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We received your flyer dated for December 21 and 22. On the first page you refer to Christmas as x-mas. We are Christian's and love our Lord Jesus and do not appreciate His birthday referred to as Xmas. We love shopping at Belk and use our card often. We feel using Xmas instead of Christmas could hurt your business. Thank you.


I have been purchasing all of my Clinique products from the Belk Store located in Chattanooga TN. at Hamilton Place Mall for years. The bonus items were going to be available on 8/2/16. Last week I purchased my foundation and preordered the city block to go toward the bonus items. I received a call last Friday stating the product I purchased did not have a total $ amount to get the bonus and I could add a $7.00 item to make up the difference. I never called the store back to add another products and when I checked my bank account this morning identically another $7.00 item was added to my preorder because the product I ordered was $24.00 and something.

I have a problem with additional funds being taken out of my bank account without permission. That is stealing, theft... I did not have a problem adding something else for $7.00 as I was going to the store after work today and was going to add something.. The point is, you do not take additional funds from a clients bank account without their knowledge, that is a federal crime. I will be speaking with the Belk corporate office manager of that counter today after work.


I love and buy Givenhchy products and am very unhappy that Belks has now discontinued the sell of my favorite. Please reconsider selling Givenhchy for us the long time patrons in Warner Robins GA. Store always has dirty dressing room floors and corners on the floors nasty, broken locks and doors. Selections are great. Service good. Await your response.


Third time's a charm. Ordered a Large shirt, it arrived in a timely manner, but it was a 2X and way too big. Called customer service and was told that they would exchange it. Their only saving grace was that they didn't charge me shipping. Waited a week before getting my new shirt. It was also a 2X. Called customer service again and they are going to exchange it. Again. Not sure I'll get it in the right size this time but third time's a charm.


The heels come loose after a month of casual wear, the side came unglued from the sole at the heel, and the bottom of the shoe came unglued, then after 3 months the bottom of the heel came apart completely. (New Balance 608 9 1/2 4E). Going to have a hard time shopping at Belk ever again.


I am happy when I give the best to my kids, especially on their birthdays and Belk helped me to pick up an awesome dress for my kid on her birthday.  I shopped online for all my Kids, Men, Women for the best clothing, jewellery, handbags, accessories, toys, kitchenware. I have many choices to shop by brand, gift coupons, discount coupons on every item which I picked. Free shipping is the one of the best customer delight which Belk is providing now. I really than Belk for giving me space to pickup my choice within my budget.

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