him how disgusted I was with his company that he founded and that they were obviously not ready to be competitive in the banking industry. He has never contacted me once. I have gone on rants on Twitter just to give Chime a bad image. I tweeted about how their account contacts me, asks me about my complaint, and then blocked me. I guess they figured that was a bad move because a couple days ago they unblocked me, so I have started the rants again telling them to block me again like last time.

It might just be me, I don't know, but I think this is a horribly handled situation by a bank. Putting the blame on what happened to me on everyone except themselves until they were caught in a lie. Please feel free to reply to this email of you would like any more information and I would also like to know what a professional thinks of my situation a Chime.

Thank you for reaching out to me and being concerned enough to ask me to email you my problem. I look forward to your reply.

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